The Pioneer Woman

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The Pioneer WomanNoted food blogger and cookbook author Ree Drummond, known to her fans as "The Pioneer Woman," is a sassy former city slicker who has moved to a ranch in Oklahoma to live with her rancher husband and their children (not to mention her extended family, a menagerie of animals). Drummond makes the jump from print to TV in this series as she invites viewers into her life (and kitchen), sharing her brand of home cooking, from suppers that are thrown together in a hurry to preparing elaborate celebrations.
S35 "Perfect for Two"Ree Drummond shares perfectly portioned meals for two. She has one-pan Apple Cider Pork Chops, speedy Easy Corn Pasta, extra comforting Meatloaf Patties and a shortcut side of Instant Cheesy Mash that's good enough for company.
S13, EP7 "Kit and Caboodle"Barbecue chicken pizza with spicy slaw; spicy veggie stir fry; spinach Alfredo pasta bake; stuffed bell peppers.
S3, EP3 "Paige and Friends"Cinnamon-baked French toast; sushi; pasta salad; cookies.
S22, EP12 "Painting Class"Ree Drummond is preparing for a night of canapes, cocktails and canvasses with a fun painting class at The Merc and she has the fine art of finger food covered.
S7, EP1 "Us and Them"The kids tuck into baked ziti, while Ree makes rib-eye steaks with cowboy butter, baked potatoes and cheddar bacon wedge salad for the adults.
S7, EP9 "Filling Edna Mae's Freezer"Ree stocks up the freezer for Ladd's grandmother, Edna Mae, with waffles, lasagna roll ups, potato soup and cheese toast.
S8, EP4 "Man Cave"Chicken bacon ranch paninis; steak fingers with gravy alongside a mini chopped salad; crazy brownies.
S9, EP5 "Office Warming Party"A celebration of a new office opening includes a shrimp cocktail bar with three sauces: avocado crema, classic cocktail and remoulade, spicy Italian meatballs, bacon wrapped dates and sweet brownie pops.
S14, EP4 "Night on the Town"Slam-in-the-oven mini meatballs pasta bake; a kit for make-your-own-salad with Caesar ranch dressing; mixed berry shortcake.
S22, EP6 "Faster Pasta"Pasta.
S24, EP12 "Ask Me Anything Wildcard"Ree Drummond answers wildcard questions from friends, townsfolk and visitors to Pawhuska.
S24, EP9 "Speedy Seafood 4 Ways"Ree Drummond is all about speedy seafood, and she starts by whipping up snappy Coconut Shrimp and Mango Dipping Sauce; shrimp, lobster and calamari star in Mixed Seafood Pasta, and Greek Grilled Salmon with Veggies includes a handy shortcut.
S7, EP2 "Shakespeare Movie Night"Ree hosts a movie night for her daughter's classmates featuring supreme pizza lasagna, Julius Caesar salad and Neapolitan ice cream.
S7, EP10 "Breakfast, Lunch and Cowboys"Apple fritters with bacon and sausage; pulled pork with coleslaw and baked beans.
S8, EP5 "Pet Parade"Roasted lemon chicken legs; Mexican macaroni salad; watermelon pico de gallo; brown sugar oatmeal cookies.
S9, EP7 "Souper Good"Ree whips up four stunning soups including hamburger soup, tomato soup with parmesan croutons, sausage, potato and kale soup and spinach soup.
S35, EP17 "Make-Ahead Brunch"Ree Drummond cooks make-ahead savory, sweet and sippable items for brunch parties, including French onion frittata, a one-pan lemon blueberry French toast casserole, glazed cherry almond rolls and a spicy Tex-Mex Bloody Mary.
S35, EP16 "Hosting on a Dime"Ree Drummond cooks budget-friendly food for entertaining, including French beef bourguignon, salmon cakes, fried olives and toasted coconut puddings.
S35, EP15 "Fresh and Simple"Ree Drummond puts a spin on recipes with her surf and turf skillet, spiced chicken sheet pan supper, mushroom and squash fajita bowls with cilantro-lime cauliflower rice and Tex-Mex toppings, and whipped cottage cheese with roasted berries.
S35, EP14 "Easy Recipes for Busy Times"Ree Drummond shares super simple recipes for the snowiest day; she warms up with a winning Tex-Mex Spicy Chicken and Black Bean Soup, one-pan Mango Glazed Cod, her favorite Creamy Arrabbiata Pasta and a shortcut Cast Iron Breakfast Pizza.
S35, EP13 "Childhood Comfort Classics"A trip down memory lane with updated comfort food favorites; Ree brings back soothing retro noodle soup, an amazing air fryer grilled cheese, beloved spaghetti and cheese, nostalgic pizza stuffed peppers and a classic chocolate malt.
S35, EP12 "Christmas in Pawhuska"Ree shares four festive specials from her food spots in town; there's braised beef short rib pot roast and snowflake molasses cookies from the Merc, a cookies for Santa sundae from Charlie's and a pumpkin pie-tini from the P-Town bar.
S35, EP11 "Quick and Easy Party Faves"Ree Drummond is all about fast and fabulous party food for easy entertaining; she prepares delicious Herby Mediterranean meatballs, an incredible Cajun shrimp cocktail, spicy jalapeno cheeseburger wontons and sophisticated rum balls.
S35, EP10 "Thanksgiving Sides Central"Ree Drummond puts a spin on everyone's favorite Thanksgiving sides; she makes over colorful spicy maple roasted carrots, macaroni-inspired baked cheesy O's, a shortcut cheesy brown butter focaccia and classic broccoli casserole.
S35, EP9 "Thanksgiving Sweets to Bring"Ree Drummond is in the holiday spirit, sharing sweets for a Thanksgiving feast; she bakes up a spiced pumpkin cream cake, a cranberry orange trifle, a classic sheet pan Dutch apple tart and pretzel white chocolate cookies.
S35, EP7 "Fall in Love"Ree Drummond is all about cozy, fall-inspired food; she serves up pecan-crusted pork chops with whiskey cream sauce, fruity glazed apple cider donuts, hearty root vegetables with spicy Italian sausage and creamy butternut squash fettuccini alfredo.
S35, EP6 "Fresh From the Merc"Ree Drummond is making over the menu at her Mercantile store; she's dishing out some new favorites like crunchy french toast, no-cook heirloom tomato salad, the Smokie Okie, a fabulous fried chicken BLT sandwich, and her strawberry cake.
