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GunsmokeMarshal Matt Dillon (then-newcomer James Arness) tries to prevent lawlessness from overtaking Dodge City, Kan. Helping to keep him grounded are saloon proprietor Miss Kitty Russell and Doc Adams. The television series grew out of the long-running radio serial of the same name, although for a short time they were both on the airwaves.
S13, EP10 "Prairie Wolfer"Festus, left in charge of Matt's office, gets into trouble with two hunters.
S2, EP8 "Legal Revenge"Matt investigates when Doc returns to Dodge City with a strange tale about an isolated cabin on the prairie.
S2, EP9 "The Mistake"Matt arrests a man for murder, but the suspect claims that Doc will arrive and clear him.
S10, EP14 "Hammerhead"Festus is challenged to a high-stakes horse race, and some may not be playing by the rules.
S11, EP32 "Prime of Life"An ex-lawman targets Matt and Festus for revenge on behalf of his son.
S2, EP20 "Gone Straight"An outlaw tries to live honestly, but still faces danger when Matt come to his town with a warrant.
S2, EP21 "Bloody Hands"The shooting of several members of an outlaw gang triggers an emotional crisis in Matt when he is haunted by memories of all the men he has killed.
S1, EP1 "Matt Gets It"A ruthless gunman, out to defy law and order, comes up against Matt Dillon.
S1, EP2 "Hot Spell"Matt Dillon tries to protect a notorious gunman who is just out of prison and trying to go straight but keeps getting in trouble.
S3, EP37 "Carmen"Matt has 48 hours to capture the thieves who killed two soldiers while stealing an Army payroll, or Dodge City will be placed under martial law.
S3, EP38 "Overland Express"Matt must trust his and others' lives to a murder suspect when they are all held at gunpoint.
S8, EP30 "The Far Places"A son defies his mother's wish that he move away from their ranch.
"Gunsmoke"Marshal Matt Dillon (then-newcomer James Arness) tries to prevent lawlessness from overtaking Dodge City, Kan. Helping to keep him grounded are saloon proprietor Miss Kitty Russell and Doc Adams. The television series grew out of the long-running radio serial of the same name, although for a short time they were both on the airwaves.
S2, EP10 "Greater Love"Doc is threatened with death if he fails to save the life of a gravely wounded outlaw.
S2, EP11 "No Indians"The townspeople are outraged by a series of supposed Indian raids on homesteads.
S10, EP15 "Double Entry"A businessman's interest in gold shipments raises suspicions in town.
S16, EP2 "The Noose"A young drifter kidnaps Kitty and holds her captive in a ghost town to lure Doc Adams, Festus and Matt to the area.
S17, EP23 "Alias Festus Haggin"Festus is arrested and forced to stand trial as a murderer named Frank Eaton, who looks just like him.
S3, EP39 "The Gentleman"A charismatic gambler falls for a woman with a jealous suitor, and must fight for her.
S4, EP1 "Matt for Murder"Matt is suspended from his job after being accused of murdering a cattleman's partner.
S8, EP31 "Panacea Sykes"A woman comes to town claiming to be Kitty's mother, but she turns out to be a con-artist.
S2, EP12 "Spring Term"After a man is shot in Dodge, Matt learns that the bullet was actually meant for him.
S2, EP13 "Poor Pearl"A saloon girls is courted by two men, who each threaten the other with violence.
S10, EP16 "Run, Sheep, Run"A rancher flees his home when he believes he is responsible for a murder.
S16, EP3 "Stark"A rancher's son escapes prison, and the bounty hunter who captures him tries to blackmail the boy's family.
S17, EP24 "The Wedding"A strong-willed daughter marries against the wishes of her domineering father.
S4, EP2 "The Patsy"Matt thinks a man accused of murder is being framed, despite an apparent eyewitness account.
S4, EP3 "Gunsmuggler"Matt investigates unknown smugglers who supplied a band of Pawnee with guns for attacking local ranchers.
