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Cagney & LaceyMary Beth Lacey and Chris Cagney are female police officers in New York City. The women are partners and friends, but they lead different personal lives. Cagney is a single, career-minded woman, while Lacey is a married mother. In addition to going after the bad guys, the ladies also have to combat sexism in the male-dominated workplace. Tyne Daly stars as Mary Beth Lacey and Sharon Gless plays the part of Chris Cagney for most of the series.
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S7, EP22 "A Fair Shake"Mary Beth and Chris finally learn the real reason they were assigned to protect a bank president (Robert Foxworth).
S7, EP21 "A Fair Shake"A routine bank embezzlement case involves Lacey and Cagney with a key witness (Robert Foxworth), a bank president.
S7, EP20 "Yup"The robbery of a Wall Street tycoon (Paul Burke) leads the partners to several suspects who suffered from the stock-market crash.
S7, EP19 "Friendly Fire"Harvey Jr. is reported missing after an accident occurs during his military maneuvers; the man who attacked Chris goes on trial.
S7, EP18 "Amends"The partners spearhead the investigation of an old nemesis; Chris makes amends with Donna LaMarr while sponsoring a new AA member.
S7, EP17 "Button, Button"The detectives race the clock in their investigation of a supposed suicide; the AIDS epidemic affects both Chris and Mary Beth.
S7, EP16 "A Class Act"Lacey feels out of place when she and Cagney pose as art collectors to solve the theft of a painter's (Peter Boyle) valued work.
S7, EP15 "Land of the Free"Lacey and Cagney's investigation of a drug-related murder turns up a Central American death squad operating in the United States.
S7, EP14 "School Daze"Isbecki, Cagney, Esposito and Lacey must return to the academy for a refresher course in interrogation procedures.
S7, EP13 "Hello, Goodbye"A rash of bogus 911 calls leads Mary Beth to a pair of abused children; Chris mulls David Keeler's marriage proposal.
S7, EP12 "Shadow of a Doubt"While Lacey and Cagney pose as factory workers to expose an employee's theft of microchips, they undergo drug tests.
S7, EP11 "Trading Places"Harvey wants to trap a rental firm using coercion to boost business; Chris is passed over as Samuels' substitute.
S7, EP10 "Old Flames"The holidays pass painfully as Chris copes with Charlie's absence and Mary Beth adjusts to Harvey Jr.'s enlistment in the Marines.
S7, EP9 "Don't I Know You?"Chris' pleasant evening with a well-respected businessman (Jack Bannon) ends in horror when she becomes the victim of a date-rape.
S7, EP8 "Secrets"Chris's initial excitement at working with two prominent officers dims when she suspects corruption; Mary Beth's father returns.
S7, EP7 "Greed"Chris, Mary Beth, Isbecki and Esposito dress as produce to pose as contestants on a fraudulent TV game-show.
S7, EP6 "Video Verite"Sibling rock 'n' roll entrepreneurs want the partners to find a stolen music video; Chris plays host to her drama-student niece.
S7, EP5 "You've Come a Long Way, Baby"While under cover to find an attacker of prostitutes, Chris and Mary Beth learn one of their early cases resulted in injustice.
S7, EP4 "Different Drummer"The partners investigate neighbors' charges against an eccentric woman; the Laceys contend with censorship in the school.
S7, EP3 "Loves Me Not"Called to help a battered wife in her neighborhood, Lacey later learns the combative couple blamed the incident on her.
S7, EP2 "The City Is Burning"Racial tensions split the city when the gun that killed a black youth is traced to Detective Corassa.
S7, EP1 "No Vacancy"The detectives aid a schizophrenic who is their primary witness in a robbery case. With Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless.
S6, EP22 "Turn, Turn, Turn"Chris' despondency over her father's death, coupled with Mary Beth's emergence as a hero, places a strain on their longtime friendship.
S6, EP21 "Turn, Turn, Turn"The death of her alcoholic father (Dick O'Neill) plunges Chris (Sharon Gless) into an emotional tailspin.
S6, EP20 "Happiness Is a Warm Gun"Mary Beth survives a teenager's bullet because she wore a bulletproof vest but still must deal with the trauma of being shot.
S6, EP19 "Special Treatment"Mary Beth (Tyne Daly) is arrested for protesting the transportation of nuclear waste through her community. With Sharon Gless.
S6, EP18 "The Right to Remain Silent"Obstacles facing the hearing-impaired are brought to light when Mary Beth comes close to shooting a deaf teenage murder suspect.
S6, EP17 "Divine Couriers"The detectives investigate a business that purports to send messages to dead people.
S6, EP16 "To Sir With Love"As Samuels pushes to win a police trophy, Chris quietly plans his Distinguished Service Award dinner.
