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BonanzaS1, EP4 "The Paiute War"A trader's (Jack Warden) abduction of two Indian women sets off a war between Paiutes and California militia.
GunsmokeS14, EP13 "Johnny Cross"In Matt's absence, deputy Newly tracks down a wanted man, saves him from bounty hunters and does his best to prove the man's innocence.
GunsmokeS14, EP14 "The Money Store"An impoverished widower is accused of stealing money from a bank in order to feed his two small children.
GunsmokeS14, EP15 "The Twisted Heritage"Kitty saves the life of a fellow stagecoach traveler and becomes deeply involved in his personal life.
GunsmokeS14, EP16 "Time of the Jackals"Kitty's jealousy of an escaped murderer's girlfriend complicates Matt's efforts to recapture the man.
The Andy Griffith ShowS2, EP19 "A Medal for Opie"Opie signs up for a race to win a medal, but he loses and learns an important lesson in good sportsmanship instead.
The Andy Griffith ShowS2, EP20 "Barney and the Choir"Andy's diplomacy and modern engineering techniques are required to upgrade the music of the town choir.
The Andy Griffith ShowS2, EP21 "Guest of Honor"To celebrate Founder's Day, Andy and Barney decide to choose a stranger at random to be Mayberry's Guest of Honor. Unbeknownst to them, the person they have chosen turns out to be a pickpocket.
The Andy Griffith ShowS2, EP22 "The Merchant of Mayberry"Andy uses his wits to help a struggling salesman, despite strong pressure to put him out of business.
The Andy Griffith ShowS2, EP23 "Aunt Bee the Warden"With the courthouse full of moonshiners, Otis has to serve his jail time for public intoxication at the Taylor house under the supervision of Aunt Bee.
The Andy Griffith ShowS2, EP24 "The County Nurse"Andy and Barney exert all their efforts to convince local farmer Rafe Hollister to take his tetanus shot when he refuses.
Everybody Loves RaymondS2, EP9 "The Gift"Ray (Ray Romano) buys his father (Peter Boyle) a fancy aquarium for his birthday, which depresses the older man.
Everybody Loves RaymondS2, EP10 "High School"Debra (Patricia Heaton) shows up Ray (Ray Romano) by getting along with the cool people at his 20-year high-school reunion.
Everybody Loves RaymondS2, EP11 "The Letter"After her Tupperware party is ruined, Debra decides she's had enough of her interfering mother-in-law.
Everybody Loves RaymondS2, EP12 "All I Want for Christmas"A romantic Christmas morning ends when Ray's family bursts in for eggs Florentine and unwrapping gifts.
Everybody Loves RaymondS2, EP13 "Civil Wars"Raymond joins his brother and Frank in a Gettysburg Civil War re-enactment in an attempt to bond with his father.
Everybody Loves RaymondS2, EP14 "Mia Famiglia"Ray's (Ray Romano) excitement about meeting a distant relative (guest star Argentina Brunetti) wears off when she begins to overstay her welcome.
Everybody Loves RaymondS2, EP15 "Marie's Meatballs"Worrying that Ray only visits her to get a good meal, Marie hesitates to teach Debra her cooking secrets.
Everybody Loves RaymondS2, EP16 "The Checkbook"Ray takes over the family finances to prove to Debra how easy it is, but he soon discovers that he's no accountant.
The King of QueensS5, EP1 "Arthur, Spooner"Team leader Carrie grows frustrated with her drab work group; Doug begins relying on Arthur's company in order to fall asleep.
The King of QueensS5, EP8 "Flash Photography"As a joke, Doug takes a lewd picture with a disposable camera on the table at a wedding. David Eigenberg guest stars.
The King of QueensS5, EP9 "Connect Four"After Carrie wins four Knicks tickets, she and Doug struggle to find a couple to double-date with that they can both get along with.
The King of QueensS5, EP18 "Steve Moscow"After tearing apart the Heffernans' walls, a contractor has a dispute with Doug and disappears, leaving things a mess.
