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GunsmokeS10, EP4 "The Violators"Indian-style murders panic the citizens of Dodge, but Matt suspects that all is not as it seems.
RawhideS6, EP13 "Incident of the Geisha"After insubordination to Favor, Patines redeems himself with the help of a Japanese girl he met on the trail.
Daniel BooneS6, EP18 "Run for the Money"Slave brothers (Dino Washington, Ji-Tu Cumbuka) have their own plans when asked to race each other in an annual event.
Wagon TrainS5, EP18 "The Dr. Denker Story"After Bill comes across a boy who watched his dad die in a seemingly random attack, he meets a doctor transporting musical instruments to California.
Wagon TrainS5, EP20 "The Jeff Hartfield Story"Jeff Hartfield fears his sister's new boyfriend, Dallas, a threatening man who believes Jeff knows the whereabouts of a hidden stash of money.
GunsmokeS4, EP10 "Lynching Man"Rancher Charlie Drain takes matters into his own hands when traveling cowboys lynch a newcomer and steal his horse.
GunsmokeS4, EP11 "How to Kill a Friend"Gamblers unwittingly hire Matt's old friend to protect them from the law.
Tales of Wells FargoS2, EP17 "The Witness"An old friend of Jim Hardie's is killed in a Wells Fargo express office robbery.
GunsmokeS10, EP1 "Blue Heaven"A cowboy wanted for a murder he didn't commit teams up with a runaway.
RawhideS6, EP10 "Incident at Confidence Creek"A con man (Dick York) shows his gratitude to the drovers by stealing the herd's ownership papers and deserting his helper (Barbara Eden).
Daniel BooneS6, EP15 "The Sunshine Patriots"Josh and Gabe try to capture the designer of a British fort, but grab the wrong man.
Wagon TrainS5, EP12 "The Bettina May Story"Bettina May leads three generations of her family across the plains; members of the train become concerned with her over-bearing nature towards her family.
Wagon TrainS5, EP13 "Clyde"Charlie adopts a buffalo after tending to its injuries and forming a bond with it.
GunsmokeS4, EP4 "Monopoly"Matt must bluff to uncover a dangerous murderer who is targeting citizens of Dodge.
GunsmokeS4, EP5 "Letter of the Law"A rich landowner tries to have a homesteader and his pregnant wife evicted.
Tales of Wells FargoS2, EP9 "Hank"Hardie is sent in when a stagecoach is robbed near the Arizona-New Mexico border, and he learns that the only thing taken was a scrappy dog whose collar may be evidence to prove a murder.
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