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Ready to LoveAn unscripted dating series from a male perspective comes to the screens, highlighting their observations and experiences while they search for lasting, authentic and true love. "Ready to Love" features successful black men and women in their 30s and 40s while they go through the steps of courtship. These men and women are looking for the ultimate everlasting love, and the show provides them with a unique opportunity to decide who stays and who goes each week. Thomas "Nephew Tommy" Miles hosts the show.
S9, EP8 "Exes Meet the Nexes"The ladies bring in their exes; Mieka shocks Laron and Justin, but she's not playing games; Rasheena argues for more communication from Chaz, while he and Dom vie for Vanessa; Mya's standards scare a suitor; Alonzo has something to prove.
S9, EP7 "Meet the Friends"The real-life interactions of single men and women in their 30s and 40s who are looking for true love and enduring relationships.
S9, EP6 "Closed Mouths Don't Get Fed"The women have the power as they set up dates to discuss non-negotiables; Rasheena and Justin heat things up with salsa dancing, while Alonzo and William fight for Patrice's affection on a group date; Tommy throws a curveball at deliberations.
S9, EP5 "Pajama Jam"The power shifts over to the men as Tommy throws a Pajama Jam for everyone to explore their intimacy & chemistry. Laron is upset with mixed signals he's receiving from Koshiea. Jonathan confuses chemistry with intimacy & takes it too far with Alexis.
S9, EP4 "Getting Intimate"The cast get intimate, sharing their homes and lives, but Lamar wants to share more; the women have the power, and a new guy joins the process; connections become clearer, but Will and Alexis may have forgotten the first rule of the lounge.
S9, EP3 "Finger Lickin' Good"The two groups of singles merge at Tommy's brunch; some old connections are reinforced, while other singles are ready to love someone new; with the men in power, one woman's dismissive demeanor lands her on the chopping block.
S9, EP2 "The Good, Bad and Freaky"The real-life interactions of single men and women in their 30s and 40s who are looking for true love and enduring relationships.
S9, EP1 "Hot and Bothered"The real-life interactions of single men and women in their 30s and 40s who are looking for true love and enduring relationships.
S8, EP14 "Reunion Special - Part 2"In the dramatic ending to the Dallas reunion, there's an aura around the stage; Kat and Janelle can't get away from each other; Chris and Jessica get combative; Quinton shares his heart; lines get drawn and love interests get revealed.
S8, EP13 "Reunion Special -- Part 1"Habibi is in hot water; the Janelle and Taquilla divide erupts and Marvin can't whip them back into shape.
S8, EP12 "The Finale"The women introduce the men to their families; Maurier needs to choose between Jessica and Kat; Aries' family grills Phil; Janelle and her cousin are blindsided by Quinton's desire for three kids; making the final choices.
S8, EP11 "Meet the Family"Tommy has the men introduce the women to their families; Maurier is stuck in a triangle between Katarina and Jessica; Aries reiterates concerns about Phil's career stability; Quinton remains undecided between Lee and Janelle.
S8, EP10 "The Getaway, Part 2"The getaway weekend resumes; one woman dodges elimination, but the men's feedback cuts deep; Quinton takes Janelle's bait, Lee gets a gift, and Kat and Maurier continue bonding; the ladies eliminate one man, resulting in an explosive exit.
S8, EP9 "Blink if You Need Help"The remaining six women and four men go on a weekend getaway to solidify their connections; Janelle claims Quinton, and things get heated; Katarina and Lee compete for the same man, while one woman finds her connection is too little too late.
S8, EP8 "Ride or Die"The men meet the ladies' friends; tension arises between Kat's friend and Herbert; Aries' friends cast doubt on her future with Phil; some connections become clearer; others are turned upside down; one man makes a bad impression and is sent home.
S8, EP7 "Meet the Exes"The ladies meet the men's exes; Maurier's ex horrifies Janelle with tarot cards; Phil's ex says he's not big on physical touch, but his hand on Aries' leg says otherwise; Chris finds Jessica too loud; Quinton finds Lee too quiet; one woman goes home.
