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Tia Mowry's Quick FixTia shares quick meal ideas, beauty tips and what life's like as an actress, chef, author, and mom.
S2, EP7 "Hospital & Diaper Bag Must-Haves"Time for a baby bag tour! Tia is walking you through the must-haves in both her hospital bag and her diaper bag.
S2, EP18 "Corey Takeover"Tia has two special guests - her babygirl Cairo and hubby Cory! After you meet the adorable Cairo, Cory talks all about raising his little ones with Tia in a fatherhood Q&A.
S2, EP19 "Smokey Eye Makeup & Selfie Tips"Get your phones out! Tia is joined by her make-up artist as she shares her routine for the perfect smokey eye. Then, Tia is spilling her tips for the perfect selfie.
S2, EP20 "Post Baby Workout"Feel the burn?! Tia invites her personal trainer on Quick Fix as she shares her post-baby workout.
S2, EP21 "Tia's Breastfeeding Journey"Breastfeeding can be difficult, but it's also beautiful and rewarding! Join Tia as she shares the ups, downs and lessons from her breastfeeding journey.
S3, EP1 "Breakfast in Bed With Cree"The best way to enjoy breakfast is in bed! Join Tia and her son Cree as they prepare a delicious breakfast of various toasts and an oat-filled smoothie bowl.
S4, EP20 "Tia's Kitchen/Fridge Tour"Ever wondered what's in Tia's home kitchen? Well today you get to find out as Tia gives us a fun tour!
S4, EP19 "1010 Wine visit"On today's episode, Tia is going to a Black owned wine bar to try a few Black owned wines and learn how to pair them with food!
S4, EP17 "Cooking Challenge with Terrell"Terrell and Tia are reunited again! Let's see if they're up for the challenge to cook a dish and leave it up to the judges to decide whose is better.
S4, EP16 "Meals by Genet"Ethiopian culture has such a rich history and the food is absolutely delicious. On this episode, we're featuring Genet, the owner of the Ethiopian restaurant, "Meals by Genet". Together, Genet and Tia will make a few signature Ethiopian dishes!
S4, EP15 "Cree and Cairo Cooking in the Kitchen"It's time for Cree and Cairo to shine in the kitchen! With very little help from their mom, they'll have to figure out how to create a meal on their own.
S4, EP14 "What's in my Bag for my Upcoming Vacation"Tia is traveling to Spain soon and we get an inside look at her must-haves as she prepares and packs for her trip!
S4, EP13 "Shoe Haul"Tia walks us through her most fabulous and favorite shoes, sharing stories behind the shoes she wore on the red carpet and more!
S4, EP12 "Hairstyles with Cairo"Today Tia will show us how Cairo rocks her beautiful hair! From Cairo's morning and bedtime hair routines to her adorable ballet hairstyle, Tia will show us a few cute and simple looks.
S4, EP11 "Get Unready with Me"Get ready to take some notes as Tia gives us an inside look at her evening skin and hair routine, along with a few self care rituals!
S4, EP10 "Game Day Snacks with Derrell Smith"This episode is for the football fans! Former NFL player and chef, Derrell Smith, teams up with Tia to make the Quick Fix version of popular tailgate recipes. Let's see what they come up with!
S4, EP9 "Vegan Comfort Foods with Tabitha Brown"It's an exciting day on Quick Fix! Vegan extraordinaire, Tabitha Brown joins Tia in the kitchen to cook up some delicious plant based food. Together, the two discuss how changing their eating habits impacted their lives!
S4, EP8 "Burgers Two Ways with Jeremy Fall"Tia welcomes her long time friend, Jeremy Fall (also a chef and restaurateur) to join her in making flavorful burgers. Stay tuned, you're guaranteed to crave a delicious hamburger after watching this episode!
S4, EP7 "What's For Dinner? with Essence Atkins"No matter what day of the week, there's one question that always needs an answer, "What's For Dinner?". Well on today's episode, Tia will prepare meals that you can enjoy several days of the week. She'll also be joined by actress Essence Atkins, a...
S4, EP6 "Quick Fix for Creole Cooking with Lizzy Mathis"Today, Tia's in the kitchen whipping up some of NOLA's most popular dishes, the Quick Fix way ofcourse! And who better to join her than the coolest mom, Lizzy Mathis? Stay tuned for this fun episode!
S4, EP5 "A Taste of Italy with Tia & Cree"Get ready for "A Taste of Italy" as Tia and Cree share memories of their family trip to Italy this summer! All while cooking up some of their favorite Italian inspired dishes.
S4, EP4 "Baking for the Book Club"What's the difference between a good book club and a great book club? Snacks! Join Tia in the kitchen as she prepares the tastiest baked goods for her book club. You'll definitely want to save these easy recipes!
S4, EP3 "Remaking 80s Fast Food Classics for My Daughter"On today's episode, we're throwing it back to the 80s with some delicious, classic treats! And guess who makes an appearance? Cairo! Enjoy this mother-daughter duo in the kitchen and be prepared to feel some nostalgia.
S4, EP2 "Perfect Day for a Picnic"Tia, Cree and Cairo prepare some delicious food to take for a picnic at the beach!
S4, EP1 "Red, White and Blue Backyard BBQ"Tia and her dad grill up mouthwatering meals for a hot summer get together!
