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Mike & MollyS4, EP3 "Sex and Death"Molly goes to the funeral home where Victoria works to research her novel; Mike looks at Molly's writing.
Mike & MollyS4, EP5 "Poker in the Front, Looker in the Back"Molly asks Joyce to help her spy on a suspicious neighbor; the guys share aspirations during a poker game.
Mike & MollyS4, EP6 "Shoeless Molly Flynn"Molly needs to curb her spending on shoes to keep peace in her marriage.
Mike & MollyS4, EP7 "They Shoot Asses, Don't They?"After being shot in a robbery, Mike decides to live each day as if it's his last; Carl thinks Mike should quit the police force.
Mike & MollyS4, EP8 "What Molly Hath Wrought"Molly accepts a job as a forklift driver at Vince's warehouse when she decides to take a break from writing her novel.
RebaS4, EP15 "Flowers for Van"Deprived of Van's attention, Cheyenne develops a relationship with the father of her daughter's play date.
RebaS4, EP16 "Who Killed Brock?"Finger-pointing begins when Barbra Jean's new dog goes missing and a psychic tells her someone in the family is to blame.
RebaS4, EP17 "The Pageant of Grandmas"When Reba enters a beauty pageant for grandmothers, Barbra Jean becomes jealous and sets out to prove she is the true Grandma Hart.
RebaS4, EP18 "Reba's Rules of Real Estate"Reba is thrilled when the city's hottest real estate agent (Dolly Parton) wants to interview her for a job, until the woman shows up unannounced for a surprise meeting.
RebaS4, EP19 "Driving Miss Kyra"When Kyra passes her driving test, Barbra Jean makes her sign a safety contract and provides her with a cell phone that contains a hidden GPS chip.
RebaS4, EP20 "Go Far"Brock volunteers to be a football coach and encourages Jake to try out for the team, so Reba persuades Van to train him for the tryouts.
RebaS4, EP21 "Help Wanted"Against her better judgment, Reba gives in to Cheyenne's pleas and hires the unemployed Van as her assistant, only to be surprised when he sells the house she has been trying to unload for weeks.
RebaS4, EP22 "Hello, My Name Is Cheyenne"Reba takes it upon herself to keep Van sober when she suspects he has a drinking problem; Kyra and her band are invited to perform at a USO event for soldiers leaving for Iraq.
RebaS5, EP1 "Where There's Smoke"Cheyenne and Van must run interference at a client party after Reba takes a pill, by mistake, that will make her violently ill if she drinks alcohol.
RebaS5, EP2 "Reba and the One"When Barbra Jean signs Reba up for an online dating service, Reba winds up dating a mystery man and spending less time with the family.
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CMT MusicRerun Air Date: September 26, 2023Music videos.
CMT MusicRerun Air Date: September 26, 2023Music videos.
CMT MusicRerun Air Date: September 26, 2023Music videos.
CMT MusicRerun Air Date: September 26, 2023Music videos.
CMT MusicRerun Air Date: September 26, 2023Music videos.
RoseanneS7, EP25 "Couch Potatoes"Pregnant Roseanne's nesting instinct disrupts the household's routine.
RoseanneS7, EP26 "Sherwood Schwartz: A Loving Tribute"Dan fantasizes that the whole family is marooned on an island with Gilligan and his friends in a tribute to the 1960s TV series.
RoseanneS8, EP1 "Shower the People You Love With Stuff"Hostesses Becky and Darlene disagree over Roseanne's baby shower.
RoseanneS8, EP2 "Let Them Eat Junk"Jackie has it out with Roseanne when she doesn't follow specific dietary instructions for Andy.
RoseanneS8, EP3 "Roseanne in the Hood"A new restaurant opens up across the street from the Lunch Box, and while Jackie is worried sick, Roseanne seems unconcerned.
RoseanneS8, EP4 "The Last Date"During one of their final baby-free nights together, Roseanne and Dan crash a bar mitzvah party.
Mike & MollyS4, EP9 "Mike & Molly's Excellent Adventure"Determined to change Mike's normal routine, Molly encourages him to try new things.
Mike & MollyS4, EP10 "Weekend at Peggy's"After fighting with Joyce about money, Molly and Mike move into Mike's childhood bedroom at Peggy's place.
Mike & MollyS4, EP11 "Dips & Salsa"Mike asks Carl to fill in for him as Molly's dance partner, but gets jealous when he thinks they are having too much fun.
Mike & MollyS4, EP12 "Mind Over Molly"At Mike's urging, Molly begrudgingly goes to a therapist (John Michael Higgins).
The King of QueensS1, EP4 "Richie's Song"Doug can't work up the courage to tell Richie (Larry Romano) that his wife (Michele Maika) is cheating on him.
The King of QueensS1, EP5 "Paternal Affairs"Arthur is immediately smitten with Doug's favorite aunt (Brenda Vaccaro) and asks permission to court her.
