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M*A*S*HS1, EP17 "Sometimes You Hear the Bullet"Frank throws his back out and applies for a Purple Heart, while Hawkeye mourns the loss of a friend and sends an underage soldier home.
M*A*S*HS1, EP18 "Dear Dad ... Again"Hawkeye writes to his father detailing Radar's attempts at passing an exam and a sudden cooling of affections between Frank and Margaret.
M*A*S*HS1, EP19 "The Longjohn Flap"During a cold snap, a pair of long johns sent to Hawkeye from home becomes a much-sought-after commodity.
M*A*S*HS1, EP20 "The Army-Navy Game"While settling down to listen to the Army-Navy game, the 4077th is bombarded and left with an unexploded bomb to defuse.
M*A*S*HS1, EP21 "Sticky Wicket"After a bad session in the O.R., Hawkeye quarrels with Frank over his inadequacies, then finds one of his own patients is sinking fast.
M*A*S*HS1, EP22 "Major Fred C. Dobbs"When Frank threatens to leave, Hawkeye and Trapper find it means double duty for them and invent a way to make him stay.
M*A*S*HS1, EP23 "Ceasefire"News spreads throughout the camp that a cease-fire is imminent.
M*A*S*HS1, EP24 "Showtime"While an entertainer does a show from an improvised stage in the compound, the comedy and drama of the doctors' lives go on.
GunsmokeS14, EP19 "The Reprisal"Doc Adams' life is in jeopardy when he is the only witness to a killing and the murderer becomes his patient.
The Andy Griffith ShowS4, EP16 "Barney's Sidecar"Barney adds a vintage motorcycle to the rolling stock of the Mayberry Sheriff's Department.
The Andy Griffith ShowS4, EP17 "My Fair Ernest T. Bass"A mountain-bred would-be Romeo is brought into Andy's home to be taught some manners.
The Andy Griffith ShowS4, EP18 "Prisoner of Love"Andy and Barney fall for the charms of a female prisoner who threatens to crumble the security of the Mayberry jail.
The Andy Griffith ShowS4, EP19 "Hot Rod Otis"Otis Campbell acquires a car and threatens the lives and limbs of Mayberry's pedestrian population.
The Andy Griffith ShowS4, EP20 "The Song Festers"Choir director John Masters decides to give Gomer the solo in the upcoming concert instead of Barney. Gomer fakes laryngitis when he learns how important the part is to Barney.
The Andy Griffith ShowS4, EP21 "The Shoplifters"Barney disguises himself as a dummy in an attempt to solve a series of thefts in a Mayberry department store.
Everybody Loves RaymondS3, EP17 "Cruising With Marie"Ray goes on a Caribbean cruise with Marie after Frank hurts his knee.
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