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Guy's Ranch KitchenFood Network favorite Guy Fieri invites some of his friends, who happen to also be accomplished chefs, to his ranch to share stories and prepare tasty dishes that are perfect for football watching. The all-star lineup includes Scott Conant, Rocco DiSpirito, Eric Greenspan, Alex Guarnaschelli, Marc Murphy, Carl Ruiz, Jonathan Waxman and Justin Warner. Because a kitchen can't have too many cooks, the gatherings become spirited as they try to outdo each other by creating the most flavorful and delicious dishes. A California-style brunch, an Asian fusion meal, favorite holiday dishes and a recipe revamp count among episode themes.
S2, EP8 "Healthy and Easy"After indulging in rich food on the road, Guy Fieri invites his chef friends to the ranch to balance things out with healthy dishes that don't sacrifice flavor.
S2, EP14 "Mediterranean Mashup"Mediterranean people live long and happy lives thanks to their healthy diet and their tradition of sharing meals with the people they love, so Guy Fieri invites his chef friends to the ranch for their take on Mediterranean cooking.
S6, EP4 "Salad Days"Guy Fieri gets sold on some serious salads as chef Tiffany Derry serves her Southern niçoise salad; chef Eric Greenspan bets on broccoli date crunch salad; chef Christian Petroni makes a grilled romaine with bagna cauda and spicy prawns.
S7, EP6 "Bring On the Heat"Guy Fieri's getting some heat in the kitchen. Chef Jose Garces tempts with his Tamales with Mole, Chef Nate Appleman woos with his Wood Fiery Pizza, Chef Jet Tila plates up some Pad Thai Kon Kaen and Chef Aaron May perfects Peri Peri Potatoes.
S7, EP5 "Streetwise"Guy Fieri gets streetwise with street food while Chef Nyesha Arrington does Fried Chicken with Gochujang Glaze, Chef Nate Appleman takes on the LA Street Dog, Chef Shota Nakajima cooks Kushiyaki and Chef Jet Tila serves Vietnamese Shrimp Spring Rolls.
S7, EP4 "Farm-to-Table Holiday"Guy Fieri hosts a farm-to-table holiday feast as Chef Lee Anne Wong serves a Smoked Pork Cassoulet, Chef Aarti Sequeira does Duck with Fish Sauce Caramel, Chef Adam Sobel makes his Braised Short Ribs and Hunter Fieri reels in Red Snapper Escovitch.
S7, EP3 "TV Dinners"Guy Fieri wants some TV dinners, so Hunter Fieri prepares mezquila palomas; Chef Tiffani Faison tempts with tater nuggets; Chef Joe Sasto cooks Calabrian sweet and sour lamb chops; Chef Justin Sutherland serves peanut butter banana pudding.
S7, EP2 "Stuffed"Everything's stuffed in Guy Fieri's kitchen as Chef Adam Sobel dives into 'nduja stuffed calamari; Chef Aarti Sequeira shares her shumai stuffed mushrooms; Chef Lee Anne Wong makes ma po lamb dumplings; Chef Aaron May serves salted caramel beignets.
S7, EP1 "International Thanksgiving"Guy Fieri gives thanks with international flair; Chef Nyesha Arrington cooks chorizo clam toast; Chef Nate Appleman presents turkey porchetta; Chef Shota Nakajima gives gochujang miso glazed carrots; Chef Jet Tila bakes a chile mango cake.
S6, EP17 "Signature Dishes"Guy Fieri's seeking out signature dishes; chef Shirley Chung makes vegan scallion pancakes; chef Lorena Garcia makes pineapple chicarita cocktails; chef Traci Des Jardins males a delectable duck breast with rhubarb.
S6, EP16 "Strange Bedfellows"Guy seeks out strange combinations as Tiffany Derry delivers her creamed collards with peanut butter, Christian Petroni makes licorice braised rabbit, Tiffani Faison's got brown butter toast ramen and Eric Greenspan brings breast of squab on toast.
S6, EP15 "Hawaiian Vacation"Guy Fieri's hankering for some Hawaii as chef Michael Voltaggio cooks kalua pig, chef Antonia Lofaso fries tempura broccolini, chef Justin Sutherland simmers up saimin, and chef Brooke Williamson brings baked ulu with shrimp head butter.