S35, EP5 "Short and Sweet"Ree Drummond makes super-fast sweets with easy shortcuts; she stacks a showstopping layered tiramisu cake, serves up a stunning sticky bun crinkle cake, creates a charming cherry chocolate mug cake and scoops fruity blackberry lemon ice cream.
S35, EP4 "Remembering Chuck"Ree Drummond celebrates her late father-in-law with his favorite recipes; she honors his chocoholic lifestyle with skillet chocolate cakes before making biscuits and sausage pepper gravy, tenderloin steak bite and shrimp brochette jalapeno poppers.
S35, EP3 "Game Day MVPs"Ree Drummond shares a line-up of fabulous football food, starting with her smoked brisket queso with loads of toppings; she preps a crowd-pleasing chicken caesar party sub, game-changing crispy cookie bark and a spiked strawberry jalapeno lemonade.
S35, EP2 "The Perfect Freeze"Ree Drummond stocks the freezer with some all-time favorites, including her easy pineapple pork shoulder and a hearty slow simmered beef ragu; she prepares heat-and-go sweet and savory breakfast wraps and decadent shortcut brownie ice cream bites.
S35, EP1 "Ask Me Anything: Quick and Easy"Ree Drummond hosts a Q&A with questions from friends, townsfolk and visitors to Pawhuska while she makes a party ready epic dip platter; she spills the secrets on her speedy hamburger soup, easy tomato cream pasta and 3-ingredient sausage casserole.
S35 "Comfort Made Easy"Ree Drummond shares simple and stunning takes on comfort classics. She spices up Tex-Mex Chicken Fried Steak, puts a speedy spin on Pesto Chicken Lasagna Skillet, gives Cream of Celery Soup a retro vibe, and adds luxury to White Chocolate Hot Chocolate.
S35 "Simply Chocolate 4 Ways"Calling all chocolate lovers! Ree Drummond makes incredible, no-fuss Triple Chocolate Mini Muffins, shortcut Chocolatey Biscuit Donuts, showstopping homemade Peanut Butter Cups, and a Mocha Dalgona, the whipped coffee that's a social media sensation.
S35 "Ready for Game Day"Ree Drummond previews the food she's making for her son's big game watch party! She has retro favorite Oatmeal Pies, quick Cheesy Ground Beef Tacos, mash-up Cheesesteak Sliders, and game-changing Jalapeno Ranch Potato Skins for the win.
S34, EP13 "Lickety-Split"This potluck season, Ree Drummond is all about fast BBQ; she prepares a make-ahead berry cheesecake icebox pie and shortcut hash brown potato salad; then, Ree whips up a colorful cowboy caviar and gets sticky with spicy BBQ peach smoked sausage.
S34, EP12 "Treats for Todd"Ree Drummond has a care package for her youngest college kid, Todd; she's sending him mini strawberry tarts and chocolate hazelnut oatmeal bars to share with his roommates, cheesy chipotle cheddar snack mix and spirit pretzels in his team colors.
S34, EP11 "Sweet Summer"Ree Drummond shares cool desserts for hot summer days, including cherry almond chocolate chunk ice cream, party-ready boozy blackberry lime whips, classic homemade dipped cones and fabulous frozen prosecco grapes.
S34, EP10 "Oklahoma Classics"Favorite foods from Oklahoma; saucy chili cheese tots, an onion burger and crispy fried okrah; an over-the-top boozy-blended root beer float.
S34, EP9 "Rotisserie Chicken Dinners 4 Ways"Ree Drummond turns rotisserie chicken into four quick dinners; she makes a shortcut chicken, sausage and gnocchi, and mixes up a hickory BBQ chicken salad; she stuffs chicken artichoke bread bombs and saves time with fried chicken verde tacos.
S34, EP8 "Hard Hat Party at the Ranch"Ree Drummond's favorite women are visiting her new house; she makes mini pineapple shrimp tostadas and bacon-wrapped baby potatoes for bite-sized apps before whipping up boozy chocolate trifles and blackberry blood orange mojitos.
S34, EP7 "Dad Delivery"Ree Drummond has a housewarming dinner to bring for her dad and stepmom in their new home; she delivers homemade egg noodles in her comforting rustic chicken and noodles, cheddar and rosemary drop biscuits and sweet, decadent brownie truffles.
S34, EP6 "Ranching & Ready to Go"While Ladd and Alex work cattle in Kansas, Ree Drummond fills the freezer with layered chicken spinach artichoke lasagnas and copycat convenience store burritos; she gets ahead with a skirt steak dinner kit for when her cowboy and cowgirl get home.
S34, EP5 "Worth the Hype"Ree Drummond cooks up social media marvels, trying her hand at a three sauce baked spaghetti, shortcut lazy red and green enchiladas, easy garlic butter bath biscuits and spicy bacon pickle bites.
S34, EP4 "Cowboy Birthday Dinner"It's Ladd's birthday, so Ree Drummond makes his dream dinner; she creates a guajillo chili pot roast with a side of creamy rustic mashed potatoes and chili herb cowboy butter; instead of a cake for dessert, Ree bakes decadent chuckwagon brownies.
S34, EP3 "Mom's Night"Ree Drummond welcomes her mom and sister to a mother-daughter dinner; she serves up fried mushrooms and onions with lemon dill cream, lemon drop martinis, her mom's seafood casserole, and dark chocolate lava cakes topped with raspberry whipped cream.
S34, EP2 "16-Minute Fast Feasts"Ree Drummond spends just 16 minutes cooking four awesome meals; she whips up grilled cheese and broiled tomato soup, fuss-free sriracha maple salmon, a garlic parmesan butterflied drumsticks and caprese salad dinner, and tasty mushroom street tacos.
S34, EP1 "A Touch of Heat"Ree Drummond spices things up with her favorite speedy cajun tequila shrimp lettuce wraps, then she turns up the heat with peppers, shells and cheese, a colossal mountain burger, and a jalapeño blackberry margarita with a kick.
S34 "Recipe Revamps"Ree Drummond shares some on-trend recipes from recent years; she tackles a social media phenomenon with super popular birria tacos and puts a spin on pizza rolls, then Ree reveals the secrets to hidden secret brownies and extra crunchy fried pasta.
S33, EP19 "Easy Tex-Mex"Ree Drummond revisits simple Tex-Mex recipes from through the years, like her easy, cheesy Tex-Mex meatballs, speedy chicken and veggies sheet pan fajitas, fuss-free but decadent queso fundido con tequila and kicked-up spicy cowgirl iced coffee.
