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Bar RescueJon Taffer is the Gordon Ramsay of the bar and nightclub business. In each episode of this series, Taffer helps transform a struggling bar into a vibrant, profitable business, utilizing his expertise as a nightlife consultant who has started, flipped or owned more than 600 bars and clubs in his career. From the height of the bar stools and the science of the perfect pour to the effect the tempo of the music has on alcohol consumption, Taffer delves into every facet of the business, and he does it with a no-holds-barred style. He's assisted by his wife, Nicole -- who enters establishments under cover to help diagnose the problems -- along with a rotating cast of experts that include a celebrity chef, a Master of Whisky and a mixologist.
S1, EP6 "The Blue Frog Sings the Blues"The Blue Frog 22 is a failing bar in Chicago.
S3, EP22 "Jon of the Dead"A bar run by two burned-out rockers is failing.
S4, EP26 "Ant's with Wings, Bro!"Jon tries to motivate the inattentive owner of a failing Portland music venue that has an ant infestation; attempting to amp up the business before the stage goes dark for good.
S3, EP3 "Bro's Got to Geaux"Jon has to get the owners of a bar known for serving minors to give up their frat-boy ways.
S4, EP53 "We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat"A grieving son struggles to keep his fisherman-themed bar and father's legacy afloat, as his family's criticism slowly sinks his business.
S5, EP18 "All Twerk and No Pay Makes Taffer Shut It Down"An owner twerks her way to tears when her bar gets out of step.
S7, EP15 "The Gaslamp Redemption"An owner who is fighting cancer and his always-tense manager try to work together to save their failing bar in the heart of San Diego's Gaslamp District from closing its doors for good.
"The Lost Episode"Taking on a hot-tempered New Jersey bar owner who can't stop kicking people out of his bar.
S3, EP17 "Corking the Hole"Jon puts a bar's owners through a personal bar boot camp to attract the local military personnel.
S3, EP21 "Crappy Cantina"Taffer tries to save an ill-conceived death-metal concert bar.
S4, EP55 "Gone in a Flash"A timid bar owner's promiscuous staff exposes themselves in an effort to retain customers, prompting Jon Taffer to clean up their reputation.
S6, EP14 "Father Knows Best"A demanding father struggles to hand over the reins to his daughter or control his unruly customers at this failing biker bar in Central Florida.
S7, EP5 "Saving Post 6216"Jon sets out to boost membership and raise funds for a struggling New Mexico VFW post; a rescue that is close to his heart.
S1, EP1 "Fallen Angels"Jon Taffer attempts to rescue a biker bar that is struggling with a scandalous reputation.
S3, EP39 "Scary Mary's"The owner of a dying Texas bar crosses the line with one of Taffer's experts.
S4, EP57 "Drunk on Punk"The resistant owner of a dive bar refuses to give up on his punk music obsession to obtain greater financial success.
S5, EP8 "Gettin' Jigger With It"A historical landmark bar, divided in profits and responsibility, pits brother and sister against one another.
S4, EP44 "Dragon Lady"An apathetic owner would rather vape in the corner than engage with customers at her bar; Taffer tries to keep the business up and running.
S5, EP4 "Antisocial Media"An owner's social media mishaps have made him public enemy number one.
S6, EP45 "The Sound of Failing Music"A longtime performer who bought a bar to keep his show going must choose between his career and his responsibilities.
S4, EP39 "Unnecessary Toughness"Taffer is forced to deal with the hot-headed owner of a college alumni bar whose fiery temper keeps his staff on edge.
S2, EP5 "Bottomless Pit"Jon pins his hopes for a failing dive bar in Orange, Calif., on the owner's daughter.
S3, EP7 "In a Pinch"The locals are upset over a controversial lobster tank game.
S3, EP32 "Critters and Quitters"A members-only bar in Kansas has a raccoon infestation.
S4, EP37 "Big Sister's Watching"The distrustful owner of a struggling military bar spends her time spying on her staff instead of paying attention to her bottom line.
S4, EP16 "Storming the Castle"A castle-shaped bar with an owner who has anger management issues and is pushing staff to their breaking points.
