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Corrupt CrimesTrue-crime series are a staple of the TV landscape. "Corrupt Crimes" analyzes recent criminal cases through a combination of expert testimony and dramatic storytelling. From crimes like doping in sports to more serious offenses like murder, the series exposes what is really going on in each case. Exposing corruption across the United States is the goal of the series. Cases featured in the half-hour episodes include an ATM heist that resulted in nearly $45 million being stolen worldwide and the former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.
S1, EP58 "Reckless Deaths on a Hollywood Set"A stunt goes horribly wrong, causing three deaths on the set of "Twilight Zone: The Movie"; billionaire hotelier Leona Helmsley is called "the queen of mean."
S1, EP72 "Cashing Out On Marriage"A wife claims her husband ran off with another woman, years later he's found dead; a minister swindles the faithful out of millions.
S1, EP39 "Death on the High Seas"The reckless captain of the Costa Concordia orders his ship off-course, causing it to hit a boulder and capsize; a Japanese cult leader masterminds several terror attacks.
S1, EP46 "The Starlet Murder"An obsessed fan fatally shoots a young actress; the "Mayflower Madam."
S1, EP50 "The Stripper Who Became a Murderer"A woman who falsely accused the Duke University men's lacrosse team of rape is charged with the attempted murder of her boyfriend; a trusted employee embezzles $34 million to feed a shopping addiction.
S2, EP30 "South African Strangler"Moses Sithole, the leader of a child-advocacy group, is convicted of 38 murder counts and is sentenced to 2,400 years in prison.
S2, EP45 "Snuff Film Killers"When the body of 41-year-old Marsha Spicer is discovered in Missouri, police discover her links to an ex-con who had a fantasy to make a snuff film.
S2, EP38 "Pickaxe Murders"Houston is rocked by a grisly crime scene: a man whose head is nearly hammered off his body and a semi-nude woman riddled with pickaxe wounds; the police uncover an unlikely suspect.
S2, EP44 "Co-Ed Killer"Young female students disappear with alarming frequency from the college town of Santa Cruz, Calif.; when mutilated body parts show up, the police begin receiving calls from the murderer.
S2, EP43 "The Killer Nurse"A meek night-shift nurse finds godlike power by having life-or-death control over hospital patients, serially killing as many as 40.
S1, EP6 "The Hiccup Murder"A teen made famous by five weeks of nonstop hiccups makes headlines again -- for murder; the downfall of "fixer" to Hollywood's elite Anthony Pellicano.
S1, EP9 "The Mountie Murderer"A troubled Royal Canadian Mountie officer kills one of his own; the son of a Las Vegas judge robs $1.5 million from a casino.
S2, EP1 "Cop Killer"Ex-policeman Christopher Dorner declares war on law enforcement officers and goes on a cop-killing spree.
S1, EP1 "A Murder in Michigan"A marriage plagued by affairs and resentment ends in a gruesome murder; a digitally orchestrated heist drains banks of nearly $45 million globally within a few hours.
S2, EP7 "Assassination of Anna"A world-renowned writer and human rights activist is shot and killed in the elevator of her Moscow apartment block.
S2, EP11 "Honeymoon Carjack"Wealthy young newlyweds' cab is hijacked and their honeymoon ends in murder.
S1, EP38 "Britain's Most Notorious Inmate"A prison inmate attacks more than 20 guards and countless prisoners, and takes 11 hostages; the largest online manhunt to date.
S1, EP54 "The Hammer Homicide"A battered woman beats her sleeping husband to death; a powerful Chinese leader is sentenced to life in prison.
S2, EP36 "Killers by Blood"What starts as a simple missing-persons case becomes a complex crime of kidnapping, betrayal and a shocking murder by a father-and-son criminal duo.
S1, EP56 "Murder by Capsule"Stella Nickell is the first person convicted of causing death by product tampering; the Puppetmaster scams and exploits his victims for a decade.
S1, EP32 "The Sydney Cafe Massacre"A man holds the patrons of an Australian cafe hostage for more than two days; a pizza-delivery teen is a multimillionaire drug kingpin.
S1, EP43 "A TV Icon Accused of Murder"TV star Robert Blake is accused of killing his second wife; Italian politician Silvio Berlusconi abuses power.
S1, EP44 "Mass Murder in the Ukraine"The "Beast of Ukraine" kills more than 52 people; a hotshot broker gets tips on a promising experimental Alzheimer's drug.
S1, EP49 "The Death Doctor"A doctor intentionally misdiagnoses thousands of patients with cancer as part of an insurance scam; one of the biggest financial fraud cases in Italy's history.