The King of QueensS1, EP6 "Head First"Doug makes an effort to be more friendly with Arthur and soon discovers the benefits and risks of allowing his father-in-law to tag along with him in public.
The King of QueensS1, EP7 "The Rock"Doug and Carrie debate the advantages of selling her engagement ring after discovering that it is worth a fortune.
The King of QueensS1, EP8 "Educating Doug"Carrie feels that she and Doug are getting stupid as a couple, so she enrolls them and Spence into a class where they read a book and discuss it.
The King of QueensS1, EP9 "Road Rayge"Doug loses his license to drive after Ray Barone (Ray Romano) cheats off his driving test. Brad Garrett and Peter Boyle also guest star.
Last Man StandingS7, EP15 "Arrest Her Development"Vanessa "helps" Mandy and Kyle look for their first apartment; Mike is thrilled when Ryan's good business decisions have him unknowingly embracing capitalism.
Last Man StandingS7, EP16 "Urban Exploring"As Boyd's sense of adventure grows, Mike and Kristen have a different opinion on how much space they should give him; when Mandy and Kyle move into their apartment, they find Ryan isn't a fun landlord.
Last Man StandingS7, EP17 "Cards on the Table"Mike begrudgingly invites Ryan to his weekly poker game but immediately regrets it when Ryan gets the guys to open up about their feelings.
Last Man StandingS7, EP18 "Otherwise Engaged"When Ed and Bonnie start spending more time together, Vanessa doesn't want Mike to interfere with their relationship; Mandy and Kyle eavesdrop on Kristin and Ryan through their new home security system.
Last Man StandingS7, EP19 "The Passion of Paul"When Rev. Paul calls on Mike to teach Sunday school, Mike calls on Kyle to take his place; Eve fears Mandy and Kristin are taking advantage of Jen at home.
Last Man StandingS7, EP20 "Yass Queen"In an effort to help get her clothing line off the ground and into stores, Mike invites Mandy to sit in on a business meeting with an aggressive sales rep; Ed hires Kyle to transcribe his life story.
MomS5, EP19 "A Taco Bowl and a Tubby Seamstress"Christy is concerned that she and Bonnie might lose their apartment when Bonnie locks horns with the tough new building owner.
MomS5, EP20 "Ocular Fluid and Fighting Robots"Christy's sponsor challenges her to be nice to Bonnie at all costs; Bonnie is convinced Adam has stopped making an effort.
MomS5, EP21 "Phone Confetti and a Wee Dingle"Christy and Bonnie's relaxing trip to a spa takes a turn when Bonnie lands in jail.
MomS5, EP22 "Diamond Earrings and a Pumpkin Head"When Christy falls back into old habits, Bonnie worries about her well-being.
MomS6, EP1 "Pre-Washed Lettuce and a Mime"Christy has second thoughts about law school after a tough first day; an upsetting dream plagues Bonnie.
MomS6, EP2 "Go-Go Boots and a Butt Cushion"Christy decides she doesn't need Gamblers Anonymous anymore; Bonnie vehemently disagrees.
MomS6, EP3 "Ambulance Chasers and a Babbling Brook"Christy's demanding law professor leans on her a little too hard; Bonnie's plan to trick Adam into choosing a wedding venue backfires.
MomS6, EP4 "Big Sauce and Coconut Water"Christy is certain that Bonnie is in over her head when she invites a freshly paroled Tammy to stay with them.
The Golden GirlsS7, EP9 "The Monkey Show"Dr. Halperin counsels Dorothy at home; a police evacuation forces everyone to take refuge at the TV station.
The Golden GirlsS7, EP10 "Ro$e Love$ Mile$"Rose gives the boot to penny-pinching Miles; Blanche loses track of Sophia while Dorothy is vacationing.
The Golden GirlsS7, EP11 "Room 7"While choking, Sophia has an out-of-body experience; Blanche protests the demolition of the family's plantation.
The Golden GirlsS7, EP12 "From Here to the Pharmacy"A soldier (Bruce Kirby) returning from the Persian Gulf sweeps Blanche off her feet.
The Golden GirlsS7, EP13 "The Pope's Ring"Sophia accidentally comes away with the visiting pope's ring, then refuses to return it.
The Golden GirlsS7, EP14 "Old Boyfriends"Sophia seeks a "swinging senior" through the personals column; Rose can't recall an old beau (Ken Berry). With Milton Selzer.
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CMT MusicRerun Air Date: September 27, 2023Music videos.
CMT MusicRerun Air Date: September 27, 2023Music videos.
CMT MusicRerun Air Date: September 27, 2023Music videos.
CMT MusicRerun Air Date: September 27, 2023Music videos.
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RoseanneS8, EP5 "Halloween: The Final Chapter"A Ouija board's message sends Roseanne into labor on Halloween.