S33, EP17 "Empty Nesters"Ree Drummond downsizes dinner now that all her kids are grown and gone; she makes a small but scrumptious sausage and peppers 1/4 sheet pan pizza, and just the right amount of creamy pesto pasta.
S33, EP16 "30-Minute Marvels"Ree Drummond moves fast with some fabulous 30-minute one pan meals; skillet fiesta pork chops and a sheet pan salmon bake with caper herb mayo; Ree makes one pot gnocchi and cauliflower and a snappy family style steak sandwich.
S33, EP15 "Tomatoes"Ree Drummond puts tomatoes in the spotlight; she makes stuffed pizza crust with a fabulous sauce and prepares cheesy tomato soup; Ree puts a spin on a classic with taco tomatoes and piles up delicious bruschetta.
S33, EP14 "Merc Homemade"Ree Drummond shares homemade takes on star dishes from her Mercantile store; she makes BBQ Glazed Half Chicken with Balsamic Bacon Brussels Sprouts, Chocolate Almond Croissants, Parmesan Garlic Fries and an easy Roasted Vegetable Quesadilla.
S33, EP13 "Brunch Buffet"Ree Drummond shares ideas for a perfect brunch buffet; she packs breakfast enchiladas with chorizo and eggs, drizzles crispy potato halves in cilantro garlic sauce, makes over-the-top cinnamon crumb bagels and adds some fizz with a mimosa bar.
S33, EP12 "Bowled Over"Ree Drummond cooks up a tasty selection of brilliant bowl food; she gets the ball rolling with chicken meatball polenta bowls, teriyaki mushroom and egg bowls and shrimp and veggie grain bowls; plus, Ree whips up cute no-churn ice cream bowls.
S33, EP11 "Breakfast Bakes 4 Ways"Ree rises and shines with four delicious breakfast bakes; she starts with maple pancake cake, puts a savory spin on breakfast monkey bread, fills the oven with a puff pastry quiche and ends with a sausage and pepper grits bake.
S33, EP10 "Easy Dinner Party Inspiration"Ree prepares impressive dinner entrées including seared strip steak with jalepeño cream sauce, one-pan garlic butter shrimp penne, lighter braised greens and make-ahead tiramisu cheesecake cups.
S33, EP9 "Pasta Perfection"Ree Drummond cooks up some all-in-one pasta favorites as she shares her comforting creamy chicken fettuccine soup, the secret to roasted pepper pasta's easy oven sauce, an upgrade to a canned classic with one-pot homemade Os and a mash-up BLT pasta.
S33, EP7 "Over-the-Top Chocolate"Ree Drummond takes chocolate over the top for her friends and family; for girls' night, she makes dulce de leche pots de crème and white chocolate strawberry martinis; she bakes speedy saucepan chocolate cookies and a classic chocolate cobbler.
S33, EP6 "Pregame Prep"It's all about pregame prep as Ree Drummond scores big with drip beef meatballs to pile into rolls and BBQ pulled chicken for lighter lettuce wraps; she makes fan-favorite homemade mini pizza bagels and mashes up a dessert dream team for brookies.
S33, EP5 "Best One Pan Wonders"Ree Drummond revisits some of her one-pan favorites; a chicken and dressing sheet pan supper and Greek-style grilled salmon with veggies; getting cozy with a pot of sausage, potato and kale soup and a fun cheesy upside-down pizza.
S33, EP4 "Quick Dinner Fixes 4 Ways"Ree Drummond serves up a series of dinners, starting with a steak frites salad mash-up with speedy hollandaise and one-pot Cajun Alfredo; she whips up shortcut egg roll bowls and jalapeño pineapple pizza.
S33, EP3 "One Becomes Three"Ree Drummond shares how one paprika pork shoulder becomes three budget-friendly meals; she makes white beans with pork and croutons for lunch followed by sheet pan nachos and pork celebration sandwiches for the cowboys.
S33, EP2 "Fresh and Fast"Ree Drummond puts a fresh spin on dinner with a one-pan chicken cauliflower skillet, saucy rustic turkey meatball pasta and an extra-fast orange ginger steak stir-fry; she also cooks grilled pita pizzas piled high with vegetables for a solo supper.
S31, EP27 "Home for the Holidays"Ree Drummond shares make-ahead eats for when the kids get home for the holidays; she prepares her shortcut tex-mex meatball soup, festive DIY holiday brownie kits, a breakfast burrito casserole and a stash of everything snack mix.
S31, EP26 "Thanksgiving Leftovers"Ree Drummond gives Thanksgiving leftovers a twist for her "day after Thanksgiving" breakfast sandwiches, turkey spaghetti, loaded potato croquettes and pecan pie milkshakes.
S31, EP25 "Fast Thanksgiving Favorites"Ree Drummond shortcuts Thanksgiving with fast favorites for the big day feast; she cuts the cooking time with a spatchcock turkey; she bakes stuffing muffins, brown butter and sage pull apart bread, and fruity cream cheese puff pastries for dessert.
S31, EP24 "Easy Italian"Ree Drummond shares easy Italian favorites from recent years, including her make-ahead frozen pizza pockets two ways, a lemon pasta pronto, an all-in-one sheet pan shrimp puttanesca and her family-friendly hot and cheesy baked meatballs.
S31, EP22 "Thinking Thrifty"Ree Drummond thinks thrifty with meals that are budget-friendly and big on flavor, like hearty veggie ragu with cheesy polenta, a 16-minute creamy pork chop pasta, stunning slow cooker chicken verde burritos, and her mash-up cheeseburger bowls.
S31, EP21 "Housewarming Treats"Ree Drummond prepares fall sweets for visitors at her and her sister's remodeled home, by starting the housewarming with her classic s'mores cookies, shortcut cherry cheesecake brownie cups, easy apple fritters, and pumpkin pie snacking granola.
S31, EP20 "Easy Chicken 4 Ways"Ree Drummond shares a collection of her favorite easy chicken recipes from times gone by, including chicken enchi-lasagna, crispy chicken Florentine melts, braised chicken with apricots, and crispy chicken skins to go with drinks.
S31, EP19 "No Fail Fall"Ree Drummond cooks some no-fail fall favorites, starting with an autumn steak salad and a one-pan fall chicken skillet, then, she prepares Santa Fe eggs in purgatory for an all-day breakfast and her quick mini chocolate tarts.
