Disney XD is a basic cable channel and multi-platform brand showcasing a compelling mix of live-action and animated programming for kids age 6-11, hyper-targeting boys and transporting them into worlds full of humor, unexpected fun and inspiring action-filled adventures.
Phineas and FerbS2, EP35 "We Call It Maze; Ladies and Gentleman, He Is Max Modem!"Phineas and Ferb create a life sized maze filled with fun obstacles; Linda is asked to do a Lindana reunion concert.
Phineas and FerbS2, EP33 "Nerds of a Feather, Part I & II"At the annual Comic Book Convention, Phineas and Ferb are caught in the middle of a duel between the fantasy fans and the sci-fi fans, and the boys must get them to set aside their differences so that they can get back to having fun.
Gravity FallsS1, EP15 "The Deep End"When Mabel befriends a cute merman trapped in the deep end of the public pool, she's determined to return him to his family in the ocean, even though that means her whirlwind romance will come to an end; Dipper learns that Wendy is a lifeguard.
Gravity FallsS1, EP13 "Boss Mabel"When Mabel questions the way Stan runs the Shack, he challenges her to a bet.
Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil DinosaurS1, EP8 "Teacher's Pet"When Devil gets jealous of sharing Lunella with her class hamster and accidentally sets the animal free, he must search New York City to bring the furry friend home.
KiffS1, EP8 "Halfway There Day; Be Still My Harp"Celebrating Halfway There Day, where everyone is supposed to celebrate mild laziness.
KiffS1, EP9 "Friendiversary; Totally Table Town"Gif swap; Kiff and the crew get lost.
Hailey's on It!S1, EP1 "The Beginning of the Friend"Hailey tries to ride every ride at the county fair and makes a new friend.
Hailey's on It!S1, EP3 "The Last Stand; The Show Must Go Wrong"Hailey and her dad enter Oceanside's sandcastle building contest, but a cheating A.C. goads her into a medieval war; when the star of the school musical injures herself, Hailey must overcome her fear of performing in front of an audience.
Hamster & GretelS1, EP17 "Micromanager; The Bottle Episode"Kevin gets his first job at a burger joint; Fred is put to the test when she encounters a sinister shopkeeper.
Hamster & GretelS1, EP18 "When Life Gives You Lemons; Self- HEELP!"Gretel and Bailey open a lemonade stand; Fred's peppy mom, Stacy, hosts a motivational speaking event.
Big City GreensS1, EP2 "Cricket Versus; Blue Tater"Cricket must wrestle a wild animal in order to prove himself worthy of the family name; when Cricket persuades Bill to convert his pickup into a french fry food truck, he discovers a mysterious blue potato that Gramma says is cursed with bad luck.
Big City GreensS1, EP5 "Gramma's License; Bear Trapped"When Gramma crashes into a parked police car, she loses her driver's license and her confidence; Cricket Green hates bears.
Big City GreensS1, EP4 "Cricketsitter; Backflip Bill"Bill takes Gramma to a doctor's checkup and leaves Tilly in charge of Cricket; Cricket learns that Bill never realized his childhood dream of becoming a gymnast.
Big City GreensS1, EP6 "Photo Op; Remy Rescue"Bill promises his family a trip to the mall food court, but when he reveals it was just a trick to get them to a family portrait studio, Cricket and Gramma try to escape; Remy is caught skipping his violin lessons to hang out with Cricket.
Gravity FallsS1, EP9 "The Time Traveler's Pig"Dipper, wishing he could go back in time and undo a mistake he made, discovers a time machine.
Gravity FallsS1, EP8 "Irrational Treasure"When Dipper and Mabel discover that the town founder is a hoax, they set out to expose the cover-up.
Hailey's on It!S1, EP13 "Sight for Dinosaur Eyes; Along for the Slide"Hailey ditches Scott at a dinosaur show to build a mystery gadget from The Professor; Becker schemes to ride a condemned alpine slide but must endure her school rival, Kennedy.