RoseanneS8, EP6 "The Fifties Show"A black-and-white episode parodies families from '50s sitcoms.
RoseanneS8, EP7 "The Getaway, Almost"Jackie and Roseanne meet a young woman who teaches them what being independent really means; Dan tries to spend time alone.
RoseanneS8, EP8 "The Last Thursday in November"The Conners gain a new perspective on Thanksgiving after attending D.J.'s school pageant.
RoseanneS8, EP9 "Of Mice and Dan"Dan revisits his youth when an old buddy brings his blues band (Blues Traveler) to town.
RoseanneS8, EP10 "Direct to Video"Roseanne decides to film a family video to give the baby on her 16th birthday.
Mike & MollyS4, EP13 "Open Mike Night"Samuel wants to be a standup comic; Molly offers advice to Harry which leads to him challenging his protective mother.
Mike & MollyS4, EP14 "Rich Man, Poor Girl"The entire family wonders if Victoria has finally met the one when she brings a new boyfriend home.
Mike & MollyS4, EP15 "Three Girls and an Urn"Molly meets the friend of her dreams when Peggy's childhood pal (Kathy Bates) visits, but Peggy isn't fond of sharing.
Mike & MollyS4, EP16 "The Dice Lady Cometh"Molly tries to win some extra cash during a trip to a riverboat casino with the girls; Vince and Mike watch college basketball with the guys.
The King of QueensS1, EP10 "Supermarket Story"Doug, Carrie and Arthur face a chaotic trip to the grocery store on the day before Thanksgiving; Doug encounters a stranger from his past.
The King of QueensS1, EP11 "Noel Cowards"Arthur's Christmas gift to Doug and Carrie provides a solution to the couple's car troubles that ends up being worse than the problem.
The King of QueensS1, EP12 "Fixer Upper"Carrie fixes Spence (Patton Oswalt) up with an extremely timid girl from her office, but advice from Doug threatens a good thing.
The King of QueensS1, EP13 "Best Man"Doug learns that Carrie was once the lover of the groom at a wedding they are attending; Arthur is unhappy when he doesn't get the entree that he ordered at the reception.
The King of QueensS1, EP14 "Dog Days"A barking dog means sleepless nights for Doug and Carrie; Arthur thinks that a popular comic strip is based on his life.
The King of QueensS1, EP15 "Crappy Birthday"Doug forgets Carrie's 30th birthday and has plans to watch the wrestling match; Doug must scramble to put together a romantic evening.
Last Man StandingS7, EP21 "The Favourite"Mike and Chuck get their game on when Ed has a pinball machine installed in the office; Kristen and Mandy become jealous of a poem Vanessa wrote for Jen.
Last Man StandingS7, EP22 "A Moving Finale"When Mandy and Kyle are hesitant to move out of the Baxter household and into their own place, Mike gives them some tough love; Ed and Chuck try to avoid contributing to Boyd's theater fundraiser.
Last Man StandingS8, EP1 "No Parental Guidance"Mike helps Vanessa deal with empty nest syndrome; Kristin announces her pregnancy to the family, unintentionally upsetting Mandy.
Last Man StandingS8, EP2 "Wrench in the Works"Mike and Chuck's plans to open a classic car renovation service crash when Joe is invited to join in; Vanessa realizes that Mandy is tricking Kyle.
Last Man StandingS8, EP3 "Yours, Wine, and Ours"After a chat with Bonnie, Mike struggles to balance his need for "me time" and finding common hobbies with Vanessa.
Last Man StandingS8, EP6 "Mysterious Ways"Vanessa is secretly obsessed with Jen's new video game.
MomS6, EP5 "Flying Monkeys and a Tank of Nitrous"When Marjorie's husband passes away, the ladies accompany her on a trip to memorialize him.
MomS6, EP6 "Cottage Cheese and a Weird Buzz"Christy and Jill clash over a gambling debt; Bonnie's new hobby troubles Adam.
MomS6, EP7 "Puzzle Club and a Closet Party"Christy and Wendy help Jill clean out her closet, which turns out to be a bigger job than expected; Bonnie, Marjorie and Tammy take up a new hobby.
MomS6, EP8 "Jell-O Shots and the Truth About Santa"Bonnie pushes Christy to mend her relationship with Violet; Adam prepares for the grand opening of his bar.
MomS6, EP9 "Pork Loin and a Beat-up Monte Carlo"Christy competes with her classmates for a prestigious internship; Bonnie baby-sits Tammy following her oral surgery.
MomS6, EP10 "Flamingos and a Dance-Based Exercise Class"Bonnie and the ladies help Tammy prepare for her first date since getting out of prison; in order to take the edge off, Christy revisits one of her old vices.