S5, EP6 "Win, Lose or Brawl"Taffer tries to corral an out-of-control staff and the owner's freeloading friends, and a violent physical fight threatens the bar's rescue potential.
S5, EP10 "Zero Drunk Thirty"A military hero on the verge of being redeployed needs his own rescue before he drinks away his profits and angers his girlfriend past the point of no return.
S6, EP41 "Green Walls and Donkey Balls"Two best friends are acting more like jackasses than owners and find themselves on the verge of losing their bar.
S7, EP10 "Raging Turkey"Jon Taffer helps a defiant owner take responsibility for his failures in order to save himself from ruin.
S7, EP1 "Sactown Going Down"T-Pain and Jon Taffer travel to historic Old Town Sacramento to resurrect an owner haunted by the ghosts of his past, as well as his failures as an owner.
S1, EP2 "Downey's and Out"Jon Taffer attempts to resuscitate Downey's, a failing Irish pub in Philadelphia.
S2, EP3 "Murphy's Mess"Jon must fix a rat-infested bar owned by two fraternity brothers in Fells Point, Md., that is about to collapse.
S3, EP5 "Empty Pockets"Jon tries to help an owner of a Denver pool hall fulfill his American Dream.
S4, EP58 "Raising Arizona"An owner's illicit affair produces a child, and destroys both his marriage and the reputation of his bar.
S5, EP2 "Wheels of Misfortune"In a desert town, Taffer collides with the owner of a bar in a roller rink, a local landmark close to closing for good.
S6, EP42 "Doreen's Dilemma"The daughter of a longtime bar owner finds herself saddled with the responsibility of running his business after he abruptly passes away.
S7, EP4 "Still Bill"Deep in debt to his in-laws, a passive, clueless bar owner evokes the wrath of Jon and his own staff.
S2, EP4 "Mystique or Murder?"Jon tries to restore the Mystique Lounge in West Palm Beach, Fla.
S3, EP16 "Characters Assassination"Jon deals with a slew of problems at a bar run by a family of Yankees in the heart of Dixie.
S3, EP31 "Hostile Takeover"Co-owners take over an Irish sports bar with a heavy drinking owner.
S4, EP17 "Lagers and Liars"Actress Maria Menounos joins Taffer at a Los Angeles beer bar where a million dollar debt and business decisions have divided a family.
S4, EP36 "Ripper's Rookie House"A rock legend and former Judas Priest front man turned bar owner calls on Jon Taffer to amp up his struggling live music venue.
S5, EP22 "Casually Tapped Out"Taffer tries to resurrect a closed neighborhood bar by reigniting the passion of the burnt out firefighter who owns it.
S7, EP2 "Gutterball!"A retired Vietnam vet's family's legacy is at stake; he bought a bar and bowling center as a tribute to his father, but the business is heading into the gutter and in danger of shutting down for good.
S3, EP40 "Muscle Madness"Two meatheads' tempers and testosterone threaten their friendship and their Houston bar.
S3, EP29 "Brawlin' Babes"A sports bar with no TV's isn't Jon's biggest problem at this Missouri establishment; he must get bartenders and their spineless owner to unite in order to beat the competition.
S6, EP16 "Not Cleared for Takeoff"Jon must help reignite a bar owner's passion for his notorious East LA music venue.
S4, EP22 "Take Me Out of the Bar Game"A retired professional baseball player now owns a bar and his intoxicated staff gives away his profits; Jon Taffer tries to save his business before he is forced to retire a second time.
S6, EP3 "Weird Science"Two scientists struggle with the correct formula to run a successful bar.
S4, EP24 "It's Always Sunny in Portland"A Portland bar with a stubborn chef and an owner ready to sever ties with his over-bearing step-daughter and business partner who berates her staff.
S3, EP8 "Karaoke Katastrophe"Dated decor, an angry chef and an oblivious, hoarding owner hinder the success of a karaoke bar.
S4, EP54 "Danny Sits on His Fanny"After convincing his friends to invest their life savings, a novice bar owner transformed a community staple into a bottomless money pit.
S3, EP30 "Twin vs. Twin"Before Jon even enters this Kansas City bar he is met with sirens; sibling rivalry between twins.