S8, EP6 "Dates and Doubts"Tommy tells the ladies to discuss their dating doubts; Aries and Phillip share a kiss; Keyra tries to get her 'Black card' back; Marvin's sexcapades might catch up to him;Christopher questions Sierra's highbrow taste.
S8, EP5 "Navigating Non-Negotiables"The men have the power as Tommy advises everyone to discuss their non-negotiables; Marvin gets a kiss; an improv class improves some connections, but hurts others; two of the ladies miss the mark, and one is sent home.
S8, EP4 "Black and Beautiful Hoedown"The women have the power this week when Tommy throws a Texas hoedown at a Black-owned ranch; two men are in jeopardy of being sent home when one dips out early, and another overshares his kinks.
S8, EP3 "Tommy's Choice"Tommy sets the men and women up on blind dates; when looking for love, no stone should be left unturned, so some unlikely pairings are made; in true Tommy fashion, a few curveballs are thrown.
S8, EP2 "It's Getting Thot in Here"After a cast brunch, the ladies are in power; some women want to send BDSM practitioner Marvin home, while others are intrigued; Eunik still views Red as a thot; Habibi's antics prove divisive; the ladies' lounge erupts into mayhem.
S8, EP1 "Bigger in Texas""RTL" comes to Dallas, where 18 eligible singles arrive for Tommy's classic mansion mixer; throughout the day, the romantic hopefuls heed his advice and make connections until four face elimination; two go home at the end of the night.
S7, EP15 "Reunion Special Part 2"The RTL reunion concludes as Morgan and Marcia clash, Tony drops a bomb regarding Natasha, and the current state of the unions are revealed.
S7, EP14 "Reunion Special"As the Ready to Love cast reunites, a surprise relationship gets revealed, Jeffri and Andre make peace and the Lyndon/Tony/Morgan triangle erupts.
S7, EP13 "The Finale"In one last test before final decisions are made, the ladies introduce their connections to their families; while half of the final couples are formed, Andre and Cynthia wait until the last minute to decide whom to end their journeys with.
S7, EP12 "Too Much Baggage"The men turn to their families for help; Tony's sister is against Morgan's wish for counseling; Andre's sister isn't a fan of Cynthia or Jeffri; Mark has a choice made for him; Anthony takes a woman on a date; Morgan drops a bombshell about Tony.
S7, EP11 "Two Truths and a Lie"Following the elimination, the power shifts back to the women; Tommy tasks the singles with a candlemaking assignment; Blake questions his fate; a conflicted Morgan must choose between Lyndon and Tony.
S7, EP10 "Bro Code Broken"Tommy leads an adventure on a gator boat through the Everglades to a luxurious getaway; Tony and Lyndon compete for Morgan's affections; Jeffri faces a tough decision; Sue Ann and Mercedes find their connections dwindling.
S7, EP9 "Wife Me, Please"Tommy tasks the guys to seek love advice about their top connections from trusted friends; some find themselves conflicted over their friends' advice, and tensions rise as their relationships are threatened.
S7, EP8 "Nair in the Hair"It's time for the ladies to introduce their exes; tempers rise when Andre and Anthony meet the father of Cynthia's children; Morgan shows why she isn't a woman to play with; Jeffri's situation with her exes is complicated.
S7, EP7 "Queens Don't Chase"A group dinner ends in anger; love triangles shift as Andre's return reignites old feelings; one man and one woman go home; Tommy wants people to follow up on what they've learned, leading to kisses, tears and a blowup between Morgan and Blake.
S7, EP6 "Do You Like Me?"Tommy tasks the men with focusing on promising connections and asking hard questions, saying he'll judge their compatibility at a group dinner; Blake and SueAnn seal their connection with a kiss; Lyndon asks where he stands with Mercedes and Morgan.
S7, EP5 "The Math Ain't Mathin'"In the aftermath of the yacht party, the men and women go dancing at the Hard Rock Miami; DeMario shames Jeffri for kissing someone else; Blake and Jonique suffer through a miserable date; Morgan and Tony can't keep their hands off one another.
S7, EP4 "Advocate Sue"Tommy throws a hot Miami yacht party; someone drops out of the process; a kiss sparks jealousy; connections are questioned, formed and fortified.