The King of QueensS5, EP19 "Cowardly Lyin'"When Doug gets caught in a lie to avoid going to the opera, he and Carrie decide to be honest with each other in the future.
MomS8, EP3 "Tang and a Safe Space for Everybody"Bonnie takes a trip down memory lane when she reconnects with an old flame; Tammy volunteers to remodel the kitchen so it's more accessible to Adam.
MomS8, EP4 "Astronauts and Fat Trimmings"Bonnie and Adam offer relationship advice when they sense tension between Jill and Andy; Tammy lends a hand when chef Rudy opens a food truck.
MomS8, EP5 "Sober Wizard and a Woodshop Workshop"Bonnie is concerned about Adam's safety when he decides to go skiing for the first time since his accident; Tammy worries that Jill is sending the wrong message to the young girls they're mentoring.
The New Adventures of Old ChristineS2, EP14 "Let Him Eat Cake"Christine wants credit for turning Richard into a good boyfriend and for recommending a thoughtful birthday gift for New Christine to give him.
The New Adventures of Old ChristineS2, EP15 "Sleepless in Mar Vista"After taking sleeping pills, Christine discovers that she made several embarrassing phone calls while knocked out.
The New Adventures of Old ChristineS2, EP16 "Undercover Brother"Christine learns an astonishing secret after sleeping with Richard's attractive brother (Charles Esten).
The New Adventures of Old ChristineS2, EP17 "Strange Bedfellows"Christine battles an aggressive activist with an opposing stance when she tries to become more politically active.
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M*A*S*HS4, EP17 "Dear Ma"Radar writes home to his mother while Hawkeye carries on foot inspection and Col. Potter gets shot in the backside.
M*A*S*HS4, EP18 "Der Tag"Hawkeye and B.J.'s efforts to be nice to Frank backfire when they invite him to join their poker game and he cleans them out.
M*A*S*HS4, EP19 "Hawkeye"Hawkeye suffers a concussion and is rescued by a Korean family who cannot understand English.
M*A*S*HS4, EP20 "Some 38th Parallels"Frank decides to make money by auctioning off the camp garbage; Hawkeye's love life suffers a serious attack.
M*A*S*HS4, EP21 "The Novocaine Mutiny"Hawkeye faces a court-martial when his running feud with Frank flares up while Col. Potter is out of the camp and Frank is in charge.
M*A*S*HS4, EP22 "Smilin' Jack"The 4077th turns up a sick helicopter pilot who doesn't want to quit and a twice-wounded GI who does.
M*A*S*HS4, EP23 "The More I See You"A married nurse who had a serious relationship with Hawkeye when she was single is assigned to the 4077th.
M*A*S*HS4, EP24 "Deluge"A sudden deluge of wounded at the 4077th is followed by a fire and a rainstorm.
BonanzaS1, EP5 "Enter Mark Twain"Newspaperman Samuel Clemens (Howard Duff), writing as Mark Twain, battles a judge involved in land fraud.
GunsmokeS14, EP17 "Mannon"Ruthless gunman Mannon (Steve Forrest) shoots Festus, steals his mule and terrorizes the citizens of Dodge City.
GunsmokeS14, EP18 "Goldtown"Two hillbillies attempt to swindle the townspeople of Dodge City by selling them worthless mining claims.
GunsmokeS14, EP20 "The Mark of Cain"A respected rancher is found to have been a notoriously cruel Civil War commandant.
GunsmokeS14, EP19 "The Reprisal"Doc Adams' life is in jeopardy when he is the only witness to a killing and the murderer becomes his patient.
The Andy Griffith ShowS2, EP25 "Andy and Barney in the Big City"Andy and Barney travel to Raleigh on a business trip and get involved in the capture of a jewel thief in their hotel.
The Andy Griffith ShowS2, EP26 "Wedding Bells for Aunt Bee"A misunderstanding leads Andy and Aunt Bee to believe that they are both anxious to get married.