S4, EP35 "Sour Lemons and Bitter Business"A landlord and partner, who would rather paint fruit in the name of art than save his failing Ohio burger bar, clashes with bitter owners.
S4, EP12 "Crayons & Anger Lines"Taffer enforces tough love when a live music bar owner is more concerned with the spirit of wonderment than appealing to her trendy Chicago community.
S6, EP12 "Down and Out in Las Vegas"After years of running a successful bar in Las Vegas, all bets are off for an owner who spends more time drinking than running his bar.
S7, EP7 "Taken for Granted"Jon goes to Northern California to save The Grant Bar for a know-it-all owner who blames everybody but himself for the failures of his establishment.
S3, EP2 "Rock 'N Roaches"A cockroach infestation plagues a grotesque rock bar in Austin, Texas.
S3, EP6 "Jon T, He Don't Like It"Jon helps to revive a former nightclub hotspot in Colorado.
S4, EP5 "Anything You Can Yell, I Can Yell Louder"Taffer tries to calm the sparks between three loud-mouthed firefighting brothers struggling to keep their Queens bar afloat.
S4, EP10 "Irish Eyes Aren't Smiling"An Irish bar owner who is withholding employee paychecks to keep the business afloat.
S5, EP26 "Silence of the Ants"A Long Beach dive bar becomes infested with more than just bar problems -- they have bug problems.
S5, EP30 "The Unlucky Leprechaun"Jon Taffer tries to convince a foul-mouthed owner to change his ways before the bar he owns with his ex-wife shuts down for good.
S7, EP9 "Beast Rescue"In Oakland, Calif., NFL legend Marshawn Lynch calls for help to get his family in line at his bar, Rob Ben's.
S4, EP51 "Demolition Man"The city threatens to shut down a bar after the owner unsafely renovates without a permit; Taffer attempts to school the clueless rookie owner and bring the construction disaster up to code before the city intervenes.
S1, EP5 "Swanky Troubles"Swanky Bubbles is a failing champagne bar in Philadelphia.
S3, EP15 "Play. Some. Janet. Jackson!"Jon looks to save Las Vegas' first gay nightclub from its verbally abusive and intoxicated owner.
S3, EP23 "Grandpa Got Run Over by His Grandkids"A bar owner's adult grandchildren use it as their own personal playground.
S4, EP34 "Blowing Royal Smoke"Feuding brothers' obnoxious behavior drives away customers at the oldest bar and BBQ joint in Youngstown, Ohio; Taffer tries to put the fire back in their bellies before the business goes up in smoke.
S4, EP4 "El Moronte!!"Taffer attempts to deflate the ego of a passionate Puerto Rican bar owner who berates his staff and sons.
S5, EP14 "Don't Tell Mom the Bar is Dead"An abrasive owner takes advantage of his mom's generosity to take over a craft beer bar from his landlord.
S5, EP27 "Daddy Dearest"Jon Taffer arrives just in time to save a family run bar on the brink of ruin with an aggressive father at its helm.
S7, EP14 "Fear and Molding on Pineapple Hill"Jon tries to help an owner who is unable to take control of her own bar or her explosive chef due to her crippling fear of failure and change.
S7, EP6 "Life's a Beach"Rescuing The Sandbar; as an investor and owner battle over control of a sinking bar.
S9, EP17 "Bar Rescue"Jon Taffer and his experts visit failing drinking establishments to offer one last shot at success.
S1, EP10 "Hogtied Ham's"Jon tries to save automotive-themed Angry Ham's Garage.
S2, EP6 "Broke Black Sheep"Jon tries to rescue the Black Sheep in Ohio but is set back due to the owner's massive debt.
S3, EP20 "Barely Above Water"Taffer tries to save a marriage and a bar by splitting one bar into two.
S4, EP18 "Loose Lips Loose Tips"Four Irish sisters bicker as their San Francisco bar struggles; Taffer tries to turn their luck around before their American dream gets away from them.
S4, EP47 "Land of the Beer and Home of the Misbehaved"After a downtown expansion, a successful St. Louis restaurant owner could lose everything as her out-of-control nephew and unqualified manager run her sports bar into the ground.
S5, EP23 "Things That Go Pahrump in the Night"It's a race against the clock when Jon Taffer heads to Pahrump, where he must save the failing bar owned by a man who might lose his sight forever.
