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SnappedS23, EP18 "Marissa Wright"A concerned father in Arkansas reports his son missing, launching an investigation that would unearth a dark network of lies and a horrific discovery more deadly than police ever imagined.
SnappedS23, EP17 "Cindy Reese"A small town church is stunned when a parishioner is murdered; in a shocking twist the suspect pool is drawn directly from the church walls.
Alex Murdaugh: Death. Deception. Power.Troy Roberts investigates a South Carolina town rocked by the double homicide of a mother and son in a prominent family, as shocking details emerge allegedly connecting the case to other untimely deaths in the area.
New York HomicideS2, EP3 "The Brooklyn Murder Rampage"When a retired cop is found shot to death on a subway train in Brooklyn, detectives soon discover that his death is linked to two other seemingly random shootings in the previous thirteen hours.
New York HomicideS2, EP4 "An International Investigation"When a sibling dispute over money turns into a double murder, all of Brooklyn is on alert for the missing killer; days turn into months and then years, as the NYPD manhunt turns into a national and international chase for the fugitive.
New York HomicideS2, EP5 "Howard Beach Murder"When the body of a young woman is found hidden in tall reeds in a quiet park near her home, fear grips the Queens neighborhood; after months of ceaseless investigation, a clue from the past leads NYPD detectives to an unexpected killer.
Buried in the BackyardS3, EP18 "Fear in Florida"When a real estate agent disappears, Florida investigators scrutinize the men in her life; however, after other women vanish, something more sinister may be at play; it takes a risky escape from an abductor to finally uncover horrific truths.
Buried in the BackyardS3, EP17 "Saint and Sinner"When a Catholic priest-turned-real estate agent vanishes from Florida, investigators examine circumstances stranger than their suspects; a tip exposes a murder-for-hire scheme.
DatelineS3, EP7 "Mystery at Ascot Estates"The double murder of Tammy Jo Parker and Bryan Capnerhurst appears to be a case of self-defense until it emerges that Parker's husband, Brett, is a bookie with a mounting gambling debt.
DatelineS3, EP8 "Broken Bonds"A quiet night is shattered when intruders terrorize a Florida couple and their young son, killing one of them; investigators question the initial story; a tip leads them to another family with dark secrets, and that's when bonds are tested.
DatelineS3, EP9 "Mystery in Mustang"In Mustang, Okla., firefighter Keith Bryan reconciles with his wife, then he is shot in his own home and dies a few hours later at a nearby hospital.
License to KillS2, EP3 "Death by Injection"When a college student turns up dead in her home, detectives uncover a deadly one-sided obsession that leads them on an international chase to catch her killer.
License to KillS2, EP4 "The Cosmetic Killer"The lines between medical mistakes and murder are blurred when a devious and defiant doctor refuses to change his ways; a chilling investigation ensues into a string of bizarre deaths at an Arizona cosmetic surgery clinic.
Framed By the KillerS1, EP1 "The Sex Cult Frame"A successful entrepreneur is found dead on the side of the road; surprise clues are found during the autopsy, and investigators soon uncover a devious sex cult and a masterminded revenge plan that leads them to the one killer no one ever suspected.
Framed By the KillerS1, EP2 "A Lover's Frame"After a woman disappears without a trace, her husband and her boyfriend are both quick to point fingers at the other; investigators must determine who is telling the truth and who is being framed for a brutal murder.
Framed By the KillerS1, EP3 "The Family Man and The Frame"After a husband is found guilty of murdering his wife and kids, a decadelong battle slowly unravels the truth behind this dark crime.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS10, EP42 "The Prussian Blue Mystery"Young mom Brigida Uto loved running and chasing her toddler around, and when her health suddenly failed, doctors had to unravel a medical mystery to save her life; then, the FBI joined the confounding case and uncovered a sinister plot.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS10, EP43 "11 Minutes"Madison Holton's parents call a family meeting to confront their rebellious teen; when it's done, two of them are dead and police are left with a mystery.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS10, EP44 "She Didn't Come Home"Investigators didn't know if Kathy Heckel was a missing person or murder victim; the case grew cold until, decades later, a new detective dusted off the old files.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS10, EP46 "Before Midnight"Financial adviser Pam Zimmerman was everything to her children, then she was gone, shot dead in her office; detectives focus on three men in Pam's life, wondering if the motive was professional or personal.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS10, EP48 "Evil Was Watching"The 1986 murders of Michella Welch and Jenni Bastian in Tacoma, Wash., remained unsolved for decades until someone else their age grew up to become a detective and looked into their deaths.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS10, EP49 "The Target"As a love triangle between a podiatrist, his estranged wife and his new girlfriend takes shape, a luxury car salesman gets a surprising visit from a beautiful former customer who is not looking to buy a car; she wants someone murdered.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS10, EP51 "Secrets in the Smoky Mountains"Bob McClancy's death is ruled a suicide, but loved ones are suspicious; united by grief, his widow and good friend find themselves falling in love; then, Bob's son starts asking questions and uncovers a secret.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS10, EP52 "Mystery in Big Sky Country"When a veterinarian is found dead in a small Montana town, it launches a mystery that remains unsolved for years; after nearly two decades, investigators think they can solve it, but they know convincing a jury will be no easy task.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS10, EP53 "Before Dawn"Lisa Techel is newly married and pregnant when a shotgun blast ends everything; police questions the neighbor, who has a gun and a grudge, and there are whispers that her husband has a secret; the case tests three juries then takes one final twist.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS10, EP54 "Scorned"Dave Kroupa and Cari Farver begin a casual fling; Cari disappears, but Dave receives disturbing texts from her; the mystery links three women with one man in a case of jealousy, secret identity and murder.
