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The King of QueensDoug Heffernan puts in a long day's work delivering parcels and comes home each night to his loving wife, Carrie; unfortunately, he also comes home to his wacko father-in-law, Arthur.
S1, EP25 "Maybe Baby"A visit with Deacon's three-year-old son prompts Doug and Carrie think about having a baby; Arthur recalls the night Carrie was born.
S2, EP4 "Parent Trapped"Deacon and Kelly ask Doug and Carrie to be the godparents of their new baby; Arthur is put in charge of the pretzel shop.
S2, EP5 "Tube Stakes"Doug gets upset with Carrie after his big-screen TV set is stolen because she accidentally left the garage door open.
S2, EP6 "Doug Out"Doug feels so guilty about putting down Arthur that he gives him one of his Mets tickets; Doug gets arrested trying to catch a foul ball.
S2, EP7 "Get Away"Doug and Carrie feel inadequate when they discover that their best friends have a very active love life.
S2, EP8 "Dire Strayts"Doug and Carrie invite Ray and Debra Barone to dinner; Doug gets stuck in an opening leading up to the attic.
S2, EP9 "I, Candy"Doug gets an ego boost when an attractive waitress wants to know if he's single.
S2, EP17 "Meet By-Product"Carrie and Doug reminisce about how they first met, remembering that it certainly wasn't love at first sight.
S2, EP18 "The Shmenkmans"Doug and Carrie search for new friends, who do not have children; Arthur rediscovers a breakfast cereal from his childhood.
S2, EP19 "Surprise Artie"Doug (Kevin James) tries to keep Arthur (Jerry Stiller) busy while Carrie (Leah Remini) sets up a surprise party for his 75th birthday.
S2, EP20 "Wild Cards"Doug loses all his money when he goes to Atlantic City with Deacon; Arthur threatens to injure Carrie's boss.
S2, EP21 "Big Dougie"Big Brother Doug (Kevin James) tries anything to impress his new protege, including entering a 10K run. With Leah Remini and Patton Oswalt.
S2, EP22 "Soft Touch"Doug (Kevin James) is duped by Tim (Bryan Cranston) into participating in a pyramid scheme that requires him to sell water filters.
S4, EP25 "Shrink Wrap"Carrie and Doug send Arthur to a psychiatrist (William Hurt), to whom he reveals his relationship with his father (Ben Stiller).
S2, EP10 "Roamin' Holiday"Doug invites Spence to move in as part of a plan to keep Carrie's annoying friends from spending a weekend.
S2, EP11 "Sparing Carrie"Doug's bowling-team sponsor demands victory, meaning Doug may have to fire his team's weak link: his wife, Carrie.
S2, EP12 "Net Prophets"Carrie insists on using Doug's Christmas bonus to invest in Internet stock.
S2, EP13 "Party Favor"Carrie helps Doug plan a bachelor party after she volunteers him to be the friendless Danny's best man.
S2, EP14 "Block Buster"Doug's memories of his glory days as a football player don't match those of his old teammates.
S2, EP15 "Frozen Pop"Arthur disrupts Carrie and Doug's lives by moving from the cold basement to the much warmer second floor.
S4, EP23 "Eddie Money"Doug tries to keep $5,000 in gambling winnings a secret from Carrie, who didn't want him betting to begin with; Carrie is offered a new job. Eddie Money guest stars.
S2, EP16 "Fair Game"Doug (Kevin James) is distraught when he learns that Carrie (Leah Remini) has been cheating at board games. With Jerry Stiller.
S4, EP24 "Two Thirty"When Doug goes to Dr. Farber (Tim Matheson) for a root canal, he finds out Carrie used to have a major crush on the dentist.
S2, EP23 "Restaurant Row"Carrie bars Doug from eating at his favorite Italian restaurant, but he goes back for lunch and bites off more than he can chew.
S2, EP24 "Flower Power"Carrie gets jealous of a co-worker who received flowers and accuses Doug of losing his sense of romance.
S2, EP25 "Whine Country"A coin toss decides the destination for Doug and Carrie's vacation; Arthur and Spence join Doug and Carrie on vacation.
S3, EP1 "Do Rico"When Doug woos Carrie by speaking with the accent of a new guy at work, he finds that she responds to his charms.
S3, EP2 "Roast Chicken"Doug gives a cheesy card to his boss, whom he hardly knows, and gets chosen to roast him at a celebratory dinner.
S5, EP2 "Window Pain"Carrie becomes obsessed with trying to convince the new neighbors that she and Doug don't constantly fight.
S3, EP3 "Fatty McButterpants"An embarrassed Doug discovers that Carrie buys his clothes at big and tall shops, so he vows to lose 30 pounds.
S3, EP4 "Class Struggle"Carrie starts taking college classes and Doug's sister Stephanie, who just returned to town, helps him adjust.