Hailey's on It!S1, EP14 "Leather Jacket Hailey; In a Pinch"Hailey finds a leather jacket that brings out her rebellious side; when Hailey gets distracted by her list item instead of babysitting the school mascot, she lands herself in hot water.
The Ghost and Molly McGeeS1, EP10 "Festival of Lights; Saving Christmas"Through eight vignettes, Libby and her mom spread Hanukkah spirit during a town-wide blackout; Molly uses "A Christmas Carol" to convince Andrea's father to save Christmas.
The Ghost and Molly McGeeS1, EP11 "Ice Princess; Ready, Set, Snow!"When a ghost causes an ice storm in Brighton, only Dad can save the town from eternal winter; Molly gets a snow day, but struggles to not see her way on the highway.
Big City GreensS1, EP10 "Parade Day; DIY Guys"Cricket leaves Gloria to work the coffee shop alone while he enjoys the parade on his break; Bill uses a trip to the hardware store to teach Remy a lesson in self-reliance.
Big City GreensS1, EP12 "Barry Cuda; Suite Retreat"Cricket uses his first tip from working at Big Coffee to buy a singing toy fish; Gramma kicks the family out of the house for the day, so they stay in a hotel for the first time.
Big City GreensS1, EP14 "Rated Cricket; Homeshare Hoedown"On the trip to Big City movie multiplex, Cricket thinks he's too mature for a kids' movie, so he sneaks into a grown-up movie; Cricket registers his house on a home share website.
Big City GreensS1, EP15 "Cricket's Shoes; Feud Fight"When Cricket gets sick, his family steps in to fulfill his commitments for the day; the Green family's nemesis Chip Whistler shows up at the farmers' market in an attempt to steal business from them.
Big City GreensS1, EP17 "Tilly Tour; Dinner Party"Tilly takes Gramma out to be a tourist for a day; Cricket and Remy arrange a dinner party for everyone to get to know each other.
Big City GreensS1, EP18 "Coffee Quest; Phoenix Rises"When Big City faces a coffee bean shortage, Cricket and Gloria's boss, Ms. Cho, challenges them to retrieve one of the few remaining sacks of coffee; when the Greens' dog, Phoenix, runs away from home, the family sets out to find her.
Big City GreensS1, EP23 "Night Bill; Cheap Snake"When Bill sneaks out at night with a mysterious duffel bag, the kids hide in his truck to see where he goes; Cricket impulsively buys a giant pet snake.
Big City GreensS1, EP24 "Hiya Henry; People Watching"Tilly tries ventriloquism for the Big Coffee open mic night; the family plays the people-watching game, making up stories about city folk passing by.
Big City GreensS1, EP27 "Trailer Trouble; Mansion Madness"When Nancy's trailer is stolen by her old biker gang, the kids resolve to get it back; Cricket house-sits for Remy, but things go awry when the rest of the Greens visit.
Big City GreensS1, EP28 "Park Pandemonium; Cricket's Biscuits"Gramma spurns Tilly at the city park, so Tilly tries making her jealous; Gramma makes special biscuits for the kids when they're hurt, but won't make more when they're better.
Big City GreensS1, EP30 "Cricket's Place; Volunteer Tilly"When Remy and Cricket get their own apartment, they discover that nonstop fun leads to chaos; Tilly volunteers at the animal shelter but doesn't want to part with any of the animals.
Big City GreensS2, EP2 "Urban Legend; Wishing Well"When Bill learns that Gramma has been purposely creating a frightening reputation around town, he throws a barbeque to befriend the neighbors; Cricket's scheme to cash in on a wishing well snares Tilly, leaving Cricket with a dilemma.
Big City GreensS1, EP21 "Uncaged"Cricket and Tilly's mother, Nancy Green, returns to the city.
