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GunsmokeMarshal Matt Dillon (then-newcomer James Arness) tries to prevent lawlessness from overtaking Dodge City, Kan. Helping to keep him grounded are saloon proprietor Miss Kitty Russell and Doc Adams. The television series grew out of the long-running radio serial of the same name, although for a short time they were both on the airwaves.
S10, EP29 "Twenty Miles From Dodge"Kitty and her traveling companions are held for ransom on a stagecoach headed for Dodge.
S14, EP17 "Mannon"Ruthless gunman Mannon (Steve Forrest) shoots Festus, steals his mule and terrorizes the citizens of Dodge City.
S14, EP18 "Goldtown"Two hillbillies attempt to swindle the townspeople of Dodge City by selling them worthless mining claims.
S14, EP20 "The Mark of Cain"A respected rancher is found to have been a notoriously cruel Civil War commandant.
S14, EP19 "The Reprisal"Doc Adams' life is in jeopardy when he is the only witness to a killing and the murderer becomes his patient.
S5, EP21 "Hinka Do"Matt investigates a saloon's mysterious new owner, who may have killed the previous owner.
S5, EP22 "Doc Judge"Chester prepares to protect Doc from a gunman who believes that Doc is actually a judge.
S1, EP21 "Helping Hand"A belligerent young man tries to make a name for himself by challenging Matt to a street fight.
S1, EP22 "Tap Day for Kitty"An unwilling Kitty is the target of an elderly rancher's marriage plans.
S2, EP9 "The Mistake"Matt arrests a man for murder, but the suspect claims that Doc will arrive and clear him.
S2, EP10 "Greater Love"Doc is threatened with death if he fails to save the life of a gravely wounded outlaw.
S2, EP11 "No Indians"The townspeople are outraged by a series of supposed Indian raids on homesteads.
S2, EP12 "Spring Term"After a man is shot in Dodge, Matt learns that the bullet was actually meant for him.
S1, EP1 "Matt Gets It"A ruthless gunman, out to defy law and order, comes up against Matt Dillon.
S3, EP14 "Doc's Reward"Doc Adams confesses to murder and asks to be arrested to maintain Matt's reputation.
S3, EP7 "Mavis McCloud"Mavis McCloud, a naive Eastern girl, falls prey to frontier violence.
S3, EP8 "Born to Hang"A drifter, saved from lynching at the hands of two ranchers, faces another hangman's noose when he carries out a plan of revenge.
S4, EP5 "Letter of the Law"A rich landowner tries to have a homesteader and his pregnant wife evicted.
S3, EP15 "Kitty Lost"Kitty's Eastern suitor abandons her on the plains after she rejects him.
S7, EP6 "Long, Long Trail"A young woman from Boston encounters Marshal Matt Dillon when she journeys to meet her fiance, an army officer.
S10, EP30 "The Pariah"A resident is praised for killing a wanted man. The truth comes out when a reporter investigates.
S5, EP23 "Moo Moo Raid"Trail bosses accuse each other when a valuable cow goes missing .
S5, EP24 "Kitty's Killing"Kitty endangers her life when a man seeks revenge on a rancher.
S1, EP23 "Indian Scout"Matt and Chester pursue an Indian scout accused of murder into Comanche territory.
S9, EP34 "Homecoming"Brothers get more than they bargained for when they go to visit their dying mother.
S18, EP10 "Tatum"Bitter townspeople don't want an elderly gunfighter buried next to his wife in their cemetery.
S20, EP5 "Thirty a Month and Found"A sequence of tragedies leads to the death of three cowboys, one of them a friend of Matt's.
S7, EP7 "The Squaw"Matt tries to reason with a young man who cannot control his anger when his father takes an Indian woman for his second wife.
S10, EP31 "Gilt Guilt"Doc tries to help a poor woman and her son suffering from scurvy.
S14, EP21 "The Long Night"Three bounty hunters hold Doc, Kitty, Sam and Louie captive in the Long Branch.
S14, EP22 "Night Riders"Vengeful night riders from Missouri invade Dodge and challenge the authority of Festus Haggen.
