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BlueyS3 "Musical Statues; Stories; Puppets"Mum gets everyone to play musical statues.
Big City GreensS2, EP17 "Green Mirror; Cricket's Tickets"When the Greens visit BigTech, Tilly discovers a chance to improve her chaotic family; Cricket wins tickets to a show and must decide who to bring.
Big City GreensS2, EP18 "Times Circle; Super Gramma"Tilly and Remy put on a play while Cricket meets his favorite heroes; when Gramma temporarily loses her eyesight, Cricket and Tilly try to help her.
Big City GreensS2, EP19 "Present Tense; Hurt Bike"Cricket struggles to get the best birthday present for his best bud, Remy; due to a close call with a dirt bike, Cricket fearfully decides to live his life in shelter.
Big City GreensS2, EP20 "Quiet Please; Chipwrecked"At the library, the Greens try to find a book, but a scary librarian threatens them into being quiet; Chip decides if he is really the failure Cricket says he is.
KiffS1, EP22 "You Can't Handle the Tooth; Blooper Quest"Kiff has a lot to do today, but brushing her tooth is not on the list; Kiff, Barry and the crew set out to make a movie so they can have a fun blooper reel, but blooping is hard.
KiffS1, EP23 "When You Mow You Mow; Harry's Maturity Crisis"Reggie is the first kid in Table Town to mow his own lawn, and Kiff wants to be the second; when Harry runs away, Barry and Kiff do anything they can to bring him back.
BlueyS1 "Teasing; Shaun; Daddy Robot"The girls convince Mum that Dad is a Big Teaser; Bluey struggles to train her new pet; Daddy Robot helps Bluey and Bingo tidy the playroom.
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