S8, EP32 "Tell Chester"Chester gets involved in a complicated and deadly love triangle.
S2, EP14 "Cholera"A landowner plans to evict a family from his land during a cholera outbreak.
S2, EP15 "Pucket's New Year"Matt and Chester find a crippled man near death on the prairie and rescue him.
S10, EP17 "Deputy Festus"Festus thinks that his cousins are responsible for the death of a man, and pursues them out of town.
S16, EP4 "Sam McTavish, M.D."Doc Adams feels threatened when a woman doctor (Vera Miles) arrives in Dodge City to be his replacement.
S18, EP1 "The River"Matt recovers loot from a series of holdups but is pursued by thieves.
S4, EP4 "Monopoly"Matt must bluff to uncover a dangerous murderer who is targeting citizens of Dodge.
S4, EP5 "Letter of the Law"A rich landowner tries to have a homesteader and his pregnant wife evicted.
S8, EP33 "Quint-Cident"A lonely and recently widowed woman mistakes Quint's kindness for romance.
S2, EP16 "Cover Up"Several homesteaders are gunned down at the doors of their remote cabins by a mysterious slayer.
S2, EP17 "Sins of the Father"A white man pursues the killers of his Indian wife in Dodge City.
S10, EP18 "One Killer on Ice"A would-be bounty hunter has hidden motives, and Matt gets caught in his plan.
S16, EP5 "Gentry's Law"A heavy-handed land baron refuses to turn his two sons over to Matt for a crime they have committed.
S18, EP2 "The River"While on a raft with two children, Matt faces a dual threat from the outlaws and a Frenchman he saved earlier.
S4, EP6 "Thoroughbreds"An odd stranger comes to Dodge with money and two thoroughbred horses.
S4, EP7 "Stage Hold Up"Matt tries to capture bandits who rob a stagecoach on which Matt and Chester are riding.
S8, EP34 "Old York"An old outlaw heads to Dodge City and plans to use Matt in a plot to commit another crime.
S2, EP18 "Kick Me"A bank robber is unable to hide out in Dodge after playing a cruel joke on an Indian.
S10, EP19 "Chief Joseph"An Indian leader meets with hostility in Dodge City while enroute to the White House.
S3, EP2 "Gun for Chester"Chester swears that the stranger in town is there to kill him, but Matt is skeptical.
S1, EP3 "Word of Honor"Matt tries to protect the sole witness to a murder from the ruthless outlaws who intend to silence the man.
S1, EP4 "Home Surgery"Matt and Chester happen upon a remote desert ranch and an old man dying of an injury that may not be accidental.
S1, EP5 "Obie Tater"Matt Dillon steps in to stop outlaws who have attacked a prospector whose life savings are stashed on his property.
S1, EP6 "Night Incident"No one believes an over-imaginative boy who stumbles upon the secluded shack of a highwayman and his accomplice wife.
S4, EP8 "Lost Rifle"Matt is reluctant to make an arrest when a friend is accused of murder.
S4, EP9 "Land Deal"Trouble results when a con man meets an immigrant's wife outside of Dodge City.
S8, EP35 "Daddy Went Away"Chester helps a widowed seamstress and her daughter, until he realizes that they are hiding something.
S10, EP20 "Circus Trick"Matt is right to be suspicious when a travel-worn circus family arrives.
S16, EP6 "Snow Train"Matt, Doc, Festus and several other passengers are trapped on a train by a band of Indians in the snowy Colorado mountains.
S16, EP7 "Snow Train"Indians trap Matt as he tries to find help for the freezing passengers of a train.
S18, EP3 "Bohannan"Skeptical Doc Adams attempts to expose a supposed faith healer (Richard Kiley) as a charlatan.
S4, EP10 "Lynching Man"Rancher Charlie Drain takes matters into his own hands when traveling cowboys lynch a newcomer and steal his horse.
S4, EP11 "How to Kill a Friend"Gamblers unwittingly hire Matt's old friend to protect them from the law.