S3, EP24 "Easy Chicken Pot Pie and Ham"Who says Thanksgiving food can't be year round? Tia is showing us how to make some classics that the whole family can enjoy at any time of the year!
S3, EP23 "Making French Toast Casserole and Chicken & Waffles with My Husband"French toast or waffles? How about both! Tia's husband Cory is cooking it up with her in this cute baking session!
S3, EP22 "A Chat on Representation"Today's episode isn't one you want to miss! Sit down with Tia and her two very special guests, Loretta Devine and Jackée Harry as they discuss Black representation in Hollywood.
S3, EP21 "Making Cheesy Pull Apart Bread and Mashed Potatoes with My Costars"It's a reunion - a family reunion! Tia's costars are helping her make some delicious side dishes that go along with almost every meal.
S3, EP20 "Cooking Beef Stroganoff and Fondue with My Brothers"It's the Mowry takeover! Tia's brothers are in the kitchen preparing some yummy dishes anyone can prepare and enjoy.
S3, EP16 "Tia's Celebrity Stories"On this episode, Tia is sharing some funny, warm-hearted and a few embarrassing memories of when she met some of the coolest and kindest celebrities. But who can blame her? It's not everyday you get to meet your favorite stars!
S3, EP14 "What I Make My Kids When They're Sick"What's one way to feel better when you're under the weather? Eating a good bowl of chicken soup! Tia and her daughter Cairo are in the kitchen today showing us how to make a yummy and quick batch of soup for those sick days.
S3, EP13 "Baby Girl's First Birthday Party"It's a celebration! Join Tia as she shares a very special memory for her family, Cairo's first birthday!
S3, EP12 "Fun Hairstyles"Today we're switching it up a bit and getting into some fun hairstyles! Join Tia as she shares her favorite hair extension styles along with how to create a bun hawk. Not sure what that is? Stay tuned to find out!
S3, EP11 "My Big Life Updates"There's a lot that's happened in Tia's life within this past year, so stay tuned as she catches you up with some of her biggest updates!
S3, EP10 "Tia Mowry's Life Story"Ever wondered about Tia's life story? How did she become the fabulous and talented actress she is today? Well here's your chance to get the scoop! Enjoy today's episode as Tia shares stories throughout her life, from being a child actor to meeting...
S3, EP9 "Mowry Family Q&A"Tia's dad and brother spill the tea with some Q&A. Followed by a very entertaining game of "Who Knows Tia Better" with Tia's brothers and husband, Cory.
S2, EP17 "Meet Tia's Assistant & Her BFF"Get ready for tons of never-before-heard stories and laughter.Today Tia is introducing you to two of her favorite people - her assistant and her childhood best friend.
S2, EP16 "Answering Your Questions"When Tia said ask me anything, her fans did not hold back! Watch as Tia answers fan favorite questions from her various social media accounts.
S2, EP15 "No Bake Treats"No oven needed for these sweet treats! Tia is making four of her favorite no-bake desserts, then her son Cree and brother Tavior are taking over the kitchen for an ice cream sundae bar.
S2, EP14 "Spring Special"Spring has sprung and we have the delicious recipes to prove it! First, check out our three spring soups, then easy school lunches and lastly, the best family snacks.
S2, EP13 "New Mom Makeup & Summer Nails"We're getting dolled up today! First, Tia is showing you her new mom make-up routine, then she's sharing her favorite styles for summer nails.
S2, EP12 "Raising Cree & Cairo"Today is all about raising my kids! First, Tia talks about some of Cree's toughest questions, then spills on how she's raising Cairo to be a strong, happy woman.
S2, EP11 "Tia's Love for Food"Tia is sharing her love for food! First, she's sharing how she fell in love with food and cooking, then she's giving you all the details of what she eats in a day.
S2, EP9 "Holiday Party Prep"Tis' the season for delicious treats and hearty meals! Join Tia as she preps for a holiday party. From her short-rib casserole to decorating christmas cookies with Cree and making signature hot cocoas, you won't want to miss this merry episode!
S2, EP8 "Baking Quick Fixes"Today we're baking up a storm and using tips and tricks to make things quick! On the menu today are microwave cakes, a pressure cooker peach cobbler, and super easy biscuits.
S2, EP6 "Curly Hair-Dos"Today is all about celebrating curls! First, check out a no-heat twistout for natural hair then Tia is sharing her secrets for curly hair extensions.
S2, EP5 "The Parenting Episode"Tia has TWO special guests today - her children, Cree and Cairo! First, Tia shares her tips and tricks for raising two children. Then, stick around for a Q&A with her adorable kids.
S2, EP4 "DIY Spa Day & Date Night Make-Up"Nothing like a spa day before a date-night out! First, join Tia for DIY spa treatments, then welcome special guest and make-up artist, Anton, for a gorgeous date night look.
S2, EP3 "How I Envision My Future"Where does Tia see herself in five years? In today's episode, Tia shares her long-term goals and how she plans to make them a reality.
S2, EP2 "House Tour"Join Tia for a tour of her beautiful Southern California home!
S2, EP1 "Game Day Appetizers"It's game day and Tia is cooking up three of her favorite, and crowd pleasing, appetizers. First, she's making her delicious baked wings, then loaded potato skins, and last but not least, her melty, cheesy quesadillas.
Tia shares quick meal ideas, beauty tips and what life's like as an actress, chef, author, and mom.
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