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Murder, She WroteS9, EP7 "Sugar and Spice, Malice and Vice"Michael Hagarty (Len Cariou) is suspected of murdering his future son-in-law, thought to be involved in an illegal banking scheme.
Ghost WhispererS5, EP21 "Dead Ringer"Melinda is caught in a dangerous revenge plot when the ghost she is trying to help suddenly turns up alive.
MediumS3, EP9 "Better Off Dead"Allison's latest visions reveal an odd relationship between two ghosts, one of whom rejects her bids to determine his killer's identity.
Crossing JordanS6, EP10 "Fall From Grace"Woody finds that Jordan has made a critical mistake in the case of the murder of a pregnant woman and her missing fetus.
Covert AffairsS1, EP2 "Walter's Walk"Annie and an MI-6 agent must track down and protect a woman and her son.
Cold CaseS1, EP11 "Hubris"A college professor whose career ended in disgrace when he became the prime suspect in the murder of a female student asks Rush to reopen the case.
UnforgettableS1, EP10 "Trajectories"When a second murder occurs at an active crime scene, Al and Carrie wade through hundreds of bystanders to uncover if it was retribution or an unrelated attack.
Rizzoli & IslesS4, EP2 "In Over Your Head"Jane is unhappy when a former colleague returns as the new lieutenant of the drug unit; a tip from Cailin causes Maura to investigate Hope.
The CloserS7, EP14 "Road Block"The Major Crimes Division investigates the hit-and-run murder of a girl on a bicycle; Brenda uncovers a scandal.
The CloserS7, EP15 "Silent Partner"A murder related to Turell Baylor's death occurs; Brenda seeks the help of a businessman with old ties to the neighborhood; Brenda's lawyer and the Baylor family lawyer face off in court.
Major CrimesS2, EP8 "The Deep End"A media frenzy begins when the body of a Latino man is found at the home of a swimming coach; Flynn struggles with an emotional dilemma; Kris' mother visits Raydor to discuss some concerns.
Major CrimesS2, EP9 "There's No Place Like Home"Provenza faces possible permanent desk duty; the squad investigates the death of an ICE agent which leads them to the residents of an old apartment complex.
Rizzoli & IslesS6, EP8 "Nice to Meet You, Dr. Isles"An investigation into the death of a jeweler leads to a member of the Isles family; Maura has been keeping a secret.
In Plain SightS1, EP5 "Who Shot Jay Arnstein?"When Mary's witness, an art dealer, is targeted, his mistress and wife are key suspects.
Saving GraceS2, EP4 "It's a Fierce, White Hot Mighty Love"A mother goes missing; Clay joins the OCPD Explorers program against his father's wishes and confronts Ham about his affair with Grace; Butch becomes the target of a stalker.
Cold CaseS4, EP7 "The Key"After discovering new evidence, detective Jeffries re-opens a 1979 murder case in which he promised the victim's daughter that he would find her mother's killer.
UnforgettableS3, EP5 "A Moveable Feast"While Al and Carrie investigate the murder of a Coast Guard officer, they must find a missing block of C-4 explosive.
The Good WifeS6, EP21 "Don't Fail"A former client contacts Alicia after being charged with a murder connected to a 2009 case; Alicia remembers her early days as a lawyer as she reviews the old case.
Ghost WhispererS1, EP21 "Free Fall"After chilly spirits visit her, Melinda realizes that a jetliner is going to crash; Melinda faces her biggest challenge yet.
Beauty and the BeastS1, EP14 "The Alchemist"Catherine and Vincent search for the dealer of a deadly hallucinogenic drug grown in the Tunnel World.
Dr. Quinn, Medicine WomanS6, EP22 "A New Beginning"Medical student Colleen accepts Andrew's proposal; Preston offers to buy Jake's share of the Golden Nugget.
Touched by an AngelS6, EP4 "The Letter"A migrant boy may have to give up his dream of studying music when his father develops back problems that will make it impossible for him to support the family.
Any Day NowS4, EP5 "One Hour of Drama"Mary Elizabeth and Rene are trapped in Rene's office with a parolee when a tornado strikes Birmingham.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP8 "The Classic Murder"Jessica investigates the mysterious disappearance of her editor's millionaire father along with $150 million from his corporate account.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP9 "A Christmas Secret"The future son-in-law (Sean O'Bryan) of a prominent Cabot Cove family is suspected in the shooting of a hardware store employee.