S8, EP36 "The Odyssey of Jubal Tanner"A jealous hunter kills the man who is competing with him for the love of a saloon girl.
S2, EP22 "Skid Row"A naive girl from the East becomes the victim of brutal violence in Dodge City.
S2, EP23 "Sweet and Sour"A flirtatious girl pushes her admirers to fight for her affections.
S10, EP21 "A Song for the Dying"An angry man comes to Dodge to hunt for the doctor who failed to save his wife during childbirth.
S16, EP8 "Luke"A seriously wounded outlaw is brought to Dodge before he dies to find his long-neglected daughter.
S18, EP4 "Judgement"After serving a prison term for Army desertion, a former convict comes seeking revenge against the man who caused his capture.
S4, EP12 "Grass"A practical joke quickly turns into a deadly feud between friends.
S4, EP13 "The Cast"Doc finds himself a target after he is unable to save a friend's wife during surgery.
S8, EP37 "Jeb"A young man searches for a job, but finds tragedy when he unwittingly steals a horse.
S2, EP24 "Cain"A rancher's past catches up to him when a stranger comes to town.
S2, EP25 "Bureaucrat"A federal official wants to bring order to the West, threatening Matt's job.
S10, EP22 "Winner Take All"Matt tries to end a feud between brothers over a woman, but it turns violent.
S12, EP23 "The Lure"Private detectives lay a trap for a fugitive using the man's daughter (Kim Darby) and Kitty as the bait.
S12, EP24 "Noose of Gold"An assistant attorney general uses Matt's friendship for an outlaw to further his political career.
S12, EP26 "Mistaken Identity"A fugitive assumes the identity of a man he believes has died from the bite of a rattlesnake.
S12, EP27 "Ladies From St. Louis"Five nuns are reluctant to turn in a wounded outlaw because he saved their lives.
S12, EP28 "Tiger by the Tail"A lovesick, penniless transient embarks on a lucrative but perilous career, boiling nitroglycerine off dynamite for a gang of robbers.
S12, EP29 "Tiger by the Tail"Matt pursues an outlaw gang blowing up safes with nitroglycerin.
S13, EP1 "The Wreckers"Kitty aids Matt in exchanging identities with a murderer to escape when they are kidnapped by outlaws.
S13, EP2 "Cattle Barons"Matt is caught in the middle when feuding cattle lords bring their struggle for power to Dodge City.
S13, EP3 "The Prodigal"Amos and William Cole return to Dodge City seeking the man who shot their father in the Long Branch Saloon 12 years before.
S13, EP4 "Vengeance"A wealthy rancher has three drifters trampled by his horsemen.
S13, EP5 "Vengeance"Matt goes after Bob Johnson who is planning to kill Parker to avenge the death of his friends.
S13, EP6 "A Hat"A cattle baron and a legendary frontiersman involve Matt in their life-and-death dispute over a hat.
S13, EP7 "Hard Luck Henry""Hard-Luck" Henry Haggen (John Astin) wants advice from his "smart" cousin Festus.
S13, EP8 "Major Glory"Two recaptured Army deserters frame Festus in an attempted murder of their sergeant.
S13, EP9 "The Pillagers"Kitty and a young gunsmith from the East are abducted from a stagecoach on the road to Dodge City.
S17, EP21 "Yankton"An egotistical drifter swears to get revenge on a wealthy rancher who beat him at poker.
S17, EP20 "The Predators"An ex-gunfighter comes to Dodge seeking revenge against a man who betrayed him in a range war.
S17, EP19 "One for the Road"A wealthy alcoholic flees from his daughter and her fiance who have designs on his estate.
S16, EP1 "Chato"Matt pursues his friend's killer (Ricardo Montalban), a renegade Indian, high into the mountains of New Mexico.
S15, EP26 "The Cage"An outlaw victimized by his own gang agrees to help Matt bring them to justice.
S15, EP25 "Hackett"A vengeful ex-convict seeks reprisal against a former partner who deserted him.
