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Banged Up AbroadDream adventures turn into hellish nightmares for the travelers featured in this series, which recounts through firsthand interviews and re-enactments terror-filled experiences of being arrested in a foreign country, usually for drug smuggling, and how they coped with the resulting lengthy prison terms. Viewers also hear from people directly involved with the arrests, whether it's the undercover agents gathering the evidence against the suspects, or the people making the drug dealing offers.
S15, EP7 "Sole Smuggler"South African David starts drug smuggling after hitting a mid-life crisis.
S15, EP3 "Narco Neverland"A Chicago teen is drawn into smuggling drugs for the Mexican cartels.
S15, EP6 "Big Trouble in Tokyo"Steven Beattie smuggles hash to fund his Thai party lifestyle; he pays the price when he's locked up in Japan.
S15, EP5 "Declassified: A King's Ransom"The Latin Kings dominate Chicago in the 1980s and teenager Rafael Arguelles joins them to protect himself, but after a stint in jail, he realizes his gang is tearing his community apart and agrees to go under cover for the FBI.
S15, EP9 "Casualty of War"Former soldier Brett turns to smuggling drugs in India after battling PTSD.
S15, EP8 "Fighting Yaba"Billy the boxer fights addiction and the horrors of a Thai prison.
S15, EP1 "Love Behind Bars"Arrested in Brazil, Anelda Mare faces five years in a terrifying prison.
S15, EP2 "Double Cross Dope Deal"As the Cartels, DEA and a terrifying hitman all close in, drug runner Chris Heifner turns informant to save his family and take down his best friend.
S15, EP4 "Trauma Express"Grieving Bronwyn is lured into smuggling cocaine after a life of tragedy.
S14, EP10 "A Bellyful of Coke"A young father risks his own life when he agrees to smuggle cocaine from Peru.
S14, EP9 "50 Ton Pot Run"A Boston hippie ships one of the biggest marijuana loads in U.S. history.
S14, EP8 "Declassified: Mole in the Mob"Gangster turned informer, Kenji Gallo, risks all to bring down a New York mafia boss.
S14, EP7 "The Mother's Load"A young mom addicted to crack takes her daughter on a risky drug smuggling job in Venezuela, but her world collapses when the two are torn apart.
S14, EP5 "Thai Ice Storm"A young Londoner gets an exciting offer to work in his dad's bar in Thailand, but when he arrives, he soon discovers a world of temptation that he can't resist, breaking his father's golden rule.
S13, EP1 "Undercover Biker"Drug dealer Charles Falco is facing life in prison and becomes an informer to reduce his sentence; for the first time, he tells us how he infiltrates a deadly motorcycle gang.
S12, EP10 "Peruvian Parent Trap"A woman's offer of work in Peru leads to incarceration, attempted murder and the ultimate betrayal.
S12, EP9 "Indian Hash Bust"Australian Mark O'Brien joins an ashram in India after being dissatisfied with life not realizing his actions will lead him to Yawanda Prison.
S12, EP8 "Panamania"Party girl Christina spirals into addiction but sees a way out through drug smuggling; it's a decision that costs her five years of her life.
S12, EP7 "Jungle Crash"Keith Stansell is taken hostage by FARC guerrillas after his plane crashes in the Colombian jungle.
S12, EP6 "Bangkok Betrayal"Latasha Madson gets a chance to dance in a club in Thailand, where she falls in love with a man named Phillip; caught with a stash of Phillip's heroin, she is sent to Thailand's notorious "Bangkok Hilton" prison.
S12, EP5 "Narco Wine Bust"Champion skier Nick Brewer flees home and begins selling pills in France.
S12, EP4 "Mexican Cartel Hell"Texan Carlos Quijas is a happy family man whose girlfriend, Anna, is expecting their first child, but, in Mexico, his life changes forever when he's falsely imprisoned and tortured for drug smuggling.
S12, EP3 "Caribbean Coke King"After a man loses his job and gets a divorce, his friend offers him work smuggling cocaine; he is eventually caught and sentenced to 10 years in a Dominican prison.
S12, EP2 "Greek Border Bust"David and Tom attempt to smuggle 110 pounds of hash from Afghanistan to Germany in a Land Rover; everything is going according to plan until they reach the Greek border, where the guards drill into the bottom of the truck and the hashish pours out.
S12, EP1 "Thai Meth Bust"Jimmy is a postman from Watford, England, who realizes his dream of running a bar in Thailand; the bar is a hit, but Jimmy quickly starts dealing meth; in a dramatic takedown, Jimmy is busted and sent straight to prison, where he serves four years.
S11, EP6 "Bad Bromance"U.S. Naval Officer Lemar Burton tries to survive in one of Colombia's most brutal prisons.
S11, EP5 "Mexican Border Bust"Steve Peterson attempts to smuggle marijuana from Mexico into the US, but encounters Tijuana cops.
S11, EP4 "Double Crossed In The Desert"Journalist Phil Cox is taken hostage in Sudan.