S7, EP3 "I'm a Smoocher"Tommy challenges the ladies to take the guys on dates and reveal something about themselves that they wouldn't normally; Jeffri reveals something about Blake that has some of the ladies questioning his real intentions.
S7, EP2 "Tickle My Pickle"New daters arrive; Fashionista Fabrice's first impression flops; Blake and Zee fail to connect; Corvaya scares Mark Anthony; Cynthia drives a wedge between Jeffri and Andre; Tony and Marcia pray together.
S7, EP1 "16 Sexy Singles"Sixteen sexy singles arrive for the traditional mansion mixer; Tommy brings in Rashid and Symone from "Last Resort" to advise the daters on what it takes to find love; by evening's end, two singles go home.
S7 "Celebrating 100 Episodes"Celebrating the 100th episode with host Tommy Miles.
S6, EP14 "RTL Miami Reunion Part 2"The "Ready to Love" Miami reunion concludes with Randall's romances, the ups and downs of Swasey and Kadian, and the true romance of Mike and Brandi.
S6, EP13 "RTL Miami Reunion Part 1"The "Ready to Love" cast spills the tea about their journey but just can't let go of the drama, sending multiple cast members running from the stage.
S6, EP12 "The Finale"The final brunch starts off with mimosas but ends with one couple self-eliminating in a shocking implosion; five people remain, but only four will find love; the men introduce their dates to their brothers; the final two couples are revealed.
S6, EP11 "Call in the Reinforcements"With final decisions looming, the women set up dates for the men to meet their families; Kayla's parents interrogate both Mike and Randall; Kadian struggles to get Swasey to discuss their relationship goals; a relationship comes to a turbulent end.
S6, EP10 "The Dating Game"After a painful elimination, Tommy lightens the mood with a dating game; Randall and Tranika share an experience that has him question everything; Kayla feels ignored by her strongest connections; when Shareese and Sampson get close, he pulls back.
S6, EP9 "Ready to Getaway"At a weekend getaway, Randall feels pressure from Jamala to cut off other connections; Mike lets Brandi and Kayla know where he's leaning; Tommy throws the group a curveball, and when LJ is MIA it leaves Tranika alone to fight for time with Randall.
S6, EP8 "The Truth Will Set You Free"The guys put the ladies on the hot seat and introduce their strongest connections to a Truth Teller; Swasey and Kadian try to get back on track; Sampson gets the confirmation he's been seeking; LJ learns the hard way that truth will always come out.
S6, EP7 "A Little Help From My Friends"Not everything is friendly when the men meet the ladies' friends; Kayla ends up in tears; Kadian's BFF offends Swasey so much their entire relationship is in jeopardy; Justice gets served when Tranika's friends compare him to animal excrement.
S6, EP6 "Real-er Than You've Ever Been"Fearing some singles aren't taking the process seriously, Tommy asks the men to set up dates before opening the floor at a group dinner; Randall and Mike are torn over their respective connections; Shakyra and Kadian argue about a past exchange.
S6, EP5 "It's Barbecue Time"A fight on go-karts contrasted with a romantic picnic; someone is stood up.
S6, EP4 "Miami White Party"The ladies have the power this week, and Tommy pulls out all the stops to throw a classic white party; new connections are explored, and old ones are strengthened; jealousy and betrayal crash the party; someone sneaks out before the night is over.
S6, EP3 "Opposites Don't Always Attract"The power shifts to the fellas' hands this week, and Tommy encourages the guys to get creative and go for someone who isn't their normal type.
S6, EP1 "Miami Mixer"When 20 singles arrive in Miami for a pool mixer, Tommy advises them to seek love over lust; curveballs fly as one single leaves in an emergency, another is eliminated, and two more face the chopping block.
S5, EP14 "RTL Potomac Reunion, Part 2"Tina finally explains her side of the story; Precious gets loud; Clifton gets down on a knee.
S5, EP13 "RTL Potomac Reunion, Part 1"Tommy gathers the cast members back together to answer fan questions and reveal what they've been up to since leaving the journey.
S5, EP12 "Decisions, Decisions"The three final men meet the ladies' families; Joi and Clifton's relationship is tested; Carmen learns something from Donovan's past; DaKiya hopes for a spark from Paul; three couples enter, but only two couples leave.
