The War Channel will bring programming from around the world to Military Enthusiasts of all ages. Documentaries and feature films will focus on all aspect of conflict throughout history through archive footage, interviews and newsreels.
Greatest Tank BattlesS1, EP4 "The Battle of the Bulge: Race to Bastogne"American tankers help defend the American line from Hitler's final gamble on the western front.
Sniper: The Unseen WarriorS1, EP5 "The Korean War to the Police Wars"A look at the sniper in major events of the late 20th century, including the Korean and Vietnam wars and the wave of crime that gripped American cities.
History of WarfareEP18 "The Armada: 1588"A look at military history from the Roman Empire to World War II.
Rushed Into the FightS1, EP1 "Rails and Rams"Exploring how railroads were an import during the Civil War to get troops to Washington D.C.
Navy SEALs: Untold StoriesS1, EP1 "Grenada"The Navy SEALs were sent in to secure the governor and his family when rebel soldiers took over his residence in Grenada in 1983.
Warbirds Over the TrenchesS1, EP3 "Hunters"Examining aces and engineers' achievements as aviation evolves rapidly during the Great War.
Second World War Diary"March, 1940"For six years the world lived through a terrible war, here important events are narrated day by day.
BattlefieldS4, EP7 "Pearl Harbor"The story of the infamous Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, which was brilliantly executed, much to the surprise of Hitler, Mussolini and the USA.
Greatest Tank BattlesS1, EP3 "The Battles of El Alamein"Rommel's Desert Afrika Corps faces off against Montgomery's Eighth Army.
World War II DiariesS1, EP6 "1940 February"German submarines in the Battle of the Atlantic; British blackouts radio broadcasts.
BattlefieldS4, EP6 "Manchuria"A look at one of the least-known battles of WWII in which the Russian Army put its experience of battling against the Germans to good use.
Sniper: The Unseen WarriorS1, EP4 "The Civil War to WWII"Exploring the role snipers played in shaping four major conflicts, the Civil War, the Plains Indian War, WWI and WWII.
History of WarfareEP12 "Rorke's Drift"A look at military history from the Roman Empire to World War II.
The War in the PacificDocumenting the notable Pacific battles during World War II.
World War I: The War to End All WarsS1, EP10 "End Game"The signing of the Armistice Nov. 11, 1918, ends the fighting, but the combatant nations face postwar repercussions and resonate to this day.
Warbirds Over the TrenchesS1, EP2 "Eyes in the Sky"Pilots who became "eyes in the skies" engage in the earliest clashes of World War I.
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