S3, EP5 "Strike One"Doug splurges on a new car against Carrie's better judgment, and the bad decision immediately comes back to haunt them.
S3, EP6 "Strike Too"With nothing to do during the IPS strike, Doug tries substitute teaching at the school at which his sister, Stephanie (Ricki Lake), works.
S3, EP7 "Strike Out"Carrie and Kelly plan a get-together for Doug, Deacon and Arthur to keep them from going crazy during the strike.
S3, EP8 "Dark Meet"Doug and Carrie (Kevin James, Leah Remini) think back to the couple's first Thanksgiving spent with her parents. Guest star: Florence Henderson.
S5, EP1 "Arthur, Spooner"Team leader Carrie grows frustrated with her drab work group; Doug begins relying on Arthur's company in order to fall asleep.
S3, EP9 "Twisted Sitters"Doug and Carrie are caught in embarrassing circumstances while looking after Deacon and Kelly's children.
S3, EP10 "Work Related"Arthur accepts a job at Carrie's company; Doug and Deacon compete for a place in their company's calendar of hunks.
S3, EP11 "Better Camera"Doug (Kevin James) feels great when he surprises Carrie (Leah Remini) with a new camera for Christmas, but her boss one-ups him. Guest star: Lou Ferrigno.
S3, EP12 "Wedding Presence"After learning that a wedding reception is five hours away, Doug and Carrie scramble for an excuse to not go.
S3, EP13 "Hi-Def Jam"Doug sets up Stephanie with Carrie's boss so he can watch the Super Bowl on a high-definition television.
S3, EP14 "Paint Misbehavin'"After Carrie tells Doug that it's okay for him to find other women attractive, he asks her to tell him which men she finds attractive. Unsurprisingly, this doesn't end well.
S3, EP15 "Deacon Blues"Carrie and Doug (Leah Remini, Kevin James) discuss the real definition of infidelity when Doug sees Deacon (Victor Williams) with another woman.
S3, EP16 "Horizontal Hold"Deacon's recent separation forces Doug and Carrie to re-examine some things they may have taken for granted.
S3, EP17 "Inner Tube"Doug dreams that he could solve all of his problems if he could assume the roles of vintage television characters.
S3, EP18 "Papa Pill"When Doug can't understand the difficulties Carrie faces when caring for Arthur, he takes over and learns the hard way.
S5, EP4 "Kirbed Enthusiasm"Doug agrees to try out for a semiprofessional football league if Kirby will stay with peewee football.
"The King of Queens"Doug Heffernan puts in a long day's work delivering parcels and comes home each night to his loving wife, Carrie; unfortunately, he also comes home to his wacko father-in-law, Arthur.
S5, EP3 "Holy Mackerel"Carrie's prayer for a raise is miraculously answered while in church, prompting her and Doug to start asking God to grant wishes.
S5, EP12 "Jung Frankenstein"Carrie gives Doug's therapist (guest star Dave Foley) a laundry list of bad habits to work on. Arthur fights an addiction to nasal spray.
S5, EP5 "Mammary Lane"Carrie baby-sits for the boss' son; Doug tries to make friends with the new shoe girl (Rachel Dratch) at the bowling alley.
S5, EP6 "Business Affairs"Doug gets jealous of Carrie's gay co-worker; both Doug and Carrie worry about the strength of their marriage as they sign a 30-year mortgage plan.
S1, EP16 "S'ain't Valentine's"Arthur meets an intoxicating stranger at a singles' dance; Carrie and Doug's romantic evening is spoiled.
S1, EP17 "Court Date"Doug encourages Carrie to date the police officer who stopped her, hoping to get out of her fourth traffic ticket of the year and avoid a hefty increase in their car insurance.
S1, EP18 "White Collar"Doug inherits his shift supervisor's job after an untimely death but soon misses his old responsibilities.
S1, EP19 "Rayny Day"Ray (Ray Romano) invites Doug to play golf at an exclusive country club; Marie (Doris Roberts) teaches Carrie how to clean a house.
S1, EP20 "Train Wreck"Doug is disappointed when Carrie isn't jealous of his beautiful trainee; Arthur feels he's been scammed when he orders a gravestone.
S1, EP21 "Hungry Man"Carrie is embarrassed by Doug when he shows up unexpectedly and famished at her boss's elegant "drinks-only" cocktail party.
S1, EP22 "Time Share"Carrie befriends her annoying neighbors so that their week at a Hamptons time share does not go unused; Arthur develops a nasty rash.
S1, EP23 "Where's Poppa?"Doug convinces cousin Danny (Gary Valentine) to take Arthur for the weekend; Doug is hit by a baseball and meets a new friend (Bill Cosby) at Dr. Becker's (Ted Danson) office.