S5, EP11 "All in the Family"Concerns arise when the men introduce the women to their families; Joi and Clifton must survive a career that takes Joi to Mexico for six months; Paul and DaKiya attempt to transcend the friend zone; Sabrina weighs her options.
S5, EP10 "Better Late Than Never"A man goes home and Clifton leaves DaKiya in tears; Tina finally shows up, leaving Donovan confused; Tommy gathers the group post getaway and tensions emerge between Paul and Carmen, Carmen and DaKiya, and Sabrina and her two Ds.
S5, EP9 "The Getaway Shuffle"At a weekend getaway, Sabrina labors to decide between two suitors while closing things off with a third; Clifton struggles to manage connections with Joi and DaKiya; when Tina fails to show, Paul and Donovan deepen previous connections with others.
S5, EP7 "The Ex Files"The Eric and DaKiya incident reaches its conclusion; the ladies invite their exes to meet their top men; Clifton's past threatens his future; Tory's connection with Sabrina falters, but he grows closer to Ace.
S5, EP6 "The Backup Plan"Tommy challenges the men to test their connections by taking out their backup plans; new romances blossom, old friendships solidify, connections get confusing, and an allegation threatens the process.
S5, EP5 "Truth or Dare?"Sabrina shocks everyone by kissing someone other than Tory during truth or dare; Joi tries to get Wiley to make a move on a sky-high group date; Tina gets to know Laverne, but he nearly bores her to tears with small talk; one of the men is sent home.
S5, EP4 "Party Crashers"Two new blind dates arrive; Sabrina is conflicted between Tory and Demetrius; Precious' wild ways cause ripples that threaten her chances at love; Carmen and DaKiya vie for Eric's attention; AP's revelations about her past may send her home.
S5, EP3 "Sparks Will Fly...or Fizzle"With the ladies in the driver's seat, two more blind dates arrive; Eric and Dakiya click; AP feels that Clifton looks familiar; Sabrina dismisses Paul; Joi and Clifton get closer; the ladies decide one man is not ready to love and send him packing.
S5, EP2 "Blind Dates"Tommy sets up blind dates to bring in a new man and a new woman; Joi gets closer to Clifton; Tiffani tries to get closer to Wiley; Ace is aloof on a group date; the men send one incredulous woman home.
S5, EP1 "Quality Over Quantity"With just 14 singles, these romantic hopefuls must focus on quality over quantity; while some heed Tommy's advice to dig deep, two singles are sent home by the night's end.
S4, EP14 "RTL DC Reunion, Part 2"Picking up the pieces of the retreat, patching up a love triangle, revealing a love square and showing that actions speak louder than intentions.
S4, EP13 "RTL DC Reunion, Part 1"The singles reunite in Chocolate City, where twists, tears and truths are revealed; with special guest host Tanika Ray.
S4, EP11 "A Reason, a Season or a Lifetime"It's meet-the-family time! Sidney's mom embarrasses her daughter. Mumen's dad has a problem with Frank. Aisha's brother delivers a warning to Donta. Sabrina's relationship with Walt zooms along. Shiloh and Phil face an unexpected test.
S4, EP10 "True Colors"After a shocking elimination at the retreat, the singles return to D.C., and it's the men who have the power to eliminate; Mumen heavily pursues Frank; Walter contends with Sabrina's past; Phil falls deeper for Sidney.
S4, EP9 "Out of Town and Out of Bounds"Tommy surprises the remaining singles with a weekend at a bayside mansion, but he's packed a major curveball in his luggage; connections are made and broken, and tension reaches a boiling point as the couples deal with the fallout.
S4, EP8 "Ex Marks the Spot"Tommy throws his best curveball yet; the guys introduce their next to their ex; some of the ladies are in for an extra surprise when they realize they aren't the only connection to be invited out to meet their interest's ex.
S4, EP7 "That's What Friends Are For"Shawn faces a firing squad; Kamil's pals worry she will crush Cornelius; Phil goes on three dates; at the ladies' lounge, Zadia's on 100 and Tisia threatens to go on 100 and two.