S6, EP13 "International Christmas"Guy Fieri gets an international Christmas as Chef Aarti Sequeira mixes her merry Mumbai Manhattans, Chef Justin Warner makes his Japan-inspired fried chicken and Chef Jonathan Waxman cooks crown rack of lamb with spiced rice pilaf.
S6, EP12 "Citrus Takes Center Stage"Guy Fieri celebrates citrus as Chef Shirley Chung cooks Ms. Chi's orange chicken, Chef Lorena Garcia does a shrimp ceviche tostada, Chef Traci Des Jardins serves sea bass and Chef Jonathan Waxman makes a whole liberty duckling.
S6, EP11 "Burgers Every Which Way"Guy Fieri hosts a burger bonanza as Chef Rocco DiSpirito's got grilled shrimp burgers; Chef Tiffany Derry fires up fried chicken burgers; Chef Eric Greenspan does duck fat smash burgers; Chef Christian Petroni brings bison meatloaf burgers.
S6, EP10 "Luxe on a Dime"Guy Fieri's getting luxury for less when chef Brooke Williamson makes mussels; chef Eric Adjepong does fried anchovies; chef Antonia Lofaso rocks roasted chicken thighs; chef Michael Voltaggio creates candy bar pain au chocolat.
S6, EP9 "Waste Not, Want Not"Guy challenges his friends to use it all as Chef Eric Adjepong preps pink lady cocktails, Chef Antonia Lofaso tosses corn and watercress salad, Chef Brooke Williamson does twice-baked potatoes and Chef Michael Voltaggio makes lobster fra diavolo.
S6, EP6 "Land and Sea"Guy Fieri travels from the surf to the turf as Chef Tiffani Faison makes him a Da Nang cocktail, Chef Jet Tila sails away with a crispy catfish raft and Hunter Fieri wraps it up with BBQ bacon-wrapped shrimp.
S6, EP1
S6, EP1 "Sweet 'N' Sour"Guy Fieri looks for some sweet and sour as Chef Rocco DiSpirito makes a delicious Maine lobster peperonata, Chef Aaron May hits the right note with key lime pisco sours and Hunter Fieri stuns with some sweet 'n' sour chicken wings.
S6 "Brunch with a Crunch"Guy Fieri gets brunch with a crunch when Chef Aarti Sequeira cooks peanut fried steak with yogurt turmeric gravy, Chef Justin Warner leans towards lunch with his shrimp corn dogs and Chef Jonathan Waxman does a pork milanese.
S5, EP15 "Modern Comfort"Guy Fieri wants comfort food with a modern twist; Eric Greenspan makes mini Cuban reubens; Maneet Chauhan bakes salted caramel monkey bread; Christian Petroni creates chicken-fried eggplant; Justin Warner cooks clams casino mazeman.
S5, EP14 "Roots Take the Center of the Plate"Eric Greenspan pours carrot ginger mules; Elizabeth Falkner digs a whole carrot salad; Christian Petroni makes maple sweet potatoes; Justin Warner wants yucca fries.
S5, EP13 "Mediterranean Brunch"Guy Fieri and his chef friends make it Mediterranean; Traci Des Jardins knocks out a ricotta gnocchi, Michael Voltaggio twists up SpanaKALEpita, Antonia Lofaso picks pork souvlaki, and Marc Murphy plates up pan-fried sardines.
S5, EP12 "Layering It On"Guy Fieri's laying down a challenge; classic Indian bombay frankie; chef Rocco DiSpirito's layering the booze; 10-layer lasagna bolognese; chef Ming Tsai is making kimchee beef scallion pancakes with watercress slaw.
S5, EP11 "Holiday Table Refresher"Guy Fieri and his friends freshen up their holiday fare; Nyesha Arrington fires up a duck breast, Aaron May serves his festive prime rib enchiladas, Jet Tila roasts acorn squash, and Jonathan Waxman bakes savory bread pudding.
S5, EP10 "Small Plates, Big Flavor"Traci Des Jardins serves tuna tostadas; Michael Voltaggio preps pan con tomate; Antonia Lofaso gets red-hot and bothered; Marc Murphy makes mini eggplant parmesan.