The Andy Griffith ShowS2, EP27 "Three's a Crowd"Barney interferes with Andy's attempts to romance Mayberry's County Nurse, Mary Simpson. When Andy suggests to Barney that he and Mary need some alone time, Barney immediately thinks that they are getting married.
The Andy Griffith ShowS2, EP28 "The Bookie Barber"Floyd hires a second barber, Medwin, when his barbershop gets too hectic. The shop flourishes, but Andy becomes suspicious when he sees the same men going into the shop every day.
The Andy Griffith ShowS2, EP29 "Andy on Trial"J. Howard Jackson, a big-shot newspaper publisher, accuses Andy of misconduct in office after Andy fines him for a traffic violation.
The Andy Griffith ShowS2, EP30 "Cousin Virgil"Barney's cousin Virgil overcomes his awkwardness as soon as he learns that people have confidence in him.
Everybody Loves RaymondS2, EP17 "The Ride-Along"Ray gains new respect for Robert when he sees him thwart an attempted robbery at Nemo's, but his attempt to get Robert's efforts noticed backfire when a newspaper article makes Ray the focus of the story.
Everybody Loves RaymondS2, EP18 "The Family Bed"Ray and Debra can't get a good night's sleep when Ally fears there are monsters in her room.
Everybody Loves RaymondS2, EP19 "Good Girls"Debra discovers that Marie likes Robert's girlfriend (Monica Horan) better than she likes her because Amy is a "good girl."
Everybody Loves RaymondS2, EP20 "T-Ball"Debra gets into a fight with another parent who accuses her of bringing an unhealthy snack to a tee-ball game.
Everybody Loves RaymondS2, EP21 "Traffic School"Robert experiments with a ventriloquist's dummy to make his driving school lectures more interesting.
Everybody Loves RaymondS2, EP22 "Six Feet Under"Debra thinks Ray's midlife crisis has gone too far when he starts planning his burial; Frank sells Marie's burial plot for a profit.
Everybody Loves RaymondS2, EP24 "The Wedding"Ray and Debra (Ray Romano, Patricia Heaton) remember the events surrounding their engagement and wedding. Guest stars: Robert Culp and Katherine Helmond.
Everybody Loves RaymondS2, EP25 "The Wedding"Ray recalls proposing to Debra and the elaborate plans for their wedding.
The King of QueensS5, EP23 "Dog Shelter"Carrie discovers Doug's parents have shielded him from the truth for years by replacing his dog with look-alikes.
The King of QueensS5, EP25 "Bed Spread"Doug and Carrie borrow twin beds while waiting for a new bed to be delivered and discover that doing things separately has advantages.
The King of QueensS6, EP6 "Affidavit Justice"When the partners of Carrie's law firm notice Doug's softball skills, they ask him to pretend he is a lawyer and play on the company team; Arthur believes his great-grandfather was a slave owner.
The King of QueensS6, EP24 "Awful Bigamy"When Holly is kicked out of her apartment, Arthur insists she stay with him until she can find someplace new to live.
The King of QueensS7, EP3 "Furious George"Carrie makes Doug join a support group for overeaters, but he secretly joins an abusive relationship group where he blames his eating on her.
MomS8, EP6 "Woo-Woo Lights and an Onside Kick"Bonnie and the ladies indulge Jill when she goes to extremes to get her relationship with Andy back on track.
MomS8, EP7 "S'Mores and a Sadness Cocoon"Bonnie is upset when Adam makes a big-ticket purchase without consulting her; Jill has an unexpected reaction when her dentist retires.
MomS8, EP8 "Bloody Stumps and a Chemical Smell"When Bonnie can't decide what to do with the spare bedroom, bigger issues are uncovered; Tammy attempts to create boundaries with Marjorie.
The New Adventures of Old ChristineS2, EP18 "The Real Thing"Christine nearly gets Mr. Harris fired when she sends an e-mail intended for Barb to all the parents at Ritchie's school.
The New Adventures of Old ChristineS2, EP19 "Faith Off"When Christine figures out Richard has been hired to remodel Lindsay's bathroom, she goes to any length possible to make sure he doesn't screw up the job.