S14, EP23 "The Intruder"The owner of a farmhouse where Festus and a wounded robber are lodged tries to kill the thief and take the stolen money.
S14, EP24 "The Good Samaritans"An ex-slave is bribed by two desperadoes to steal an important document from a wounded Matt Dillon.
S5, EP25 "Jailbait Janet"Matt is pressured by a railroad representative to solve the death of a baggage clerk that occurred during the robbery of a train.
S5, EP26 "Unwanted Deputy"A hanged murderer's brother seeks to avenge his death.
S1, EP24 "The Pest Hole"Doc Adams fights to halt the spread of typhoid fever as well as the community hysteria that accompanies it.
S1, EP25 "The Big Broad"A meek man is challenged by a hulking hunter for the hand of his 6-foot tall fiancée.
S9, EP35 "The Other Half"Twins run their father's store until one is murdered; Matt suspects a stranger.
S18, EP11 "The Sodbusters"Marshal Dillon rides into a range war while pursuing an outlaw.
S20, EP6 "The Wiving"A farmer (Harry Morgan) orders his three sons to go to town and not come back without prospective brides.
S7, EP8 "Chesterland"Chester gives up his old life in favor of farming when he falls in love.
S10, EP32 "Bad Lady From Brookline"A widow vows to kill Matt, who she blames for her husband's death.
S14, EP25 "The Prisoner"Kitty refuses to turn over to an out-of-town sheriff a man she believes innocent of murder.
S14, EP26 "Exodus 21:22"An old friend of Matt's (Steve Ihnat) tracks his wife's killers to Dodge City then wants to deal with them in his own way.
S15, EP1 "The Devil's Outpost"Matt is pursued by the older brother of a stagecoach robber he arrested.
S15, EP2 "Stryker"Matt's predecessor is released from prison, and comes seeking revenge against the current marshal.
S5, EP27 "Where'd They Go"A conniving farmer accused of robbery outsmarts Matt and Chester when they come to arrest him.
S5, EP28 "Crowbait Bob"The town bum's relatives are displeased when he dies and leaves everything he owns to Kitty.
S1, EP26 "Hack Prine"Matt arrests a man for murder and finds himself the target of a gunman hired by the accused man's brother.
S1, EP27 "Cooter"A gambler uses a mentally disabled man as a pawn when Matt exposes him as a cheat.
S9, EP36 "Journey for Three"A young ruffian traveling to California causes a girl's accidental death.
S18, EP12 "The Brothers"After being duped into helping to shoot and kill an outlaw, Kitty is pursued by the man's brother.
S20, EP7 "The Iron Men"Matt won't accept the degeneration of his old friend (Cameron Mitchell), formerly a respected sheriff, into a saloon bum.
S7, EP9 "Milly"A 17-year-old tries to find a husband in order to make a better life for her and her brother.
S10, EP33 "Two Tall Men"Matt reinvestigates a murder case from twelve years earlier; Doc is found near death.
S15, EP3 "Coreyville"Matt helps a teenage girl defend her brother, who is being railroaded on a homicide charge.
S15, EP4 "Danny"A con-man dying from a heart ailment arrives in Dodge City and helps save Matt's life.
S15, EP5 "Hawk"A mixed-race Apache Indian reservation policeman tracks a band of renegades to Dodge City. While in the area, he visits his mother, who refuses to acknowledge him due to his race.
S15, EP6 "A Man Called Smith"An outlaw's return to his homestead to claim some hidden loot leads to nothing but trouble.
S5, EP29 "Colleen So Green"A lovely, helpless Southern belle charms the men in town, who all want to help when she is robbed.
S5, EP30 "The Ex-Urbanites"On the prairie and far from Dodge, Chester must fend off outlaws while saving Doc's life.
S1, EP28 "The Killer"Matt tries to prove a boastful bully is guilty of cold-blooded murder when he provokes gunfights with men who have no chance against him.
S1, EP29 "Doc's Revenge"Doc Adams is arrested for murder after he vows to kill a stranger who comes to Dodge.
S18, EP13 "Hostage"A gang of murderers called the Dog Soldiers swears vengeance against Matt for killing one of their members.