S4, EP107 "Murder in Motown"Tragedy follows after a young couple argues over the wife's career and the husband's stay-at-home duties.
S1, EP74 "Murder in China"When a British businessman is murdered in China, signs point to a prominent family in the Chinese Communist Party; the Hollywood Madam provides escorts for A-list clients.
S2, EP69 "Folsom Wolves"A fascinating, fast paced and forensic look into some of the real-life murder cases that have made the headlines around the world.
S1, EP79 "Deadly Religion"Cult leader Jim Jones has a U.S. congressman assassinated, then leads hundreds of followers in a mass suicide.
S1, EP94 "Targeting an American Terrorist"Anwar Al-Awlaki is killed by a U.S. drone strike after joining the top ranks of Al Qaeda; a vengeful accountant tries to silence his wife.
S2, EP5 "Bomb in Madrid"A Spanish court convicts 21 people for the Madrid subway train bombings, but acquits a lead suspect and six others.
S1, EP8 "A Reality TV Murder"TV producer Bruce Beresford-Redman is convicted of killing his wife; a corruption scandal nearly bankrupts a California city.
S1, EP13 "The Killer Imposter"A killer on the run masquerades as an heir to the Rockefeller fortune.
S2, EP31 "Camden Ripper"Anthony John Hardy is given three life sentences after a homeless man finds body parts in a garbage bin.
S2, EP18 "Murder of the Mounties"A shooter goes on a rampage, targeting police officers, and local residents update the nation in real time on social media.
S2, EP15 "On the Hunt for Humans"Two serial killers terrorize Phoenix with a random pattern of shootings at night.
S2, EP19 "Drugging Your Dates"The downfall of a wealthy Japanese businessman who has an obsession with drugging and raping Western women is that he saves videos of his attacks.
S4, EP106 "The Last Supper"A fascinating, fast paced and forensic look into some of the real-life murder cases that have made the headlines around the world.
S1, EP60 "Movie Theatre Massacre"James Holmes is found guilty of murdering 12 people and injuring 70 more in a shooting at a Colorado movie theatre.
S1, EP31 "Terror Attack at 30,000 Feet"Pan Am Flight 103 blows up over Lockerbie, Scotland; multiple scandals plague Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman.
S1, EP41 "Anchorwoman Murder"TV news anchor Anne Pressly is murdered in her home; TV personality Kevin Trudeau is accused of fraud and larceny.
S1, EP42 "Murder by Teacup"Russian federal agents poison exiled spy Alexander Litvinenko; the looting of a public company becomes one of the biggest frauds of all time.
S2, EP47 "The Fiendish Friend"A man arrested at his bachelor party says he murdered his friends because his marriage expenses were getting out of control.
S2, EP48 "The Makeover Murder"After a doctor's wife is found dead in her bathtub, a toxicology report reveals lethal levels of painkillers; at trial, the doctor's dark side comes out.
S2, EP51 "Lying in Wait"A relative's traffic violation helps police to find the murderer of a teen girl, 25 years before.
S1, EP69 "Murder in the Lab"The body of missing doctoral student Annie Le is found stuffed inside a basement wall; the IRS targets actor Wesley Snipes.
S1, EP75 "Milkshake Murder"Nancy Kissel incapacitates her husband with a milkshake full of sedatives before bludgeoning him; the U.S. government goes after a Mexican drug-cartel leader.
S1, EP81 "Scarsdale Diet Murder"Dr. Herman Tarnower's lover murders him; a series of vicious killings terrorizes a community.
S1, EP85 "License to Kill"Wherever Dr. Michael Swango goes, illness and death follow; a wife and mother vanishes after filing for divorce.
S2, EP20 "British Pub Massacre"An actor is stabbed to death defending his brother in a fight.
S1, EP3 "The One-Eyed Murderer"A drug dealer and cold-blooded murderer's calling card is a grenade; more than $5 million in cash and jewels disappears from an airline's vault.
S2, EP21 "Death by Dominatrix"A brilliant banker is found dead wearing only a head-to-toe bodysuit.
S2, EP22 "Murder of a Finance Minister"Two gunmen execute a banker who is trying to clean up corruption in the Russian system.
S2, EP32 "Cosa Nostra Killer"Mafia hit man Maurizio Avola, betrayed because he knows too much, turns informer in a secret ex-Mafioso compound.
S2, EP33 "Dr. Death"English doctor Harold Shipman is found to have been providing lethal injections to his elderly female patients.
S2, EP34 "Deadly Affairs"As detectives dig into the lives of a couple who were found stabbed, they discover a twisted relationship of secrets, jealousy, adultery and murder.