S31, EP18 "Game Day Favorites"Ree Drummond makes game day favorites; she kicks off with bacon cheeseburger dip, followed by a salsa trio; she tackles crowd-pleasing popcorn chicken with maple mustard dip and a bratwurst bar.
S31, EP17 "Sister Sister"Ree Drummond and her sister Betsy bring a taste of Seattle to the prairie; they whip up a clam dip and Betsy's potato chips, crispy savory pancakes and a baked fontina cheese board, all washed down with a strawberry spritz.
S31, EP16 "Quick and Easy Weeknight Suppers"Ree Drummond cooks up some quick and easy midweek dinners, starting with grilled steak naan tacos and fast salmon bites with warm brussel sprouts slaw; she makes shortcut cheesy sausage one pot gnocchi and speedy crispy everything chicken cutlets.
S31, EP15 "BBQ Feast"Ree Drummond cooks up some delicious ideas for a barbecue feast using a grilled pineapple pepper relish to top both her sticky BBQ glazed pork tenderloin and baked cheese; she prepares Ree's eat your greens salad and a party-worthy frozen sangria.
S31, EP14 "Summer Eats 4 Ways"Ree Drummond lets the sunshine into her ranch kitchen with a stunning coconut shrimp salad and very seasonal summer vegetable enchiladas, then she crafts cute corn cakes with an incredible avocado salsa and finishes with cool tropical lime parfaits.
S31, EP13 "Christmas Bites"Ree Drummond gets the party started with shortcut appetizers, preparing spicy grape jelly meatballs, holiday mystery rolls and perky pigs in blankets; a Christmas crudité tree and pistachio pudding shooters.
S31, EP13 "Fair Food"Ree Drummond is making fairground food, starting with crazy bacon mac and cheese eggrolls; classic county fair turkey legs served with a sweet and spicy BBQ sauce, cheese on a stick and a cool, refreshing raspberry orange italian ice.
S31, EP11 "Book Faves"Ree Drummond revisits some of her favorite recipes from her books, including chicken fried steak medallions and pantry pasta 2.0; chicken summer stir fry is a new spin on a speedy standby; she showcases butter pecan French toast.
S31, EP11 "Sweet Tooth"Ree Drummond celebrates her sweet tooth with four desserts and snacks from times gone by; boozy peach shortcakes are followed by a fun waffle cone ice cream pie; butterscotch lava cakes and cinnamon toast hit the sweet spot.
S31, EP10 "For Company"Ree Drummond remembers her favorite dishes for company, including double chocolate pie with meringue and a brunch classic, tater tot breakfast casserole; salmon and cucumber bites and a shortcut millefeuille.
S31, EP10 "Keeping it Saucy"Store-bought sauces take center stage as Ree Drummond makes pesto egg pockets and grilled chimichurri shrimp wraps; cheese sauce takes cheesesteak burgers to the next level, and enchilada sauce is a wonderful shortcut in a Tex-Mex skillet.
S31, EP9 "Fun Family Food"Ree Drummond makes family-friendly food with a fun spin, starting with an over-the-top bacon cheeseburger salad and colorful rainbow pizza; she mashes up potato nachos and uses store-bought shortcuts for her no-cook cookie-dough bars.
S31, EP9 "Fridge Raid"Ree Drummond is raiding the fridge for some sensational eats; first up, fridge raid shakshuka is a good way to start the day, followed by easy produce drawer primavera; pancake mix dessert crepes and loaded potato pancakes round out the menu.
S31, EP8 "Mediterranean Summer Feast"Ree Drummond has summer entertaining covered with a Mediterranean feast; she's making marinated citrus salmon skewers and Greek yogurt dip served with a one-pan creamy cheesy orzotto; for dessert, baklava-inspired sundaes.
S31, EP7 "Dad-Friendly Dining"Ree Drummond is in her kitchen sharing a menu that every dad will love, starting with easy cheesy meatball subs with crispy jalapeno and onion petals on the side; to hit the sweet spot, there's dark chocolate puddings.
S31, EP6 "Post-Grad Eats"Ree Drummond makes dishes inspired by her daughter, Paige, who will be graduating from college soon; a street corn skillet, tomato avocado salad, one-pan ravioli and meatball soup and no-bake raspberry cheesecake.
S31, EP5 "Noodle On It"Ree Drummond uses gemelli in truffle mac and cheese and takes lasagna to the next level with pasta rosettes; she tops linguine with cauliflower bolognese and turns wonton wrappers into shortcut cheese ravioli.
S31, EP4 "Super Slider Supper"A super slider supper is in the spotlight in Ree Drummond's ranch kitchen; Ladd's chicken bacon sliders shine with an ultimate grilled and chopped salad; there's also a show stopping brown sugar peach ice box cake and grilled pineapple cocktails.
S31, EP3 "Lovely Lunch for Mom"Ree Drummond's special lunch just for Mom starts with grilled chicken lettuce wraps and a colorful grain salad; she also makes blood orange and basil wine spritzers for toasting and dark chocolate espresso sundaes for dessert.
S31, EP2 "Spice It Up"Ree Drummond adds variety and spice to family favorites; she whips up spicy garlic bread sloppy Joes.
S31, EP1 "First Anniversary"Ree Drummond celebrates Alex and Mauricio's first wedding anniversary by cooking recipes inspired by their honeymoon in the Maldives; her menu includes grilled vegetable hand rolls, white chocolate pistachio truffles, and tropical tequila cocktails.
S30, EP15 "Spring Dinner"Ree Drummond celebrates a new season with a spring dinner that starts with burrata and spring vegetable toast; roasted pork tenderloin with bacon jam, a cheesy crispy noodle casserole and individual lemon raspberry cakes.
S30, EP11 "Citrus Twist"Ree Drummond gives everything a citrus twist, starting with sticky crispy orange shrimp and lemon pepper tenderloin pasta; she then adds a sweet touch with a grapefruit tart and mixes up a ranch water cocktail and blood orange ranch water.
S30, EP10 "4 Ways With Cheese"Things get very cheesy in Ree Drummond's ranch kitchen, starting with five-cheese pasta; fried green tomato caprese salad mashup; fiery goat dip; mascarpone berry bowl.
S30, EP9 "Foolproof Fallbacks"Ree Drummond whips up dishes that can't go wrong, including chocolate sheet cake with vanilla bean frosting, stuffed peppers, simple Tex-Mex chicken spaghetti, and whiskey pot roast.