S4, EP6 "Second Shot at Love"Midway through the process, the power shifts back to the men as Tommy calls upon them to step outside the box and date women they haven't connected with yet; the assignment helps expose unexpected romances, dying sparks and fresh jealousies.
S4, EP5 "Sink or Swim"It's sink or swim for the daters as the ladies reclaim elimination power and suit up for a pool party; Tommy's curveball tosses everyone into the deep end; Kamil treads water with Cornelius; Aisha uncovers a hidden gem; Corey overplays his hand.
S4, EP4 "Out of Your Comfort Zone"Sexy, successful and single Black men and women search for true love. In a unique twist on a typical dating show, both the men and women decide who stays and who goes as they look for lasting love in an authentic relationship.
S4, EP3 "All Roads Lead to Love"In Week 2, the men are on the chopping block as the ladies look to peel back more layers. Connections are strengthened and challenged. Corey has his hero moment, but some women aren't feeling his game. Is Carrington too slick for his own good?
S4, EP2 "Welcome to Chocolate City""RTL" returns for its fourth season in Washington, D.C.; heeding Tommy's advice to put themselves out there, romance blossoms early for many singles; disconnections send two people home and anger a third.
S4 "Ready to Love Preshow Casting Special"Introducing the cast of the show.
S3, EP14 "Houston: Reunion Part 2"More unseen moments reveal an unexpected relationship in tatters, password-gate and Andrea's cat; updates on the AJ-Kyra-Alexis triangle.
S3, EP13 "Houston: Reunion Part 1"Tommy reconnects 20 singles to revisit the season's highlights and low points and reveal some unseen gems; new makeups, breakups, and secret relationships.
S3, EP12 "I Choose You"The final four couples prepare to make one last decision.
S3, EP11 "Unfinished Business"AJ has a stunning change of heart; Kyra's feelings toward AJ build, as does her anger toward Jason; Kris reveals he's conserving his sexual energy; Joel enjoys an intimate dinner with Verneashia; Jason gives Liz a white rose.
S3, EP10 "Getting Clarity"As the singles' ranch getaway continues, Amber explains her kiss with Ron to both Alexis and Kris; Joel and Verneashia spend the night together; Liz basks in her and Jason's connection; Kyra runs down the clock; AJ is forced to make a tough decision.
S3, EP9 "Secrets & Betrayals"Sparks fly when two men find out they are not ready for love; Tommy sends the remaining nine singles to a luxury ranch, where betrayals and secrets are exposed for all to see.
S3, EP8 "The Ex Factor"Tommy introduces the women's exes; old flames bring out new insecurities; love triangles shift; one kiss could change it all; at least one more man will get the axe and become an ex.
S3, EP7 "The Friends Zone"To help the gentlemen dig deeper, Tommy brings in tough reinforcements: his friends. The grilling gets intense. Is Verneashia too territorial? Is Chrisantheium too self-absorbed? Is Liz too stiff? By the end, one woman is sent to the friend zone.
S3, EP6 "Opposites Attract"Tommy challenges the ladies to step outside their comfort zones and date someone who isn't their top choice; love triangles smoldering since the start are revealed, igniting jealousy among the women and the men.
S3, EP5 "Eyes Wide Open"Tommy throws the first ever masquerade ball, and everyone comes dressed to impress; when the masks come off, new connections develop and multiple triangles form, and a shocking elimination will leave jaws dropped.
S3, EP4 "Sipping Wine, Spilling Tea"Sparks fly for several couples, and relationships deepen; David's transparency may prove too much, Troy's free trips may get him a one-way ticket home; one man just isn't ready to love.
S3, EP3 "Tables Are Turned"With two men gone, the power shifts, putting the ladies on the chopping block; Tommy throws a journey-ending curveball before the dates begin; Alexis heats things up in a candle shop; Troy kisses more ladies; Tressa runs the risk of being a homie.
S3, EP2 "Mix-er & Mingle"In Tommy's hometown of Houston, Texas, romance blossoms early as he hits the singles with the first of many curveballs, bringing back a past gentleman for another chance at love.
S3, EP1 "Meet the Singles"Tommy Miles and his superfan wife, Jackie, introduce viewers to the men and women putting it all on the line to make a love connection in Houston.