Big City GreensS2, EP3 "Elevator Action; Bad Influencer"Gloria gets stuck on an elevator with the Greens; Remy falls under the sway of an internet influencer.
Big City GreensS2, EP6 "Impopstar; Football Camp"Cricket is mistaken for a pop star and decides to exploit the situation for all the perks of fame; Remy and Cricket attend football camp in an attempt to impress Remy's dad.
Big City GreensS2, EP8 "Shark Objects; Dream Weaver"When the Greens try to spend an eventful day at the beach, Cricket tries to prank the beachgoers; Cricket discovers he can influence the family's dreams, to disastrous real-life results.
Big City GreensS2, EP10 "Garage Tales; Animal Farm"After finding a box of mementos, Gramma tells the kids the story of her greatest adventure; while the Greens are away, the animals compete to see who will rule the farm.
Big City GreensS2, EP12 "Time Crisis; Gramma Driver"Remy's plan for his whole life is thrown into question when he is unprepared for a violin recital; Gramma becomes a rideshare driver, only to find her best customers are robbers.
Big City GreensS2, EP14 "Friend Con; Flimflammed"Chip Whistler and Bill hit it off and become friends at Farm Con; Cricket stumbles into having $100 and immediately buys into a pyramid scheme.
Big City GreensS2, EP16 "Gabriella's Fella; Cheap Show"When Cricket's crush returns, Remy takes the opportunity to help Cricket get to know her; the family wants to visit a street fair, but Bill wants to stay home to save money.
Gravity FallsS2, EP4 "Sock Opera"Mabel decides to put on a sock puppet rock opera to impress a local puppeteer.
Gravity FallsS2, EP7 "Society of the Blind Eye"The kids, along with Old Man McGucket's help, discover there is a secret society in Gravity Falls.
Beyblade: BurstS7, EP12 "Hurricane Winds! Twister Pandora!"Training at the battle camp is hard, and some Bladers have more trouble following Wakiya's rules than others; Bel goes off script, declaring a rematch with his new rival Hyuga.
Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil DinosaurS1, EP2 "The Borough Bully"When Lunella finds a nasty comment on her Moon Girl social media page, her fixation on the troll threatens to take over her life.
Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil DinosaurS1, EP3 "Run the Rink"When Lunella runs the rink for a night, she agrees to Casey's get-rich-quick scheme, which threatens Moon Girl's reputation and her family's beloved business.
Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil DinosaurS1, EP4 "Check Yourself"When Lunella loses a game of chess against a supercomputer, her obsession with winning drives the frustrated computer to program every device in the school to attack her.
Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil DinosaurS1, EP5 "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow"When Lunella creates a chemical to change her hair, she accidentally turns her mane into a vengeful villain that vows to ruin her.
Phineas and FerbS2, EP30 "Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian Vacation"Candance finds a lava rock necklace and Phineas and Ferb ride some waves.
Phineas and FerbS2, EP37 "Split Personality; Brain Drain"Candace is split into two Candaces; Phineas and Ferb make a sick day triathalon.
Gravity FallsS1, EP14 "Bottomless Pit!"While Stan, Dipper, Mabel and Soos are falling in a bottomless pit, they tell stories to pass time.
Gravity FallsS1, EP17 "Boyz Crazy"When Mabel discovers that her favorite boy band is actually a bunch of imprisoned clones, she sets them free, only to decide on keeping them for herself; Dipper is convinced that Robbie plans to brainwash Wendy with a secret message.
Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil DinosaurS1, EP9 "Skip Ad...olescense"Lunella creates a device that allows her to fast-forward through mundane chores and tasks, but she struggles to handle the unexpected side effects.
KiffS1, EP10 "Hat; Lost and Found"Kiff loses a hat that gave Barry a confidence boost and attempts to recover it; Kiff and Barry try to return a lost journal without exposing its deeply personal entries.