S15, EP24 "The Thieves"Three teenage boys on probation from the county jail are welcomed in Dodge City -- for a while.
S10, EP13 "Aunt Thede"Festus' gun-toting aunt arrives in Dodge City and settles right in.
S10, EP12 "Innocence"Two jealous cowboys fight over a new saloon hostess the night before her wedding.
S10, EP11 "Chicken"A cowboy with a false reputation as a gunfighter must decide whether to fight for a woman.
S10, EP10 "Big Man, Big Target"Matt trails a man suspected of framing a farmer for horse-stealing.
S8, EP29 "With a Smile"A proud rancher tries to help his spoiled son face death after he is convicted of murder.
S8, EP28 "I Call Him Wonder"A 10-year-old orphaned Indian boy latches on to a trail hand, but the two are unwelcome in Dodge.
S8, EP27 "Two of a Kind"Matt tries to settle a dispute between friends who are fighting over land and a woman.
S8, EP26 "Anybody Can Kill a Marshal"Bank robbers hire a man to kill Matt for $200 so that they can perform their heist.
S8, EP25 "Quint's Indian"Two desperados frame Quint for stealing a horse and he faces dire consequences in town.
S8, EP24 "Blind Man's Bluff"An accused killer helps Matt, who has been blinded; Phoebe nurses a man with amnesia.
S3, EP36 "Chester's Hanging"A jailed murderer's partner tries to break him out so they can both avoid punishment.
S3, EP35 "Widow's Mite"Matt is suspicious of a gambler's intentions when the man courts a robber's widow who may be able to lead him to loot.
S3, EP34 "The Big Con"Con men take Doc Adams hostage as they flee Dodge after being accused of defrauding the bank.
S3, EP33 "Innocent Broad"Matt attempts to save a girl, and goes beyond the scope of his authority.
S3, EP32 "Hanging Man"A killer who hangs his victims is jailed, and his cohorts blackmail Matt for the key.
S3, EP31 "Amy's Good Deed"An elderly woman comes to Dodge and tells Matt that he is going to kill her.
S3, EP30 "Texas Cowboys"A murderer blames his act on a passing stranger to get Matt off of his trail.
S3, EP29 "Laughing Gas"A humiliated bully and his brothers attack a pacifist gunman and his wife.
S3, EP28 "Bottleman"A usually harmless drunk tries to attack a Faro dealer from out of town.
S3, EP27 "Joke's on Us"Ranchers discover they have lynched the wrong man, and someone is getting revenge.
S2, EP19 "Executioner"A gunfighter kills in self-defense, but must face his victim's vengeful brother.
S2, EP7 "How to Cure a Friend"Matt's old friend is now a gambler, and he plans to con Dodge City.
S2, EP6 "Indian White"An Indian-raised white boy is brought to Dodge, and must decide his future.
S2, EP5 "Young Man With a Gun"The brother of a gunman killed by Matt comes to Dodge seeking revenge.
S2, EP4 "The Round Up"Matt stands up for the law alone against a mob approaching Dodge City.
S2, EP3 "Custer"A jury frees a man accused of murder for lack of evidence, but justice awaits outside the courtroom.
S2, EP2 "Brush at Elkader"Matt and Chester search for a killer, but their only clue is a name.
S2, EP1 "Cow Doctor"Doc is injured in a fight with a hostile farmer who he is called to treat.
S1, EP39 "Alarm at Pleasant Valley"Matt and Chester help homesteaders fight against renegade Indians.
Marshal Matt Dillon (then-newcomer James Arness) tries to prevent lawlessness from overtaking Dodge City, Kan. Helping to keep him grounded are saloon proprietor Miss Kitty Russell and Doc Adams. The television series grew out of the long-running radio serial of the same name, although for a short time they were both on the airwaves.
Original Air Date: Sep 10, 1955
Rating: TVPG
Playback: HD
8 seasons available on demand (36 episodes)
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