S30, EP8 "Grandma Knows Best"Ree Drummond celebrates the food she remembers from her grandma's house, making retro Salisbury steak in gravy, skillet scalloped potatoes and green beans; for dessert, she makes a go-to apple crisp.
S30, EP7 "New Weeknight Favorites"Ree Drummond dishes up new favorites that add wow to weeknights, including a new take on cheeseburger sliders, a quick skillet of rigatoni with broccolini and sausage, an easy tomato pie, and pretzel-crusted chicken strips.
S30, EP6 "Dinner for Your Sweetie"Ree Drummond shares her ideas for a romantic meal for that special someone; she teams crispy herb-crusted chicken cutlets with cheesy mushroom and black pepper pasta.
S30, EP5 "Game Day Eats"Ree Drummond scores big with easy game day eats, kicking off with dream team mashups of pizza dip with garlic toast and hamburger potato skins.
S30, EP4 "Easy and Elegant"Cooking dishes that are both simple and refined, starting with crab cakes and five-ingredient remoulade; peppercorn-crusted steak with pimento-creamed spinach, and lemon-thyme sheet pan chicken and potatoes.
S30, EP3 "Ree-freshed"Ree Drummond refreshes, or "ree-freshes," some of her favorite eats; she makes skirt steak and sweet potato fries, rustles up a Tex-Mex chicken pot pie, bakes a boozy berry upside-down cake, and fries up pesto egg toast.
S30, EP2 "Pocketbook-Friendly"Serving up four ranch-approved dishes that won't break the bank; making delicious Italian chicken meatballs over salad, speedy chili verde with all the fixings, a fun tortilla breakfast bake, and sweet and salty fudge for a treat.
S30, EP1 "Leading Vegetables"Celebrating vegetable dishes sure to get rave reviews; there's tomato cobbler with cheesy herb topping, an ensemble of vibrant greens in veggie-packed baked pasta, warming simple curry pumpkin soup, and rich cauliflower mash.
S29, EP14 "4 Ways to Start the Day"Ree shares four of her favorite ways to start the day; first, she makes portable Tex-Mex egg muffins and lemon poppy seed pancakes; then, there's breakfast grits bowls and a peach breakfast mug cake.
S29, EP13 "One-Pan Crowd Pleasers"Ree Drummond cooks up her favorite one-pan crowd pleasers for the holidays or anytime; there's easy mexican chicken and rice, shortcut sheet pan lasagna and sloppy joe mac and cheese; braised short ribs and carrots are perfect for a celebration.
S29, EP12 "Small Bites, Big Day"Ree Drummond is full of holiday spirit and making small bites for the big day; there are festive mini peppermint rolls and a trio of seasonal savories; crispy cauliflower cakes, steak bites with spicy blue cheese cream, and charcuterie board bites.
S29, EP11 "Best of Cowboy Breakfast"Ree Drummond is serving up three cowboy breakfasts, starting with Breakfast Cookies for Bryce; a big batch of Breakfast Burritos, filled with a spicy meat and egg scramble; a special delivery of Sweet Orange Rolls and Peppered Bacon.
S29, EP10 "One Potato, Two Potato"Ree Drummond spotlights different kinds of potatoes in a variety of delicious dishes; purple sweet potato soup with a pistachio crumble, corned beef hash with roasted russets and sweet potatoes, and potato dumplings with leftover mashed potatoes.
S29, EP9 "What to Bring"Ree Drummond makes portable dishes for holiday potlucks and parties; caramelized onion and white cheddar mac, pumpkin scones with coffee glaze, a festive gooey brie crescent wreath and spicy parmesan brussels sprouts.
S29, EP8 "Super Easy Italian"Ree is in her kitchen serving up simple dishes with an Italian spin; first up are Italian beef sandwiches followed by a make-ahead spaghetti pizza pie and garlic and herb mozzarella sticks; for dessert, she makes no churn spumoni.
S29, EP7 "Let's Get Toasted"Ree's feast for toast lovers starts with chicken pot pie toast, which has a creamy filling served on crispy brioche; French onion grilled cheese; mixed mushroom toast with whipped ricotta; cinnamon s'mores toast for dessert.
S29, EP6 "Quick and Easy Sweet Treats"Ree Drummond makes sweet treats, starting with a puff pastry braid filled with nuts and chocolate spread; she also makes 4-berry chimichangas, cake mix bars packed with candies and mint-flavored icebox sandwiches.
S29, EP5 "Fall Favorites"Ree Drummond celebrates autumn with seasonal favorites, like a fall salad with spicy brittle, very veggie soup and her go-to dish for entertaining, wine-braised chicken with apricots; for a sweet finish, she makes autumn fruit compote sundaes.
S29, EP4 "All in the Game"Ree Drummond and her crew cook up football tailgate eats, kicking off with strawberry cobbler squares and spicy mango BBQ turkey meatballs; there are winning hoagies with quick pepper relish, and Ree tastes victory with her game day guacamole.
S29, EP3 "Never Enough Pasta"Ree Drummond plays with pasta all ways, making Greek spaghetti and meatballs, butternut squash pasta casserole and hot and spicy mean green fusilli; there's even pasta for dessert in the form of fried ravioli with chocolate.
S29, EP2 "Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinners"Ree Drummond serves up four weeknight dinner winners, starting with shrimp sheet pan pita; she assembles a taco bar for make-your-own jalapeno popper tacos, makes five-spice steak bowls and dishes out eggplant parm one pot pasta.
S29, EP1 "Lighter Classics"Ree Drummond gives classic dishes a lighter spin, starting with spice-rubbed grilled cauliflower steaks and fully loaded lightened up nachos; she also makes a platter of mushroom "cheesesteak" lettuce wraps and garlic mashed potatoes.
S29 "Best of Pastry Perfection"Ree Drummond shares a collection of her favorite pastry recipes; Caramel Apple Pie with a spiced pie crust, divine shortcut Puff Pastry Pizzas and Spinach Phyllo Hand Pies.
S29 "Best of 16-Minute Meals: Italian Family Style"Ree Drummond serves up a collection of family style Italian 16-minute meals, including speedy pork scaloppini, pasta with pesto and peas and a quick dinner of snappy Italian sausage pasta skillet.
S29 "Best of Ranch Christmas Favorites"Ree Drummond shares a seasonal spread of her favorite Christmas dishes, including holiday bacon appetizers, Christmas tree pizza and a prime rib with rosemary salt crust.
