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GunsmokeS10, EP31 "Gilt Guilt"Doc tries to help a poor woman and her son suffering from scurvy.
The High ChaparralS1, EP3 "Ghost of Chaparral"Victoria, returned after being kidnapped by Apaches, receives two offers to leave her loveless marriage.
LaramieS1, EP14 "The Lonesome Gun"Slim gets a threatening letter, addressed to his late father, from a man who wants vengeance for the death of his son.
GunsmokeS8, EP33 "Quint-Cident"A lonely and recently widowed woman mistakes Quint's kindness for romance.
Tales of Wells FargoS5, EP20 "The Hand that Shook the Hand"An incoming stage has problems with a drunken, violent passenger who turns out to be the boxer John L. Sullivan.
Tales of Wells FargoS5, EP21 "That Washburn Girl"Hardie becomes involved with a female Wells Fargo agent.
GunsmokeS7, EP19 "Catawomper"Kate Tassel invites suitors to call to make her old love jealous.
GunsmokeS14, EP8 "Abelia"A band of outlaws holds Festus, a young widow and her two children as hostages.
Tales of Wells FargoS2, EP15 "The General"Hardie rides with a bigoted general on a mission to quell a Sioux uprising.
Tales of Wells FargoS2, EP16 "Laredo"Hardie spends Christmas hunting for gunrunners moving weapons across the Mexican border.
GunsmokeS15, EP26 "The Cage"An outlaw victimized by his own gang agrees to help Matt bring them to justice.
Wagon TrainS3, EP33 "The Dr. Swift Cloud Story"Swift Cloud returns to his village after studying medicine in China but faces resentment from both whites and his own people.
Wagon TrainS3, EP34 "The Luke Grant Story"A group of Mojaves find a dying man in the desert.
Mountain MenS4 "Man vs. Predator"Relive the mountain men's best fights against nature's deadliest predators.
CampmeetingEP4 "Mike Murdock"With Dr. Mike Murdock.
CampmeetingEP2 "Mike Smalley"With Dr. Mike Smalley.
GunsmokeS1, EP3 "Word of Honor"Matt tries to protect the sole witness to a murder from the ruthless outlaws who intend to silence the man.
GunsmokeS1, EP4 "Home Surgery"Matt and Chester happen upon a remote desert ranch and an old man dying of an injury that may not be accidental.
LaramieS3, EP28 "Fall Into Darkness"Slim, Daisy and Mike try to help a girl rescue her mother from a well, unaware that the woman's husband is part of a stage robbery.
LaramieS4, EP1 "Among the Missing"Jess and Mort search for the men who robbed the Laramie bank and shot Mike; after finding two, they learn the third man may be in Chlorine, so Jess heads out alone.
CheyenneS2, EP18 "The Spanish Grant"Cheyenne finds that an infant boy is the only survivor of a stagecoach robbery.
GunsmokeS7, EP8 "Chesterland"Chester gives up his old life in favor of farming when he falls in love.
RawhideS1, EP7 "Incident at Barker Springs"A slain trail-hand's brother joins the drive, seeking revenge on the murdering gang; guests June Lockhart, DeForest Kelley.
Daniel BooneS3, EP2 "The Allegiances"Mingo struggles with his divided heritage when an Indian council announces the British will help recapture Indian land.
Wagon TrainS8, EP5 "The Barbara Lindquist Story"Going to the aid of a stagecoach under fire, Coop finds a Bostonian lady (Dana Wynter) to be the only surviving passenger.
Wagon TrainS8, EP6 "The Brian Conlin Story"A dust-covered delirious Irishmen (Leslie Nieslen) stumbles into camp and falls unconscious; he's the leader of an emigrant band that's been victimized and sees no reason to trust Hale.
GunsmokeS10, EP32 "Bad Lady From Brookline"A widow vows to kill Matt, who she blames for her husband's death.