S6, EP15 "Easy Does It"Chris gets a new perspective on Charlie's drinking when she investigates a string of ripoffs at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.
S6, EP14 "Ahead of the Game"Mary Beth tries to recover stolen possessions while investigating the drug-related death of a high-school athlete.
S6, EP13 "Favors"Chris fears her professional integrity will be compromised if she grants her father an unusual favor.
S6, EP11 "The Cost of Living"A rapist who swore to disfigure Mary Beth is freed; David defends a man who once tried to kill Chris.
S6, EP10 "To Thine Own Self Be True"When Chris' former partner is charged with murdering a suspected rapist, she asks Chris to give false testimony.
S6, EP9 "Revenge"Petrie becomes a prime suspect in the murder of a man he believes was responsible for his sister's death.
S6, EP8 "Rites of Passage"Mary Beth thinks of Harvey Jr. as she and Chris investigate the suspicious death of a bright sorority member.
S6, EP7 "Marathon"Isbecki and Chris don running togs to protect a white South African marathon competitor from death threats; guest Ross Kettle.
S6, EP6 "The Zealot"An attorney who had been building a case against a pornographer for years is brutally murdered. With Sharon Gless and Tyne Daly.
S6, EP5 "Role Call"The star of a TV police series visits the 14th Precinct to learn about the work of real-life detectives.
S6, EP4 "Disenfranchised"The partners risk harassment charges to prove child molestation; Chris applauds Charlie's new job offer.
S6, EP3 "Sorry, Right Number"A burglary investigation overshadows Mary Beth's troubles with her microwave and Chris' fear of spending three days with David.
S6, EP2 "Culture Clash"An Afghan emigrant claims his sister's soul is being poisoned; the partners face stiff interviews to join a robbery task-force.
S6, EP1 "Schedule One"Chris and Mary Beth (Sharon Gless, Tyne Daly) investigate a fellow detective charged with heroin possession.
S5, EP24 "Partin' Shots"After Newman is slain in front of them, the officers deal with loss and fear as they pursue the killer.
S5, EP23 "Model Citizen"During the probe of a union official's murder, Chris contends with her teenage niece and Mary Beth deals with an English nanny.
S5, EP22 "A Safe Place"A simple theft takes on top-security status when the stolen item is a vial of plutonium; guest Dennis Christopher.
S5, EP21 "Extradition"While extraditing a bail jumper from Los Angeles to New York, Mary Beth plays tourist and Chris visits her brother.
S5, EP20 "Capitalism"Surprising facts turn up about a murdered Cambodian immigrant; business reversals affect Harvey's personality.
S5, EP19 "Exit Stage Center"Chris (Sharon Gless) investigates the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of a stage actress. With Tyne Daly.
S5, EP17 "Post Partum"Chris investigates a West Point cadet accused of cocaine possession; Mary Beth confronts the father who abandoned her long ago.
S5, EP16 "Family Connections"Chris searches for injured Isbecki's attacker, meets Charlie's new love and takes pregnant Mary Beth to the hospital.
S5, EP15 "The Gimp"Investigating crimes against the handicapped, Chris is attracted to a wheelchair-bound lobbyist (James Stacy).
S5, EP14 "D.W.I."Though still on maternity leave, Mary Beth attempts to bring a repeat drunken-driving offender to justice.
S5, EP12 "Rebukes"With Mary Beth on maternity leave, Chris contends with an ambitious partner's extremes to catch a rapist.
S5, EP11 "Play It Again, Santa"Christmas blues beset Chris as she deals with romantic problems and tries to find vanishing street musicians.
S5, EP10 "Power"Grumblings from the squad room make Chris re-evaluate her aggression as Samuels' vacation replacement.
S5, EP9 "The Man Who Shot Trotsky"Chris pushes too hard to put a drug dealer out of business and in jail; guest Eddie Velez.
S5, EP9 "Old Ghosts"Chris (Sharon Gless) copes with a suspension from duty and a visit from her estranged brother. With Tyne Daly.
S5, EP8 "Filial Duty"The plight of the elderly is the focus of Chris and Mary Beth's investigation into the death of a woman who was living with her daughter and son-in-law.
S5, EP7 "Mothers & Sons"The partners confront a fanatical mother seeking to provide her son with an alibi for a violent robbery.
S5, EP6 "The Clinic"Chris and Mary Beth's friendship is strained when they find themselves on opposite sides of the abortion issue.
S5, EP5 "Entrapment"Rumors of entrapment threaten Chris' career as she works on special assignment with the Narcotics Division; guest Vonetta McGee.
S5, EP4 "Lottery"Four people each claim to possess the same winning lottery ticket; an upcoming IRS audit frightens the Laceys.