S28, EP13 "Too tired to cook"Ree Drummond is on the ranch making fast and easy dishes; there's shortcut gussied up ramen followed by an effortless one pot clam spaghetti.
S28, EP12 "Chilled out"Ree Drummond creates cool recipes for a very hot day; there's a salmon nicoise caesar salad mashup.
S28, EP11 "Kid crew cooking"Ree Drummond cooks dishes for her kid film crew, including a chickpea curry bowl for daughter Paige and a jalapeno bacon cheeseburger mac for son-in-law Mauricio; there's a layered brownie skillet sundae for nephew Stuart.
S28, EP10 "Date Night"Ree Drummond makes an extra special, Italian-inspired dinner for two with date night chicken pasta accompanied by a colorful everything antipasto salad and four-cheese flatbreads; for dessert, there are divine individual mini tiramisus.
S28, EP9 "Teenager friendly food"Ree Drummond's got a busy day cooking food for hungry teenagers; there are tasty chili pie burritos inspired by a local fast-food favorite, followed by quick-and-easy honey pecan chicken strips.
S28, EP8 "Summer on the Ranch"Sausage and pepper burgers; cobb chicken salad; Chipotle mozzarella pasta salad; key lime pie cheesecake bars.
S28, EP7 "From the Freezer"Creamy shrimp gnocchi; all vegetable fried rice; tot waffle breakfast stack; mini meatball subs.
S28, EP6 "Social Sensations"Ree Drummond is home on the ranch trying her hand at internet-famous eats; she makes Mexican birria tacos, burnt cheesecake with blackberries, baked goat cheese pasta, and corn ribs.
S28, EP5 "Summer Celebration"It's all about summer celebrations in Ree Drummond's ranch kitchen; She starts by making customizable roasted brisket sliders and a big grilled veggie salad, followed by a lemon and berry icebox cake and fizzy sparkling sangria.
S28, EP4 "3 Apps and a Cocktail"Ree Drummond has cocktail hour and a summer party on her mind; she puts her ranch kitchen spin on a BBQ shrimp cocktail, makes irresistible buffalo chicken meatball skewers, bakes bacon ranch cheesy bread and mixes up blueberry-basil limeade.
S28, EP3 "16-Minute Meals: Cowboy Favorites"Ree Drummond is sharing 16-minute favorites for cowboys and cowgirls; she makes steak medallions and potatoes, gnocchi with chorizo and corn, crisp in a pinch and finally a chicken jalapeno popper quesadilla.
S28, EP2 "California Cooking"The sun is shining, and Ree Drummond is doing some California-style cooking; she makes wine-roasted chicken with pistachio pesto pasta, vibrant cauliflower tacos with avocado crema and divine roasted grape and ricotta toasts.
S28, EP1 "Film Crew Takeout"Ree Drummond cooks food for her kid crew to take home after a busy day of filming; she makes Alex's veggie-packed burritos, Mauricio's tortilla soup, Paige's s'mores brownies and Stu's baked BBQ ribs.
S27, EP13 "Home Sweet Home: Take-Along"Ree Drummond shares delicious eats to take along to parties, get-togethers and cookouts, starting with a grilled potato salad and pinwheels three ways; she whips up queso with grilled veggies and quick and easy fruit tarts.
S27, EP12 "Home Sweet Home: Dinner Start to Finish"Ree Drummond makes dinner, beginning with an old favorite, perfect potluck dessert then moving on to classic steak diane, easy roasted parmesan potatoes and incredible garlic butter mushrooms.
S27, EP11 "Home Sweet Home: Tale of Four Dinners"Ree Drummond is on the ranch dishing up a tale of four dinners: sticky soy glazed salmon with broccolini and lime rice; fancy fish and zucchini fries; creamy gnocchi with chorizo and peppers; bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin.
S27, EP10 "Home Sweet Home: Mom Knows Best"Ree Drummond is making her visiting mom's favorite food, starting with chocolate mousse and white clam pizza; because her mom is interested in eating healthy, Ree also makes some so-good-for-you salad and garlic spinach spaghetti.
S27, EP9 "Home Sweet Home: Hotter and Hotter"Ree Drummond transforms jalapeno pimento cheese dip into a fiery grilled cheese, gives roasted chipotle fish tacos a real kick and makes hot and cheesy baked meatballs.
S27, EP8 "Home Sweet Home: 4 Ways with Beef"Ree Drummond is beefing things up with four recipes that feature meat; Ree makes a mash up of Steak with Creamed Greens Pasta, uses ground beef in Taco Tomatoes, wraps up Mini Beef Wellingtons and tucks meatballs into a Crispy Italian Wrap.
S27, EP7 "Home Sweet Home: Pizza the Action"Ree Drummond is on the ranch cooking up some creative new pizzas; a Butternut Squash Crust Pizza, a Pizza Dough Bowl filled with salad and a Brownie Pizza.
S27, EP6 "Home Sweet Home: Spring is in the Air"Ree Drummond celebrates springtime with seasonal recipes like Shrimp with Zucchini Noodles, an easy Lamb Stew, Cheesy Ham and Egg Hand Pies and Grain Salad.
S27, EP5 "Home Sweet Home: Sheet Pan Adventures"Ree Drummond is going on a sheet pan adventure; a roasted sheet pan salad; a big meatloaf; mega mac and cheese; a sheet pan pancake with three toppings.
S27, EP4 "Home Sweet Home: Crazy 8's"Ree Drummond and the kids serve up some eats with just eight ingredients; a colorful clementine sprinkle cake; a creamy and crunchy chicken tot pie; cheesy-stuffed pasta; a speedy dumpling soup.
S27, EP3 "Home Sweet Home: Easy Eats"Ree Drummond is taking it easy with a range of simple dishes, starting with creamy lemon chicken and sweet potato and mushroom carbonara; she makes a quick lemony salmon and asparagus salad and gazpacho pasta with a no-cook sauce.
S27, EP2 "Home Sweet Home: Just for Two"Ree Drummond is making recipes for two; a Cajun T-bone steak with lemon pepper shoestring fries; a sheet pan dinner of spicy peanut chicken and broccoli; dulce de leche lava cakes.
S27, EP1 "Home Sweet Home: 16-Minute Chicken Dinners"Ree Drummond is making 16-minute chicken dinners in a race against time; she starts with chicken fajita pasta, followed by honey plum soy stir fry; a spicy chicken sandwich using cutlets, and there's a shortcut in the green goddess chicken salad.
