Inside the FactoryS5, EP8 "Soup"Gregg Wallace and Cherry Healey get exclusive access to some of the largest food factories in Britain, which reveals the secrets behind food production.
Combat ShipsS1, EP10 "Secrets and Lies"A look at how the art of deception was used by naval forces in the first half of the 20th century; in 1939, the German raider Atlantis is equipped with fake funnels, while its sailors dressed as women pushing prams to fool Allied merchant ships.
Combat ShipsS1, EP9 "Wooden Warships"A look at the most famous wooden warships over the course of 500 years.
Combat ShipsS2, EP4 "Destroyers and Cruisers"The ships that made mighty empires, from the lone wolves that patrolled the high seas for imperial Britain to the USS Laffey's heroic WWII battle against kamikazes at Okinawa.
Combat ShipsS4, EP5 "Mutiny"A look at how technological advances over the centuries have transformed maritime warfare.
Air WarriorsS7, EP3 "Top Gunships"Exploring the world's top close air support aircraft, which enter battles at a minute's notice.
Air WarriorsS9, EP2 "B-29 Superfortress"The story of the world's first nuclear bomber, the B-29, and its explosive impact on aerial warfare.
Air WarriorsS9, EP3 "Hawker Hurricane"The overlooked underdog of British fighter planes; fast and versatile, the dogfighter doubled as a bomber and ground support aircraft in every theatre of WWII.
Air WarriorsS9, EP4 "Messerschmitt BF 109"Considered the deadliest fighter of WWII, Germany's Me-109s were feared by Allied bombers and fighters alike; 109s fought Spitfires in the Battle of Britain and alongside Rommel in North Africa.
Air WarriorsS10, EP1 "Lancaster"The inside story of the Avro Lancaster, the British bomber that was rushed into service to fight back against Nazi Germany.
Air DisastersS13, EP4 "Borderline Tactics"When a DC-8 cargo jet crashes on approach to a U.S. naval base in Guantanamo, investigators wonder if Cuba played a role.
Air DisastersS13, EP5 "Deadly Pitch"An anonymous tip helps uncover the cause of a cargo plane crash in Miami.
Air DisastersS6, EP4 "Fight for Your Life"Three FedEx employees must regain control of their plane when a coworker attacks them in midair.
Air DisastersS6, EP10 "Ocean Landing"Pilots aboard a hijacked plane are forced to attempt an emergency landing at sea.
Air DisastersS19, EP6 "Cockpit Catastrophe"After pilots miraculously land an out-of-control plane in Portugal, investigators must determine how the freshly serviced aircraft was released with a fatal flaw.
Air DisastersS6, EP9 "Kid in the Cockpit"A pilot's decision to let his 15-year-old son fly has disastrous consequences on a commercial flight.
Air DisastersS5, EP11 "Titanic in the Sky"On 4 November 2010, shortly after takeoff from Singapore, the number-two engine on Qantas Flight 32 partially disintegrates, causing serious damage to its left wing.
Air DisastersS1, EP2 "Gimli Glider"A pilot heads for a decommissioned air force base when the Boeing 767 jet he is flying unexpectedly runs out of fuel.
Air DisastersS13, EP6 "Fatal Climb"A commercial airliner crashes minutes after taking off from an airport in Bucharest causing suspicions to rise.
Air DisastersS13, EP7 "Runway Runoff"A passenger plane veers off the runway in Denver sparking an investigation into the airport's proximity to the Rocky Mountains.
Air DisastersS13, EP8 "Lethal Limits"An investigation into a jet crash from 2008 leads to a drastic change into the Russian aviation system.
Air DisastersS15, EP3 "Explosive Touchdown"Determining why a Taiwanese commuter plane is rocked by a massive explosion after touch down.
Air DisastersS15, EP4 "Taxiway Turmoil"A departing DC-9 in Detroit gets lost in the fog and ends up in the path of an oncoming 727.
Air DisastersS3, EP5 "Turning Point"A Northwest Airlines flight cruises above the Bering Sea before problems develop and pilots must make an emergency landing in Anchorage.
Air DisastersS3, EP6 "Break Up Over Texas"Near the end of its flight, Continental Express Flight 2574 suffers wing damage and goes into a dive falling out of the sky.