KiffS1, EP12 "Two Truths and a Bunny; Nicknames"Kiff's plan to infiltrate a group sleepover and learn its secrets all depends on Barry's ability to lie; Kiff and Barry try to get nicknamed by a local movie theater ticket taker.
Hailey's on It!S1, EP2 "Beta'd and Hooked; The Wild, Wild Mess"Hailey and Scott set sail on the high seas; Hailey becomes a sheriff in the Wild West.
Hailey's on It!S1, EP7 "Catching Felines; It's All Gonna Be OK-Pop"Hailey befriends Becker; Hailey goes to a concert.
Hamster & GretelS1, EP19 "My Invisible Friend; the Bitter Sitter"Gretel becomes invisible while Bailey competes in a spelling bee; Gretel and Bailey face an interesting babysitter.
Hamster & GretelS1, EP20 "Let's Sea What You've Got; Churro's Day Out"Gretel and Bailey experiment with Gretel's powers at the beach; Churro has a day out while the family gets a portrait done.
Big City GreensS2, EP18 "Times Circle; Super Gramma"Tilly and Remy put on a play while Cricket meets his favorite heroes; when Gramma temporarily loses her eyesight, Cricket and Tilly try to help her.
Big City GreensS2, EP20 "Quiet Please; Chipwrecked"At the library, the Greens try to find a book, but a scary librarian threatens them into being quiet; Chip decides if he is really the failure Cricket says he is.
Big City GreensS2, EP22 "'Rent Control; Pool's Gold"When Gloria's parents visit, she ropes the Greens into escalating lies about her success; Cricket goes on a quest to find the best pool in Big City.
Big City GreensS2, EP24 "Mages and Mazes; Okay Karaoke"When the kids play a role-playing game at Remy's, his rules lead to conflict; when the Greens go out for karaoke, Tilly struggles to decide what genre of music will best express her true self.
Gravity FallsS1, EP7 "Double Dipper"When Stan throws a big weekend party to promote the Mystery Shack, Dipper uses an off-kilter copy machine to make clones of himself so he can impress Wendy.
Gravity FallsS1, EP10 "Fight Fighters"After Wendy's boyfriend Robbie challenges Dipper to a video game battle, he is shocked when his favorite playable fighter, Rumble McSkirmish, comes to life to defend him.
Hailey's on It!S1, EP15 "The Fart of War; Who Let the Dogs Out? (Hailey)"When Scott has an idea for a social media filter, A.C. claims the idea as his own; after Hailey reads an online rumor about Dingles Chips, she, Scott and Beta go to the factory to expose the truth.
Hailey's on It!S1, EP16 "Beta's Gonna Hate; the A-maize-ing Maze"Beta suspects Alphred, a cleaning robot, is a chaos bot spy, but Hailey and Scott aren't so sure; Hailey and Beta ditch Scott to complete a complicated corn maze on their own.
The Ghost and Molly McGeeS1, EP13 "Innocent Until Proven Ghostly; Twin Trouble"Molly tries to prove Scratch's innocence when he's falsely accused of a crime; Dad struggles to stay true to himself when his twin siblings come to visit.
The Ghost and Molly McGeeS1, EP14 "Goat Your Own Way; A Very Hungry Ghost"Molly insists on training an unruly goat the Molly way; when the McGees celebrate a Thai holiday about feeding hungry ghosts, Scratch tries to keep the feast all to himself.
Big City GreensS2, EP26 "Bleeped; Sellouts"Cricket teaches the local kids a new curse word, threatening to ruin the community center's choir performance; the Greens try new methods to improve sales at their produce stand.
Big City GreensS2, EP28 "Ding Dongers; Animation Abomination"Remy uses Cricket's antics to gain views and likes on a new video-sharing app; Gloria gives Tilly and Cricket a tour of the animation studio where she's interning.
Big City GreensS2, EP30 "Cousin Jilly; Gloria's Cafe"Tilly revives Cousin Jilly, an alter-ego she created to entertain Cricket when they were younger; Gloria opens a secret café in the former Big Coffee space without permission.