Ghost WhispererS5, EP22 "The Children's Parade"Supernatural forces threaten Melinda and her son when she investigates a poltergeist in Grandview hospital.
MediumS3, EP10 "Very Merry Maggie"Allison has unsettling visions about a father abusing his young son, who in turn seeks comfort in a talking doll that may be delivering sinister messages to the child. Meanwhile, health issues rattle Joe as he takes on a looming project deadline.
Crossing JordanS6, EP11 "Faith"Woody and Jordan search for a hijacked school-bus full of children.
Covert AffairsS1, EP3 "South Bound Suarez"Annie must befriend a college student to gain access to a corrupt government official in Venezuela.
Cold CaseS1, EP12 "Glued"Stillman asks Rush and Valens to reopen the 1980 case of an 8-year-old boy found buried in a snowdrift.
UnforgettableS1, EP11 "Spirited Away"Carrie and Al link the death of a ghost hunter to a discovery he made on a recent assignment.
Rizzoli & IslesS4, EP4 "Killer in High Heels"Maura becomes a murder suspect when her date is found dead and she can not remember their evening together; Jane struggles to protect her best friend while doing her job.
The CloserS7, EP16 "Hostile Witness"Brenda believes that she has finally cornered Philip Stroh; Brenda's courtroom maneuver puts a case in jeopardy.
The CloserS7, EP17 "Fool's Gold"Provenza gets stuck in an embarrassing situation when he helps his ex-wife recover her wedding ring from a shady gold buyer.
Major CrimesS2, EP10 "Backfire"A 19-year-old prostitute is brutally murdered; the squad rushes to deal with the killer whom they believe is part of a larger criminal enterprise.
Major CrimesS2, EP11 "Poster Boy"The team works to capture a spree killer; Raydor is torn between two decisions; Rusty is given more freedom.
Rizzoli & IslesS6, EP9 "Love Taps"Jane and Maura discover a murdered college student had 32 girlfriends; Korsak introduces everyone to the new woman in his life.
In Plain SightS1, EP6 "High Priced Spread"Mary learns that her first witness, now a college basketball star, has a gambling problem that could destroy the new life he and his brother have spent five years building.
Saving GraceS2, EP5 "Do You Love Him?"A large stash of money is found in Grace's car when the door is knocked off by a drunken driver; Ham's little brother disappears in Afghanistan.
Cold CaseS4, EP8 "Fireflies"The death of a postal carrier leads to the discovery of several bags of undelivered mail, one of which contains key evidence in a 1975 missing-persons case.
UnforgettableS3, EP6 "Stray Bullet"Carrie conducts an investigation off the books when Al becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a parolee he helped put away.
The Good WifeS6, EP22 "Wanna Partner?"Alicia makes a decision about her professional future, and receives a call from a client who is being held in a secret police facility without being officially booked.
Ghost WhispererS1, EP22 "The One"Melinda must contend with crash investigators and an evil spirit when she tries to help hundreds of confused passengers killed in a jetliner crash.
Beauty and the BeastS1, EP15 "Temptation"Joe Maxwell's current romantic involvement puts a damper on the celebration marking the anniversary of Catherine and Vincent's first meeting.
Dr. Quinn, Medicine WomanS1, EP2 "Epidemic"While trying to stave off an influenza epidemic, Dr. Mike falls prey to the deadly virus, leaving the town in jeopardy.
Touched by an AngelS6, EP5 "Til Death Do Us Part"Andrew thinks he has failed and attempts to cope with his feelings of guilt when a husband abruptly commits suicide.
Any Day NowS4, EP6 "No Place in This World"M.E. and Colliar deal with the loss of their home; Rene represents a homeless woman; high-school boys try to crash young Rene and M.E.'s sleepover.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP10 "The Sound of Murder"Jessica uses her knowledge of music to investigate the murder of the owner of the record company that is producing one of her mysteries on tape.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP11 "Final Curtain"Seth's friend (Peter Donat), an actor coming out of retirement to launch a play is implicated in the murder of his ex-manager (Bradford Dillman).