S11, EP3 "Teen Traffickers"A teenage drug courier is tricked into a more dangerous job than she bargained for in Bolivia; a teen agrees to smuggle drugs from Colombia.
S11, EP2 "Hidden Hostages"Photographer Matthew Schrier is kidnapped by Al Qaeda while departing Aleppo, Syria; he faces a choice between saving himself or staying with a fellow prisoner.
S11, EP1 "Breaking Bad In Britain"Sentenced to 12 years, drug dealer Pieter Tritton must find out if he has what it takes to survive in one of the worlds' most violent and corrupt penal systems.
S10, EP6 "Qaddafi's American Prisoner"Matthew VanDyke was captured by Qaddafi's men.
S9, EP10 "Hunting Mr. Nice"A gripping look at how schoolteacher Howard Marks became one of the world's biggest cannabis traffickers and how, eventually, his vast empire began to unravel.
S9, EP9 "Fast, Furious and Busted"Rick Cedar begins stealing radios to support his family, but finds his life and freedom hanging on the line.
S9, EP8 "Vegas Mobster"Chicago Outfit enforcer Frank Cullotta speaks out about the notorious deeds of boss Tony Spilotro, his life in the mob and the burglary that led to his capture.
S9, EP7 "Hippie Mafia"Former hash-smuggling hippie Eddie Padilla escapes from one of Peru's most notorious prisons, nicknamed the House of the Devil.
S9, EP6 "Mexican Prison Escape"After months of torturous tunnelling, two surfers caught up in cannabis smuggling, escaped their Mexican jail.
S9, EP5 "The Real Argo"The true story behind the Oscar-winning film, "Argo," which is about CIA operative Tony Mendez's daring plan to rescue six diplomats during the Iranian hostage crisis.
S9, EP4 "Buried Alive"Former American contractor Roy Hallums describes the terrifying 311 days he spent held hostage in Iraq, as well as his dramatic rescue by the US Army's Delta Force.
S9, EP3 "Raving Arizona"Englishman Shaun was seduced by the money and glamour of drug dealing. However, when a local Mafia boss took offence, his world turned upside down.
S9, EP2 "Snakes on a Plane"As investigators closed in, big-time reptile smuggler Tom Crutchfield fled to Belize. However, he soon found himself in a jungle prison renowned for its brutality.
S9, EP1 "Vietnam POWs: McCain & Brace"The remarkable story of Vietnam POWs Ernie Brace and John McCain and the friendship they formed though the cell walls of Hanoi Hilton prison.
S8, EP20 "Escape from the Gulag"Caught trying to smuggle heroin, Jerry Amster finds himself facing a lengthy spell in one of Russia's toughest labor camps.
S8, EP19 "Busted in Bangkok"Dumped by her lover, a Chicago woman smuggles heroin from Thailand to fund a new life; when caught and sentenced to life at a notorious Bangkok prison, she attempts suicide but fails.
S8, EP18 "Nightmare in Somalia"In July 2008, Australian photojournalist Nigel Brennan and Canadian reporter Amanda Lindhout end up spending over a year in captivity while reporting on the war in Somalia.
S8, EP15 "Venezuela Hustle"Desperate to keep his family afloat, Paul agrees to smuggle six kilos of cocaine from Venezuela back to Dublin. It turns out to be the worst decision of his life.
S8, EP14 "The Orchid Hunters"The shocking story of two British backpackers who were ambushed and held to ransom by a guerilla group while crossing the notoriously dangerous Darien Gap.
S8, EP13 "Chilean Prison Break"The gripping story of Tom Hanway who fled a Chilean jail with a fellow prisoner, taking a dangerous and fatal escape route across the desert.
S8, EP11 "My Dad the Smuggler"After his father is jailed in China for smuggling cannabis, Scott Campbell risks all, continuing with his dad's unfinished mission in order to pay for his lawyer.
S8, EP10 "I Am Not a Terrorist"For money to party and to support his daughter, a jobless man, Duane Wollum, smuggles cocaine from Nicaragua into the U.S.
S8, EP7 "Black Palace of Horrors"Busted for drug smuggling, life in a Mexico jail becomes a living hell for Dwight Yorker, who winds up dressing as a woman in an audacious bid for freedom.
S8, EP3 "Dangerous Liaisons"Revealing how British nurse Stephen Comiskey drew the unwelcome attention of the Saudi religious police after a series of illicit gay affairs.
S8, EP2 "Escape From Argentina"A look at how broke British student Lucy Wright became accused of smuggling cocaine and was forced to flee across South America to escape jail.
S8, EP1 "Cocaine Mule Mom"Struggling to pay her mortgage, newly single mom-of-three Ruthie Lambert agreed to smuggle cocaine. However, the much-needed cash came at a terrible price.
S7, EP9 "Teenage Drug Smuggler"Desperate for a gastric bypass, Vivian Carrasquillo agreed to smuggle drugs for cash. However, meager meals in a tropical jail played no part in her weight-loss plan.
