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Hamster & GretelWhen Gretel and her pet hamster -- named Hamster -- get superpowers, older brother Kevin must work with them to figure out how to protect their city from mysterious dangers.
"Hamster & Gretel"When Gretel and her pet hamster -- named Hamster -- get superpowers, older brother Kevin must work with them to figure out how to protect their city from mysterious dangers.
S1, EP30 "Exclamation Strikes Back - Part I; Exclamation Strikes Back- Part II"Professor Exclamation traps Hamster and Gretel and takes away their powers.
S1, EP29 "Flake It Till You Make It; Game Changer"Hamster and Gretel encounter a flaky villain who has the power to turn to flakes; Fred, Kevin, Hiromi and Anthony compete in a video game tournament.
S1, EP28 "Too Many Crooks; President Fred"Gretel encounters a villain who can multiply herself; Fred runs for student body president.
S1, EP27 "Shush Hour; I Was a Teenage Mad Scientist"Gretel does a school project on herself; Kevin and Hamster stop a librarian villain; Professor Exclamation attends his high school reunion.
S1, EP26 "Bayou Barb; The Great Pillow War"The Grant Gomez family goes on a bayou vacation where they encounter a local legend; Kevin and Gretel battle it out in a huge pillow fight.
S1, EP25 "No Sprain, No Gain; Finding Professor Ex"Kevin is stuck at home with a sprained ankle as the rest of the gang try to stop a strange jewel thief; when Professor Exclamation goes missing, Gretel and Nordle try to find him.
S1, EP24 "Nano a Nano; The Unnatural History of Dr. MedusaSaurus Ph.D."On a school trip to a robot factory, Gretel encounters a nanobot; Gretel and Bailey meet a strange paleontologist at a museum.
S1, EP23 "La Sombrerona; Two Girls, a Guy, and the Council of Düm"A mysterious woman infiltrates an amusement park; Bailey and Gretel spend the day at Nordle's house.
S1, EP22 "Over the Hill; The Ice Queen Cometh"When Gretel and Bailey follow reporter Veronica Hill for career day, they encounter an old foe, Van Dyke, out for revenge; Kevin and Gretel try to beat the heat at the town's newest ice cream parlor.
S1, EP21 "Crimson Haste Makes Waste; The Break-Stuff Club"Hamster and Gretel encounter a super speedy villain at the mall; Kevin gets Saturday detention to find a vandal.
S1, EP20 "Let's Sea What You've Got; Churro's Day Out"Gretel and Bailey experiment with Gretel's powers at the beach; Churro has a day out while the family gets a portrait done.
S1, EP19 "My Invisible Friend; the Bitter Sitter"Gretel becomes invisible while Bailey competes in a spelling bee; Gretel and Bailey face an interesting babysitter.
S1, EP18 "When Life Gives You Lemons; Self- HEELP!"Gretel and Bailey open a lemonade stand; Fred's peppy mom, Stacy, hosts a motivational speaking event.
S1, EP17 "Micromanager; The Bottle Episode"Kevin gets his first job at a burger joint; Fred is put to the test when she encounters a sinister shopkeeper.
S1, EP16 "The Litigator vs. The Luchador; Strawberry Fest Forever"Carolina's sister comes to visit; Kevin and Gretel infiltrate a wrestling match; Carolina and Gretel attend a festival.
S1, EP15 "For Whom the Belle Trolls; An Arthouse Divided"A social media influencer threatens to destroy Hamster and Gretel's reputation; things go terribly wrong at a movie premiere.
S1, EP14 "Hamnesia; Romancing the Scone"Hamster gets amnesia after a super-villain fight; Gretel and Nordle encounter a strange and powerful scone.
S1, EP13 "A Mammoth Problem; The Bantam of the Elementary School Light Opera"Gretel's science project goes wrong; strange things start to happen when the elementary school rehearses for a play.
S1, EP12 "Friday Night Fright; The Earworm"Hiromi and Fred encounter robots at the school; a new breakfast cereal TV jingle hypnotizes people.
S1, EP11 "Grounded; Sleepover With the Enemy"Gretel is grounded as a meat monster strikes; Gretel is suspicious of a new student in class.
S1, EP10 "U.F. UH-OH! Part I; U.F. UH-OH! Part II"Kevin, Hamster and Gretel visit Las Vegas and encounter FistPuncher and The Destructress; as things in Vegas escalate, Hamster, Kevin and Gretel encounter the UFOs that gave them their powers and learn that much more sinister things are happening.
S1, EP9 "The Nightmarionette; Abuelita's World"Hamster and Gretel battle a villain who projects people's greatest fears before their eyes; when Kevin and Gretel's grandmother comes to look after them, she lays down a strict set of rules.
S1, EP8 "I'm Bored; Cutie and the Beast"Gretel is bored; Hamster and Gretel meet a big otter; in Vegas, Hamster and Gretel face their biggest test.
S1, EP7 "The Opposite of Smart; Birthday Besties"Churro becomes an internet sensation; Gretel has her hands full at Bailey's birthday party.
S1, EP6 "Saturday Homecoming Fever; Dr. Eelgood"Hamster and Gretel must save the homecoming dance at the high school; Hamster and Gretel encounter a mutant eel.
S1, EP5 "Comic Shop CopyCat; Neigh, It Ain't So!"Hamster and Gretel meet a cat villain and a horse man.
S1, EP4 "Cheer Cheer Bang Bang; La Ballad of La Cebolla"Fred goes deep undercover as a cheerleader; Gretel and Kevin meet a villain with a unique ability.
S1, EP3 "Superhero Sibling Rivalry; Close Shave"Gretel battles twin villains on her own; Gretel's "hero hunch" gets her into trouble.
S1, EP2 "Recipe for Disaster; Math Punch"Kevin and Gretel have to rescue Family Dinner Night; Gretel faces off against a lightning-powered cowboy as Dave struggles to get Carolina the perfect anniversary gift.
S1, EP1 "Empower Failure; Oakey Dokey"Hamster and Gretel get superpowers from aliens while Kevin grapples with being superhero-adjacent; Kevin and Gretel disagree over how to stop a meteor.
When Gretel and her pet hamster -- named Hamster -- get superpowers, older brother Kevin must work with them to figure out how to protect their city from mysterious dangers.
Original Air Date: Aug 12, 2022
Rating: TVG
Playback: HD
1 seasons available on demand (30 episodes)
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