S5, EP3 "The Psychic"An irate husband won't believe his missing wife left voluntarily and hires a noted psychic (Elizabeth Ashley) to find her.
S5, EP2 "Ordinary Hero"A Chilean whom Mary Beth sponsored for a bravery award is arrested by immigration and set for deportation.
S5, EP1 "On the Street"Chris tries to help a teen prostitute who was beaten; the girl's wealthy parents decide to institutionalize her.
S4, EP22 "Organized Crime"Chris and Mary Beth investigate a rash of robberies in the city's Catholic churches that results in the brutal slaying of a nun.
S4, EP21 "Violation"After an honors student arrested for shoplifting is brutally assaulted in an adult prison, his parents file a $1 million lawsuit.
S4, EP20 "Con Games"Chris ignores both advice and threats as she presses charges of sexual harassment; Mary Beth looks into fraud against the elderly.
S4, EP19 "Two Grand"Master thief Albert Grand (Ferdinand Mayne) leaves tantalizing clues for Chris; Isbecki's lover, Bon Bon, comes looking for him.
S4, EP18 "Lost & Found"Harvey is skeptical when recuperating Mary Beth considers retiring; Chris finds an auto-theft ring while seeking her stolen car.
S4, EP17 "Who Said It's Fair?"Mary Beth is terrified when her doctor recommends surgery for her breast cancer; Chris finds Kevin just in time.
S4, EP16 "Who Said It's Fair?"Mary Beth struggles alone with her fear of breast cancer as she and Chris look for a missing boy (Bumper Robinson).
S4, EP15 "Stress"Death threats from a recently released felon and other pressures distract Chris at a stress-management workshop.
S4, EP14 "Rules of the Game"In an investigation of a UN delegate's murder, Chris is the target of sexual harassment from the task-force head (Edward Winter).
S4, EP13 "Happily Ever After"Dory's pressure to set a wedding date causes Chris to wonder what will happen if she doesn't; guests Paul Sand, Barbara Rhoades.
S4, EP12 "American Dream"The partners try to help a garment manufacturer resisting a protection racket; Harvey's new job sends the Laceys house-hunting.
S4, EP11 "Out of Control"Mary Beth sees Harvey Jr. playing with her revolver; a normally non-violent thief is accused of murder.
S4, EP10 "Lady Luck"Mary Beth's need to know why a career woman tried suicide leads her to seedy gambling dens and loan sharks; guest Charlie Callas.
S4, EP9 "Hooked"Chris and Dory's relationship is threatened when his drug rehabilitation sponsor is busted and incriminating evidence disappears.
S4, EP8 "Thank God It's Monday"An unsolved case nearing the statute of limitations sends the squad on a hurried search for the culprit.
S4, EP7 "An Unusual Occurrence"A reporter stirs up neighborhood resentment after Chris is forced to shoot a teenage burglar armed with a baseball bat.
S4, EP6 "Taxi-Cab Murders"Angry, Michael Lacey runs away from home after learning Mary Beth lied to him about a dangerous assignment.
S4, EP5 "Fathers & Daughters"Chris and Mary Beth's suicide investigation turns into a murder case involving a sordid relationship between the victim and his daughter.
S4, EP4 "Old Debts"A paroled cop-killer is slain, and despite their misgivings about the assignment, Chris and Mary Beth search for the murderer.
S4, EP3 "Insubordination"A drug probe's liaison officer (Barry Primus) is Chris' cocaine-addicted old boyfriend, whom she distrusts.
S4, EP2 "Heat"A desperate teenage robber (Michael Madsen) takes Lacey hostage, then becomes more threatening as the heat of the day increases.
S4, EP1 "Child Witness"A molested child's father objects to going to court; unaware he is on the force, two officers roust Petrie.
S3, EP7 "Choices"An aggressive prosecutor (Georg Stanford Brown) in a case against a landlord angers already tense Chris.
S3, EP6 "Partners"Mary Beth vows to capture the gunman who wounded Chris, but at the same time has to cope with her own sense of guilt and a new partner.
S3, EP5 "The Baby Broker"A baby-selling investigation moves Mary Beth to temporarily adopt an abandoned infant; guest Estelle Getty.
S3, EP4 "The Bounty Hunter"Frustrated Chris is always one step behind an audacious bounty hunter (Brian Dennehy) after a bail-jumper.
S3, EP3 "Victimless Crime"Mary Beth dodges advances of a French detective (Paul Freeman) as she obsessively pursues a ring of pornographers.
S3, EP2 "A Killer's Dozen"Chris and Mary Beth are removed from an important homicide investigation when a strike by police forces them back into uniform.
S3, EP1 "Matinee"A visit to a male strip-joint is the nadir of Chris and Mary Beth's search for a suburban housewife who vanished during a fling.