S26, EP13 "Home Sweet Home: Drummond Comfort"Ree recruits help on the ranch to cook family favorites, including Tuscan chicken soup, casserole with cheesy greens, fried crispy potato balls and an easy Neapolitan cake.
S26, EP12 "Home Sweet Home: Taste of Tex Mex"Ree serves her favorite Tex-Mex recipes, starting with spicy shrimp and grits, chicken and veggie sheet pan fajitas, irresistible chile lime cauliflower drizzled with smokey mayo; churro chip sundae.
S26, EP11 "Home Sweet Home: Very Chocolatey"Ree makes white chocolate and berry pancakes, followed by overload cookies with a fabulous chocolate fivesome; spicy cocoa rub; ultimate frozen mocha.
S26, EP10 "Home Sweet Home: Super Bowled Over"Ree Drummond makes winning game-day eats for herself and the kids; she starts with a beer cheese bread bowl and then makes hearty short rib stew served over buttered egg noodles; her cookie salad is an unexpected treat.
S26, EP9 "Home Sweet Home: Skillet Stories"Ree Drummond opens up her book of skillet stories, cooking up new dishes in trusty pans while her kids join her to film; her menu includes a strawberry almond pan cake, breakfast totchos and tortellini puttanesca.
S26, EP8 "Home Sweet Home: Vacation at Home"Ree Drummond goes global for inspiration while staying cozy in her kitchen; she crosses the Atlantic for an all-in-one take on a full English breakfast; a chicken tagine; dessert is a trio of Brazilian brigadeiros.
S26, EP7 "Home Sweet Home: Underappreciated"Ree Drummond shines a spotlight on unsung hero ingredients; canned foods reveal hidden talents in her salmon burgers and spam fried rice, a spinach mushroom quiche, and a baking mix takes the lead in chocolate chip scones.
S26, EP6 "Home Sweet Home: Ladd's Birthday"Ree Drummond and her family are celebrating Ladd's birthday by making his favorite foods for dinner; there's a juicy, rare filet with roasted garlic butter that Ree pairs with cheesy au gratin potatoes and a fun cowboy-style chopped salad board.
S26, EP5 "Home Sweet Home: A Little Healthier"Ree Drummond shakes up some well-loved recipes and makes them a little healthier; she puts a spin on the family's takeout favorite, General Tso's chicken, and skips the crust for her classic apple pie.
S26, EP3 "Home Sweet Home: One-Pan Winter"Ree Drummond is cooking up one-pan wonders with a wintry twist; she makes creamy Italian one-pan pasta, the simplest baked pancetta and butternut risotto, a cozy white lasagna soup and an inspired chicken and chili sheet pan quesadilla.
S26, EP2 "Home Sweet Home: Dressed Up for the Holidays"Ree Drummond celebrates the holidays with extra special seasonal eats. For brunch, there's next-level impressive Smoked Salmon Benedict, elegant Creamy Mushroom Soup that's party perfect and an amped-up side dish of Hasselback Sweet Potatoes.
S26, EP1 "Home Sweet Home: Winter Warmers"Ree Drummond makes perfect dishes for a cozy winter get-together; Italian wedding casserole; braised beef and red chilies with a rich red sauce; roasted squash soup.
S26 "Home Sweet Home: New Holiday Faves"Ree Drummond gets in the holiday spirit with Apple, Brie and Mushrooms En Croute, Traditional Eggnog in a ginger crumb-rimmed glass and an Ugly Sweater Cake. She also makes Berry Basil Vodka and Festive Marinated Olives for a happy hour gift basket.
S25, EP30 "Home Sweet Home: Perfect as Pie"Ree Drummond proves that the pie's the limit with four irresistibly easy pie recipes. She makes a drunken pecan pie, a coconut cream pie with shortcuts, a cranberry and cherry cobbler pie and a super fast cast iron blueberry and nectarine galette.
S25, EP29 "Home Sweet Home: Thanksgiving 101"Ree Drummond makes her Thanksgiving recipes; the feast includes her foolproof simple roasted turkey with an herby butter, easy cornbread and sausage stuffing and classic giblet gravy; the trick to a shortcut cranberry sauce.
S25, EP28 "Home Sweet Home: Spook-tacular Sweets"Ree Drummond makes a spine-tingling lineup of Halloween treats with the help of her kid crew; dirt cups; pretzel spider webs; peanut butter cookie ghosts; concession stand crackers; donut eyeballs.
S25, EP27 "Home Sweet Home: PDQ"Ree Drummond shares four recipes she can make PDQ, pretty darn quick; pancetta and butternut squash pasta; shortcut taco soup; 10-minute Philly dogs; three-Ingredient chocolate cake.
S25, EP26 "Home Sweet Home: Tailgate Get-Togethers"Ree Drummond shares a lineup of tailgate-friendly favorites; portable Italian pork sandwiches, butternut squash and black bean enchiladas, slow-cooker teriyaki ribs and a Greek 7-layer dip.
S25, EP25 "Home Sweet Home: Easy Weeknight Dinners"Ree Drummond shares her cajun surf and turf pasta, pineapple chicken stir-fry, shortcut broccoli and tomato flatbread pizzas and a street corn quesadilla --all ideal for Monday to Friday meals that need to be ready in moments.
S25, EP24 "Home Sweet Home 15"Ree Drummond is making quick family meals at home on the ranch, including pork marsala with mushrooms and a gorgeous grilled shrimp panzanella; Ree makes spinach artichoke calzones and shortcut creamy tortellini soup, a real 10-minute wonder.
S25, EP23 "Home Sweet Home: Labor Day Spread"Ree serves up easy, delicious Labor Day eats; there are crispy wings with hot honey sauce and spicy pimento cheese grits; for something sweet, Ree makes divine peach shortcakes and a refreshing ginger cherry limeade spritzer.
S25, EP22 "Home Sweet Home 13"Ree Drummond cooks ranch-style Italian; chicken Florentine mac and cheese; squash replaces spaghetti in a healthy spin on classic bolognese; cast iron pizza bianca; sugar cookie bruschetta.
S25, EP21 "Home Sweet Home: Quick and Fun"Ree Drummond is making quick, easy and fun food on the ranch; Greek salad; sesame noodles with mushrooms are stir-fried; breaded Buffalo fried mozzarella bites; a towering, frozen King of the Ranch ice cream pie.
