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Godzilla vs. the ThingJapan comes under attack from two monsters in a giant monster battle between a rampaging Godzilla and the colossal genetically engineered moth called Mothra.
Terror of MechagodzillaThe real Godzilla fights a cyborg Godzilla and another monster sent by aliens.
Atlantic RimWhen giant monsters attack cities on the East Coast, three soldiers pilot giant robots to stop the attacks.
Atlantic Rim: ResurrectionHumans pilot giant robots to defend Los Angeles from massive monsters that emerge from the ocean.
Grizzly RageAn unstoppable grizzly bear tracks down four teens after they accidentally kill its cub while celebrating graduation.
It Came From the DesertRevelers partying in the desert encounter giant ants.
Man vs. BigfootA man crosses paths with a dangerous creature deep in the woods while searching for his missing brother.
Willy's WonderlandWhen his car breaks down, a quiet loner agrees to clean an abandoned family fun center in exchange for repairs. He soon finds himself waging war against possessed animatronic mascots while trapped inside Willy's Wonderland.
Mega ScorpionsAn illegal toxic waste dump near a small town transforms scorpions into giant monsters. When they get hungry, they attack a halfway house full of teenaged parolees.
Dr Moreau's House of PainEric travels to the secret hospital of the legendary doctor to search for his missing brother and discovers a horde of freakish monsters.
PiranhacondaAfter a deranged scientist steals the egg of a hybrid animal, members of a film crew run from the creature before the people become its dinner.
Frankenstein RebornAnna is fascinated by her eccentric Uncle Victor's experiments, but is horrified to discover he has created a hideous being out of corpses.
SAF3S1, EP1 "Hero's Last Mission"Specialists from sea, air and fire form a unique rescue team to save lives.
SAF3S1, EP2 "In Remembrance"When the team loses its leader, a reluctant hero steps forward to take command.
SAF3S1, EP3 "Texas in a Bottle"A daring underwater rescue goes awry and puts the team in jeopardy.
Godzilla vs. the Smog MonsterGodzilla fights pollution in the form of living sludge found by a scientist (Akira Yamauchi) and his son (Toshie Kimura).
Godzilla vs. MegalonGodzilla and flying cyborg Jet Jaguar meet a giant cockroach and a big black chicken sent by Seatopians.
Godzilla on Monster IslandGodzilla and Angorus fight three-headed dragon Ghidrah and huge bird Gigan at a cartoonist's theme park.
Jules Verne's Mysterious IslandS1Refugees from the Civil War escape to an island populated by giant beasts and infamous Captain Nemo.
Jules Verne's Mysterious IslandS1Refugees from the Civil War escape to an island populated by giant beasts and infamous Captain Nemo.
The Land That Time ForgotAfter a violent storm causes their ship to founder, Frost Michaels (C. Thomas Howell) and Cole Stevens (Darren Dalton) find themselves on the shore of a strange island where dinosaurs coexist with humans. As they try not to become lunch for prehistoric carnivores, the pair also has to contend with the island's other residents -- namely, the crew of a Nazi U-boat who kidnapped Frost's girlfriend. And there's just one more thing: They have to figure out how to get back home.
BehemothAfter an earthquake wakes a giant creature trapped in a mountain, residents have to find a way to kill it before it destroys the entire town.
CryptidA small rural town in Maine is shocked by a series of grisly animal attacks, which officials deem to be a rogue bear. Freelance journalist Max Frome suspects it might be something more and investigates with his photographer partner Harriet.
Primal RageDeep in the Pacific Northwest, Ashley and Max Carr become lost in a forest where a mysterious creature dwells. They soon find themselves in a fierce fight for survival against a terrifying beast that may be the legendary Bigfoot.
Howling IV: The Original NightmareA novelist's (Romy Windsor) vacation includes werewolf terror, her husband (Michael T. Weiss) and an old bell from Romania.
PiranhaTwo people (Bradford Dillman, Heather Menzies) unwittingly free a mad military scientist's (Kevin McCarthy) mutant fish near a summer camp and resort lake.
Crash CanyonS1, EP1 "Pilot"The Wendell family takes a wrong turn and plummet into a canyon, discovering an entire community.