S2, EP10 "Bikini Bust"Jon must save a bar that is soon closing down despite beautiful bikini-clad bartenders.
S3, EP24 "Hurricane Jon vs. Hurricane Sandy"A bar battered by Hurricane Sandy races to reopen for the summer season.
S3, EP35 "Grow Some Meatballs!"Disaster ignites in the kitchen trying to train an inexperienced staff; a brother and sister conflict with their explosive father.
S4, EP48 "Getting Freaki at the Tiki"Jon Taffer's discovery of a used condom at a rundown Florida tiki bar redefines owner neglect.
S4, EP13 "Beach Rats"Rodents shut down a beachfront bar, but Taffer is brought to tears after finding out what the owners have endured.
S6, EP47 "Get Off Your Ass!"Jon tries to motivate the lethargic owner of The Fifth, who has been weighed down by his late father's failing legacy.
S9, EP9 "Friends Without Benefits"In Downey, Jon tasks Phil Wills to help an iconic live music venue get back on its feet after years of neglect and mismanagement.
S9, EP8 "Losing the Playoffs"Jon heads to Palm Desert, Calif., to help rescue a 20-year-old bar that has failed to ever make a profit while navigating a complicated web of relationships.
S9, EP7 "My Brother's Barkeeper"In Banning, Calif., a failing bar causes a major rift between a brother and sister; Jon Taffer must find a way to help them repair the damage.
S9, EP6 "Missing the Marc"Jon Taffer heads to St. Augustine, Florida to help a military vet rescue his struggling bar amidst poor sales and an unruly staff.
S9, EP5 "Low Five Dive"Jon Taffer attempts to rescue a bar in Tucson, Arizona whose owner has let the bar fall into disrepair despite the efforts of her skilled staff.
S9, EP4 "A Drunk, a Fruitfly, and a KnightWalk Into a Bar"Jon Taffer sends legendary mixologist, Phil Wills to rescue a filthy bar in Oxnard, California and help a newlywed couple realize their dreams.
S9, EP3 "Jason's Last Call"Jon heads to Fountain Hills, Ariz., to help a married couple protect their investment in a bar that is being run into the ground by their friend and business partner.
S9, EP2 "Wildkats Wild Collapse"In Jacksonville, Florida, Jon Taffer aims to rescue a bar that is suffering from a severe identity crisis and lack of leadership.
S9, EP1 "Deadliest Kitchen"Jon heads to Gilbert, Ariz., to help an owner who has dedicated her life to a bar with a dangerously dirty kitchen and an untrained bar staff.
S9 "A Perla in the Rough"Jon sends hospitality protégé, Dustin Drai, to Glendale, Arizona to rescue a local institution whose current owner is treating the bar as his personal hangout and giving away free drinks.
S8, EP37 "Horseshoe Bend It Like "Bar Rescue""Jon must save a small country bar in rural Idaho from going under while teaching the General Manager how to be a true leader.
S8, EP36 "Put This Fire Out"Jon tries to save a firehouse-themed bar outside of Boise, Idaho and confronts an owner with excuses for everything.
S8, EP35 "Changing of the Guards"Jon rescues a VFW on its last legs before the bar's 75th Anniversary.
S8, EP34 "Spare Me Another Chance"Jon must help a businessman who bought a bar attached to a bowling alley but had never stepped foot in a bar.
S8, EP33 "How the Cookie Crumbles"Jon must save a former travel agent turned bar owner and her family business before it crashes and burns.
S8, EP32 "Long Live a Legacy"Jon heads to Moreno Valley, Calif., to save the legacy of a pizza and sports bar after the passing of one of the owners leaves a family in disarray.
S8, EP31 "3rd Pocket's a Charm"In Hickory, N.C., Jon finds a bar with an absent owner, an untrained staff, and an infestation of pests.
S8, EP30 "Fresh Bread, Rotten Bar"Jon helps a struggling owner take a step back so that his apprehensive manager can take a step forward.
S8, EP29 "Loveless in Loveland"Jon attempts to rescue a bar owner in Loveland, Colo., who is on the verge of losing his business and his marriage.