S5, EP9 "Thanksgiving Simplified"Thanksgiving simplified with some of Guy's favorite chefs; Antonia Lofaso crisps cauliflower with lemony aioli; Marc Murphy makes kabocha ravioli; Michael Voltaggio saves the best leftovers for last with some pumpkin pie egg rolls.
S5, EP8 "Offal Debunked"Guy Fieri invites his friends to explore the oft-overlooked offal; Nyesha Arrington makes her meatballs de corazon, Aaron May serves lamb kidney tortillas, Jet Tila offers his offal fried rice, and Chris Cosentino creates chocolate blood cremeux.
S5, EP7 "Date Night"Love is in the air at Guy Fieri's ranch kitchen; Hunter Fieri serves spicy jalapeno pineapple margaritas, Brooke Williamson grills halibut with crispy rice, Crista Luedtke cooks cornmeal-crusted crab cakes, and Gerry Garvin whips up chocolate mousse.
S5, EP6 "Sweet Treats and Savory Eats"Guy Fieri goes sweet and savory for Halloween; Hunter Fieri roasts kabocha hummus, Antonia Lofaso spikes blood orange punch with spiced rum, Marc Murphy serves sausage stuffed kabocha, and Michael Voltaggio stuffs squash with Dungeness crab.
S5, EP5 "Get Up and Go, Food for the Road"Guy Fieri and his friends are getting lunch on the road; Hunter's riding shotgun with s'mores, Brooke Williamson cooks cedar plank salmon, Aaron May serves sonoran hot dogs, and Gerry Garvin chills with ribeye red bean chili.
S5, EP4 "Anytime, Anywhere Clambake"Guy Fieri is looking for a clambake without leaving the ranch; Aarti Sequeira bakes blueberry cobbler, Rocco DiSpirito cans a Southampton clambake, Ming Tsai makes a lemongrass shandy, and Jonathan Waxman serves seafood al cartoccio.
S5, EP3 "Tailgating Gets an Upgrade"Guy Fieri and his friends are tricking out their tailgate game at the ranch; Eric Greenspan grills skirt steak Philly cheesesteaks, Maneet Chauhan talks taco pies, Christian Petroni pours beergaritas and Justin Warner scores with oxtail gyoza.
S5, EP1 "As American As"Guy Fieri invites his friends to put a spin on some American classics; Eric Greenspan lays out lobster rolls, Maneet Chauhan serves a Southern-belle mint julep, Christian Petroni makes teriyaki meatloaf; Justin Warner fires up fajita chimichangas.
S4, EP14 "Spring Picnic"Guy Fieri and his friends are planning a picnic; Domenica Catelli shakes up a Tennessee Tart cocktail; Gerry Garvin serves lobster cocktail; Aaron May builds a cobb salad in a Jar; Christian Petroni gets sweet on sugar snap peas with brown butter.
S4, EP13 "A Bowl of Lemons"Guy Fieri gives his friends lemons, and they make anything but lemonade; Eric Greenspan stirs a citrus Tom Collins; Antonia Lofaso lightens things up with puffy pavlova with lemon curd whipped cream; Marc Murphy makes fried calamari with lemon aioli.
S4, EP12 "Restaurant Recreations"Guy Fieri's chef friends re-create some restaurant favorites; Eric Greenspan stirs a ruby red and tarragon paloma; Antonia Lofaso makes Vietnamese spring rolls; Marc Murphy prepares chicken and merguez tagine; Crista Luedtke grills chili tri-tip.
S4, EP11 "Favorite Sunday Suppers"Guy Fieri and his chef friends make their lazy-day favorites; Eric Greenspan cooks chicken schnitzel, Antonia Lofaso makes seafood Fra Diavolo, Marc Murphy bakes his four-cheese spaghetti, and Crista Luedtke shares her classic boon brussels sprouts.
S4, EP10 "Childhood Favorites"Guy Fieri asks his chef friends to make their childhood favorites; Maneet Chauhan cooks goat lukhmi; Hunter re-creates his fave: chicken parm-eroni; Ming Tsai makes meatless Chinese spaghetti; Jonathan Waxman shares Joe's special.