Big City GreensS3, EP2 "Boss Life; Papaganda"Bill forces his family to embrace a "Live, Laugh, Love" philosophy; Gloria tries to maintain her café's perfect rating.
Big City GreensS3, EP4 "No Service; Takened"Cricket is halted at a convenience store due to its No Shoes, No Service policy; when Remy throws Vasquez a surprise party, Bill's secret-keeping is put to the test.
Big City GreensS3, EP6 "Trivia Night; Big Trouble"Cricket wants to prove to his family that he isn't dumb during trivia night at the café; Tilly gets punished for the first time and decides to break bad.
Big City GreensS3, EP8 "Listen Up!; Big Picture"Cricket loses his hearing and keeps it a secret from Bill; the Greens go to a hipster drive-in movie, where Gloria proves her life is fun by taking the perfect SnapAGram photo.
Big City GreensS3, EP12 "Farmer Remy; Homeward Hound"Remy attempts to find his "country grit" while Cricket takes tractor-driving lessons; Phoenix journeys back to Big City to retrieve Saxon while Gramma and Gloria go to a club.
Big City GreensS3, EP14 "Frilly Tilly; Montaged"Tilly makes changes to her country's coming-of-age ceremony, and Gramma wants none of it; Cricket fast-tracks his training for a rodeo and gets trapped in a never-ending montage.
Big City GreensS3, EP17 "Pen Pals; Study Abroad"Tilly and Andromeda exchange letters that reveal their unique outlooks on the world; Remy enlists the Greens to help him lie to his parents about his week in the country.
Big City GreensS3, EP19 "Chill Bill; Bunny"Cricket discovers lake life brings out Bill's fun-loving side; when rabbits threaten to destroy Bill's crops, Nancy enlists their country friends to save the harvest.
Beyblade: BurstS7, EP10 "Dark Devotion! Mighty Sword!"The Bladers take a quick snack break; Jiji comes to the rescue with his signature scrumptious feast; Xander presents Bel with a challenge over who gets Jiji to stay with them.
Hailey's on It!S1, EP20 "We Wish You a Merry Chaos-mas"When Hailey loses a mini reindeer, causing Christmas to not exist in the future, she must throw the best Oceanside Christmas Festival to save the future of Christmas.
The Ghost and Molly McGeeS2, EP19 "White Christmess; Perfect Day"Scratch stresses about getting Molly the perfect gift, while Molly crafts a winter wonderland for the seniors; Molly asks Scratch to cast a time-loop curse so she can fix every mistake when her day keeps going wrong.
The StepdadWhen Nicole grows up, she brings a stepdad into her home and into her children's lives; the family combines their existing festive traditions with wonderful new ones.
Hailey's on It!S1, EP10 "Flippin' Out; Smells Like Queen Spirit"Hailey joins the cheerleading squad to earn an easy varsity letter, but quickly realizes she's underestimated the skill and spirit it takes to cheerlead; Hailey must defeat a chaos bot while winning the school's Crab Queen Pageant.
Hailey's on It!S1, EP12 "Seas the Day; Kissed Opportunities"Hailey brings Scott to Catalina Island to get him out of an uncharacteristically mopey funk; when Hailey throws a party, she sees an opportunity to kiss Scott as part of a harmless game.
The Ghost and Molly McGeeS1, EP7 "The Turnip Twist; All Systems No"Dad and Molly put on a Turnip Fest to win Best Fest of the Midwest over rival town, Perfektborg; for one day, Molly can only say yes and Scratch can only say no.
The Ghost and Molly McGeeS1, EP9 "Scratch the Surface; Friend-Off"When Molly meets Brighton's founder, she finds history exaggerated his heroism; Molly tries to prevent Libby from humiliating herself in the school talent show.