S7, EP8 "Drug Dealer Revenge"Dealers threatened to attack Robert Pringle's family if he didn't smuggle cocaine out of Peru. With no choice he tried, and got seven years in a violent prison.
S7, EP7 "The Cocaine Trap"An Australian thinks his luck has changed when a businessman offers him $15,000 to smuggle gold but when it turns out to be cocaine, he must battle illness and hostile inmates in an Argentine prison.
S7, EP6 "Daredevil Drug Runner"When his rent doubled, martial arts teacher Chris Chance turned to smuggling hashish and ultimately landed him in a grim and violent prison in Malaga.
S7, EP5 "Heroin Sting"A man offers Brigene Young a free trip to Mauritius if she wears a special pair of shoes; caught with a kilo of heroin in her heels, she faces seven years in prison.
S7, EP3 "Prisoner of Love"The dramatic tale of how Briton David Scott and his Filipino girlfriend Cynthia faced seven years in prison in the Philippines just for falling love.
S7, EP2 "Saudi Whisky Run"Scottish chef Gordon Malloch moves to Saudi Arabia to start a new life as a catering manager, but soon becomes a popular bootlegger and whiskey smuggler.
S7, EP1 "The Real Goodfella"A dramatic look at how `Goodfella' mobster Henry Hill lost it all by dealing dope, winding up as a jailbird and a mafia snitch with a large price on his head.
"Mexico Money Machine"A man, Jeremy Khinoo, regrets his decision to obtain illegal prescription drugs in Mexico using counterfeit money he made on his computer.
"Compilations: Partners in Crime"Ambushed by the police, smuggler Chris Chance must abandon his wife to spend years in a Spanish prison; TK White and her girlfriend fund their Jamaican vacation by smuggling marijuana, and they land in an overcrowded, pest-infested jail.
"Compilations: Caught in the Crossfire"A UN peacekeeper escapes war-torn Sierra Leone; two journalists are kidnapped in Somalia.
"Compilations: Bad Hombres"Two Texans get busted with marijuana in Mexico.
"Compilations: Busted in Customs"Two drug smugglers must face the consequences after getting caught at the airport.
"Compilations: Drug Desperados"Two bankrupt people agree to smuggle cocaine in South America.
"Compilations: Parents in Prison"Zara begins smuggling drugs only to discover she is pregnant again; while serving time, she can only keep her son with her for his first three months; after finding out his girlfriend is pregnant, street racer Rick Cedar plunges deeper into crime.
"Betrayed & Busted"A veteran's friend fools her into carrying heroin from Thailand; an actor traveling from Pakistan doesn't know his suitcase is stuffed with opium.
"From Hollywood to Hell"After being tricked into smuggling opium, actor Erik Aude is sentenced to 7 years in a Pakistani prison.
"Dads Gone Bad"Scott Campbell is busted with pot in China; Duane Wollum is caught in Nicaragua with coke.
"Moms Behind Bars"Ruthie Lambert is busted with coke from Peru; Susan Haglof is called a kidnapper in Egypt.
"Compilations: Brazen Breakouts"Incarcerated in a Soviet prison camp, American Jerry must leave his friends behind to make a daring escape; In Mexico, five imprisoned Americans plan an escape, digging a tunnel through concrete with just a butter knife and rocks.
"Dumped & Desperate"A bodybuilder prints counterfeit money after a breakup; a hippie smuggles cocaine for love.
"Compilations: Love Is a Drug"A husband is framed and jailed in Bali, Indonesia; a musician is caught smuggling cocaine in Caracas, Venezuela.
"Compilations: Prisoners of War"Vietnam prisoners of war John McCain and Ernest Brace; a CIA operative rescues U.S. diplomats from Tehran, Iran, under the guise of filming a science fiction film titled "Argo."
"Running Scared"Tom Hanway is busted with LSD in Chile; Dwight Worker is caught with cocaine in Mexico.
"Young Smugglers"Pieter Tritton is caught with coke in Ecuador; Steve Peterson is busted with marijuana.
"Servants of Saddam"Latif Yahia is forced to serve as a body double for Saddam Hussein's son, Uday; Tom Lynch is caught escaping Iraq.
"Prisoners in Paradise"A bartender on vacation is busted with heroin; a dancer is caught smuggling coke.
"Compilations: Dying for the Mob"Australian Tim Schrader gets caught up in a Thai drug syndicate while working in Bangkok; he faces a life sentence after being betrayed; in Maui, Eddie Padilla is jailed in "The House of the Devil," where he must escape or die trying.
Dream adventures turn into hellish nightmares for the travelers featured in this series, which recounts through firsthand interviews and re-enactments terror-filled experiences of being arrested in a foreign country, usually for drug smuggling, and how they coped with the resulting lengthy prison terms. Viewers also hear from people directly involved with the arrests, whether it's the undercover agents gathering the evidence against the suspects, or the people making the drug dealing offers.
Original Air Date: Feb 9, 2007
Genres: ActionDramaRealityTV Series
Rating: TV14
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