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Murder, She WroteS9, EP15 "The Petrified Florist"At a dinner party with a gossip magazine editor (Penny Fuller), Jessica imagines the plot for her next novel.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP16 "Threshold of Fear"Jessica investigates a cold case to help an agoraphobic woman (Cynthia Nixon) who is haunted by dreams of her mother's murder five years earlier.
Little House on the PrairieS2, EP9 "The Camp-Out"Mrs. Oleson complicates the Ingallses' long-awaited camping vacation by deciding that she and her family should go along.
Little House on the PrairieS2, EP7 "Remember Me"A dying widow (Patricia Neal) asks the Ingalls to help find homes for her children.
Little House on the PrairieS2, EP8 "Remember Me"When it appears the widow's children must be separated, Mr. Edwards makes an announcement.
Little House on the PrairieS2, EP10 "At the End of the Rainbow"Laura thinks she has found gold and imagines the glamorous life it can buy.
Little House on the PrairieS2, EP11 "The Gift"Laura and Mary's plans to raise money for the pastor's birthday by investing the Sunday-school funds backfire.
Retreat to ParadiseSparks fly between a physical therapist and an injured tennis star who is temporarily living at a tropical resort.
Stepping Into LoveWhen her art museum faces money problems, a traditional curator works with an unconventional artist to develop a daring exhibit. She must learn to color outside the lines to save the museum and find love.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP17 "The Big Kill"The CEO (Chad Everett) of a struggling high-tech defense firm is suspected of killing a banker and a fisherman.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP18 "Dead to Rights"Jessica agrees to help clear a former research assistant of killing her new employer, despite the fact the woman is a pathological liar.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP19 "Lone Witness"A delivery boy (Neil Patrick Harris) who witnessed a murder becomes the prime suspect and disappears.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP20 "Ship of Thieves"Jessica is enjoying a Caribbean cruise on a ship where her old friend (Keith Michell) is chief of security when a woman is found dead in the ship's cargo net.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP21 "The Survivor"Jessica becomes involved in an internal police investigation when a colleague is left for dead in an accident in which a rookie policeman is killed.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP22 "Love's Deadly Desire"Jessica investigates the murder of a visiting romance novelist's assistant, who was having an affair with the writer's publisher husband.
ColumboS10, EP12 "Ashes to Ashes"The inimitable cop must prove that a flamboyant Hollywood gossip reporter was murdered by her former lover.
ColumboS3, EP1 "Lovely but Lethal"A cosmetics manufacturer is suspected of murdering an employee (Martin Sheen) who stole a wrinkle-removing formula.
ColumboS3, EP4 "Double Exposure"A motivational researcher blackmails to further his career, kills a man, then frames the victim's wife.
Murder, She WroteS10, EP1 "Death in Hong Kong"Jessica's trip to Hong Kong is interrupted by the murder of an American businessman negotiating a merger with a Chinese tycoon.
Murder, She WroteS10, EP2 "For Whom the Ball Tolls"Jessica's editor is accused of murdering a developer opposed to the preservation of a historic New York brownstone.
Murder, She WroteS10, EP3 "The Legacy of Borbey House"A stranger obsessed with restoring a Cabot Cove landmark is killed after he is suspected of being a vampire.
Murder, She WroteS10, EP4 "The Phantom Killer"Jessica comes to the aid of a promising young reporter when he is suspected of murdering a rival magazine's unscrupulous publisher.
Little House on the PrairieS2, EP12 "His Father's Son"Mr. Edwards' adopted son, an avid reader, shows no interest in hunting.
Little House on the PrairieS2, EP13 "The Talking Machine"A voice-recording device broadcasts Laura's love for a new boy (Eric Shea) all over town.
Little House on the PrairieS2, EP14 "The Pride of Walnut Grove"When Caroline is away with Mary at an arithmetic championship, Laura has a hard time filling her mother's shoes at home.
Little House on the PrairieS2, EP15 "A Matter of Faith"A deadly infection fells Caroline before she can join her family on a camping trip.
Little House on the PrairieS2, EP16 "The Runaway Caboose"Charles and Mr. Edwards race to rescue Mary, Laura and a friend from a runaway caboose.
The Office Mix-UpA woman pretends to be a corporate executive after a case of mistaken identity at her workplace.
Love Can Surprise YouDespite her professional expertise, a relationship columnist discovers love does not come easy when forced to partner with a new writer in the love and romance section.
Murder, She WroteS10, EP5 "A Virtual Murder"Jessica happens on a computerized clue to a murder while writing a mystery story for a friend's interactive video game company.
Murder, She WroteS10, EP6 "Bloodlines"Researching a novel, Jessica unravels the mystery of a Thoroughbred trainer's (Mickey Rooney) murder.