Final MomentsS1, EP7 "She Never Showed"In 2013, college sophomore Alyssiah Wiley is spotted on surveillance footage leaving Eastern Connecticut University campus, then she disappears; authorities follow a digital trail of clues.
Final MomentsS1, EP8 "The Streets Are Talking"Twenty-four-year-old Lamont Adair had just earned a shot to play professional basketball, but when he's gunned down in broad daylight, the community goes silent.
DatelineS7, EP30 "Before Daylight"A college student is found murdered in a residential neighborhood; as police search for the truth, they are stunned to learn that one of their own might be involved.
DatelineS7, EP31 "Before Daylight"A college student is found murdered in a residential neighborhood; as police search for the truth, they are stunned to learn that one of their own might be involved.
DatelineS3, EP10 "What Happened to the Beauty Queen?"Conflicting physical evidence confounds detectives after beauty queen Nona Dirksmeyer is found beaten to death in her Arkansas home.
License to KillS2, EP5 "Prescription for Murder"In the midst of the emerging opioid epidemic, investigators in Los Angeles look into a cluster of mysterious overdose deaths of young men in their 20's and discover a Doctor who uses her prescription pad to line her pockets and kill her patients.
License to KillS2, EP6 "Deadly Pharmacist"Deception and greed drive a local pharmacist in Kansas City down an evil path, affecting the lives of thousands of helpless and trusting cancer patients who believe they're getting life-saving treatment.
New York HomicideS2, EP6 "The Midtown Millennium Murder"Days before the New Millennium, a jailed informant calls the NYPD with a cryptic tip about a murder, sending detectives on a hunt through dozens of New York's high-rise buildings, in search of a crime scene - and a body.
New York HomicideS2, EP7 "Shattered Dreams"Two young women come to New York with big city dreams, but a chance encounter triggers a sequence of events that shatters those dreams forever; detectives must piece together a series of puzzling clues to bring the killers to justice.
Buried in the BackyardS2, EP8 "A Deadly Plea"When a long held secret in Florida threatens to expose a deadly truth, investigators work to unravel a baffling mystery; the dark life of a beloved mother may have put her in danger; a husband's desperate pleas may be the key to solving the case.
Buried in the BackyardS2, EP9 "New England Nightmare"A murderous ripple spreads through a lovely New England town when a ghastly discovery is made in a backyard barn; the search for answers uncovers troubling questions about a doting mom and everyone is a suspect until the truth is finally uncovered.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS10, EP55 "The Halloween Party"Chelsea had her costume ready; she was dressed as Poison Ivy, but she never imagined she would encounter evil that night.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS10, EP56 "The Mystery of Effingham County"A prominent family is highly respected for its success until a jury hears something else in a case that pits father against son, husband against wife, and brother against brother.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS10, EP57 "Something Sweet"On a warm August day, Ray Kotomski quenches his thirst with a cool drink and dies within hours; investigators have to figure out what killed the happily retired Pennsylvania man, and also whether this was even a crime at all.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS10, EP58 "A Perfect Spot"A married couple plan to meet for a Valentine's Day rendezvous, but the secluded spot becomes a crime scene when Richard Schoeck is found shot dead there; as it turns out, the rendezvous isn't the only secret in their lives.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS10, EP60 "One Small Dose"Tara Fitzgerald hides a secret that turns out to be deadly as the detectives investigate.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS10, EP61 "Deadly Devotion"Members of the military risk their lives every day, and in the muscular army world, a woman was a commander who cared; news of her murder is met with pure shock because, in a place where loyalty is prized, one clue reveals a breathtaking betrayal.
