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CheatersIs your significant other cheating on you? This show dispatches a surveillance team to follow the partner suspected of cheating and gather incriminating video evidence. After reviewing the evidence, the offended party has the option of confronting the unfaithful partner.
S15, EP19 "Brenda Richards; Irene Neal"Brenda suspects her boyfriend of cheating; Irene's long-distance boyfriend has a girlfriend at home.
S5 "Juan Cavalla"Juan loses his girlfriend.
S6 "Cameron Spaulding"Follow-up with Cameron.
S8Sabrina discovers that a strange woman has tainted the home she shares with her boyfriend.
S7 "Jacqueline Usman"Follow-up with Jacqueline.
S6 "Toni Palmer"Toni finds her husband in the back seat of his ex-wife's car.
S6 "Angel Angelo"Angelica fears infidelity is causing the recent changes in her husband's personality.
S6 "Shontel Hollingsworth"Shontel catches her husband on a dinner date with another woman.
S6 "Mike Hawthorne"Mike finds his wife with her ex.
S21 "Lindsay Stewart"Lindsay makes her boyfriend's secret life public knowledge.
S21 "Ryan Burton"Ryan confronts his girlfriend at their house.
S21 "Lance Follette"A man discovers his wife getting friendly with someone close to his heart.
S21 "Terrance Hardy"Terrance finds out his girlfriend likes to scream out more than just Bingo.
S16, EP12Jordan Crosby suspects something is up with his girlfriend since she will not reciprocate verbal or physical affection; Danni Little notices her boyfriend no longer brings her lunch at work or wants to spend time with her.
S21 "James Freed"James discovers the depths of his girlfriend's deceptions.
S21 "Kiki Hill"Kiki Hill faces the truth about her boyfriend, Bunky.
"Brenda Martinez"Brenda learns about her boyfriend's after-hours activities.
"Raquel Beatty"Raquel's boyfriend gets into his job, and a married woman's pants.
S21 "Chuck Murphy"Chuck Murphy finds out about his wife's conspiring ways.
S21 "Ann Matthews"Matthews discovers her boyfriend in the midst of a tryst with a lady of the night.
S9Angie catches her karaoke-crazed husband singing a different tune.
S9 "Chaz Tenbrick"Chaz finds his wife modeling for another man.
S9 "Luke Evans"Luke discovers that his girlfriend bares more than her soul in her photo shoots.
S15 "Antonio Gutierrez"Antonio learns the reason for his wife's busy schedule.
S15 "Devon Jessop"Devon's boyfriend has a cult following and an overactive libido.
S10 "Jamie Isaacs"Jamie finds out that her boyfriend does not understand the meaning of a committed relationship.
S15, EP18 "Diane Taylor; Tatyana Thompson"Diane's boyfriend gets all fuzzy over another woman; Tatyana's girlfriend spends her free time with another woman.
S10 "Timothy Gordon"Timothy finds out that his wife does more than just hang out with her co-workers.
S10 "Josh Hader"Josh finds out his wife is smoldering for an old flame.
S10 "Crystal Lange"Crystal catches her boyfriend clowning around with someone new.
S15 "Juliette Anders"Juliette's boyfriend gets his sugar from another woman's honey pot.
"Tim Arnold"Tim's girlfriend is not into their relationship for the long haul.
"Eddie Mayes"Eddie's wife's ambitions include the company of a younger man.
S10 "Benjamin Kelly"Benjamin uncovers the truth regarding his girlfriend's late-night absences.
S2, EP9 "Aramis Kudryashov, Kristen Cone, Renee Lewis"Aramis speculates his fiancee is being unfaithful; Brent is nurturing the needs of another woman; follow-up with Rene.
S15, EP21 "Lucy Wheeler; Austin Carey"Lucy's boyfriend fixes anything except their relationship; Austin's small-town love becomes a big-city girl.
S2 "Kristen Cone"Brent is nurturing the needs of another woman.
S6 "Tony Edwards"Tony's girlfriend may be playing a duet with the music man.
S6 "Lauren Moran"Lauren's longtime boyfriend may be making the grade with her best friend and college roommate.
S10 "Tony Painter"Tony discovers that one cannot always keep work out of the home.
S15, EP22 "Nykol Russell; Angelica Cruz"Nykol's boyfriend has traded her in for a more mature ride; Angelica's husband has a girlfriend.