The New Adventures of Old ChristineS2, EP20 "My Big Fat Sober Wedding"Chrisitine tries to stay sober at her friend's wedding, but has a hard time keeping her mouth shut nonetheless.
The New Adventures of Old ChristineS2, EP21 "Friends"Christine, Richard, Matthew and Barb test one another's boundaries while following Ritchie to his school's camping trip in the desert.
RoseanneS3, EP2 "Friends and Relatives"Dan refuses to borrow money from Jackie to cover a loan he made to Arnie (Tom Arnold).
RoseanneS3, EP3 "Like a Virgin"Dan and Roseanne leave Darlene out when they talk to Becky about birth control.
RoseanneS3, EP4 "Like, a New Job"Dan is in charge of the children when Roseanne has to work late.
RoseanneS3, EP5 "Good-bye Mr. Right"Roseanne is concerned about Jackie's boyfriend (Brian Kerwin) when Jackie is injured on the job.
RoseanneS3, EP6 "Becky, Beds and Boys"Becky disobeys her parents when they request that she stop dating a certain boy.
RoseanneS3, EP7 "Trick or Treat"In Halloween garb, Roseanne is mistaken for a guy at the Lobo Lounge.
RoseanneS3, EP8 "PMS, I Love You"Roseanne's "PMS day" and Dan's birthday are on a collision course.
M*A*S*HS4, EP9 "The Kids"The 4077th becomes an impromptu orphanage when heavy shelling forces Korean children to seek shelter at the camp.
BonanzaS1, EP3 "The Newcomers"Hoss falls for an invalid (Inger Stevens) traveling with unscrupulous prospectors who want to mine the Ponderosa.
GunsmokeS14, EP9 "The Railroad"When a railroad company tries to force Jim Graham off his land, Matt blocks its efforts.
GunsmokeS14, EP10 "The Miracle Man"A slick-talking salesman attended by three dissatisfied customers is rescued by a farm widow.
GunsmokeS14, EP11 "Waco"Matt has a long,hard ride back to Dodge City with a prisoner, pursued the entire way by the man's gang.
GunsmokeS14, EP12 "Lobo"Matt's friend becomes a murderer because of his fanatic opposition to the killing of a renegade wolf.
The Andy Griffith ShowS2, EP13 "The Farmer Takes a Wife"Andy and Barney help Jeff, a farmer visiting Mayberry, search for a bride by cleaning him up and teaching him proper etiquette. Unfortunately for Barney, Jeff chooses Thelma Lou as his wife.
The Andy Griffith ShowS2, EP14 "The Keeper of the Flame"Opie joins a secret club and is responsible for the candle they use in their meetings. When the barn the club meets in is burned to the ground, Opie is accused of starting the fire.
The Andy Griffith ShowS2, EP15 "Bailey's Bad Boy"Andy teaches Ronald Bailey, the spoiled son of a rich man, the importance of being self-reliant and responsible.
The Andy Griffith ShowS2, EP16 "The Manicurist"After a shaky start, male patrons accept the addition of a manicurist to Floyd's barbershop.
The Andy Griffith ShowS2, EP17 "The Jinx"A Mayberry resident is convinced he is a jinx until Andy helps restore his self-confidence.
The Andy Griffith ShowS2, EP18 "Jailbreak"Mayberry's small-town methods prove more effective in capturing a fugitive than those of the state police.
Everybody Loves RaymondS2, EP1 "Ray's on TV"Ray's family lies to him about his guest appearance on a TV sports show, and he feels awful when he finds out about it.
Everybody Loves RaymondS2, EP2 "Father Knows Least"Ray (Ray Romano) uses an "active listening" technique learned in parenting class on his stubborn parents (Doris Roberts, Peter Boyle).
Everybody Loves RaymondS2, EP3 "Brother"The Barone brothers rediscover their friendship during a night out.
Everybody Loves RaymondS2, EP4 "Mozart"Ray wants to teach Ally not to be a quitter, so he resumes the piano lessons he dropped 15 years earlier.