S20, EP8 "The Fourth Victim"Matt believes Doc Adams may be the next target in a series of seemingly random killings that have panicked Dodge City.
S7, EP10 "Indian Ford"When Matt attempts to rescue a girl from a band of Indians, he learns she may not welcome his help.
S10, EP34 "Honey Pot"Matt must make the difficult choice between resigning and arresting a friend.
S15, EP7 "Charlie Noon"A band of Comanches pursues Matt as he crosses the desert with a prisoner.
S15, EP9 "A Matter of Honor"A man is accused of murder after being found drunk beside a dying man.
S15, EP8 "The Still"A schoolmarm's crooked relatives begin a moonshining operation in Dodge City.
S15, EP10 "The Innocent"A family of thieves takes Festus and a woman schoolteacher hostage in Cimarron territory.
S5, EP31 "I Thee Wed"A battered wife pays her jailed husband's fine to free him against Matt's advice.
S5, EP32 "The Lady Killer"A saloon girl claims she killed a man in self-defense, but Matt is suspicious.
S1, EP30 "The Preacher"Matt substitutes himself to save newcomer Seth Tandy from a beating at the hands of Sam Keeler, a loud braggart of a man.
S1, EP31 "How to Die for Nothing"A man swears to avenge his brother, whom Matt killed in self-defense.
S2, EP13 "Poor Pearl"A saloon girls is courted by two men, who each threaten the other with violence.
S2, EP14 "Cholera"A landowner plans to evict a family from his land during a cholera outbreak.
S2, EP15 "Pucket's New Year"Matt and Chester find a crippled man near death on the prairie and rescue him.
S2, EP16 "Cover Up"Several homesteaders are gunned down at the doors of their remote cabins by a mysterious slayer.
S3, EP9 "Romeo"A range war threatens to erupt when the daughter of a cattle baron falls in love with the son of her father's archrival.
S3, EP10 "Never Pester Chester"Matt puts aside his badge to confront the man who dragged Chester behind his horses and left him for dead.
S3, EP11 "Fingered"A man faces lynching after his second wife vanishes just like his first one did.
S3, EP12 "How to Kill a Woman"Matt and Chester keep watch for a killer who is murdering stagecoach passengers in cold blood.
S3, EP16 "Twelfth Night"Matt gets caught in the middle when an Ozark-mountain family feud comes to Dodge City.
S7, EP11 "Apprentice Doc"Doc Adams, kidnapped to care for a wounded outlaw, is asked to teach one of his abductors medicine.
S10, EP35 "The New Society"A cowboy defends an old hunter charged with murder, and Matt suspects the town is hiding something.
"Gunsmoke"Marshal Matt Dillon (then-newcomer James Arness) tries to prevent lawlessness from overtaking Dodge City, Kan. Helping to keep him grounded are saloon proprietor Miss Kitty Russell and Doc Adams. The television series grew out of the long-running radio serial of the same name, although for a short time they were both on the airwaves.
S5, EP33 "Gentlemen's Disagreement"A man is charged in the death of his wife's ex-beau because of a previous threat.
S5, EP34 "Speak Me Fair"Matt investigates when cattle-rustling coincides with an Indian boy's beating.
S1, EP32 "Dutch George"Matt has an awkward reunion with Dutch George, an old friend who is currently branded a horse thief.
S1, EP33 "Prairie Happy"Matt returns to Dodge City to find the town fearing a Pawnee attack.
S10, EP1 "Blue Heaven"A cowboy wanted for a murder he didn't commit teams up with a runaway.
S18, EP14 "Jubilee"A Kansas farmer (Scott Brady) dreams of making it rich with his quarter horse.
S20, EP9 "The Tarnished Badge"A sheriff (Victor French) keeps the citizens of his town under control with fear and brutality.
S7, EP12 "Nina's Revenge"An underhanded rancher plots to frame his wife with a hired hand to extort money from her father.
S10, EP36 "He Who Steals"An old man's wild story may send two innocent men to their deaths.
S5, EP35 "Belle's Back"An outlaw's girl is back in town and may know more than she admits.
