CLEO TV connects aspirational living and entertainment to the lifestyles of Millennial and Gen X Women of Color. It is the only network that offers conversation and engagement that reflects the energetic pace, diverse interests, dynamic culture, and variety of entertainment desired by this audience. CLEO TV delivers a full complement of relatable programming that includes cooking, home décor, travel, culture, movies, docu-series, and more.
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Fast, Foolproof Recipes!Luminex™ technology combines 360° supercharged hot air & direct radiant light to lock in juices, speed up cooking times, & create a hot, crispy finish.
Make Money in Pet Joy!America's Next Investment Presents: Pet Joy, a Pet Lovers Investment Opportunity. Call Now! Discover how to invest in the Pet Industry - with Pet Joy!
All of UsS4, EP11 "Let's Go Bobby, Let's Go!"Bobby reveals to Robert that he joined the cheerleading squad instead of playing peewee football.
All of UsS4, EP12 "The B-R-E-A-K-U-P"Neesee agrees to go out with Robert's co-worker (Kevin Hart); Dirk helps Bobby practice for a spelling bee.
Half & HalfS1, EP17 "The Big Mixed Up Mojo Episode"Dee Dee has a streak of bad luck, while Mona enjoys good fortune; Dee Dee confronts a crooked businessman.
Half & HalfS1, EP13 "The Big Condom-Nation Episode"Mona and Dee Dee urge Spencer to get an AIDS test after he has a one-night stand. Tatyana Ali guest stars.
Half & HalfS1, EP14 "The Big Game of Love Episode"Two of Mona's ex-boyfriends pursue her on St. Valentine's Day.
Powerful Cleaning with Shark StratosMeet the Shark Stratos Upright Vacuum with features like the DuoClean PowerFins HairPro, Extended Reach and detachable pod for hard to reach areas, and odor neutralizing technology, you'll be cleaning like a pro in no time!
Organic Whole Food Nutrition, delivered right to your door!Supercharge your Life with Organic Power-Packed Nutritious Superfoods, grown Right Here in America.
Shark CarpetXpertTM with StainStrikerTM 2-in-1 deep carpet cleaner with built-in spot & stain removerShark CarpetXpert with StainStriker, 2-in-1 deep carpet and upholstery cleaner with a handheld spot & stain eliminator, combines Shark's powerful suction & deep-cleaning innovation to deliver unbeatable deep carpet cleaning & tough stain elimination.
All of UsS4, EP5 "Pretty Woman"Robert comes to a stranger's aid when her purse is stolen on the street, and they end up dating; Dirk recognizes her from a night club.
All of UsS4, EP6 "The Courtship of Robert's Father"Robert and his sister (Tisha Campbell-Martin) prepare for their father's 60th birthday celebration; Neesee helps Courtney prepare for the school dance.
Half & HalfS1, EP1 "The Big Pilot Episode"Half sisters live in the same San Francisco apartment building. In this episode: A guy falls for Dee Dee.
Half & HalfS1, EP2 "The Big Forget-Me-Not Episode"Mona suspects her sister is scheming to steal her best friend, Spencer; Mona pretends to date a guy who never called her back after their first date.
Half & HalfS1, EP3 "The Big Crappy Birthday Episode"Mona is reminded of painful moments from her childhood during a birthday party; Phyllis decides to come clean.
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