S1, EP86 "The Yorkshire Ripper"An Englishman uses household tools to commit murder; a woman is accused in the death of her husband.
S1, EP17 "The Crooked Mayor Affair"Dying Detroit's biggest hope ends up destroying it; a political dynasty ends when a dark secret is revealed about Northern Ireland's First Minister's wife.
S1, EP2 "A Rich Young Killer"The primary suspect in the unsolved murder of Natalee Holloway is convicted of murdering a Peruvian woman; an angry soccer player fatally assaults a referee.
S1, EP45 "A Designer Murder"Andrew Cunanan's killing spree ends in the death of fashion icon Gianni Versace; Tyco's top brass pilfers hundreds of millions of dollars through the company.
S2, EP49 "Bus Stop Killer"Eighteen years after a teen's murder, there is a DNA match, and police have their killer.
S2, EP39 "Fast Food Massacre"A pair of criminals hits a fast-food restaurant in Queens, N.Y., just before closing time, slaughtering five employees and leaving another two for dead.
S2, EP40 "Bound to Die"After accepting a plea deal in a missing teen's death, Kat McDonough admits to authorities that she offered up the girl for sex with her dominant boyfriend, Seth Mazzaglia.
S2, EP50 "House of Horrors"A child's comment leads police to find the remains of nine young women at Fred and Rosemary West's Gloucester, England, home.
S2, EP35 "Psycho Shooter"A shooter who has a history of bizarre behavior kills six and wounds 13, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.), at a shopping center.
S2, EP4 "Murder on the Lacrosse Team"College athlete George Huguely goes on a drinking binge which leads to a deadly encounter with his ex-girlfriend.
S1, EP95 "Casanova Serial Killer"A good-looking wanderer picks up women in bars and murders them; when a doctor explains how intruders killed his wife and children, something does not add up.
S1, EP82 "Murdered by Twin Daughters"Teen twins say an intruder broke into their home and killed their mother, but the truth is far more sinister; TWA Flight 800 explodes in flames over Long Island.
S1, EP80 "From NFL Stardom to Murder"Aaron Hernandez goes from the football record books to life in prison for murder; a former stripper is accused in her husband's brutal death.
S1, EP78 "Tragedy in Waco"A 51-day standoff between federal agents and cult leader David Koresh ends in a fiery tragedy.
S1, EP71 "Death of a Football Legend"Pro-football legend Steve McNair's secret affair ends in a murder/suicide; Chicago cop Jon Burge provides extremely cruel and unusual punishment.
S1, EP66 "Black Widows"Elderly widows target homeless men in plots to cash in on murder; an art investor bilks Hollywood celebrities out of millions of dollars.
S1, EP65 "Attempt to Kill a President"John Hinkley Jr. shoots President Ronald Reagan, reportedly to gain the attention of a young Hollywood star; a lab worker derails the criminal justice system, resulting in freedom for convicted criminals.
S1, EP57 "Celebrity Son Murder"Ennis Cosby is gunned down on the streets of Los Angeles while changing a tire; during the Reagan administration, the U.S. is accused of selling weapons in exchange for hostages.
S1, EP30 "The Badboy Rockstar"AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd is charged with drug possession and threatening to kill; Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos launders billions of dollars of stolen public funds.
S1, EP28 "The Fall of an Olympian"Pennsylvania judges unjustly throw thousands of children into juvenile detention centers in exchange for millions of dollars in kickbacks; Olympian Marion Jones denies doping.
S1, EP27 "Murder at the Boston Marathon"Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev set bombs at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon, killing three and injuring more than 200.
S1, EP16 "The Loony Loomis Fargo Heist"An armored-car driver leads a team in a brazen heist, stealing more than $17 million from his employer; a Wall Street swindler destroys hundreds of lives.
S1, EP7 "The Homeless Killer"A homeless housekeeper bludgeons his employers to death; an astronaut goes on a 900-mile road trip to seek retribution from her ex-lover's new partner.
True-crime series are a staple of the TV landscape. "Corrupt Crimes" analyzes recent criminal cases through a combination of expert testimony and dramatic storytelling. From crimes like doping in sports to more serious offenses like murder, the series exposes what is really going on in each case. Exposing corruption across the United States is the goal of the series. Cases featured in the half-hour episodes include an ATM heist that resulted in nearly $45 million being stolen worldwide and the former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.
Original Air Date: Sep 7, 2015
Genres: DocuseriesTV Series
Rating: TV14
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2 seasons available on demand (16 episodes)
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