S5, EP36 "The Bobsy Twins"Two eccentric brothers declare their intentions to kill Indians.
S1, EP34 "Chester's Mail Order Bride"Chester's Eastern pen pal is coming to Dodge to marry him, but he has deceived her.
S1, EP35 "The Guitar"Matt Dillon has a problem in preventing two cowhands from hanging a visiting Texan.
S10, EP2 "Crooked Mile"Quint's life is threatened by his girlfriend's father, who doesn't approve of their romance.
S18, EP15 "Arizona Midnight"A little cowboy riding a giant horse rides into Dodge claiming that the horse turns into an elephant when the moon is full.
S20, EP10 "In the Performance of Duty"Dillon is frustrated by Judge Kendall's order to release a gang of outlaws for lack of evidence.
S7, EP13 "Marry Me"A Tennessee mountaineer chooses Kitty to be his bride, and kidnaps her to ensure their union.
S11, EP1 "Seven Hours to Dawn"Outlaws take over Dodge; Festus and Doc take matters into their own hands with Matt presumed dead.
S5, EP37 "Old Flame"Matt's old flame seeks protection from him after claiming to have been robbed, but Kitty is suspicious of the woman's intentions.
S5, EP38 "The Deserter"A thieving deserter's parents defend him at gunpoint against Matt.
S1, EP36 "Cara"Matt's old flame comes to town, but she has joined with an outlaw gang.
S1, EP37 "Mr. and Mrs. Amber"A poor homesteader and his wife turn to murder for revenge against her brother.
S10, EP3 "Old Man"Danny must help an old man framed for a murder that he didn't commit.
S18, EP16 "Homecoming"Two outlaws return to visit their dying mother, then take Doc and Kitty hostage to ensure their safe escape.
S20, EP11 "Island in the Desert"A desert hermit (Strother Martin) saves Festus' life, then forces him to be a pack animal.
S7, EP14 "A Man a Day"Ruthless outlaws threaten to kill a man each day until Matt leaves Dodge City.
S11, EP2 "The Storm"Matt is forced to arrest the son of an old friend after he murders his partner.
S5, EP39 "Cherry Red"A robber's widow is sought out by a man who was involved in her husband's death.
S9, EP17 "Friend"A man who saved Matt's life 10 years earlier arrives in Dodge City.
S1, EP38 "Unmarked Grave"Matt tries to prevent a young bank robber and killer's escape from jail before his trial.
S1, EP39 "Alarm at Pleasant Valley"Matt and Chester help homesteaders fight against renegade Indians.
S18, EP17 "Shadler"Newly and a convict disguised as a priest unite to protect a small town from outlaws.
S20, EP12 "Island in the Desert"A hermit (Strother Martin) tries to get his long-hidden gold to civilization in order to fight an old enemy.
S20, EP4 "The Guns of Cibola Blanca"Matt, Festus, and Newley search for Doc, who is being held hostage by bandits.
S20, EP3 "The Guns of Cibola Blanca"A band of former Confederate officers-turned-outlaws takes Doc and saloon owner Lyla Ross captive.
S20, EP2 "A Town in Chains"Matt rides into a town to warn about approaching outlaws, only to be captured and held for ransom by the band himself.
S18, EP9 "Milligan"A local farmer joins a posse and is criticized and punished for shooting an outlaw in the back.
S18, EP8 "Eleven Dollars"Festus is attacked on his way to deliver money to a young woman who has been suddenly cut free from the confines of her sheltered life by the death of her father.
S18, EP7 "The Fugitives"An outlaw takes Doc Adams and Festus hostage so they can care for his injured brother.
S14, EP16 "Time of the Jackals"Kitty's jealousy of an escaped murderer's girlfriend complicates Matt's efforts to recapture the man.
S14, EP15 "The Twisted Heritage"Kitty saves the life of a fellow stagecoach traveler and becomes deeply involved in his personal life.
S14, EP14 "The Money Store"An impoverished widower is accused of stealing money from a bank in order to feed his two small children.
