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CheatersIs your significant other cheating on you? This show dispatches a surveillance team to follow the partner suspected of cheating and gather incriminating video evidence. After reviewing the evidence, the offended party has the option of confronting the unfaithful partner.
S11 "Sebastian Asner"Sebastian discovers where his boyfriend goes at night.
S15 "Veronica Volk"Veronica's husband gets personal with a two-bit temp.
S15 "Sarah Elias"Sarah's husband has traded her in for a newer model.
S15 "Lynette Nadell"Lynette's boyfriend has been double-timing her behind her back.
S10 "Janet McDonal"Janet discovers that her husband's late nights are in full swing.
S12 "Chastity Easly"Chastity Easley learns that infidelity is not a gender specific trait.
"Kristella Borque"Kristella learns the true meaning of "family affair."
S10Kim discovers that her husband enjoys his long hours at work with her twin sister.
S11 "Tiera Harrison"Tiera finds her man with another woman.
S11 "Martell Bell"Martell discovers his girlfriend modeling for a fake photographer.
S10Tonya finds out that her preacher husband has been doling out the love.
S15 "Robert Perry"Robert's model girlfriend poses nude for another man.
S11 "Niecy Wolfe"Niecy finds out her boyfriend is telling lies.
"Coffey Williamson"Coffey takes the law into her own hands.
S16, EP7 "Nate Hunt; Christian Lewis"Nate thinks his girlfriend may be using him for his money; Christian wants to check up on Tata.
S11 "Sayuri Zoldyck"Sayuri Zoldyck learns the truth about her boyfriend's visits to the strip club.
S5 "Yazmine Franco"Yazmine's boyfriend may be doing a number on their relationship.
S3 "Brian Willard"Brian's girlfriend may be warming up to someone else.
S3 "Carolyn Pretzel"Carolyn realizes her beau is dishonest.
S3 "Renee Trudgett"Renee discovers the truth about her boyfriend.
S5 "Iliana Sanchez"Iliana walks away from a two-year relationship.
S5 "Dan Newberry"Dan catches his wife in a compromising position.
S11 "Jeffery Keeter"Jeffery sees where his wife spends nights.
S8 "Heather Lynski"Heather's boyfriend sneaks around at odd hours of the day.
S8 "Sandra Ruiz"Sandra's husband lies about working extra hours.
S8 "Alicia Smith"Alicia's boyfriend tends to mix business with pleasure.
S10 "John Platt"John discovers that his girlfriend still carries a torch for her ex-con ex-husband.
S8 "Kamisha King"Kamisha's boyfriend cannot shake an old habit of courting attractive women.
S8 "Iris Hernandez"Iris' boyfriend is fascinated by her pretty young cousin.
S8 "Trisha Ludall"Trisha's fiance gets too friendly with someone close to her heart.
S8 "Jackie Woudsky"Jackie's young boyfriend will do anything for the finer things in life.
S15 "Jay Fields"Jay's girlfriend fills her free time in his best friend's bed.
S8, EP26 "Antonia Linwood"Antonia's boyfriend's overindulgence includes other women.
S10Wes' wife plans to spread a little love in the hot tub -- with one of his friends.
S12 "Andrew Giordano"Andrew's girlfriend has set her sights on another man.
S13Angelina's boyfriend is concealing a concubine.
S14 "Justin DiAngelo"Justin's woman is flipping for someone else.
S15 "Sarah Stone"Sarah's boyfriend plays hockey with another woman's emotions.
S15 "Diane Craig"Diane's boyfriend does more than just ride horses at his ranch.
S15 "Stevie Nixon"Stevie's boyfriend pounds more than the pavement.
S8 "Laura Fitzgerald"Laura's boyfriend makes up excuses to cover up secret activities.
S8 "Danielle Williams"Danielle's boyfriend's new workout regimen is merely an excuse to mingle with other women.
S8 "Nancy Bryant"Nancy's husband's affairs may involve more than just business.
S8 "Rafael Gutierrez"Rafael's wife warms up to another gentleman's advances.
S10, EP12 "Carolyn Snyder, Juliette Anders"Carolyn finds out that her hubby does not really understand the meaning of sacred vows; Juliette finds her boyfriend getting his sugar from another woman.
S8 "Phillip Rhodes"Phillip's wife's supposed friendship with a co-worker escalates with each passing day.
S8 "Caesar Villafuerte"The sweet smell of money leads Caesar's girlfriend away.