Everybody Loves RaymondS2, EP5 "Golf"Ray's guilt catches up with him when he tricks Debra into letting him play a round of golf.
Everybody Loves RaymondS2, EP6 "Anniversary"Ray learns that his parents were separated and would have divorced if he hadn't broken his arm.
Everybody Loves RaymondS2, EP7 "Working Late Again"Debra convinces Ray to work from home after reading an article about people who prefer to be at the office than with their family, but things don't turn out as she had planned.
Everybody Loves RaymondS2, EP8 "The Children's Book"Debra's (Patricia Heaton) attempt to write a children's story turns into an all-out storytelling war with Ray (Ray Romano).
The King of QueensS3, EP22 "Swim Neighbors"Doug and Carrie's neighbor (Bryan Cranston) builds an aboveground pool that looks directly into their property.
The King of QueensS4, EP8 "Life Sentence"Doug and his friends become victims of reality TV when Doug sets up a camera in the basement to keep an eye on Arthur.
The King of QueensS4, EP13 "Food Fight"Carrie grows jealous when Spence's girlfriend (Christine Nelson) recruits Doug to test her culinary homework.
The King of QueensS4, EP20 "Lush Life"Doug tries to get Carrie drunk so he can cheat on his diet, but things get out of hand. Lou Ferrigno guest stars.
The King of QueensS4, EP23 "Eddie Money"Doug tries to keep $5,000 in gambling winnings a secret from Carrie, who didn't want him betting to begin with; Carrie is offered a new job. Eddie Money guest stars.
MomS7, EP20 "Big Sad Eyes and an Antique Hot Dog"The ladies' friendships are tested when they live in close quarters during a sober retreat.
MomS8, EP1 "Sex Bucket and the Grammar Police"When Bonnie invites the ladies to a slumber party, childhood games reveal adult problems.
MomS8, EP2 "Smitten Kitten and a Tiny Boo-Boo Error"Bonnie and Adam regret spending their first wedding anniversary with Marjorie and her new boyfriend; Jill's attempt at a good deed becomes a moral dilemma.
The New Adventures of Old ChristineS2, EP10 "What About Barb?"Christine and Barb disagree about how to run the women's gym that they now own together; Matthew helps Ritchie find the perfect nanny.
The New Adventures of Old ChristineS2, EP11 "Crash"Christine and Marly argue after getting into a fender bender in the school parking lot; with her car in the shop, Christine must rent a luxury SUV.
The New Adventures of Old ChristineS2, EP12 "Ritchie Scores"Christine signs Ritchie up for soccer after Mr. Harris (Blair Underwood) informs her that he has had trouble making friends.
The New Adventures of Old ChristineS2, EP13 "Endless Shrimp, Endless Night"Christine tries to reignite the relationship between her brother and his ex-girlfriend; Richard tries to interest Ritchie in his job.
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M*A*S*HS4, EP10 "Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler"An intelligence officer and a psychiatrist grapple for the fate of a wounded officer who claims he's Jesus Christ.
M*A*S*HS4, EP11 "Dear Peggy"B.J. writes home to his wife reporting Klinger's escape attempts and one of Frank's goof-ups.
M*A*S*HS4, EP12 "Of Moose and Men"Hawkeye tangles with a tough Army colonel; B.J. helps a GI who has received a Dear John letter.
M*A*S*HS4, EP13 "Soldier of the Month"When Frank gets a fever, he makes out a will leaving all his money to his wife and all his clothes to Hot Lips.
M*A*S*HS4, EP14 "The Gun"Hawkeye and B.J. suspect Frank of stealing a wounded colonel's antique gun.
M*A*S*HS4, EP15 "Mail Call Again"Mail call brings a "Dear John" letter from Frank's wife and news that Col. Potter is going to become a grandfather.
M*A*S*HS4, EP16 "The Price of Tomato Juice"Radar tries to get some tomato juice for Col. Potter and winds up involving the general of Corps Headquarters.
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