"Fatima Everheart"Fatima contemplates a life without her two-timing lover.
"Celeste Farrar"Celeste's girlfriend is the alpha dog to another woman.
S11 "Lisa Goodman"Lisa discovers that her husband's indiscretions are the cause of their marital crisis.
S11, EP2 "Natasha Athens, Krystal Colburn"Natasha learns that her husband's after-hours meetings are not always work-related; Krystal discovers that her boyfriend has been experimenting with the laws of attraction.
S15 "JT Hamilton"JT's girlfriend shacks up with his best friend.
S11 "Krystal Colburn"Krystal discovers that her boyfriend has been experimenting with the laws of attraction.
S11 "Crystal O'Neil"Crystal discovers that her boyfriend still lives the bachelor life.
S11, EP9 "Jeffery Keeter, Irene Thapa, Henrietta Trotter"Jeffery sees where his wife spends her nights; Irene learns the reason behind her husband's fitness kick.
S11 "Shay Johnson"Shay discovers her boyfriend has a new friend.
S15 "Katy MacInnis"Katy's husband leads a secret double life.
S11 "Amber Avery"Amber discovers why her partner sought a trial separation.
S10 "Chaska Zachary"Chaska discovers that her lover has the talent of impersonation.
S11 "Tiera Harrison"Tiera finds her man with another woman.
S11 "Keon Clark"Keon's boyfriend is cheating on the job.
S11 "Faye Weathers"Faye realizes that her beau takes the club home with him.
S21 "Lynn Skinner"Lynn Skinner worries her husband has the seven-year itch.
S21 "Ashley Santos"Ashley Santos discovers the disconnect between her boyfriend's actions and words.
S9 "Wendy Shapiro"Wendy discovers that her husband puts on a show with another woman.
S21 "Jasmine Washington"Jasmine Washington is concerned about her boyfriend's backsliding behavior.
S21 "Lindsey Johnson"Lindsey Johnson fears her unemployed boyfriend is not using his time wisely.
S21 "Mondo Brown"Mondo Brown discovers why his girlfriend has been so out of pocket lately.
"Jasmine Skiles"Jasmine Skiles is betrayed by her husband during their trial separation.
S21 "Jade Goodwin"People who think their significant other is cheating on them hire a hidden camera crew to investigate their suspicions.
"Nicki Parsons"Nicki Parsons fears her husband-to-be has developed a case of cold feet.
S8, EP22 "David Lord, Johanna Jenkins, Robert Guarjardo"David Lord discovers his girlfriend having a ball with his best friend; Michelle Jenkins stabs wildly at the truth of her boyfriend's infidelity; Follow up with Robert Guajardo.
S21 "Deondre Bradford"Deondre Bradford discovers the source of his girlfriend's new secretive behavior.
S21 "Meca Jackson"Meca Jackson worries that his girlfriend is slipping away right before his eyes.
"Alex Montoya"Alex Montoya discovers her girlfriend models with and without her clothes.
S21 "Pedro Green"Pedro Green worries about his girlfriend's shady ways after she moves in with him.
S21 "LaShan Hudson"LaShan Hudson finds out why her girlfriend only wants to work out alone.
S21 "Nadia Freeman"Nadia Freeman discovers the reason behind her boyfriend's unbalanced behavior.
S21 "Nia Deon"Nia Deon learns her boyfriend has a wife.
S21 "Asia Jones"Asia Jones worries her boyfriend is getting too much attention from a lady bartender.
S21 "Byron Tut"Byron Tut is betrayed by his girlfriend and his best friend.
S21 "Deonte Prince"Deonte Prince discovers his girlfriend has her own girlfriend on the side.
S21 "Riyah Evans"Riyah Evans worries her boyfriend's distant behavior only means one thing.
S21 "Keirsten Lacie"Keirsten Lacie uncovers her girlfriend spending too much time with her stepsister.
S11 "Sayuri Zoldyck"Sayuri Zoldyck learns the truth about her boyfriend's visits to the strip club.
S5 "Yazmine Franco"Yazmine's boyfriend may be doing a number on their relationship.
S3 "Brian Willard"Brian's girlfriend may be warming up to someone else.
S3 "Carolyn Pretzel"Carolyn realizes her beau is dishonest.