MomS6, EP12 "Hacky Sack and a Beautiful Experience"Christy's smoking causes problems during a road trip; Bonnie offers Adam unsolicited advice.
MomS6, EP13 "Big Floor Pillows and a Ball of Fire"Christy and Bonnie are suspicious when Adam's best friend returns, insisting he's a changed man.
RebaS2, EP1 "House Rules"Reba's children carouse at Brock and Barbra Jean's place; Cheyenne and Van commiserate with each other about the baby.
RebaS2, EP2 "Skating Away"Just when Reba thinks things are getting back to normal, the Montgomery family is forced to move back in.
RebaS2, EP3 "Proud Reba"Cheyenne and Van apply for food stamps; against her better judgement, Reba accepts working at her ex-husband's office.
RebaS2, EP4 "Reba Works for Brock"Reba accepts a job reporting to Barbra Jean in Brock's dental office; Cheyenne goes to college; Van stays home to watch Elizabeth.
RebaS2, EP5 "It's Jake's Party, Cry if You Want To"Reba tries to refrain from making fun of Barbra Jean during Jake's birthday party, but her plan backfires.
RebaS2, EP6 "Safe Dating"Kyra is irked when Reba takes a romantic interest in her boyfriend's dad (guest star Ben Reed), creating a double-dating dilemma.
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RoseanneS8, EP11 "December Bride"A wedding is in the works when Leon (Martin Mull) and his lover (Fred Willard) decide to marry.
RoseanneS8, EP12 "The Thrilla Near the Vanilla Extract"The competition heats up when Roseanne and Jackie both get jobs demonstrating products at a supermarket.
RoseanneS8, EP13 "The White Sheep of the Family"A family feud erupts when the Conners learn that Darlene has refused a job that pays very well.
RoseanneS8, EP14 "Becky Howser, M.D."Becky considers making changes to her life after telling Roseanne how unhappy she is.
RoseanneS8, EP15 "Out of the Past"Nana Mary's (Shelley Winters) visit with a box of toys takes Roseanne and Jackie on a trip down memory lane.
RoseanneS8, EP16 "Construction Junction"Dan weighs a business opportunity; Jackie fears her new computer.
Mike & MollyS4, EP17 "McMillan and Mom"Mike, Samuel and Carl go on a road trip to Memphis, Tenn., to meet Carl's mother.
Mike & MollyS4, EP18 "Mike's Manifold Destiny"When Mike's car breaks down, he must decide if he should accept a loan from Carl to fix it.
Mike & MollyS4, EP19 "Who's Afraid of J.C. Small?"Carl and Mike arrest Molly's literary hero (Susan Sarandon) for a DUI.
Mike & MollyS4, EP20 "Sex, Lies and Helicopters"Molly wonders if she should tell Mike when she sees Carl coming out of Victoria's room late at night.
Mike & MollyS3, EP23 "Windy City"When Peggy breaks up with Patrick, Mike tries to reunite them; as a tornado reaches Chicago, Molly and Mike reveal important news to each other.
The King of QueensS8, EP4 "Like Hell"Doug tries to impress new driver Jared when he learns he was the only one at IPS not invited to Jared's barbecue.
The King of QueensS8, EP5 "Sandwiched Out"The guys' neighborhood restaurant names a new sandwich after Deacon, so Doug determines to get some kind of food named after himself.
The King of QueensS8, EP6 "Shear Torture"Carrie discovers that Doug's frequent trips to the hair salon are due to his attractive new hairstylist.
The King of QueensS8, EP7 "Inn Escapable"Doug and Carrie's romantic getaway is a nightmare when the owners of the bed-and-breakfast become too much to take.
The King of QueensS8, EP8 "Move Doubt"Doug and Carrie are confused when Deacon and Kelly are not interested in buying the house next door to theirs.
The King of QueensS8, EP9 "G'Night, Stalker"Doug lets the attention go to his head when he gets anonymous e-mail from someone who saw him perform at a karaoke club.
The King of QueensS9, EP11 "Single Spaced"Carrie moves to Manhattan; Doug and Carrie consider adopting a baby after running into friends who recently had a child.
The King of QueensS9, EP12 "China Syndrome"Doug discovers that Carrie did not get rid of her apartment in the city; Doug and Carrie receive an unexpected phone call; Arthur and Ava St. Clair's wedding hits a speed bump.
The King of QueensS9, EP13 "China Syndrome"Doug discovers that Carrie did not get rid of her apartment in the city; Doug and Carrie receive an unexpected phone call; Arthur and Ava St. Clair's wedding hits a speed bump.
The King of QueensS1, EP1 "Pilot"In-laws (Jerry Stiller, Lisa Rieffel) displace Doug Heffernan (Kevin James) and his 70-inch TV from a basement lair; with Leah Remini.
Mike & MollyS4, EP1 "Molly Unleashed"Molly decides to leave her teaching career to become a writer.
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