Beyblade: BurstS7, EP11 "Surge Ahead! Battle Camp Clash!"Bel, Ranzo and Pri have been invited to Battle Island, where rookie Bladers gather to train and compete.
The Ghost and Molly McGeeS2, EP1 "The New (Para)Normal"When a new family moves in across the street, the McGees are put in a sticky situation; Scratch avoids his duties in the ghost world.
The Ghost and Molly McGeeS2, EP2 "Book Marks the Sprite; Double, Double, Darryl & Trouble"Molly must distract Ollie while Scratch attempts to capture the Story Sprite; Darryl becomes a ghost for the day.
The Ghost and Molly McGeeS2, EP3 "Faint of Art; A Soda to Remember"When Sharon has artist's block, Molly and the family take away all her distractions; when Scratch recalls a rare soda from his past life, Molly is determined to get it for him.
The Ghost and Molly McGeeS2, EP4 "A Period Place; It's Always Sunny in Sunnyland"When Libby gets her period before Molly does, Molly feels out of sync with her best friend; when the McGees' vacation gets canceled, Molly creates a staycation instead.
Big City GreensS1, EP13 "Family Legacy; Paint Misbehavin'"Gramma tells Cricket and Tilly that there's treasure buried on their property; Cricket adds his own doodles to Gloria's abstract paintings.
Big City GreensS1, EP16 "Breaking News; Cyberbullies"Cricket invites the local news to see the huge watermelon Bill grew; Cricket stands up to the cyberbullying of three online gamers known as the Cyber Knights.
Big City GreensS1, EP22 "Harvest Dinner; Winner Winner"Bill and Nancy prep a special harvest dinner while Cricket and Gramma race Tilly to get a missing ingredient; at the local community center, Tilly wants to win a trophy and begins training with the center's director.
Big City GreensS1, EP26 "Hurty Tooth; Sleepover Sisters"The Greens go on a family visit to the dentist's office, where Cricket is determined to avoid Dr. Enamel and power through his toothache.
Big City GreensS1, EP25 "Valentine's Dance; Green Streets"At the Valentine's Dance, Cricket develops an unwanted crush on Gabriella; Cricket joins forces with Officer Keys to hunt down a neighborhood litterbug.
Big City GreensS1, EP29 "Skunked; Axin' Saxon"Cricket stages a crisis by letting skunks into the cafe, but it gets out of control; Nancy accidentally destroys Saxon, but Tilly mistakenly directs her wrath at Gramma.
Big City GreensS2, EP1 "Cricket's Kapowie!; Car Trouble"Cricket earns a role in Big Coffee's new TV commercial but loses his confidence; Bill gets more than he bargained for when he trades in his pickup for a cutting-edge electric car.
Big City GreensS2, EP4 "Green Christmas"On Christmas Eve, Tilly helps Cricket redeem his year's worth of bad deeds for one last chance to get on Santa's nice list; Gramma and Nancy look for a present for Bill.
Big City GreensS2, EP5 "Reckoning Ball; Clubbed"Chip Whistler returns to take revenge on the Greens, but is forced to apologize; Andromeda and Tilly follow Gloria to a club where they must "cure" her of her amnesia.
Big City GreensS2, EP7 "Heat Beaters; Bill-iever"Cricket and Remy play a contentious game of H-O-R-S-E on the hottest day of the year; in order to avoid punishment, Cricket must make his rational dad believe in aliens.
Gravity FallsS2, EP2 "Into the Bunker"Dipper's secret journal pages lead him and the gang to the author's hidden bunker where they find themselves face-to-face with a mysterious figure from Gravity Falls' lore.
Gravity FallsS2, EP3 "The Golf War"Mabel challenges Pacifica to a miniature golf-off.
Phineas and FerbS2, EP34 "Wizard of Odd, Part I & II"Phineas and Ferb spin the house in order to paint it more quickly.