Air DisastersS3, EP7 "Under Pressure"On July 11, 1991, the crew of Nigeria Airways Flight 2120 unsuccessfully tries to return to the airport after a burst tire creates an in-flight fire which causes 247 Nigerian pilgrims and 14 crew to perish.
Air DisastersS12, EP2 "Blown Away"The investigation into the 2014 crash of a TransAsia flight uncovers a systemic problem with the airline.
Air DisastersS12, EP3 "Deadly Distraction"Delta Air Lines Flight 1141 crashes beyond the runway while taking off from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.
Air DisastersS12, EP4 "Deadly Airspace"When a commercial airliner goes down in eastern Ukraine in 2014, examiners must conduct an investigation in the middle of a war zone.
Air DisastersS12, EP5 "Deadly Display"A high-stakes demonstration flight in Indonesia turns catastrophic when a Russian jet slams into a mountain.
Air DisastersS12, EP6 "Deadly Space"A Virgin Galactic commercial spacecraft, the VSS Enterprise, crashes during a 2014 test flight to the outer reaches of the Earth's atmosphere.
Air DisastersS12, EP7 "Free Fall"A computer glitch causes a highly automated Qantas Airways flight to nearly fall out of the sky.
Air DisastersS20, EP8 "Deadly Confusion"JFK Jr. disappears on the way to Martha's Vineyard, a captain loses his bearings and crashes over the Red Sea and pilots crash a plane over Indonesia. ALL NEW.
Air DisastersS13, EP9 "Soccer Tragedy"A plane carrying a Brazilian soccer team crashes just ten miles from the airport in 2016.
Air DisastersS13, EP10 "Slam Dunk"A quick trip from Washington D.C. to Ohio in 1994 turns deadly when pilots of a twin-engine turboprop attempt a risky landing.
Air DisastersS14, EP1 "Communication Breakdown"A look at three deadly air disasters that were caused by misunderstandings between pilots and air traffic controllers.
Air DisastersS14, EP2 "Fatal Friction"Human flaws cause three plane crashes in England, Colorado and Minnesota.
Air DisastersS14, EP3 "Hero Pilots"Three flights headed for disaster are saved at the last moment by heroes in the cockpit.
Air DisastersS14, EP10 "Fire on Board"Three flights that erupted in flames, and the investigations that changed aviation forever.
Air DisastersS6, EP8 "Death and Denial"In 1999, EgyptAir Flight 990 crashes into the Atlantic Ocean while flying from New York City to Cairo, killing all 217 people on board; however, the cause of the crash is disputed.
Air DisastersS20, EP5 "Fuel Trouble"History's most terrifying air disasters, and the investigations that followed, are revisited and reexamined.
Air DisastersS10, EP3 "Disaster at Tenerife"Two 747s collide on the runway of a small airport in the Canary Islands, resulting in history's deadliest air crash.
Aerial AmericaS1, EP46 "Alaska's Fire and Ice"The world's largest volcanic island; Iceland's landscapes, forged by fire and ice.
Aerial AmericaS1, EP47 "Alaska"A look at America's landmarks, including a view of bears catching clams in Alaska's rivers, all from breathtaking heights.
Aerial AmericaS1, EP48 "Wilderness"A cross-country flight over icy landscapes in Alaska's Denali, vast wetlands in Florida's Everglades, and over 100 million acres of badlands, deserts, and mountains.
Aerial AmericaS1, EP55 "Illinois"Witness the beauty of Illinois, from Chicago's unique skyscrapers to the Lincoln Tomb.
Aerial AmericaS1, EP52 "Indiana"Tour Indiana's World War Memorial and the Angel Mounds of the southwest.
Inside the FactoryS6 "Chairs"Gregg Wallace visits the Ercol factory in Buckinghamshire, an area associated with furniture making since the 19th century. Brits spend a staggering £300 million pounds each week on furniture.
Inside the FactoryS6, EP10 "Boots"A visit to the Dr. Martens factory in England reveals how the plant mass-produces its popular 1460 leather boots at a rate of 3,500 pairs a week.
Inside the FactoryS6, EP12 "Mugs"Gregg Wallace visits the Denby factory in Derbyshire, which has been making pottery since 1809. Brits drink a staggering 195 million mugs of tea and coffee every day, so Gregg is following production of one of the factory's best sellers.