S25, EP20 "Stand-in Daughter"Ree Drummond makes dinner in miniature for a fun get-together with her niece; she prepares all of niece Halle's favorites, like bacon cheeseburger bites, loaded crash hots, and Waldorf salad skewers.
S25, EP19 "Home Sweet Home 11"Ree Drummond cooks super easy eats with her kids; wafflewiches; turkey bacon; Reuben; roast beef and fluffernutter.
S25, EP18 "4 Super-Fast Suppers"Ree Drummond has the lowdown on super-fast suppers, including spicy chorizo burgers with shortcut taco tots, her favorite fried calamari flatbread, and a stunning stir-fried quick veggie pad Thai.
S25, EP17 "16 Minute Meals: Italian"Ree makes 16-minute Italian meals; there's speedy pork scaloppini for a quick family dinner and snappy steak pizzaiola that the boys absolutely love.
S25, EP16 "Home Sweet Home 10"Ree Drummond's husband, Ladd, is hauling hay with his crew, and Ree is fixing a make-ahead dinner and treats; she gets ahead with chunky chili, cheesy cornbread muffins with honey butter and a layered summer garden salad; brown butter crispies.
S25, EP15 "Home Sweet Home 9"Ree Drummond is sharing ideas for four delicious family meals; Ree's husband, Ladd, and his father, Chuck, share speedy mini sloppy joe sliders; Hawaiian chicken bowls, marvelously meatless sheet pan gnocchi; quick lemon shrimp alfredo.
S25, EP14 "Home Sweet Home 8"Ree Drummond experiences a day of cooking and cattle working and has a real cowboy lunch at the ranch, all shot by her kid crew; crispy breaded easy pork chops, smashed potatoes; baked beans with peppers; shortcut chocolate poke cake.
S25, EP13 "Home Sweet Home 7"Ree Drummond cooks for the Fourth of July with store-bought shortcuts; party-ready chipotle Caesar salad with grilled salmon; cheesy asparagus tart; easy corn dip; red, white and blue ice cream sandwich cake that's super-fast to make.
S25, EP12 "Home Sweet Home 6"Summer cooking and ideas for easy entertaining include rigatoni with creamy corn, Greek-style turkey burgers stuffed into pitas, jalapeno popper potato salad, and red berry frozen sangria.
S25, EP11 "Home Sweet Home 5"Ree Drummond is whipping up fantastic five-ingredient dishes; bruschetta chicken; sweet and spicy honey chili shrimp; veggie ravioli bake; Ree's daughter Paige helps with blissful, fruity frozen yogurt bites.
S25, EP8 "Home Sweet Home Part 2"Ree Drummond whips up delicious anytime breakfast foods for the kids' quarantine cooking show, including a one-pan Dutch Baby, five-minute granola made in a skillet, an Indian bread omelet, and a trendy Dalgona coffee.
S25, EP7 "Home Sweet Home 1"Ree Drummond and the kids are home on the ranch; orecchiette with sausage and kale on the menu for pasta pronto, and luscious leftovers star in a crazy mashup of pepperoni fried rice; chicken nugget parmesan; no-churn ricotta and orange ice cream.
S25, EP6 "Staying Home 5"Ree Drummond makes an incredibly easy mashup of broccoli cheese orzotto, super-speedy Italian meatball skewers, a very berry mug cake that's a fruity take on her favorite five-minute marvel, and a gorgeous pineapple smoothie bowl.
S25, EP5 "Staying Home 4"Ree's four kids are pitching in to help their mom shoot a special homemade episode with easy quarantine recipes for Mother's Day; convenience Caesar salad; shortcut Tres Leches cake is perfect for kids to make as a treat for Mom.
S25, EP4 "Staying Home 3"Ree puts a spin on pantry, fridge and freezer staples with her Hash Brown Tostadas and Fancy Grilled PB and J; she whips up the 10-minute triumph Cacio e Pepe; comforting, no-fuss No-Bake S'mores Bars.
S25, EP3 "Staying Home 2"Ree Drummond's daughters Paige and Alex, nephew Stuart and her friend Mauricio step in as the crew to shoot the show on their phones; tomato soup 2.0; homemade mini tortillas and cabbage pantry slaw; fish stick tacos; strawberry lime mousse.
S25 "Dinner on the Grill"Ree Drummond makes a Mexican-inspired family dinner on the grill, and Ladd pitches in with the cooking; marinated Carne Asada, teamed up with skewers of juicy chipotle glazed shrimp; corn and squash salad; grilled pineapple with cream.
S23, EP4 "Quick and Easy: Chicken"It's chicken all ways as Ree Drummond whips up four quick and easy chicken dinners; for company, she makes mustard herb chicken cutlets and garlic spinach and a classic sandwich in her chicken nugget bacon ranch club.
S21, EP5 "Quarterback Training"Ree Drummond is hoping to score big with dinner for the boys after quarterback training.
S2, EP8 "Ladd's Birthday"A fabulous birthday dinner for Ladd.
S1, EP7 "Christmas"Cinnamon rolls; prime rib with rosemary; Duchess potatoes; Burgundy mushrooms and whiskey cream sauce.
S1, EP6 "Rancher's Dinner"Grilled tenderloins; twice baked potatoes; corn casserole; iceberg lettuce with ranch.
S1, EP5 "Frontier Family"Malted milk chocolate chip cookies; pot roast; blackberry cobbler.
S1, EP4 "The Drummond Bunch"Spicy Cajun pasta; Ladd's favorite sandwich; cherry limeade; egg in the hole.
S1, EP3 "Cowgirls and Cowboys"Goat cheese with dill appetizers; sangria; fig, prosciutto, and arugula pizza.
S1, EP2 "Surprise Birthday"Lemon blueberry pancakes; macaroni and cheese; sliders with toppings.
S1, EP1 "Home on the Ranch"Chicken-fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy; tomato salad; breakfast sandwiches.
"Home Sweet Home: Brunch Bites"Ree Drummond is serving up brunch ideas that are perfect for the holidays, from a build-your-own leftover frittata sandwich board to a crispy A.M. wrap.
Noted food blogger and cookbook author Ree Drummond, known to her fans as "The Pioneer Woman," is a sassy former city slicker who has moved to a ranch in Oklahoma to live with her rancher husband and their children (not to mention her extended family, a menagerie of animals). Drummond makes the jump from print to TV in this series as she invites viewers into her life (and kitchen), sharing her brand of home cooking, from suppers that are thrown together in a hurry to preparing elaborate celebrations.
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