S4, EP9 "Where's the Crunch?"Guy Fieri is putting his friends to a texture test; Traci Des Jardins has a tasty crunchy michelada; Gerry Garvin tempts Guy with a Southern fried tilapia po-boy; Aaron May breaks pistachio brittle; Christian Petroni makes crispy chicken cutlets.
S4, EP8 "I Dream of Chocolate"Guy Fieri and his chef friends have chocolate on the brain; Rocco DiSpirito does bacon and chocolate monkey bread; Elizabeth Falkner serves chocolate nog-a-ritas; Jet Tila makes mole chicken wings; Michael Voltaggio cooks cocoa-blackened steak.
S4, EP7 "Game Day Challenge"Guy Fieri gives his chef friends a game day challenge; Eric Greenspan serves Nashville-style hot chicken tenders on rolls; Antonia Lofaso makes oxtail tostadas with avocado crema; Marc Murphy scores a goal with twice-baked lobster stuffed potatoes.
S4, EP6 "Bring on the Street Food"Rocco DiSpirito makes flatbread with stracchino; Traci Des Jardins fries up churros with a Mexican hot chocolate spice mix; Jet Tila makes his pork and pate banh mi.
S4, EP5 "Road-Trip Gems"Duskie Estes makes pork belly gyro; Gerry Garvin whips up doughnut bread pudding; Aaron May creates a boozy date shake; Christian Petroni makes spicy spaghetti amatriciana.
S4, EP4 "The Cheap Cuts"Aarti Sequeira makes mangalore buns; Michael Voltaggio steams mussels escabeche; Justin Warner cooks tacos con lengua; Jonathan Waxman beer-braises a lamb shoulder.
S4, EP3 "Not Your Grandma's"A spin on some classic family recipes; Maneet Chauhan makes palak paneer; Ming Tsai creates cheesesteak pot stickers; Jonathan Waxman serves French-inspired pierogis; Hunter Fieri cooks up some fish tacos.
S4, EP2 "Vegetarian Vacation"Guy Fieri presents his chef friends with a vegetarian challenge; Elizabeth Faulkner makes Swiss fondue naan pizza, Aarti Sequeira brings the spice with Thai red curry, and Justin Warner whips up delicious cherry bomb clafoutis bites.
S4, EP1 "Almost-Eggless Brunch"Guy Fieri's mood lifts as his friends make an almost-eggless brunch; Aarti Sequeira makes halloumi cheese bites with beetroot chutney; Michael Voltaggio mixes grapefruit daiquiris; Justin Warner bakes cherry almond granola.
S3, EP12 "Healthy Fusion"Guy challenges friends to create healthy dishes, they include a baked Middle Eastern falafel, crunchy cauliflower with Greek spices, a quinoa shrimp bowl, baked chicken wings with exotic African piri piri spices with Korean ground beef lettuce wraps.
S3, EP11 "Parisian Brunch"Guy Fieri asks his chef friends to prepare a Parisian brunch menu; Marc Murphy roasts beets with a quintessential French ingredient, snails; Alex Guarnaschelli makes a buttery, bacon-filled quiche lorraine and an upside-down apple tarte tatin.
S3, EP10 "19th-Century Holiday Feast"Guy's chef friends prepare a 19th century-style holiday meal inspired by roast goose, figgy pudding and Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol;" Marc Murphy starts it off with roasted squash with sage, ricotta and pomegranate.
S3, EP9 "Wine and Dine"Inspired by the bounty produced in nearby Sonoma and Napa counties, Guy Fieri asks his chef friends to make a meal with local wine as the star; Alex Guarnaschelli uses both red and white in her pecan-and breadcrumb-stuffed mushrooms.
S3, EP8 "Thanksgiving Melting Pot"Guy Fieri invites chefs to share some Turkey Day dishes that speak to their personal heritage; G. Garvin brings Georgia flavor north of the Mason-Dixon Line; Eric Greenspan makes his bubbie's challah for a spicy turkey pastilla.
S3, EP7 "Cocktail Hour"Guy Fieri invites his chef friends to make finger foods, hors d'oeuvres and appetizers for cocktail hour; Antonia Lofaso prepares cones of tender skirt steak with a chimichurri sauce and potato frites; Carl Ruiz makes crunchy crab croquettes.