S14, EP13 "Johnny Cross"In Matt's absence, deputy Newly tracks down a wanted man, saves him from bounty hunters and does his best to prove the man's innocence.
S14, EP12 "Lobo"Matt's friend becomes a murderer because of his fanatic opposition to the killing of a renegade wolf.
S14, EP11 "Waco"Matt has a long,hard ride back to Dodge City with a prisoner, pursued the entire way by the man's gang.
S14, EP10 "The Miracle Man"A slick-talking salesman attended by three dissatisfied customers is rescued by a farm widow.
S14, EP9 "The Railroad"When a railroad company tries to force Jim Graham off his land, Matt blocks its efforts.
S14, EP8 "Abelia"A band of outlaws holds Festus, a young widow and her two children as hostages.
S14, EP7 "9:12 to Dodge"Matt & Doc are troubled by a meddlesome woman as they escort an escaped convict.
S14, EP6 "O'Quillian"A small, ornery Irishman (John McLiam) named O'Quillian spreads dissension in Dodge City.
S14, EP5 "Slocum"After Matt is forced to kill a crooked gambler, his vengeful father sets out to kill Matt.
S10, EP28 "Dry Road to Nowhere"A preacher tries to make drinking illegal in Dodge, which will put Kitty's saloon out of business.
S10, EP27 "The Lady"A woman and her niece stop in Dodge. The aunt is proposed to, which threatens the niece's plans.
S10, EP26 "Bank Baby"An outlaw with plans to rob a bank kidnaps a baby to use as a cover.
S9, EP33 "The Warden"An Indian woman seeks refuge with Festus from the man who bought her.
S9, EP32 "Scot Free"A farmer leaves his family for a young widow who lives on an abandoned homestead.
S7, EP5 "All That"Rancher Cliff Shanks succumbs to life as a gold prospector after suffering the loss of his wife, land and cattle.
S7, EP4 "Harper's Blood"A strict father, who thinks one of his own sons should hang for committing a murder, blames the wrong boy.
S7, EP3 "Miss Kitty"Miss Kitty attempts to keep a young boy from his father, who is a fugitive and a killer.
S7, EP2 "Old Yellow Boots"An unmarried woman is willing to go to any lengths, including murder, to obtain a man.
S5, EP20 "The Tragedian"Matt befriends and tries to help an actor who is caught cheating at cards.
S5, EP19 "Til Death Do Us Part"A drunken stranger claims he was hired to kill a religious man for reforming dance-hall girls.
S5, EP18 "Big Tom"Matt steps in to fight a professional boxer to save a former prizefighter's life.
S5, EP17 "Groat's Grudge"A Southern man vows to avenge his wife's death at the hands of a Union man.
S5, EP16 "Thick 'n' Thin"Matt tries to reconcile two ranchers whose partnership is threatened by a quarrel.
S5, EP15 "Tag, You're It"Matt must rush to save the life of a woman who is targeted by a hired killer who comes to town.
S1, EP20 "Reunion '78"A witness's refusal to testify means that an innocent cowboy will hang for killing a man in self-defense.
S1, EP19 "20-20"A former lawman, once one of the fastest guns in the West, lives in constant fear of his life because of his failing eyesight.
S1, EP18 "Yorky"A white boy raised by the Pawnee is shot while trying to retrieve stolen horses so he will be accepted by the tribe as a brave.
S1, EP17 "Robin Hood"An outlaw who has a reputation of only robbing the wealthy defies the law when witnesses refuse to testify against him.
S1, EP16 "Reward for Matt"A rancher's widow offers a reward for Matt's death after he shoots her thieving husband.
S1, EP15 "No Handcuffs"An unscrupulous lawman compels a victim of circumstances to attempt murder.
Marshal Matt Dillon (then-newcomer James Arness) tries to prevent lawlessness from overtaking Dodge City, Kan. Helping to keep him grounded are saloon proprietor Miss Kitty Russell and Doc Adams. The television series grew out of the long-running radio serial of the same name, although for a short time they were both on the airwaves.
Original Air Date: Sep 10, 1955
Rating: TVPG
Playback: HD
8 seasons available on demand (39 episodes)
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