Crash CanyonS1, EP18 "Heavyweight Vamp"Jake gets rich promoting a boxing match for his father, then gets the opponent to take a dive. Norm's victory gives him false confidence in his fighting abilities.
Crash CanyonS2, EP5 "Sheila Could Use a Nap"Sheila put the trailer on stilts to avoid the light, noise, and smells that are keeping her awake.
SAF3S1, EP4 "Under Pressure"The team adds a new member: a trauma nurse who must perform under pressure.
SAF3S1, EP5 "Faces"The team rallies around one of their own, who faces a new life after being severely burned.
SAF3S1, EP6 "I Can't Pretend"A team member faces her greatest fear in a dangerous cliff rescue.
Frankenstein RebornAnna is fascinated by her eccentric Uncle Victor's experiments, but is horrified to discover he has created a hideous being out of corpses.
GodzillaA fire-breathing behemoth terrorizes Japan after an atomic bomb awakens it from its centuries-old sleep.
GodzillaA fire-breathing behemoth terrorizes Japan after an atomic bomb awakens it from its centuries-old sleep.
Son of GodzillaIn this Japanese monster movie, the massive Godzilla comes to the aid of his newborn son, who hatches from an egg on a remote island where scientists are conducting experiments with radioactivity. Revealing a surprising paternal streak, Godzilla tries to teach his much smaller progeny how to use his powers. The father/son team must then battle giant insects, including praying mantises and a formidable spider. Can Godzilla protect his curious tike from the gargantuan bugs?
Gigantis, the Fire MonsterAtomic blasts off the coast of Japan activate a prehistoric monster.
The HiveA scientist and an entomologist must stop a horde of flesh-eating army ants that are rampaging through Brazil.
LavalantulaVolcanic eruptions in Los Angeles unleash a swarm of gigantic, lava-breathing tarantulas.
Million Dollar CrocodileA 36-foot crocodile goes on a rampage after a gangster takes it out of a peaceful habitat.
2010: Moby DickThe captain of a submarine embarks on an obsessive quest to kill a gigantic prehistoric whale.
My Lover, My Lazy BoyA killer reclining chair becomes enchanted by a young woman and begins committing deadly crimes of passion.
Black Water: AbyssDeep in the forests of Australia, some friends are exploring a remote cave system when a tropical storm hits. As rising flood waters trap them deep below the surface, something even deadlier emerges from the darkness -- killer crocodiles.
SpidersAfter an old Soviet space station crashes into a New York City subway tunnel, spiders begin mutating into gigantic monsters.
Near Extinction: Shangri-LaA group of soldiers launches a quest to find Shangri-La following the spread of a plague and the rise of a new, human-made ice age designed to eradicate the disease, leaving mankind nearly extinct.
SafariAmerican tourists on safari in South Africa become lost in uncharted hunting grounds, and have to survive in the untamed wild.
Crash CanyonS1, EP9 "Hex Marks the Spot"Norm is astonished when he loses his wedding ring in a poker game; a bored Roxy convinces Sarah to throw a teen dance so that she can get closer to Royce.
Crash CanyonS1, EP10 "Ultimate Wedding Chicken"Roxy is thrilled to take part in the Miss Crash Canyon pageant; unfortunately for her, Sheila succeeds in turning the Miss Crash Canyon pageant into the Mr. Crash Canyon pageant.
Crash CanyonS1, EP7 "The Tees That Bind"Norm surrenders the family's savings for Reginald's investment scheme.
Crash CanyonS2, EP1 "The Curse of the Monkey"A mystery disease hits canyonites; Beverly quarantines everyone but her own family; Vernon begins an excercise routine to win over Sarah.
Crash CanyonS1, EP8 "Jake's First Kiss"Jake is desperate for a girlfriend and mystified by what it takes to get one.
Crash CanyonS1, EP4 "Sid Our Savior"Roxy and Jake come across a strange beast, and convince Sheila to let them keep it as a pet.
Godzilla, King of the Monsters!A U.S. newsman (Raymond Burr) in Tokyo recounts the story of a huge dinosaur roused from the sea by an atomic blast.
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