Murder, She WroteS10, EP7 "A Killing in Cork"In Ireland, the son of Jessica's friend (Fionnula Flanagan) is accused of killing another family member (Andrew Robinson).
Murder, She WroteS10, EP8 "Love and Hate in Cabot Cove"Jessica investigates her accountant and uncovers his gambling, an illegal casino and a police officer's murder.
Murder, She WroteS10, EP9 "Murder at a Discount"A man (George Segal) who claims Jessica's novel closely resembles the story of his first wife's murder sues Jessica.
Murder, She WroteS10, EP10 "Murder in White"A London friend invites Jessica to rewrite a play based on her novel and is accused of murdering a manipulative producer/financier.
Murder, She WroteS10, EP11 "Northern Explosion"Her plane laid-over in a small British Columbia town, Jessica probes two murders related to a local mining company.
Murder, She WroteS10, EP12 "Proof in the Pudding"Jessica discovers clues to a puzzling murder when she is a guest star on a friend's television cooking show.
Murder, She WroteS10, EP13 "Portrait of Death"An art gallery owner is stabbed to death with a sculpture belonging to Jessica's friend (Loretta Swit).
Murder, She WroteS10, EP14 "Deadly Assets"Jessica attempts to clear the name of a Cabot Cove fisherman who is suspected of murdering a Chicago hit man.
Murder, She WroteS10, EP15 "Murder on the Thirtieth Floor"Jessica refuses to believe that the editor of her latest book has committed suicide and is determined to find out the truth.
Murder, She WroteS10, EP16 "Time to Die"Infrared cameras seem to prove Jessica's writing student is guilty of killing his abusive stepfather.
Murder, She WroteS10, EP17 "The Dying Game"The closing of a family-owned department store leads to a double murder in New York, and Jessica has no shortage of suspects in the crime.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP4 "The Wind Around the Tower"While in Ireland to research a new book, Jessica is called in to help solve the crime when a tycoon's murder is linked to a local legend.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP5 "The Dead File"Jessica is sued for libel after a comic strip version of her accuses prominent New Yorkers of crimes.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP6 "Night of the Coyote"In New Mexico, Jessica links the murder of the owner of an Old West tourist attraction to buried treasure.
Little House on the PrairieS2, EP2 "Four Eyes"Mary's failing eyes cause problems with her schoolwork, forcing Charles to seek help.
Little House on the PrairieS2, EP3 "Ebenezer Sprague"Laura makes friends with a local fisherman, unaware he is also the new town banker with the reputation of being mean.
Little House on the PrairieS2, EP5 "Haunted House"Laura decides to find out for herself if a hermit (John Anderson) is really a maniac.
Little House on the PrairieS2, EP6 "The Spring Dance"Laura and Widow Snider (Bonnie Bartlett) scheme to get dates for the spring dance.
Little House on the PrairieS2, EP4 "The Big Inning"The Green-Stockings of Sleepy Eye challenge the men of Walnut Grove to a baseball game.
Love Can Surprise YouDespite her professional expertise, a relationship columnist discovers love does not come easy when forced to partner with a new writer in the love and romance section.
Home for a Royal HeartWhen the seaside town of Shaw Bay is under threat of a redevelopment, realtor Erin will do anything to save it.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP7 "Sugar and Spice, Malice and Vice"Michael Hagarty (Len Cariou) is suspected of murdering his future son-in-law, thought to be involved in an illegal banking scheme.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP8 "The Classic Murder"Jessica investigates the mysterious disappearance of her editor's millionaire father along with $150 million from his corporate account.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP9 "A Christmas Secret"The future son-in-law (Sean O'Bryan) of a prominent Cabot Cove family is suspected in the shooting of a hardware store employee.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP10 "The Sound of Murder"Jessica uses her knowledge of music to investigate the murder of the owner of the record company that is producing one of her mysteries on tape.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP11 "Final Curtain"Seth's friend (Peter Donat), an actor coming out of retirement to launch a play is implicated in the murder of his ex-manager (Bradford Dillman).
Murder, She WroteS9, EP12 "Double Jeopardy"One of Jessica's students is framed for murder when someone uses information from her creative writing class to kill a local crime boss.
ColumboS10, EP11 "A Trace of Murder"Columbo matches wits with a forensics specialist, helping his girlfriend to frame her husband for a stock broker's murder.
ColumboS2, EP7 "The Most Dangerous Match"An American chess champion plays a private match with his challenger and kills him because the man is a better player.
ColumboS2, EP8 "Double Shock"Twins (Martin Landau in a dual role) kill their wealthy uncle just before his marriage to a younger woman.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP13 "Dead Eye"While attending a writers' conference in Florida, Jessica stumbles onto old photos that may be linked to the JFK assassination.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP14 "Killer Radio"The owner of a Midwest radio station (Lyman Ward) is found murdered at a new transmitter site, and Jessica must weed out the suspects to find the killer.
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