Phineas and FerbS2, EP28 "The Beak Parts 1 and 2"When the boys are mistaken as a super hero, a villain arrives in town to challenge them.
Phineas and FerbS2 "Not Phineas and Ferb; Phineas and Ferb-Busters!"When Irving's brother, Albert, calls Phineas and Ferb fakes, Buford and Baljeet pretend to be the boys so that Irving can prove Albert wrong; Candace runs a bust camp in her backyard to prep for busting Phineas and Ferb.
Phineas and FerbS2, EP27 "The Lizard Whisperer; Robot Rodeo"The boys' chameleon grows to a dinosaur's size; Phineas and Ferb put on a rodeo with robotic bulls.
Phineas and FerbS2, EP36 "The Secret of Success; The Doof Side of the Moon"Phineas and Ferb build a powerful ATV: Phineas and Ferb plan to create the world's tallest building.
Phineas and FerbS2, EP29 "She's the Mayor; The Lemonade Stand"Candace becomes mayor for the day; ultimate lemonade stand.
Gravity FallsS1, EP10 "Fight Fighters"After Wendy's boyfriend Robbie challenges Dipper to a video game battle, he is shocked when his favorite playable fighter, Rumble McSkirmish, comes to life to defend him.
Gravity FallsS1, EP11 "Little Dipper"Dipper is self-conscious that Mabel is taller than him so he seeks out a magic way to grow himself.
Hamster & GretelS1, EP28 "Too Many Crooks; President Fred"Gretel encounters a villain who can multiply herself; Fred runs for student body president.
Phineas and FerbS2, EP21 "Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation"The boys work on turning the city of Danville into a giant thank you card for Santa Claus.
Phineas and FerbS1 "Toy to the World"The boys design a wooden toy version of Perry, which becomes a hit.
Hamster & GretelS1, EP15 "For Whom the Belle Trolls; An Arthouse Divided"A social media influencer threatens to destroy Hamster and Gretel's reputation; things go terribly wrong at a movie premiere.
Hamster & GretelS1, EP28 "Too Many Crooks; President Fred"Gretel encounters a villain who can multiply herself; Fred runs for student body president.
Big City GreensS2, EP9 "Level Up; Wild Side"Bill gets addicted to a farm-simulating video game; Cricket's feral wild side takes over when Bill is unable to replicate their old camping trips.
Big City GreensS2, EP11 "Desserted; The Gifted"Cricket treats his family to dinner, but Bill is suspicious about how he plans to pay for it; Tilly and Cricket battle to see if Bill lies about liking their Father's Day gifts.
Big City GreensS2, EP13 "Tilly Style; I, Farmbot"Tilly searches the mall for a new look to reflect her maturity; Cricket persuades Bill to buy a farming robot to get out of chores.
Big City GreensS2, EP15 "Greens' Acres; Dolled Up"Flashback: Young Bill will do whatever it takes to help keep the family farm in business; Tilly and Nancy enjoy Saxon's birthday at a fancy doll store.
Gravity FallsS1, EP1 "Tourist Trapped"Young twins Dipper and Mabel Pines arrive to spend their summer break with their uncle.
Gravity FallsS1, EP6 "Dipper vs. Manliness"Dipper travels into the forest to battle the notorious Multi-Bear in a quest to attain manliness.
Big City GreensS2, EP17 "Green Mirror; Cricket's Tickets"When the Greens visit BigTech, Tilly discovers a chance to improve her chaotic family; Cricket wins tickets to a show and must decide who to bring.
Big City GreensS2, EP19 "Present Tense; Hurt Bike"Cricket struggles to get the best birthday present for his best bud, Remy; due to a close call with a dirt bike, Cricket fearfully decides to live his life in shelter.
Big City GreensS2, EP21 "Chipocalypse Now Part 1; Chipocalypse Now Part 2"Chip Whistler tears down the buildings around the Green's house to build a Wholesome Foods store.