S2, EP13 "Reunion Special: Part 2"The Houston, Texas, cast continues dishing about all the drama this season, and unseen moments are exposed.
S2, EP12 "Reunion Special: Part 1"All 20 Houston, Texas, singles reunite to spill the tea about everything they've been holding on to since they left the resort.
S2, EP11 "Love Is Calling"While ultimate decisions must be made, family members arrive at the resort to give their input; romance, tension, fear and nerves all emerge as the remaining singles figure out if they will leave with love or leave alone.
S2, EP10 "Love and Loss"Tragic news casts a heavy shadow on everyone and getting through it will take a lot of love, compassion and self-reflection; love triangles start to crumble.
S2, EP9 "Second Choices, Second Chances"Tommy pushes the men to be more vulnerable with the women and it changes the course of some relationships; it's down to the wire and one of the five remaining women must be let go.
S2, EP8 "Fanning the Flames of Love"Things heat up when Tommy throws the remaining singles a barbecue; overlapping love triangles make things complicated as the power is evenly divided when one man and one woman must be eliminated.
S2, EP7 "Sticky Situations"A rap battle, Tantric yoga and sunset cruise cause things to heat up as new connections spark and old ones are called into question; the men must send one woman home this week.
S2, EP6 "Friends With Benefits"The ladies each have a girlfriend in town to grill the men and help them decide if their feelings are real or just infatuation before one man is sent home.
S2, EP5 "The Tea Is Getting Good"The men must send two women home.
S2, EP4 "Boss Moves"The men are encouraged to dig deeper, and to focus on chemistry over initial attraction; judgements and accusations cause tension to rise.
S2, EP3 "Watch What You Say"The remaining Houston singles begin dating each other while living under one roof.
S2, EP2 "Welcome to the Last Resort"Houston singles focus on finding love at a resort.
S2, EP1Introducing the 20 Houston singles who are ready to love.
S1, EP24 "Reunion Part 2"Tondy, Mario and Reva continue to hash out their dramatic love triangle; Jimmy and Kimber explore rekindling their romance; Alexis and London clash over what really happened between them.
S1, EP22 "Will You Be Mine?"The men and women must pass one last test by meeting each other's families before making their final choice.
S1, EP21 "All's Fair In Love"Tommy gathers the remaining eight men and women together for dinner to discuss where they all stand after the getaway; tensions grow as a love square emerges and the women have a dramatic confrontation.
S1, EP20 "Ready to Retreat"The remaining nine singles head to a weekend getaway in the mountains, where the competition for attention leads to both romantic and tense moments; things finally come to a head for the love triangle.
S1, EP19 "Meet My Ex-Girlfriend"Tommy surprises the guys by sending their ex-girlfriends out on dates with them; the women learn more about the men than they were ready for.
S1, EP18 "The Friend Patrol"Tommy instructs the women to bring their best friends along on dates in order to help size up the guys properly, but it's the guys that get to send someone home.
S1, EP17 "Love On The Rocks"The competition heats up with several men fighting over Alexis; Jimmy faces the aftermath with Kimber from their pool party blowout; stuck in a triangle with Mario and Tondy, Reva puts her guard up; one man is sent home.
S1, EP16 "Wet and Wild"Tommy sets the singles up with a sexy pool party and barbecue.
S1, EP15 "Ladies First"Tommy sets up group dates and the singles begin to let their guards down; a couple of guys get in hot water for their questionable club etiquette; the women will get to decide who will stay and who will go.
S1, EP14 "Let the Sparks Fly"The journey kicks into high gear for the singles as group dates and special one-on-one dates begin; Mario develops a new interest in Tondy; Nina and Chika both lose their cool; two more are sent home.
S1, EP13 "Ready, Set, Mingle"Host Tommy Miles kicks off a mixer attended by 20 singles who are looking for love; this time, it's even numbers with 10 men and 10 women; some connect while others struggle; first impressions are important since two people will be sent home.
S1, EP12 "Casting Special"Tommy Miles hosts as a new group of singles looks for love in Atlanta; in a twist, there are now 10 men and 10 women, and the power to eliminate goes both ways.
S1, EP4 "Hot and Bothered"As one couple takes their relationship to the next level, another couple has a falling-out; a possible red flag is raised about one of the singles.