S3 "Renee Trudgett"Renee discovers the truth about her boyfriend.
S5 "Iliana Sanchez"Iliana walks away from a two-year relationship.
S15 "James Sheppard"James' girlfriend slums with another man.
S5 "Dan Newberry"Dan catches his wife in a compromising position.
S8 "Heather Lynski"Heather's boyfriend sneaks around at odd hours of the day.
S8 "Sandra Ruiz"Sandra's husband lies about working extra hours.
S8 "Alicia Smith"Alicia's boyfriend tends to mix business with pleasure.
S8 "Kamisha King"Kamisha's boyfriend cannot shake an old habit of courting attractive women.
S8 "Iris Hernandez"Iris' boyfriend is fascinated by her pretty young cousin.
S8 "Trisha Ludall"Trisha's fiance gets too friendly with someone close to her heart.
S8 "Jackie Woudsky"Jackie's young boyfriend will do anything for the finer things in life.
S15 "Brandi Landry"Brandi's boyfriend gets sweaty with another woman.
S8 "Laura Fitzgerald"Laura's boyfriend makes up excuses to cover up secret activities.
S8 "Danielle Williams"Danielle's boyfriend's new workout regimen is merely an excuse to mingle with other women.
S8 "Nancy Bryant"Nancy's husband's affairs may involve more than just business.
S8 "Rafael Gutierrez"Rafael's wife warms up to another gentleman's advances.
S14 "Jessica York"Jessica learns that her boyfriend is not only a gambler, but a cheater.
S14 "Jerry Jameson"Jerry discovers that his girlfriend's workout routine involves heavy petting.
S14 "Lindsay Riviera"Lindsay's barber boyfriend may be shaving too close to the edge.
S14 "Ashley Swanwick"Ashley's writer girlfriend is blogging and snogging with one of her sources.
S14 "Sheila Hodges"Sheila's longtime lover relaxes in a private hot tub with another woman.
S3 "Marie Sullivan"Marie discovers the truth about her boyfriend.
S3 "Stacia Colvin"Stacia's suspicions about her fiance are correct.
S3 "Marie Lepak"Marie's boyfriend betrays her trust.
S3 "Lionel Anthony"Lionel learns the truth about his wife.
S3 "Mary Benn"Mary discovers her live-in boyfriend's secret.
S3 "Lisa Easter"Lisa's suspicions are correct about her girlfriend. Follow up with Donna Rousseau.
S3 "Panessa Jones"Panessa's husband and sister betray her.
S3 "Nicole Brown"Nicole's girlfriend betrays her trust.
S12 "Todd Youngblood"Todd uncovers his wife's self-destructive behavior.
S5 "Jeremy Rogers"Jeremy's girlfriend may be disregarding her commitment to him.
S3 "Nicole Bradley"Nicole's boyfriend cheats on her.
S3 "Valerie Gonzalez"Valerie's boyfriend deceives her.
S3 "Michelle Moss"Michelle learns her boyfriend's secret.
S2 "Charlotte Rae"Charlotte discovers the truth about her lover.
S2 "Glenn Lunceford"Glenn is skeptical about his girlfriend.
S1 "Cindy Duffy"Cindy discovers the truth about her lover.
S7 "Willie Johnson"Willie uncovers his lover's scandalous behavior.
S2 "Charlene Massie"Charlene confirms her suspicions.
S2 "Sylvia Vargas"Sylvia suspects her husband is being unfaithful.
S21, EP13Cameras uncover mysteries and misgivings of unfaithful partners.
S21, EP12Cameras uncover mysteries and misgivings of unfaithful partners.
S21, EP10Cameras uncover mysteries and misgivings of unfaithful partners.
S21, EP9Cameras uncover mysteries and misgivings of unfaithful partners.
S16, EP10 "Shalyce Ryan; Hailey Talbot"Shalyce hopes to gain insight into why Rod seems to be avoiding her; Hailey wants to know why Mike doesn't answer his phone when she calls.
Is your significant other cheating on you? This show dispatches a surveillance team to follow the partner suspected of cheating and gather incriminating video evidence. After reviewing the evidence, the offended party has the option of confronting the unfaithful partner.
Original Air Date: May 20, 2000
Genres: RealityTV Series
Rating: TV14
Playback: HD
2 seasons available on demand (5 episodes)
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