S14 "Danny McCormick"Danny discovers his girlfriend's unfaithful behavior.
S13Juan's girlfriend enjoys being the only woman in a house full of guys.
S14 "Sanya Yip"Sanya's girlfriend digs wealthy men.
S14 "John Parks"John's barista girlfriend puts the cream topping on another man's coffee.
S11 "Amber Avery"Amber discovers why her partner sought a trial separation.
S14 "Jennifer Walker"Jennifer's boyfriend's late nights in the garage have little to do with car repairs.
S14 "Annette Reilly"Annette's salesman husband has sold her out.
S14 "Tom Leblanc"Tom's girlfriend likes to play on her business trips.
S12 "LaToya Knowles"LaToya's beau enjoys all kinds of women.
S10 "Benjamin Kelly"Benjamin uncovers the truth regarding his girlfriend's late-night absences.
S10 "Angela Potter"Angela finds her Web-designing boyfriend writing code in all the wrong places.
S15 "Lauren McPeak"Lauren's boyfriend's priorities have changed.
S11 "Theresa Goliad"Theresa finds her boyfriend playing with an alluring female.
S12 "Leonard Crahan"Leonard discovers that his girlfriend has hooked up with her guru.
S15 "Devon Jessop"Devon's boyfriend has a cult following and an overactive libido.
S12 "Amber Gale"Amber realizes her boyfriend is involved with one of her trusted friends.
S15 "Dedee Brown"Dedee's boyfriend has a hard time defining fidelity.
S10 "Crystal Lange"Crystal catches her boyfriend clowning around with someone new.
S10 "Britton Nyce"Britton wants the lowdown on her father's fiancee.
S9 "Keisha Sutton"Keisha learns that her headhunting boyfriend fills his private position with someone close to her heart.
S15 "Tobyn Burke"Tobyn Burke finds his girlfriend is spending time with another man.
S13 "Ryan Bradley"Ryan's wife finds unorthodox ways to make ends meet.
S12, EP22 "Omar Garcia, Alicia Woods, Amanda Ramos"A man finds out his girlfriend is cheating on him; a woman's boyfriend is a cheater.
S10 "Brandy Sumner"Brandy learns why her boyfriend enjoys his second residence and long hours at work.
S15 "Jill Oswald"Jill Oswald's boyfriend plays the part of a level 7 charlatan.
"Fatima Everheart"Fatima contemplates a life without her two-timing lover.
S10 "Joe Dickson"Joe discovers his boyfriend running around town with another man.
S11 "Kari Rutherford"Kari comes across the other life her boyfriend leads when she is away.
S15 "Byron Halpern"Byron Halpern finds his girlfriend hanging out with other guys.
S15 "Jessie Smitt"Jessie's boyfriend never has time for recreational activities.
"Karmia Williams"Karmia's boyfriend's infidelity extends to at least two other women.
S15 "Antonio Gutierrez"Antonio learns the reason for his wife's busy schedule.
S12 "Maria Hernandez"Maria's boyfriend plays around with another woman.
S11 "Susan Ulrich"Susan discovers her husband has been acting like a baby.
S11, EP3 "Crystal O'Neil, Monique Buckley, Dalia Santiago"Crystal discovers that her boyfriend still lives the bachelor life; Monique notices that her boyfriend's wandering eye may have found someone new.
S15 "Tina Martin"Tina Martin finds her husband of 15 years has been making some wrong turns.
S11 "Natasha Athens"Natasha learns that her husband's after-hours meetings are not always work-related.
S11 "Shay Johnson"Shay discovers her boyfriend has a new friend.
"Cheaters"Is your significant other cheating on you? This show dispatches a surveillance team to follow the partner suspected of cheating and gather incriminating video evidence. After reviewing the evidence, the offended party has the option of confronting the unfaithful partner.
S15 "Katrina Anderson"Katrina Anderson discovers her boyfriend has a boyfriend.
S15 "Jennifer"Jennifer's EMT boyfriend flits around with several women.
S14 "Christopher Schneider"Christopher's longtime girlfriend is reluctant to make commitments.
S8, EP19 "Wade Lynn, Daisha Jefferson, Rick Sanders"Wade Lynn discovers that his wife lets another man stay in bed while he's away at war; Daisha Jefferson faces the truth about her boyfriend, and his baby's mama; Follow up with Rick Sanders.
S14 "April Gomez"April's boyfriend dates her best friend.
S14 "Vanessa Upton"Vanessa's boyfriend gets intimate with his personal training sessions.
