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The Jamie Foxx ShowS5, EP10 "Bachelor Party"Jamie and Fancy agree not to have bachelor and bachelorette parties, and then promptly begin planning wild blowouts.
CheatersS8 "Phillip Rhodes"Phillip's wife's supposed friendship with a co-worker escalates with each passing day.
CheatersS8 "Caesar Villafuerte"The sweet smell of money leads Caesar's girlfriend away.
CheatersS14 "Danny McCormick"Danny discovers his girlfriend's unfaithful behavior.
CheatersS14 "Sanya Yip"Sanya's girlfriend digs wealthy men.
CheatersS14 "John Parks"John's barista girlfriend puts the cream topping on another man's coffee.
CheatersS14 "Jennifer Walker"Jennifer's boyfriend's late nights in the garage have little to do with car repairs.
CheatersS14 "Annette Reilly"Annette's salesman husband has sold her out.
MartinS2, EP9 "To Kill a Talking Bird"Gina (Tisha Campbell) must find a way to inform Martin's mother (Martin Lawrence) that her parrot died.
MartinS2, EP10 "Fat Like Dat"Gina (Tisha Campbell) gets more than she bargained for when she pokes fun at Martin's (Martin Lawrence) waistline.
CheatersS8 "Nancy Bryant"Nancy's husband's affairs may involve more than just business.
CheatersS8 "Rafael Gutierrez"Rafael's wife warms up to another gentleman's advances.
Living SingleS3, EP3 "On the Rebound"Khadijah (Queen Latifah) scores romance points with Grant Hill (guest starring as himself) during an interview.
Living SingleS3, EP4 "Grumpy Old Man"Maxine decides to throw Kyle a surprise party for his 30th birthday.
Living SingleS3, EP5 "Rags to Riches"Just as Regine is made the manager, her boutique is turned into a discount store; Overton resembles a porn star.
Living SingleS3, EP6 "The James Bond"Extra money creates extra problems for Khadijah and Synclaire; Maxine and Kyle confront each other's "black books.".
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