S8, EP28 "Pool House Rock"Jon confronts an owner who moved his family to pursue his lifelong dream of opening a bar, only for his wife to do all the work.
S8, EP27 "The Napoleon Complex"Jon must teach a former engineer and his staff how to properly run a nightclub before they close down for good.
S8, EP26 "Hideaway From Reality"Jon faces an owner unwilling to own up to his mistakes and failures and a staff unwilling to speak the truth about him.
S8, EP25 "Outta Touch, Outta Time"Jon encounters an unruly husband of an owner who is on the brink of closing her bar in Arvada, Colo.
S8, EP24 "JJ's Sports Bust"A family-owned bar is struggling due to the owner's on-the-job behavior.
S8, EP23 "Game Over"Jon heads to Sanford, Florida to revitalize a retro-arcade bar that is falling apart and an owner who has an excuse for everything.
S8, EP22 "Till Failure Do You Part"In Gibsonton, Fla., Jon must help rescue not only a failing bar but a broken marriage after the Covid pandemic destroyed both their business and their relationship.
S8, EP21 "Rescue on the River"A riverside bar in Florida is struggling to stay afloat due to a manager with no experience, a staff co-mingling and a wildly out-of-line menu for their community.
S8, EP20 "Magically Atrocious"In Ybor City, Fla., Jon helps rescue a bar owner who made some questionable choices on the theme, decor, and menu in her bar.
S8, EP19 "Working to Death"Jon heads to Tampa, Fla., to help save an owner who has suffered personal loss and health scares while trying to single-handedly keep his struggling bar afloat.
S8, EP18 "Quick-Sandtown Rescue"In the heart of Atlanta, Jon helps an owner seize her second chance in life by saving her struggling bar and managing her staff.
S8, EP17 "Shutting Down the Confetti Party"Jon helps an owner who battled childhood illness and the loss of his father learn how to run a bar and manage a business.
S8, EP16 "Doing it for Dad"After losing their father and stepmom, three sisters find themselves unexpectedly owning a bar that they never learned how to run.
S8, EP15 "Personal Assistant, Professional Failure"In the heart of Texas, Jon must help an owner figure out how to be a better boss and help her personal assistant step up to lead the bar.
S8, EP14 "Ace's Wild"Jon heads to Texas to help a husband and wife rescue their failing bar and learn how to be better partners in business.
S8, EP13 "Penalty on the Bar"In Dunwoody, Ga., Jon Taffer tries to help a former hospitality professional regain his passion for the industry and save his flailing bar.
S8, EP12 "Wreck It Ralph"Jon attempts to rescue a bar in Maricopa, Ariz., whose owner has squandered a half a million-dollar investment from his parents.
S8, EP11 "Remembering Billy"After a series of devastating losses, Jon must help an owner and her staff get back on track from their personal tragedies as well as a global pandemic.
S8, EP10 "Ninja Karaoke's Swan Song"Jon Taffer tries to help a struggling married couple save their karaoke bar in downtown Las Vegas and get back on track with their goals to start a family.
S8, EP9 "Behind the 8 Ball"A premiere billiards hall in Las Vegas is at risk of closing after it's owner struggles to recover from the effects of the pandemic and an inept manager.
S8, EP8 "A Commander & His Post"Jon heads to Pahrump, Nev., to save a VFW hall from permanently closing its doors and to help its commanding officer step away to take care of his ailing wife.
S8, EP7 "A Bar to Take Pride In"A gay bar in Las Vegas is on the verge of closing after losing all of its entertainment options due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
S8, EP6 "Rookie of the Beer"Jon Taffer must save an ambitious but rookie family-run brewery that was forced to open during the pandemic.
S8, EP5 "Viva La Casona"For his 200th rescue, Jon rescues a family who bought a Mexican restaurant at the height of the pandemic and put their daughter's future on the line to chase the bright lights of Vegas.
S8, EP4 "Every Rosé Has Its Thorn"After running a successful floral business for two decades, owner Randi thought she could parlay that success into a budding new bar, but she never rose to the occasion.
S8, EP3 "A Twice in a Lifetime Opportunity"In his second re-rescue, Jon Taffer returns to Champagne's Cafe to help the struggling bar survive the pandemic and maintain its Las Vegas legacy.