S14 "Claudia Adams"Claudia's husband sneaks around with another woman.
S14 "Roshada Grier"Roshada's boyfriend is up to no good.
S14 "Misti Elliot"Misti's live-in boyfriend steps out with another woman.
S14 "Jessica McCarthy"Jessica's injured boyfriend uses his time at rehab to be with another woman.
S14 "Katherine Oliver"Katherine's musician boyfriend teaches new chords to another woman.
S14 "David Stevens"David's girlfriend mooches smooches from another man.
S14 "DeJuanna Hayes"DeJuanna's boyfriend dodges her on Valentine's Day.
S14 "Daniel Cowen"Daniel's yoga girlfriend gets into strange positions with another man.
S14 "Cynthia Cole"Cynthia's boyfriend has become deceitful and dangerous.
S14 "Eli Marks"Eli's girlfriend denies all truth.
S14 "Krystal Ellis"Krystal's unborn baby's father has commitment phobia.
S14 "Shannon Sorensen"Shannon's boyfriend builds a campfire and a family with another woman.
S6 "Paige Garza"Paige discovers her husband is spending time and money on a former co-worker.
S6 "Joe Ingles"Joe sees his girlfriend studying another man.
S8 "Lupe Ramirez"Lupe must face the truth about her boyfriend.
S8 "Eva Brandovic"Eva discovers her fiance playing a game of musical women.
S6 "Christi Lett"Christi's husband must be restrained with a stun gun.
"Carli Griffith"Carli's husband invests his time with another woman.
"Quincy Odems"Quincy's boyfriend seeks out other women while he is supposed to be working.
"Christina Albright"Christina's boyfriend gets frisky with a family member.
"Rebecca Efurd"Rebecca's boyfriend plays with fire.
S15 "JT Hamilton"JT's girlfriend shacks up with his best friend.
S15 "Katy MacInnis"Katy's husband leads a secret double life.
S15 "Tammie Everson"Tammie's baby daddy loves another woman.
S15 "Carly Dillon"Carly's girlfriend plays for both teams.
S15 "Keila Smith"Keila's boyfriend puts in overtime at the office.
S15 "Shannon Scheizer"Shannon's boyfriend's business may involve more than maintenance.
S15 "Kay Simpson"Kay's restaurateur fiancee eats a side dish.
S15 "Chris Locke"Chris' girlfriend enjoys their time apart.
S15 "Ben Jacobson"Ben finds his girlfriend fooling around.
S15 "Glenda Willis"Glenda's boyfriend is heating things up with someone new.
S15 "Shay Willet"Shay's boyfriend gets a little too close with his in-laws.
S15 "Kari Ivy"Kari's boyfriend plans to take his relationship to the next level -- with someone new.
S15 "Linda Rhodes"Linda's husband's secret desires.
S15 "Crystal Turner"Crystal learns about her girlfriend's extra-relational antics.
S15 "Megan Swenski"Megan's husband has been doing more than just bonding over at his brother's house.
S15 "Alonzo Vargas"Alonzo's boyfriend is cheating on his wife.
S15 "Stephanie Holland"Stephanie's boyfriend goes out of his way to connect with her family.
S15 "James Johnson"James' girlfriend makes time for other relationships.
S14 "Greg Voss"Greg's wife is entertaining a new, old boyfriend.
S14 "Ariel Garrison"Ariel's husband serves up another woman.
S13Jake's girlfriend enjoys the perks of his promotion with one of his subordinates.
S13 "Kelly Carter"Kelly's boyfriend's charity work benefits his libido.
S13Omar discovers the beautiful music his girlfriend and another man are playing.
S12, EP12 "Rooster Varley, Machell Russell"Rooster finds his girlfriend protesting their monogamy; Machell learns that her man is seeking revenge for a past indiscretion.
S12, EP8 "KJ Quinn, Brittany Hotchkiss"KJ learns that her husband has been a very bad boy; Brittany finds her boyfriend playing it fast and loose with another woman.
S12 "Gaby Dolenz"Gaby's husband plays games with a younger woman.
S12 "Amanda Henry"Amanda's beau has hooked up with another young woman.
S12 "Neshia Lincoln"Neshia discovers that her boyfriend is entertaining another woman while she continues to pay the bills.
S12 "Olivia Ryan"Olivia learns that her boyfriend is planning a very special Valentine's Day -- with someone else.
S12 "Sherwood Nicholson"Sherwood finds his girlfriend with another man.