S3, EP6 "Rustic Elegance"Marc Murphy grills oranges for a Boulevardier cocktail and serves fire-roasted figs over vanilla bean ice cream; Alex Guarnaschelli smothers apple and fennel on toast with gooey flamed cheese and slow-cooks a savory, melt-in-your-mouth beef stew.
S3, EP5 "Sweet and Spicy"Red-hot blood orange margarita made with spicy cinnamon syrup; deep-fried chicken wings coated in hot sauce and pomegranate molasses; orange-and-black caviar-covered deviled egg; cheesy risotto served in an acorn squash.
S3, EP4 "Old-School Vegas"Guy Fieri invites his chef friends to prepare an old-school Las Vegas meal fit for the Rat Pack; Marc Murphy updates the classic lobster thermidor and elevates creamed spinach with rich truffles and fried oysters.
S3, EP3 "Burger Bash"Guy Fieri challenges his talented chef friends to take a burger beyond the basic patty and bun; Antonia Lofaso combines sirloin and brisket with braised oxtail for an intensely meaty burger; a chorizo and beef burger topped with crispy mini fries.
S3, EP2 "Taco Fusion"Guy Fieri challenges his talented chef buddies to come up with a menu that's inspired by both tacos and global cuisine; Aarti Sequeira makes sweet and crunchy apple pie taquitos; G. Garvin mixes up a fruity gin cocktail with agave.
S3, EP1 "Calexico Tailgate"Chefs put a Cal-Mex spin on tailgate food, starting with Eric Greenspan's breakfast burritos with made-from-scratch spicy chorizo; Eric also infuses the sweet and tangy flavor of tamarind and chipotle into the pork in his carnitas torta.
S2, EP2 "Entertaining: Steakhouse at Home"Guy invites his chef friends to the ranch for an evening of entertaining and steakhouse favorites; meat master Marc Murphy elevates a Grilled Skirt Steak with a Charred Pepper Salsa and reinvents a classic with his Grilled Escarole Caesar Salad.
S1, EP8 "Cheese Please"Guy Fieri invites his chef pals to cook at the ranch with just one request: Make it with cheese, please.
S1, EP7 "Healthy Comfort"Guy Fieri gets cozy with a low-cal twist when he's joined by some of his favorite chefs at the ranch to cook healthy comfort food.
S1, EP6 "Cali Brunch"Guy Fieri is at the ranch with his chef friends celebrating the bounty of the Golden State with a Cali-style brunch spread.
S1, EP5 "Asian Fusion"Guy Fieri invites some of his chef buddies to the ranch to prepare an Asian fusion meal that bridges the cultural divide.
S1, EP4 "Holiday At The Ranch"Guy Fieri hosts some of his best chef friends at the ranch to cook up yuletide cheer with their favorite holiday dishes.
S1, EP3 "Family-Style Game Day"Sliders with cheese fondue sauce; a Japanese-style twist on his miso grilled corn; cornbread chili casserole; 30-layer green chili mac and cheese; southern-style fried cherry pies; neon trailer park margaritas.
S1, EP2 "Retro Reboot"Chicken a la king with an Indian-inspired makeover; crab Louie; Swedish meatballs; lobster truffle pot pie; Chateaubriand au Marchand du Vin; spin on the Manhattan cocktail.
S1, EP1 "Friendsgiving"Hot brie sandwiches with cranberry vinaigrette and ricotta and Brussels sprouts crostini; sweet potato latkes with marshmallow creme fraiche; Thanksgiving samosas; turkey and cranberry empanadas; Sangria with cranberry and cinnamon.
Food Network favorite Guy Fieri invites some of his friends, who happen to also be accomplished chefs, to his ranch to share stories and prepare tasty dishes that are perfect for football watching. The all-star lineup includes Scott Conant, Rocco DiSpirito, Eric Greenspan, Alex Guarnaschelli, Marc Murphy, Carl Ruiz, Jonathan Waxman and Justin Warner. Because a kitchen can't have too many cooks, the gatherings become spirited as they try to outdo each other by creating the most flavorful and delicious dishes. A California-style brunch, an Asian fusion meal, favorite holiday dishes and a recipe revamp count among episode themes.
Original Air Date: Nov 12, 2017
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Rating: TVG
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