S8, EP2 "Not Your Godfather's Speakeasy"Jon attempts to save the legendary Las Vegas speakeasy Capo's Restaurant and bring it back to its pre-pandemic glory.
S8, EP1 "Two Tickets to Paradise Cantina"In his hometown of Las Vegas, Jon rescues a beloved party bar that blames its downfall on the pandemic, until Jon discovers the truth.
S7, EP16 "The Mother of All Failures"Jon heads to Phoenix to help a veteran bar owner who borrowed money from her family.
S7, EP13 "A Silver Dollar Saved, Is a Silver Dollar Earned"Forced to watch her husband and father-in-law's relationship fall apart over their bar, Norma reaches out to Jon to help.
S7, EP8 "Come Home to Roost"A bar owner's drunk antics chase away customers and force her husband and their investor to pick up the slack.
S7, EP3 "Breaking Brandon"After emptying his sick mother's life savings, a man is moments away from a meltdown; he is four days away from closing his dream bar.
S6, EP46 "Saving GI Jodi"After losing her military-veteran father, an overworked woman needs her son to step up and fill the void left by her former right-hand man.
S6, EP44 "So We Meet Again, Mr. Taffer"Mark and Ozzie face Jon Taffer a second time in hopes that he will rescue another one of their failing bars.
S6, EP43 "Stix and Stones May Break Your Bar"After a decade of success, a drag racing bar owner sees his profits go up in smoke.
S6, EP40 "John and Bert Bought a Bar"Two owners with no prior experience in the bar business are on the verge of losing their one shot with Jon Taffer unless they shape up.
S6, EP39 "Reckless Roundhouse"Jon Taffer has his hands full convincing big-time bar persona and co-owner Rick Roundhouse that he is part of the reason why his business is failing.
S6, EP38 "All Blaze, No Glory"An owner must change his frat boy ways or risk losing his bar and the financial legacy he could leave to his three grandsons.
S6, EP37 "Driving Miss Tara"After being left by her husband, Tara, a newly single mom, hires a general manager not only to help her save a failing bar, but to fill the void in her personal life.
S6, EP36 "Pie Hard"Two longtime postal employees' failing pizza bar is on the brink of closing its doors for good unless Jon Taffer can find a way to rescue both the bar and their friendship.
S6, EP35 "Big Trouble in Little China Grove"When a Texas couple on the brink of retirement can't stop enabling their belligerent daughter, Jon Taffer must get them to face facts at this China Grove, Texas, country bar.
S6, EP34 "Liv'n on a Prayer"Liv can't figure out exactly what her business is in order to survive in the highly competitive service town of Las Vegas.
S6, EP33 "Un-Civil War"A Las Vegas dive bar struggles at the hands of the bar owner who makes more enemies than friends.
S6, EP32 "Miles From Success"Two burned-out rockers lose $200,000 just two years into owning their bar; they have to face the music and grow up before their lights turn off for good.
S6, EP31 "Tanked and Toasty"Jon travels back to San Antonio to find a bar and marriage both crippled at the hands of their party-hungry owner.
S6, EP30 "Back to School"Jon Taffer has one of his biggest challenges to date, getting the UNLV hospitality students ready for the real world in just one week.
S6, EP29 "Twerking 9 to 5"A twerking, drinking, fighting staff threatens a once-thriving bar, leaving Ashley and Robert Gaddy's future at a crossroads.
S6, EP28 "Owner on the Run"A pair of brothers can't see eye to eye on how the business is run, so one of them takes a run.
S6, EP27 "Don't Cry for Me Jon Taffer"On the verge of tears and closing his bar, the owner can't seem to get either together.
S6, EP26 "Dalia's Inferno"San Antonio's wild mom parties hard while her bar peters out.
S6, EP25 "The Lights Come Back in Puerto Rico"Brother and sister duo from Puerto Rico find themselves in over their heads after Hurricane Maria destroyed their bar.
S6, EP21 "The Unwanted Saloon"Jon Taffer must turn an aspiring musician into a responsible bar owner if he's going to save a roadhouse and a marriage.
S6, EP20 "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Fatballs"Jon Taffer tries to rescue a Jacksonville sports bar with a horrible reputation and an even worse name that leaves the bar without a single customer.