S2, EP22 "The Informant"The partners must deal gently with a drug-pusher informant, which later hampers their investigation of a PCP ring.
S2, EP21 "A Cry for Help"The partners investigate fraud while checking on a call from a battered wife, who later admits her husband is a police officer.
S2, EP20 "The Gang's All There"Chris and Mary Beth must find a missing child and trace a gang that stole the squad's guns and shields.
S2, EP19 "Let Them Eat Pretzels"A simple hit-and-run accident assumes international proportions when the victim is identified as a Jew and the suspect as a prominent Arab with diplomatic immunity.
S2, EP18 "Chop Shop"Petrie shoots a black teenager while searching for Isbecki, captured after his cover is blown; guest Jimmie Walker.
S2, EP17 "Burnout"After Samuels cancels her desperately needed vacation, Mary Beth snaps and wanders off; guest Jennifer Warren.
S2, EP16 "Date Rape"A rape victim (Kathleen Lloyd) suffers further when male detectives think her report is a vengeful lie.
S2, EP15 "Jane Doe No. 37"Chris is determined to learn the identity of a murdered bag lady before the woman is buried in an unmarked grave.
S2, EP14 "Open & Shut Case"As a seemingly clear-cut homicide case crumbles, the partners help a rape victim compelled to testify at her assailant's retrial.
S2, EP13 "Affirmative Action"A talented, young female detective (Talia Balsam) becomes the new hero of the squad room, until Chris sees a chink in her armor.
S2, EP12 "The Grandest Jewel Thief of All Time"Chris follows the trail of an aging master thief (Ferdinand Mayne), an investigation that rapidly turns into an obsession.
S2, EP11 "Hopes & Dreams"The pleas of a wheelchair-bound teen (Suzy Gilstrap) to recover her stolen bicycle strike an emotional chord in Chris.
S2, EP10 "Recreational Use"While investigating harassment of elderly tenants, Chris learns her homicide-sergeant boyfriend is using cocaine.
S2, EP9 "I'll Be Home for Christmas"The squad's Christmas plans are put on hold until the recapture of a fraud suspect, dressed as Santa, who escaped in a police car.
S2, EP8 "Conduct Unbecoming"An illegal-weapons probe suffers from an undercover officer's overexposure in a magazine; the detectives share a lottery ticket.
S2, EP7 "Mr. Lonelyhearts"A missing-persons case evolves into a major probe of bigamy and fraud; Chris deals with an ardent suitor (Steven Keats).
S2, EP6 "Internal Affairs"Assigned to Internal Affairs, the reluctant partners must spy on their colleagues to uncover a deadly information leak.
S2, EP5 "Hot Line"Samuels disregards opinions of his superiors by telling the press three women were killed by a single strangler.
S2, EP4 "High Steel"Harvey, a former ironworker, smells foul play in the death of a high-rise worker and insists on helping out in the investigation.
S2, EP3 "Beauty Burglars"As she and Chris head a task force to bust a robbery ring, Mary Beth struggles with doubts about being in a rich friend's wedding.
S2, EP2 "One of Our Own"Mary Beth searches for baby sitters while investigating an officer's murder; Chris fights for her right to swing a softball bat.
S2, EP1 "Witness to an Incident"Chris and Mary Beth's conclusions about the shooting of a civilian could determine a young officer's future; guest Wolf Muser.
S1, EP6 "Better Than Equal"Chris and Mary Beth have trouble getting along with an outspoken feminist (Julie Adams) they must protect.
S1, EP5 "Suffer the Children"After rescuing a 4-year-old girl from a building ledge, Chris and Mary Beth begin to suspect trouble in the child's home life.
S1, EP4 "Street Scene"An elderly white man (George Petrie) says he shot a young Puerto Rican in self-defense; the boy's family cries murder.
S1, EP3 "Beyond the Golden Door"The partners' search for a missing Central American teenager leads to smugglers supplying garment manufacturers with cheap labor.
S1, EP2 "Pop Used to Work in Chinatown"A bank robbery in Chinatown becomes personal when Mary Beth must shoot a suspect and Chris endures interference from her father.
S1, EP1 "Bang, Bang, You're Dead"The partners, working under cover as prostitutes, become bait to trap a psychopathic killer who has already claimed three victims.
Mary Beth Lacey and Chris Cagney are female police officers in New York City. The women are partners and friends, but they lead different personal lives. Cagney is a single, career-minded woman, while Lacey is a married mother. In addition to going after the bad guys, the ladies also have to combat sexism in the male-dominated workplace. Tyne Daly stars as Mary Beth Lacey and Sharon Gless plays the part of Chris Cagney for most of the series.
Original Air Date: Mar 25, 1982
Genres: DramaTV Series
Rating: TV14
Playback: HD
7 seasons available on demand (123 episodes)
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