Dateline: UnforgettableS2, EP34 "Internal Affairs"When a popular graduate student is shot dead in Durham, N.C., detectives uncover a deadly love triangle; it takes a lot to surprise correspondent Josh Mankiewicz, but the claims are shocking.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS10, EP62 "The House on Badger Lane"Jason and Julie Harper live the American dream in a picture-perfect home with three beautiful children, until the morning comes when Jason is found murdered; police are quick to discover who did it but proving why is much harder.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS10, EP63 "Without a Trace"Carrie Olson has a heart of gold and a new man in her life, then she goes missing; loved ones launch a desperate search for answers, but investigators wonder if one of them is hiding a dark secret.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS10, EP64 "A Place on the Sand"Sabine Buehler moves to an island off the coast of Florida for her own slice of paradise; when she vanishes, friends know she hasn't left on her own; finding out what happened to her leads police down a long and winding path in the sand.
New York HomicideS1, EP12 "Downtown Disappearance"Criminology student Imette St. Guillen was dedicating her life to catching killers when she herself was caught by one while celebrating her birthday late at night at a bar in lower Manhattan.
New York HomicideS1, EP9 "Murder on the Upper East Side"In the most expensive zip code in Manhattan, an aging, eccentric art collector is found strangled in his apartment.
DatelineS7, EP32 "Left for Dead"The survivor of a horrible attack is convinced police have the wrong suspect.
DatelineS7, EP33 "Left for Dead"The survivor of a horrible attack is convinced police have the wrong suspect.
DatelineS3, EP11 "Mystery in Payson Canyon"Kay Mortensen took pride in preparing for every possible threat, so when he was found dead at home, those who knew him were stunned; the brutal killing put two of Kay's loved ones behind bars and in danger, but the truth may set them free.
License to KillS2, EP7 "Death By Miracle Cure"Detectives in Colorado investigate a naturopathic doctor after two of his patients develop horrific side effects from dubious miracle treatments; what they uncover is a deadly history of fraud and barbaric, invasive medical treatments.
License to KillS2, EP8 "A Match Made in Hell"In order to solidify the secret bond keeping them together, two aids working at a nursing home create a twisted murderous game involving the Alzheimer's patients they care for.
An Unexpected KillerS2, EP1 "Twisted Betrayal"When a devoted mother with a bright future in show business is ruthlessly gunned down, a number of suspects emerges; just as detectives think they have the killer in their sights, the investigation takes a jaw-dropping turn.
An Unexpected KillerS2, EP2 "Unseen Assassin"A wealthy businessman and his closest friend are found shot execution-style; police have little to go on until a surprising development leads investigators to a killer no one ever suspected.
An Unexpected KillerS2, EP3 "A Genius Murder"When a brilliant scientist and devoted family man is found beaten to death, the evidence leads to arrests, but an astounding revelation turns the investigation on its head.
SnappedS26, EP11 "Valerie Nessler"When a deadly rumor is stirred up among friends and acquaintances, it sets off an explosion of brutal violence so gruesome that not even a house fire can hide the truth.
SnappedS26, EP10 "Tyler Block-Patton"When a welfare check on a local real estate tycoon reveals a gruesome murder scene, investigators must sift through alleged drug use, revenge and a case of mistaken identity to uncover a bombshell of a killer.
SnappedS26, EP12 "Brandy Stutzman"The murder of a U.S. airman leads Las Vegas investigators down a twisted path to one woman's offbeat oasis and ties to an unusual fan club.
SnappedS23, EP21 "Neola Robinson"The investigation into a missing mechanic sends Texas authorities on a wild goose chase that ceases at a dead end, until years later, when a new tip heats this cold case to a boil.
SnappedS23, EP22 "Diana Nadell"An affluent grandmother falls victim to an elaborate murder plot fueled by passion and greed.
SnappedS23, EP23 "Ashley Schutt"When a woman covered in blood shows up on her neighbor's doorstep, Georgia police commence a home invasion investigation that leads them to uncover more twists than they could have ever imagined.
SnappedS23, EP20 "Roxanne Buck"When authorities discover a young woman's body in a shed, they struggle to determine whether her killer is someone under her own roof or the result of an illicit affair.
SnappedS23, EP19 "Janet Tyburski"A doting grandmother alerts police when she recognizes her daughter's dead body on the evening news, triggering an investigation that proves blood isn't always thicker than water.
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