S6, EP19 "Operation Puerto Rico"Jon Taffer heads to Puerto Rico and tries to put time and resources in to rescue not only a bar, but a small community hit hard by two hurricanes.
S6, EP18 "Fish Out of Blue Water"A Chinese immigrant must come out of his shell and battle his emotional manager to save his dream beach bar.
S6, EP15 "Phishing for Answers"A couple on the verge of bankruptcy battle their stubborn, lazy son before he sinks the family business.
S6, EP9 "Crazy Little Thing Called Selman"Taffer tries to tame the rocket-like owner of the famed Cooper Rocket before he does himself in.
S6, EP8 "An Ode to the Cap'n"A daughter must grapple with the loss of her father as she struggles to find a way to keep his bar afloat and save his legacy.
S6, EP5 "Mississippi Rears"A Navy vet finds himself in over his head when he relies on his unqualified friend to manage his failing Mississippi dive bar.
S6, EP2 "Close, But No Cigar"When an old-school Memphis cigar man takes a stab at the bar business, he discovers hiring his millennial son wasn't quite what he had expected.
S6, EP1 "Put It on Cody's Tab"A son takes over the failing family business and must battle his belligerent father, a volatile cook, and a filthy kitchen before Jon Taffer shuts it down.
S5, EP15 "I Know What You Did Last Summit"An absentee owner threatens his marriage by drinking away his financial sorrows and flirting with the female patrons.
S5, EP11 "Ice, Mice, Baby"A spoiled owner who was given a nightclub by his father finds the profits aren't coming in for this mice-infested tourist bar.
S5, EP9 "Chase Lounge"A lazy stepson fails to succeed in his new role as bar manager, and his car dealer father can run the bar.
S4, EP50 "How to Train the Dragon"After the tragic loss of his mother, the owner of this British pub has coped poorly by drinking away profits and gambling his way to ruin with weekly poker tournaments.
S4, EP40 "Boss Lady Blues"A former psychologist runs a Detroit jazz club, but her interfering family and lazy staff have her seeking help from Jon Taffer.
S4, EP29 "Too Many Managers, Not Enough Man"Battling a management-heavy staff that disrespects its owner at a suburban Chicago sports bar.
S4, EP15 "Bromancing the Stone"Taffer visits an outdated college sports bar with an owner who is more interested in managing his fantasy football team than running a business.
S4, EP8 "Swinging From the Rafters"Taffer abandons ship until an outrageous lakeside bar owner can face the reality of managing his bar.
S3, EP38 "I Smell a Rat"Overwhelming odors and frat house behavior at this hookah bar are causing profits to go up in smoke.
S3, EP37 "When Life Doesn't Hand You Lemons"A manager treats his bar like a romantic playground. Taffer demands inside help from the bartenders.
S3, EP34 "Scoreboard to Death"Wrangling with an incompetent owner and undertrained staff; actress Maria Menounos guest stars.
S3, EP14 "There's No Crying in the Bar Business"An owner's incessant crying prevents her from noticing the massive employee theft at a sports bar.
S3, EP12 "Don't Judge a Booze by its Bottle"Jon learns that a North Carolina nightclub is refilling premium liquor bottles with cheap alcohol.
S3, EP1 "Turtle on Its Back"Jon tries to save a Bourbon Street bar in New Orleans from its delusional owners.
S2, EP1 "Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Dumb"Jon patches holes in a sinking pirate-themed bar in Silver Spring, Md. and forces the bar's staff to cater to the city's corporate clientele.
Jon Taffer is the Gordon Ramsay of the bar and nightclub business. In each episode of this series, Taffer helps transform a struggling bar into a vibrant, profitable business, utilizing his expertise as a nightlife consultant who has started, flipped or owned more than 600 bars and clubs in his career. From the height of the bar stools and the science of the perfect pour to the effect the tempo of the music has on alcohol consumption, Taffer delves into every facet of the business, and he does it with a no-holds-barred style. He's assisted by his wife, Nicole -- who enters establishments under cover to help diagnose the problems -- along with a rotating cast of experts that include a celebrity chef, a Master of Whisky and a mixologist.
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