S12 "Dolly Bailey"Dolly finds her boyfriend trying to recapture his glory days with another woman; following up with Darren Coles.
S12 "Katrina Atherton"Katrina discovers that her boyfriend has been parking his car in the park instead of coming home.
S12 "Elena Conner"Elena's hubby has a sweet tooth for a mouthwatering young woman.
S12 "Amrah Asashi"Amrah finds out that her boyfriend enjoys the benefits of playing for both teams.
S12 "Sara Blessing"Sara discovers the kind of help her neighbor offers her boyfriend when she is out of town.
S12 "Richard Concord"Richard finds out that his girlfriend has been putting in overtime with her boss.
S12 "Jessica Beach"A woman discovers her husband has a lover.
S12 "Thelma Gosling"Thelma's husband has roped a new filly.
S12 "Sylvia Watters"Sylvia stumbles upon her lover romancing another woman.
S12 "Todd Youngblood"Todd uncovers his wife's self-destructive behavior.
S12 "Brittany Hotchkiss"Brittany finds her boyfriend playing it fast and loose with another woman.
S12 "Jay Ridgeway"Jay discovers that his wife is unfaithful.
S12 "Tyra Dennison"Tyra finds out about her boyfriend's lunchtime liaisons.
S12 "Beverly Dugan"Beverly's boyfriend visits an old flame.
S12 "Talon Madison"Talon's home is no longer his castle when his wife moves his best friend in as the new king.
S12 "Jennifer Nicholas"An overworked bartender discovers why her boyfriend has been so jolly.
S12 "Brandon Morrow"Brandon's girlfriend keeps cool in the arms of another man.
S12 "Ramonda Hammer"Ramonda's husband hustles a much younger woman.
S11 "Lyric Jones"Lyric discovers her boyfriend is working overtime on another relationship.
S11 "Ebony Murphy"Ebony has a problem with her boyfriend's fishing expeditions.
S11 "Faye Weathers"Faye realizes that her beau takes the club home with him.
S11 "Brian Noble"Brian finds his wife with his cousin.
S11 "Nicole Kennedy"Nicole fears her boyfriend is not being faithful.
S11 "Melissa Fletcher"Melissa finds out her boyfriend is with another woman.
S11 "Alan Ingles"Alan's girlfriend wants to live with someone else.
S11 "Toby Dalrymple"Toby discovers his girlfriend is pregnant.
S11 "Rita Stout"Rita finds her baby's father with someone else.
S11 "Janyce Mohammed"Janyce finds her boyfriend enjoying a lunchtime romance.
S11 "Eve Cullen"Eve learns that her boyfriend is trading her in for a newer model.
S11 "Erin Van Horn"Erin discovers where her husband goes for the holidays.
S11 "William Naranjo"William chases his wife to uncover the ugly truth.
S11 "Crystal O'Neil"Crystal discovers that her boyfriend still lives the bachelor life.
S11 "Monique Buckley"Monique notices that her boyfriend's wandering eye may have found someone new.
S11 "Haley Mahoney"Haley finds that her boyfriend has developed a fatal attraction.
S11 "Sarah Freidkin"Sarah discovers her husband's online identity.
S11 "Jason Northridge"Jason's girlfriend explores another man.
S11 "Keon Clark"Keon's boyfriend is cheating on the job.
S11 "Chelo Yeomans"Chelo discovers the perks her boyfriend gets at work.
S11 "Rachel Lacey Gideon"Rachel discovers that her fiance still wants to party.
S11 "Lisa Goodman"Lisa discovers that her husband's indiscretions are the cause of their marital crisis.
S11 "Kelly Ellerbe"Kelly fears his girlfriend is up to her old tricks.
S11 "Robert Gaimon"Robert makes a discovery about his girlfriend.
S11 "J'Zon Warner"J'Zon deals with his fiance's definition of family bonding.
S11 "Tiffany Bray"Tiffany's boyfriend's jealousy may be a cover for his own infidelity.
S10Jessi discovers that her girlfriend lets another woman into her bed.
S10Ebony discovers that, when her boyfriend steps out on her and her children, he steps up to another woman.
S10 "Kim"Kim discovers that her boyfriend pushes their relationship aside to try on someone new.
S10 "Chaska Zachary"Chaska discovers that her lover has the talent of impersonation.
S10 "Shaneka Cummings"Shaneka catches her boyfriend stepping out on her.
S10Michelle finds out that her boyfriend of 10 years is quite active with a new woman.