Murder, She WroteS9, EP5 "The Dead File"Jessica is sued for libel after a comic strip version of her accuses prominent New Yorkers of crimes.
Ghost WhispererS5, EP20 "Blood Money"Melinda is in danger while investigating an unsolved kidnapping.
MediumS3, EP8 "The Whole Truth"Allison experiences puzzling visions of a boy trapped in a well, while she helps DA Devalos to investigate a congressman's death.
Crossing JordanS6, EP9 "Seven Feet Under"When Jordan, Macy and Detective Seely try to solve a 16-year-old girl's murder, they discover that she was keeping a scandalous secret.
Covert AffairsS1 "Pilot"A CIA trainee is taken from school and thrust into the inner sanctum of the agency.
Cold CaseS1, EP10 "The Hitchhiker"Lilly suspects a truck driver of murdering a hitchhiker for his casino winnings outside of Atlantic City.
UnforgettableS1, EP9 "Golden Bird"A teenager, who appears to have no enemies, is murdered; Carrie turns to her estranged aunt (Marilu Henner) for help.
Rizzoli & IslesS4, EP1 "We Are Family"A community parade turns deadly; Maura does not seem like herself; Lt. Col. Casey Jones reveals some shocking news.
The CloserS7, EP12 "You Have the Right to Remain Jolly"Santa's entrance into Christmas Village via zip line goes awry; Buzz's sister helps the Major Crimes Division solve a holiday case.
The CloserS7, EP13 "Relative Matters"A man is murdered while under FBI surveillance; Brenda's parents arrive with surprising news that keeps Brenda's mind from her case.
Major CrimesS2, EP6 "Boys Will Be Boys"The division tries to solve the case of a missing child with gender dysphoria; the squad attempts to connect evidence to a dangerous bully; Jack Raydor tries to make up for years of bad parenting.
Major CrimesS2, EP7 "Rules of Engagement"A case deals with gang violence and social profiling; Sharon offers Jack the opportunity to be a court-appointed attorney in a case; Rusty is worried about meeting Kris' parents.
Rizzoli & IslesS6, EP7 "A Bad Seed Grows"Jane and Maura must overcome obstacles to find the killer of a 16-year-old girl; Jane has couch issues; Frankie sees UFOs.
In Plain SightS1, EP4 "Trojan Horst"Mary and Marshall get caught in the crossfire of a contract killer while transporting a particularly irritating witness.
Saving GraceS2, EP3 "A Little Hometown Love"The squads evidence supervisor is found dead in a bathroom stall at the local cop hang-out; Ham's brother comes to visit before being deployed; Grace and Leon dream about each other.
Cold CaseS4, EP6 "Static"Lilly and the team investigate when the 1958 suicide of a radio disc jockey is discovered to be a murder; they must find the truth of his life by decoding a hidden message in his final broadcast.
UnforgettableS3, EP4 "Cashing Out"Carrie is forced to make an admission that could threaten her career when she recognizes a murdered city official from an underground casino.
The Good WifeS6, EP20 "The Deconstruction"Alicia's future is uncertain when she is forced to resign as State's Attorney; R.D. (Oliver Platt) hires Cary and Diane to argue against conservative lawyers in a test case involving mandatory minimum sentencing.
Ghost WhispererS1, EP20 "The Vanishing"After Melinda falls and injures her head, she discovers that she can no longer communicate with earthbound spirits and fears that she has lost her gift forever.
Beauty and the BeastS1, EP13 "China Moon"An arranged marriage and a tong war threaten the love of a Chinatown couple (Rosalind Chao, Dennis Dun).
Dr. Quinn, Medicine WomanS6, EP21 "The Fight"After the death of his son and the breakup of his marriage, furious Robert E. fights a visiting boxing champion.
Touched by an AngelS6, EP3 "The Last Day of the Rest of Your Life"Monica tries to fulfill the final wishes of terminally ill patients; guests Kathy Ireland, Nancy McKeon and Eileen Brennan.
Any Day NowS4, EP4 "Don't Give Up"Rene takes on a lead factory which is poisoning local children; M.E. makes an effort to spend more time with Davis; young M.E. and Rene perform in a school play.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP6 "Night of the Coyote"In New Mexico, Jessica links the murder of the owner of an Old West tourist attraction to buried treasure.
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