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KaramoS2, EP111 "Unlock: My Fiancé Sabotaged Me!; Unlock: Your Ex Told Me Everything"When Chanell caught her fiancé, Chris, talking to sex workers, he vowed never to do it again, but, later, she caught him cheating; Katrina's husband runs to his ex every time they have a disagreement, and now the ex says she's pregnant with his baby.
MauryS18, EP96 "My Brother Is Black ... How Can Your Mixed Baby Be His?"Laquandra needs a DNA test to resolve a love triangle; Ashley and Joey's marriage problems; Cameron claims the child is too white to be his.
Young SheldonS2, EP20 "A Proposal and a Popsicle Stick Cross"Georgie is thrilled when Veronica stays at the Coopers' house for a few days; Meemaw and Dr. Sturgis celebrate their one-year anniversary.
Young SheldonS6, EP12 "A Baby Shower and a Testosterone-Rich Banter"Mary butts heads with Mandy's mother, Audrey; Sheldon attempts male bonding.
The Big Bang TheoryS8, EP6 "The Expedition Approximation"Raj and Sheldon try to simulate a dark-matter research expedition; after a fight about money, Penny and Leonard turn to Bernadette and Wolowitz for advice.
The Big Bang TheoryS3, EP14 "The Einstein Approximation"Sheldon tries to figure out the answer to a physics problem by working with Penny.
The NeighborhoodS1, EP15 "Welcome to Malcolm's Job"Tina agrees to give Grover piano lessons; Malcolm lands a job in retail sales; neither has a first day that goes quite according to plan.
The NeighborhoodS2, EP11 "Welcome to the Scooter"When the Johnsons' Christmas present for Grover is stolen, Calvin and Dave team up to recover the gift in time for the holiday; a nostalgic Tina tries to get into the Christmas spirit by reviving traditions from when Malcolm and Marty were kids.
Game Night: Loudoun United FC Pre-Game ShowAir Date: April 20, 2024
Loudoun United FC vs Louisville City FCUSL Championship SoccerFrom Segra Field in Leesburg, Va.
FriendsS6, EP23 "The One With the Ring"Chandler asks Phoebe to help him choose a special ring; Rachel urges Paul (Bruce Willis) to express his feelings.
FriendsS6, EP24 "The One With the Proposal"Monica and Chandler encounter Richard (Tom Selleck), Monica's former boyfriend, in a romantic restaurant.
The NeighborhoodS5, EP11 "Welcome to the Cornhole"When Tina insists Calvin find something to do in retirement, he decides to enter a competitive cornhole tournament; Marty plans an elaborate "groom-posal" to ask Malcolm to be his best man.
The NeighborhoodS1, EP17 "Welcome to the Climb"When Gemma decides to fire a teacher at her school, she's unprepared for the aftermath; Calvin gets a surprise when he faces off with his newspaper carrier.
I Am Patrick SwayzeDocumenting the life and career of the prolific actor through family photos, home movies and untold stories; includes interviews with the people who were closest to him.
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