The High ChaparralS1, EP4 "Best Man for the Job"Cochise threatens to kill three deserters who murdered Indians unless an Army captain (Warren Stevens) returns Apache hostages.
LaramieS1, EP15 "Night of the Quiet Man"While Jess is away, Slim leases a rough section of land to a former lawman who, unbeknownst to Slim, has hired a bunch of outlaws as his ranch hands.
GunsmokeS8, EP34 "Old York"An old outlaw heads to Dodge City and plans to use Matt in a plot to commit another crime.
Tales of Wells FargoS5, EP22 "The Diamond Dude"Hardie gets assigned to protect a diamond salesman carrying a small fortune in gems.
Tales of Wells FargoS5, EP23 "A Show from Silver Lode"Pearl Harvey's heavily insured dog disappears when she comes to town to entertain the miners.
GunsmokeS7, EP20 "Half-Straight"A gunman's plans to kill Matt go awry when he falls in love and hires someone else to do his dirty work.
GunsmokeS14, EP9 "The Railroad"When a railroad company tries to force Jim Graham off his land, Matt blocks its efforts.
Tales of Wells FargoS2, EP17 "The Witness"An old friend of Jim Hardie's is killed in a Wells Fargo express office robbery.
Tales of Wells FargoS2, EP18 "Doc Bell"Hardie tries to find a prisoner's hidden loot.
GunsmokeS16, EP1 "Chato"Matt pursues his friend's killer (Ricardo Montalban), a renegade Indian, high into the mountains of New Mexico.
Wagon TrainS3, EP35 "The Charlene Brenton Story"A settlement's only occupants are an infant girl and her dead mother.
Wagon TrainS3, EP36 "The Sam Livingston Story"A man arrives with a pet pig, a fortune in gold and a plan of revenge.
Alias Smith and JonesS1, EP1 "Alias Smith and Jones"Two notorious bandits try to go straight in the West by taking jobs as bank tellers.
CampmeetingEP3 "James Payne"With James Payne.
CampmeetingEP4 "Mike Murdock"With Dr. Mike Murdock.
CampmeetingEP4 "Mike Murdock"With Dr. Mike Murdock.
GunsmokeS1, EP5 "Obie Tater"Matt Dillon steps in to stop outlaws who have attacked a prospector whose life savings are stashed on his property.
GunsmokeS1, EP6 "Night Incident"No one believes an over-imaginative boy who stumbles upon the secluded shack of a highwayman and his accomplice wife.
LaramieS4, EP2 "War Hero"When Slim's former commander is wounded while riding the stage, he makes a stop at the Sherman ranch to rest and size up the politicians who are urging him to run for president.
LaramieS4, EP3 "The Fortune Hunter"Slim's girlfriend, feeling neglected, turns her attention to a charming gunslinger who's targeted her for extortion.
LaramieS3, EP25 "The Replacement"Paul Halleck, who ran a Yankee prison camp in which Jess had been imprisoned years earlier, arrives in town to take the job of deputy sheriff.
CheyenneS2, EP16 "The Brand"As he leads his lame horse into a clearing, Cheyenne gets shot.
GunsmokeS7, EP6 "Long, Long Trail"A young woman from Boston encounters Marshal Matt Dillon when she journeys to meet her fiance, an army officer.
RawhideS1, EP5 "Incident on the Edge of Madness"A fanatical Southern loyalist lures drovers from Favor and Rowdy with tales of founding a new Confederate empire; guest Lon Chaney Jr.
Daniel BooneS2, EP30 "The High Cumberland"Boone fights pursuers, loyalists and the greed of his own men while delivering winter supplies to Boonesborough.
Wagon TrainS8, EP1 "The Bob Stuart Story"On his wedding day, an ex-lawman (Robert Ryan) gets into a fight with an old enemy.
Wagon TrainS8, EP2 "The Hide Hunters"Coop and Barnaby set out to stalk buffalo with a group of hide hunters, one of whom delights in taunting Barnaby.