S1, EP24 "Art House"Arthur moves into his own apartment after Doug tells him how he feels about his eccentric behavior; Carrie is concerned that her father can't take care of himself.
S9, EP13 "China Syndrome"Doug discovers that Carrie did not get rid of her apartment in the city; Doug and Carrie receive an unexpected phone call; Arthur and Ava St. Clair's wedding hits a speed bump.
S9, EP12 "China Syndrome"Doug discovers that Carrie did not get rid of her apartment in the city; Doug and Carrie receive an unexpected phone call; Arthur and Ava St. Clair's wedding hits a speed bump.
S7, EP22 "Buy Curious"When their neighbor passes away, Carrie convinces Doug it would be a smart investment to buy the house and sell it for profit.
S7, EP21 "Slippery Slope"When Carrie discovers that her and Doug's ski weekend getaway was motivated by a promotion for a free plasma TV that Doug wants, her romantic mood sours.
S4, EP22 "Patrons Ain't"When their accountant makes them feel guilty about their lack of charitable donations, Doug and Carrie decide to make a large donation to a school library.
S4, EP21 "Bun Dummy"Doug hates Carrie's new hairstyle but can't bring himself to tell her the truth; Spence dreads an upcoming reunion with a former teacher.
S4, EP20 "Lush Life"Doug tries to get Carrie drunk so he can cheat on his diet, but things get out of hand. Lou Ferrigno guest stars.
S4, EP19 "Screwed Driver"Doug starts acting like a child when Carrie goes on a business trip and his parents come for a visit.
S4, EP18 "Hero Worship"Doug's uncle (guest star Gavin MacLeod) offers financial backing when Doug expresses a desire to open a sandwich shop.
S2, EP3 "Assaulted Nuts"After Doug convinces Carrie he doesn't goof around at work, horseplay gets him into a painful and embarrassing predicament.
S2, EP2 "Female Problems"Doug encourages Carrie to make new friends but then he feels left out when she starts spending a lot of time with their new neighbor.
S2, EP1 "Queasy Rider"Doug buys a motorcycle against Carrie's wishes, prompting her to take up cigarette smoking to spite him.
S1, EP15 "Crappy Birthday"Doug forgets Carrie's 30th birthday and has plans to watch the wrestling match; Doug must scramble to put together a romantic evening.
S1, EP14 "Dog Days"A barking dog means sleepless nights for Doug and Carrie; Arthur thinks that a popular comic strip is based on his life.
S1, EP13 "Best Man"Doug learns that Carrie was once the lover of the groom at a wedding they are attending; Arthur is unhappy when he doesn't get the entree that he ordered at the reception.
S1, EP12 "Fixer Upper"Carrie fixes Spence (Patton Oswalt) up with an extremely timid girl from her office, but advice from Doug threatens a good thing.
S1, EP11 "Noel Cowards"Arthur's Christmas gift to Doug and Carrie provides a solution to the couple's car troubles that ends up being worse than the problem.
S1, EP10 "Supermarket Story"Doug, Carrie and Arthur face a chaotic trip to the grocery store on the day before Thanksgiving; Doug encounters a stranger from his past.
S1, EP9 "Road Rayge"Doug loses his license to drive after Ray Barone (Ray Romano) cheats off his driving test. Brad Garrett and Peter Boyle also guest star.
S1, EP8 "Educating Doug"Carrie feels that she and Doug are getting stupid as a couple, so she enrolls them and Spence into a class where they read a book and discuss it.
S1, EP7 "The Rock"Doug and Carrie debate the advantages of selling her engagement ring after discovering that it is worth a fortune.
S1, EP6 "Head First"Doug makes an effort to be more friendly with Arthur and soon discovers the benefits and risks of allowing his father-in-law to tag along with him in public.
S1, EP5 "Paternal Affairs"Arthur is immediately smitten with Doug's favorite aunt (Brenda Vaccaro) and asks permission to court her.
S1, EP4 "Richie's Song"Doug can't work up the courage to tell Richie (Larry Romano) that his wife (Michele Maika) is cheating on him.
S1, EP3 "Cello, Goodbye"Doug feels threatened when Carrie's new job at a law firm gives her a taste of big-city sophistication.
S1, EP2 "Fat City"Doug tries to trick Carrie into going on a diet after he sees a photo of her overweight mother. With Jerry Stiller.
S1, EP1 "Pilot"In-laws (Jerry Stiller, Lisa Rieffel) displace Doug Heffernan (Kevin James) and his 70-inch TV from a basement lair; with Leah Remini.
Doug Heffernan puts in a long day's work delivering parcels and comes home each night to his loving wife, Carrie; unfortunately, he also comes home to his wacko father-in-law, Arthur.
Original Air Date: Sep 21, 1998
Genres: ComedyTV Series
Rating: TVPG
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