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Closing Arguments with Vinnie PolitanRerun Air Date: May 21, 2024The most compelling legal stories of the day from Court TV's team of world class legal journalists.
I SurvivedS2, EP5 "Jackie; Todd; Stephanie"A passenger is picked to die by hijackers who take control of her EgyptAir flight; a surfer loses half his blood in a shark attack; a young mother is assaulted in front of her 3-year-old son.
Deep UndercoverS1, EP26 "Operation Insurance Fraud: Arson For Hire"Free-lance undercover detective Bob Cerrone is hired by a Denver insurance company to investigate a series of insurance claims.
Deep UndercoverS1, EP28 "Operation Missouri 500: Dogfighting Duo"Jeff Heath of the Missouri Highway Patrol takes on the alias of a dog fighting breeder to infiltrate the horrific and violent world of illegal dog fighting.
Deep UndercoverS1, EP29 "Operation Thin Crust: Destroying Vegas Mob"FBI agent Charlie Maurer partners with a mob hitman to penetrate the Vegas Mafia and take them down.
Deep UndercoverS1, EP30 "Operation Orozco: Cartel Laundry"FBI agent Ed Guillen goes undercover as a banker to cozy up with a Columbian cartel member and help launder his dirty cash.
Deep UndercoverS1, EP4 "Operation Greylord: Undercover in the Halls of Injustice"State prosecutor Terry Hake works tirelessly to expose rampant corruption in the Cook County court system.
Deep UndercoverS1, EP6 "Operation Payclip: Bribery In The Big Easy"FBI agents go undercover to investigate a cargo ship cleaning business run through a series of illegal payments, false paperwork and a drug-infested underworld of racketeering and kickbacks to dodge taxes and regulations.
Closing Arguments with Vinnie PolitanRerun Air Date: May 18, 2024The most compelling legal stories of the day from Court TV's team of world class legal journalists.
I SurvivedS2, EP4 "Christi; Fred; Maria"A single mother is kidnapped, stabbed and left for dead; a long-haul truck driver must drive his rig through the biggest fire in Utah history; a woman is stalked and abducted by an ex-boyfriend.
DevouredS1, EP3 "We All Scream"Four people die from a listeria outbreak after Blue Bell Ice Cream refuses to pull its product from the shelves, but Texans stand by their brand with almost cult-like devotion.
DevouredS1, EP4 "The Fast Food Killer"Paul Dennis Reid Jr. unleashes a reign of terror, committing seven brutal murders and targeting fast food chains for the same reason regular customers do: it's quick and easy.
DevouredS1, EP5 "Deli Wars"Cheating on your wife is a recipe for disaster, but at the World Famous Carnegie Deli infidelity and a stolen recipe put the culturally iconic restaurant in quite a pickle.
DevouredS1, EP6 "Great Hive Heist"In what was probably one of the largest bee heists in history, California's Central Valley fell victim to having hundreds of bee hives stolen by some thieves with sticky fingers.
Corrupt CrimesS2, EP22 "Murder of a Finance Minister"Two gunmen execute a banker who is trying to clean up corruption in the Russian system.
Corrupt CrimesS2, EP23 "Dallas Cop Killer"When Army Pvt. Micah Xavier Johnson is discharged for sexual harassment, he becomes a deadly assassin bent on shooting police during a peaceful protest march.
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