GunsmokeS10, EP30 "The Pariah"A resident is praised for killing a wanted man. The truth comes out when a reporter investigates.
The High ChaparralS1, EP2 "The Arrangement"Don Sebastian wants to seal the alliance by marrying his daughter, Victoria, to John and sending his son with her.
LaramieS1, EP13 "Bare Knuckles"After a run-in with a traveling prizefighter leaves a mess at the station, Jonesy becomes the man's promoter to help pay the bills at the station.
GunsmokeS8, EP32 "Tell Chester"Chester gets involved in a complicated and deadly love triangle.
Tales of Wells FargoS5, EP18 "Town Against a Man"Hardie faces opposition when he tries to investigate a friend's drowning death.
Tales of Wells FargoS5, EP19 "The Barefoot Bandit"A Wells Fargo employee has been killed and Hardie suspects a boxer.
GunsmokeS7, EP18 "Old Dan"Doc Adams attempts the difficult task of rehabilitating a longtime alcoholic.
GunsmokeS14, EP7 "9:12 to Dodge"Matt & Doc are troubled by a meddlesome woman as they escort an escaped convict.
Tales of Wells FargoS2, EP11 "The Kid"Jim Hardie tries to clear a colleague of a murder charge after the man is found standing over a dead man, holding a smoking gun.
Tales of Wells FargoS2, EP12 "The Barbary Coast"The Wells Fargo team is tasked with protecting a shipment of jade in San Francisco.
GunsmokeS15, EP25 "Hackett"A vengeful ex-convict seeks reprisal against a former partner who deserted him.
Wagon TrainS3, EP31 "The Countess Baranof Story"A Russian countess persuades Flint to leave the train and guide her to San Francisco.
Wagon TrainS3, EP32 "The Dick Jarvis Story"Maj. Adams becomes a father figure to a disabled boy.
Mountain MenS3, EP16 "No Rest for the Weary"Marty has to make a mid-flight detour that costs him valuable fuel; Rich confronts his worst fear when the dogs run off in pursuit of a deadly predator.
CampmeetingEP1 "Mike Murdock: Uncommon Blessing"With Dr. Mike Murdock.
CampmeetingEP3 "Sergio De La Mora"Trust God for your breakthrough. Enter into powerful worship! Join us for Campmeeting.
GunsmokeS1, EP1 "Matt Gets It"A ruthless gunman, out to defy law and order, comes up against Matt Dillon.
GunsmokeS1, EP2 "Hot Spell"Matt Dillon tries to protect a notorious gunman who is just out of prison and trying to go straight but keeps getting in trouble.
LaramieS3, EP26 "The Turn of the Wheel"Slim's old flame returns to Laramie to sing in her ex-con boyfriend's newly re-opened casino, but the boyfriend has plans for Slim.
LaramieS3, EP27 "Trial by Fire"Jess offers to help a neighbor whose ranch is threatened by a wildfire, but the neighbor instead asks him to pick up the man's mail-order bride.
CheyenneS2, EP17 "Decision at Gunsight"Cheyenne takes ownership of the livery stable as a collected debt.
GunsmokeS7, EP7 "The Squaw"Matt tries to reason with a young man who cannot control his anger when his father takes an Indian woman for his second wife.
RawhideS1, EP6 "Incident of the Power and the Plow"Favor intervenes to stop a tyrannical land baron (Brian Donlevy) from destroying his son (Dick Van Patten) and causing an Indian revolt.
Daniel BooneS3, EP1 "Dan'l Boone Shot a B'ar"Boone faces a killer bear and the man (Slim Pickens) who has sworn vengeance on the animal.
Wagon TrainS8, EP3 "The John Gillman Story"An embittered outlaw (Bobby Darin) doesn't want any friends but he's stuck with one little orphaned girl.
Wagon TrainS8, EP4 "The Race Town Story"Hawks and Barnaby escort a girl to Sam Race's tent city of honky-tonks and con games, but the girl is dismayed when she find that the man has hired her as a saloon girl.
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