S10 "Liz Santos"Liz finds out that her boyfriend has some serious commitment issues.
S10Rene discovers her boyfriend having the time of his life with her roommate.
S10 "Jennifer Norris"Jennifer discovers why her husband pays their baby sitter more than $10 an hour.
S10 "James Buckingham"James learns that his girlfriend's late-night activities do not include studying.
S10 "Josh Hader"Josh finds out his wife is smoldering for an old flame.
S10 "Timothy Gordon"Timothy finds out that his wife does more than just hang out with her co-workers.
S10 "Tony Painter"Tony discovers that one cannot always keep work out of the home.
S10 "Deborah Morgan"Deborah discovers that her boyfriend is lip-smacking another woman.
S10 "Jennifer Roemer"Jennifer discovers that her husband has broken his vows.
S10 "Makoya Sesay"Lacoya learns why her boyfriend's priorities have changed.
S10 "Sharonda Epps"Sharonda learns that what comes around goes around.
S10 "Mike Collins"Mike finds out that his girlfriend is making money the old-fashioned way.
S10 "Jamie Isaacs"Jamie finds out that her boyfriend does not understand the meaning of a committed relationship.
S10Rachel discovers her live-in girlfriend's lazy days have become quite busy -- with a man.
S9 "Blake Champion"Blake catches his wife giving all her loving to someone new.
S9 "Aaron Mack"Aaron faces the truth about his girlfriend's extrarelational antics.
S9 "Chaka Aratoonian"Chaka discovers the reality of his woman's underhanded activities.
S9 "Wendy Shapiro"Wendy discovers that her husband puts on a show with another woman.
S9 "Lola Burroughs"Lola faces the truth about her boyfriend's failing fidelity.
S9 "James North"James catches his wife and her mechanic lover.
S9 "J.C. Baldwin"A woman has been cheating with her brother-in-law.
S9 "Paulette Jonas"Paulette finds out the truth about her fiance's infidelity.
S9 "Adrianna Vertison"Adrianna uncovers her man making moves on another woman.
S9 "Jocelyn Hensley"Jocelyn discovers her boyfriend's double-dealing.
S8, EP29 "Melody Olsen"Melody's boyfriend laughs it up with an exclusive audience.
S8, EP28 "Kiesha Franklin"Kiesha's children's father enjoys a bachelor's lifestyle.
S8, EP25 "Jennifer MacKenzie"Jennifer discovers that another woman warms her fiance's cold feet.
S8, EP23 "Chris 'Rooster' Varley"Chris "Rooster" Varley, a 31-year-old scientist, has been married to Bonnie for four years, but Rooster notices that Bonnie is getting texts from his best friend, Brandon; Rooster is suspicious and hires "Cheaters" to prove his hypothesis.
S5, EP10 "Robert Black, Robert Grishem, Chris Alcantor"Robert Black is having doubts about his girlfriend's feelings; Robert Grishem feels the love from his girlfriend is gone.
S5, EP1 "Andy Wilkens, Judith Hughes, Ronald Matts"Andy Wilkens suspects his girlfriend is cheating on him while he's out of town on business, and he finds out she's uses his apartment to do it; Judith Hughes was diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease and discovers her husband's infidelity.
S3 "Allen Williams"Allen discovers his girlfriend's secret.
"Henrietta Trotter"Henrietta's husband never has time to fix her sink.
"Eddie Mayes"Eddie's wife's ambitions include the company of a younger man.
"Maria Estrada"Maria has had enough of her abusive husband's infidelity.
"Tim Arnold"Tim's girlfriend is not into their relationship for the long haul.
"Adrienne Zeigler"Adrienne's husband's sex addiction is not under control.
"Mary Jameson"Mary discovers she may be her lover's other woman.
"Celeste Farrar"Celeste's girlfriend is the alpha dog to another woman.
"Yo-Yo Daniels"Yo-Yo discovers that her boyfriend is not only a sandwich artist, but also a pick-up artist.
"Rachel Carter"Rachel's boyfriend works overtime with another female.
"Erica Hawn"Erica's boyfriend's eating habits include a special dessert.
Is your significant other cheating on you? This show dispatches a surveillance team to follow the partner suspected of cheating and gather incriminating video evidence. After reviewing the evidence, the offended party has the option of confronting the unfaithful partner.
Original Air Date: May 20, 2000
Genres: RealityTV Series
Rating: TV14
Playback: HD
11 seasons available on demand (117 episodes)
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