Big City GreensS2, EP23 "Big Resolution; Winter Greens"On New Year's Eve, Cricket insists on helping Gloria complete her resolution of approaching her longtime crush, Kevin; Cricket and Remy challenge Vasquez to a snowball fight; Tilly creates a snowperson.
Big City GreensS2, EP25 "Date Night; The Room"Bill chaperones Cricket and Gabriella's first date; a disagreement between Cricket and Tilly turns into reality-TV-like entertainment for Gloria and Gramma.
Big City GreensS2, EP27 "Fast Foodie; Spaghetti Theory"Cricket tries to prove to Bill he can eat fast food for every meal; Tilly and Cricket debate whether the lives of people in Big City are connected.
Big City GreensS2, EP29 "The Van; Bat Girl"Gramma and Cricket fume over an unsightly van parked in front of their house; Nancy joins Cricket and Tilly's Little League team to get back at their unsportsmanlike rivals.
Big City GreensS3, EP3 "Little Buddy; Zen Garden"Cricket mentors a wild child, and Tilly develops a cult following; Nancy tries to prove herself on the farm; Bill struggles to relax at a fancy spa with Gramma.
Big City GreensS3, EP5 "Green Greens; Truce Bomb"Tilly and Bill set off on an epic journey to recycle a fluorescent light bulb at an e-waste center; Tilly tries to solve a long-standing feud between Gramma and Mr. Grigorian.
Big City GreensS3, EP7 "DependaBill; The Delivernator"Bill goes out of his way to get on a neighbor's good side; Cricket must prove himself worthy to avoid losing his delivery job to a robot.
Big City GreensS3, EP9 "Rembo; Dirt Jar"Remy is determined to be a martial arts warrior after freezing in the face of danger; Cricket's missing dirt jar prompts the story of when the Greens left their country farm.
Big City GreensS3, EP11 "Country Side; Junk Mountain"While Cricket shows Remy the fun of country life, Tilly seeks new sleeping arrangements; Cricket tries to win back his old country friend, Hector.
Big City GreensS3, EP13 "Pie Hard; Rat Tail"Brooke Dillman guest stars as diner owner Patti; Nancy tries to get Cricket to cut his new rat tail without admitting that she hates it.
Big City GreensS3, EP15 "Pizza Deliverance; Horse Girl"A pizza delivery girl from Big City must flee from a crazed country family; when Bill gets a horse for the day, Tilly must hide how much she secretly hates horses.
Big City GreensS3, EP18 "Honey Heist; Dog Mayor"The kids plan a heist to steal honey from Bill's beehive; Cricket and Remy run a campaign to get Phoenix the dog elected as mayor.
Big City GreensS3, EP20 "Long Goodbye"When the Greens return Gramma and Remy to Big City, they are determined to delay their goodbyes for as long as possible.
Big City GreensS3, EP16 "Virtually Christmas"When Cricket gets snowed in at the Remingtons' on Christmas Eve, he attempts to recreate his family's Christmas Eve traditions in a virtual reality video game.
Big City GreensS4, EP1 "Truck Stopped; Jingled"Tilly and Cricket wrestle with decision making at a truck stop between Big City and the country; Tilly rises through the ranks as a Big City jingle writer.
Big City GreensS4, EP3 "Bad Dad; Junk Junkie"Cricket and Tilly get to know their grandpa; Nancy scrambles to find him a job; desperate to ensure his family's future security, Bill becomes a hoarder.
Big City GreensS4, EP5 "Iced; Chipped Off"Gramma butts heads with Nick when he crashes her special family hockey outing; Chip Whistler recounts what happened to him since "Chipocalypse Now."
Gravity FallsS2, EP1 "Scary-oke"The Pines family resolves to get back to normal after the Lil' Gideon incident by throwing a party.
Gravity FallsS2, EP5 "Soos and the Real Girl"Soos needs a date and looks into a dating simulator.
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