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WardensChronicling the lives and work of conservation officers in America.
S13, EP5 "Archery and Firearm Deer and 200th OTG"A minor hunts without a license during archery season and a look at planting native wildflowers to benefit a wide array of wildlife.
S6, EP5 "False Witness"Block Management is one of the keys to great hunting in Montana but the rules are set. If you are going to break them the Wardens will be there to hold you accountable.
S9, EP6 "Snowmobiles and Oktoberfest"Michigan Conservation Officers patrol a weekend party and make sure snowmobilers are riding safely.
S9, EP7 "White Bass Patrol"Michigan Conservation Officers observe anglers from a distance to make sure they're doing things by the book before contacting them when they suspect illegal activities.
S9, EP3 "Serving Warrants and Ice Fishing"Conservation Officers serve warrants to a suspect believed to have taken 18 deer without licenses.
S9, EP5 "Firearm Opener 2020"November 15 is Michigan's firearm opener each year and is like Christmas for many hunters and Conservation Officers alike; officers investigate a hunter possibly shooting into a dwelling.
"Wardens"Chronicling the lives and work of conservation officers in America.
S13, EP6 "Put Some Thought Into It"Officers in D-3 and D-5 check on users of off-road vehicles during the Memorial Day weekend.
S6, EP6 "Frozen Fire"When a report of an illegal buck surfaces Warden Joe Kambic goes to work to find the shooters. Things heat up for Warden Rick Smauch when he responds to a fire, and Bryan Golie fights the winter weather just to patrol his area.
S9, EP8 "River Patrol"Conservation Officers patrol a busy river during a summer weekend and efforts are made to improve fish habitats.
"Buck Warrant and ORV Stickers"Michigan Conservation Officers in District 8 tread cautiously as they execute a search warrant at a residence of an individual convicted of dealing drugs. And a CO in the UP checks out an off-road vehicle that doesn't have the proper stickers.
S9, EP12 "Deer Seasons"Michigan Conservation Officers patrol during the opening days of deer season for hunting with both archery equipment and firearms. A CO helps remove two deer from an elementary school after they crashed through a window in the middle of the night.
S9, EP13 "Lost Gill Net and ORV"Michigan Conservation Officers remove a gill net from Lake Michigan that had been lost and was discovered by recreational divers. Also, C.Os in District 7 patrol ORV riders.
S10, EP6 "Bay Winter Blitz"Officers in Michigan's thumb region execute a group patrol for snowmobilers and ice anglers; an officer in the northern Lower Peninsula looks into a deer that may have been illegally shot on private property.
S10, EP5 "Autumn Deer, Bear, and Woodcock"A conservation officer in Michigan's Upper Peninsula investigates a case where a firearm may have been discharged too close to an occupied dwelling. Also, information on the Woodcock Wingbee when Michigan hosted the event.
S10, EP4 "Mutilated Fish and Classroom Salmon"Officers in Michigan's Upper Peninsula check snowmobilers and ice fishermen; the state's Salmon in the Classroom program teaches students about their state's ecosystem and makes them responsible for young salmon before releasing them to the wild.
S10, EP3 "Beavers, Elk, and a Squirrely Hunter"A man in northern Michigan shoots from his vehicle and claims to be sighting his gun in on a squirrel in an area with deer and elk; a look into some DNR employees getting a lesson on how to safely remove a beaver dam with explosives.
S10, EP2 "Snagging and Trespassing"Conservation officers monitor the fall salmon run in West Michigan and try to bring to justice anglers who are keeping foul-hooked fish. They also try to help a landowner whose property has accumulated a lot of trash from trespassers.
Chronicling the lives and work of conservation officers in America.
Original Air Date: Dec 27, 2010
Genres: NatureSportsTV Series
Rating: M 15+
Playback: HD
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