Mighty ShipsS8, EP2 "Hawk"To transport one of the world's largest oil rigs, Hawk must sink before she can swim; she submerges her expansive deck to load.
Mighty ShipsS8, EP4 "Algoma Equinox"The Algoma Equinox battles fierce ice, howling winds and challenging waters to transport grain and iron ore.
Mighty ShipsS8, EP6 "Maersk Interceptor"The world's largest jack-up drilling rig faces high stakes and tough decisions during the biggest storm in 20 years in the North Sea.
Mighty ShipsS9, EP2 "Tonsberg"The world's largest roll-on/roll-off vessel races against the clock to load and transport cars and equipment across the Atlantic Ocean.
Air DisastersS11, EP10 "The Lost Plane"Investigators struggle to understand the unusual flight path and Himalayan crash site of Thai Airways Flight 311.
Air DisastersS12, EP1 "Nuts and Bolts"When an American cargo plane crashes moments after takeoff, investigators uncover a systemic problem with aircraft maintenance.
Air DisastersS11, EP2 "Killer Attitude"The pairing of a domineering pilot and an inexperienced first officer has deadly consequences in northern Minnesota.
Ice Airport AlaskaS1, EP5 "Relentless Winter"Record snowfall and vicious headwinds threaten the runways and a sea plane pilot.
Ice Airport AlaskaS1, EP6 "50 Year Storm"The Ted Stevens crew faces a host of challenges, including a truck accident, a record day of snowfall, and the return of a wild moose.
Air DisastersS10, EP10 "Afghan Nightmare"When a cargo plane crashes at a U.S. airfield in Afghanistan, investigators reach a conclusion that ultimately proves incorrect.
Air DisastersS20, EP8 "Deadly Confusion"JFK Jr. disappears on the way to Martha's Vineyard, a captain loses his bearings and crashes over the Red Sea and pilots crash a plane over Indonesia. ALL NEW.
Air DisastersS11, EP3 "Deadly Myth"The crash of a commuter flight to Detroit leads investigators to a cause the industry has known about for years.
Air DisastersS11, EP4 "The Turning Point"A Boeing 767 crashes miles from a South Korean runway; the investigation leads to contradicting stories between the surviving pilot and air traffic control.
Air DisastersS12, EP8 "Deadly Inclination"An Alitalia airliner crashes into a forested hillside just a few miles from a Zurich runway.
Air DisastersS12, EP9 "Deadly Go Round"When an A300 stalls and crashes just before landing in Japan, fears arise about the plane's complex automated systems.
Air DisastersS13, EP2 "Death Race"When a modified WWII fighter plane crashes into the crowd at a Nevada air show, investigators struggle to find the cause.
Air DisastersS13, EP3 "Fatal Approach"A false warning in the cockpit triggers a series of pilot errors, sending a commuter plane crashing by the runway of an Amsterdam airport.
Mighty TrainsS4, EP7 "Coastal Pacific"Travelling up the coast of New Zealand in style aboard the Coastal Pacific, a train that embodies the nation's spirit of grit and determination; for two years, this ride was shut down due to an earthquake in 2016.
Mighty TrainsS2, EP1 "Rocky Mountaineer"The Rocky Mountaineer travels across western Canada and over the Rocky Mountains.
Mighty TrainsS3, EP2 "Rovos Railway"South Africa's most luxurious train - Rovos Rail - travel from Pretoria to Cape Town in classic cars pulled by a series of steam, diesel and electric locomotives.
Mighty TrainsS4, EP2 "Transcantabrico Clasico"A trip aboard the luxury tourist train, Transcantábrico Clásico through Northern Spain along a historic 19th century rail line.
Inside the FactoryS5, EP10 "Cereal Bars"Gregg Wallace is in Essex at an enormous cereal bar factory, which produces 400,000 fruit- and nut-packed treats a day; Gregg follows production from the arrival of two tonnes of macadamia nuts all the way through to dispatch.
Inside the FactoryS1, EP1 "Bread"Gregg Wallace discovers how one of Britain's largest bakeries makes up to 1.5 million loaves of bread each week; he also uncovers the secrets to baking 4,000 loaves at once.
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