S1, EP3 "Then There Were Three"Now that the ladies have chosen the final three men, the power shifts in favor of the men. After a series of single, double and group dates, the guys must decide which two ladies to send home.
S1, EP2 "First Dates"The five remaining men choose which of the 12 remaining women to ask out on dates; at the end of the week, two more men will be sent packing by the ladies, who still hold all of the power.
S1, EP1 "First Impressions"Tired of the superficial Atlanta dating scene, 20 high-caliber singles meet up to begin their search for real love; by the end of the first night, the women will have to decide which men show the most promise and which three aren't yet ready to love.
S1 "Director's Cut: Friends and Lovers"Featuring never-before-seen footage and insider facts, showrunner Anthony Sylvester shares exclusive commentary as the men meet the ladies' friends; the friends ask tough questions and one man's answer may cost him his relationship.
S1 "Director's Cut: Cabin Fever"Featuring never-before-seen footage and insider facts, showrunner Anthony Sylvester spills the tea on the remaining singles' trip out of the city; an initially romantic lake house weekend sours when confrontations and miscommunication occur.
S1 "Director's Cut: Meet My Ex-Girlfriend; Ready to Retreat"Featuring never-before-seen footage and cast commentary; the ladies go on dates with the guys and their exes.
S1 "Director's Cut: Deal Breakers"Featuring never-before-seen footage and insider facts, showrunner Anthony Sylvester gives exclusive commentary as the couples continue on the journey; Mike and Shea hit a roadblock, Alexx's attention shifts and Aaron deals with a confrontation.
S1 "Director's Cut: All's Fair In Love; Will You Be Mine?"Featuring never-before-seen footage and cast commentary; the remaining singles meet for an explosive dinner that ends with more questions than answers.
S1 "Director's Cut: Commit or Quit"Featuring never-before-seen footage and insider facts, showrunner Anthony Sylvester gives behind-the-scenes information about the couples' family introductions; now at the end of the journey, they have to decide if they're really ready to love.
S1 "Director's Cut: Trouble in Paradise"Featuring never-before-seen footage and insider facts, showrunner Anthony Sylvester gives exclusive commentary as Ashlee and Alexx spend more time together, Shea spots a major red flag in Mike, and Aaron deals with the consequences of indecision.
S1 "Director's Cut: Reunion Special"Featuring never-before-seen footage and insider facts, showrunner Anthony Sylvester shares behind-the-scenes details about the cast reunion; Tommy Miles, host of "Ready To Love," talks with the cast about the highs and lows of the season.
S1 "Director's Cut: Ready, Set Mingle; Let the Sparks Fly"Featuring never-before-seen footage and cast commentary; host Tommy Miles welcomes 20 Atlanta singles to an introductory mixer that ends with one man and one woman going home.
S1 "Director's Cut: Ladies First; Wet and Wild"Featuring never-before-seen footage and cast commentary; the remaining 16 singles go on more group dates, ending with an elimination.
S1 "Director's Cut: Ultimatums"Featuring never-before-seen footage and insider facts, showrunner Anthony Sylvester shares behind-the-scenes details as the drama continues on the weekend trip; the pressure of choosing a final partner leaves both the men and women stressed.
S1 "Season 1B Sneak Peek"Host Tommy Miles and Executive Producer Will Packer introduce a new set of singles looking for love in Atlanta; in a twist, there are now 10 men and 10 women, and the power to eliminate goes both ways.
S1 "Director's Cut: Love On The Rocks; The Friend Patrol"Featuring never-before-seen footage and cast commentary; multiple romantic connections cause tempers to flare.
An unscripted dating series from a male perspective comes to the screens, highlighting their observations and experiences while they search for lasting, authentic and true love. "Ready to Love" features successful black men and women in their 30s and 40s while they go through the steps of courtship. These men and women are looking for the ultimate everlasting love, and the show provides them with a unique opportunity to decide who stays and who goes each week. Thomas "Nephew Tommy" Miles hosts the show.
Original Air Date: Oct 23, 2018
Genres: RealityTV Series
Rating: TV14
Playback: HD
9 seasons available on demand (132 episodes)
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