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Murder, She WroteS9, EP18 "Dead to Rights"Jessica agrees to help clear a former research assistant of killing her new employer, despite the fact the woman is a pathological liar.
MonkS1, EP7 "Mr. Monk and the Billionaire Mugger"A billionaire computer tycoon is shot and killed while trying to mug a couple outside a movie theater.
MonkS1, EP8 "Mr. Monk and the Other Woman"Monk's faithfulness to his deceased wife is put to the test when a murder probe leads him to a beautiful divorcee and a shot at romance.
PsychS3, EP2 "Murder? ... Anyone? ... Anyone? ... Bueller?"Gus does not believe Shawn when he claims that one of their high-school classmates has been murdered.
PsychS3, EP3 "Daredevils!"While watching a daredevil perform at a fair, Shawn realizes his stunts are being sabotaged.
PsychS3, EP4 "The Greatest Adventure in the History of Basic Cable"When Shawn's notoriously unreliable uncle claims to have a map to hidden Spanish treasure, Shawn, Gus and Henry find themselves in a life-and-death chase for the gold with a shady group of raiders.
All for LoveAfter negative reviews and declining sales of her latest books, an author of romance novels is paired with her editor's brother for research on her latest book.
Come Fly With MeThe daughter of an Air Force captain and the daughter of a widower hatch a plan to bring their single parents together.
Christmas on My MindLucy Lovett wakes up holding a wedding dress and assumes she is about to marry the love her life, Zach Callahan.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP19 "Lone Witness"A delivery boy (Neil Patrick Harris) who witnessed a murder becomes the prime suspect and disappears.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP20 "Ship of Thieves"Jessica is enjoying a Caribbean cruise on a ship where her old friend (Keith Michell) is chief of security when a woman is found dead in the ship's cargo net.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP21 "The Survivor"Jessica becomes involved in an internal police investigation when a colleague is left for dead in an accident in which a rookie policeman is killed.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP22 "Love's Deadly Desire"Jessica investigates the murder of a visiting romance novelist's assistant, who was having an affair with the writer's publisher husband.
Murder, She WroteS10, EP1 "Death in Hong Kong"Jessica's trip to Hong Kong is interrupted by the murder of an American businessman negotiating a merger with a Chinese tycoon.
Diagnosis MurderS5, EP1 "Murder Blues"The wife of a city councilman turns up dead; guests Angie Dickinson, Kent McCord, Martin Milner, James Darren and Fred Dryer.
Diagnosis MurderS5, EP2 "Open and Shut"Mark investigates when a college freshman with well-connected parents and a secret life is murdered in a sleazy motel.
Diagnosis MurderS5, EP3 "Malibu Fire"Mark investigates an arson blaze in the Malibu hills that kills an unpopular ecology activist who was preventing a businessman's planned housing development.
Diagnosis MurderS5, EP4 "Deadly Games"Mark sets out to discover who tried to kill a high-profile millionairess only to learn that she was not the intended victim.
Murder, She WroteS10, EP2 "For Whom the Ball Tolls"Jessica's editor is accused of murdering a developer opposed to the preservation of a historic New York brownstone.
Murder, She WroteS10, EP3 "The Legacy of Borbey House"A stranger obsessed with restoring a Cabot Cove landmark is killed after he is suspected of being a vampire.
Murder, She WroteS10, EP4 "The Phantom Killer"Jessica comes to the aid of a promising young reporter when he is suspected of murdering a rival magazine's unscrupulous publisher.
Morning Show MysteriesS1, EP4 "Countdown to Murder"Billie Blessings has been buying supplies at Fairchild Markets since she was a little girl, so she is dismayed when one of the owners of the popular grocery store chain is found dead, crushed by collapsing shelves.
Matchmaker MysteriesS1, EP2 "A Fatal Romance"When a romance writer is murdered, matchmaker Angie Dove and Detective Kyle Cooper must read between the lines to find the killer.
Matchmaker MysteriesS1, EP3 "The Art of the Kill"Angie Dove gets Detective Carter's attention by stumbling on a murder at an art museum. Angie's father, Nick, is on his own case, trying to solve a series of petty thefts at the museum.
Hannah Swensen Mysteries"Sweet Revenge"As Hannah and Mike balance their personal lives and busy careers, a murder at a 24-hour gym complicates their wedding plans.
Hannah Swensen Mysteries"Carrot Cake Murder"Much to the dismay of her fiance, Hannah investigates the discovery of a skeleton found amid the rubble of a building that's undergoing renovation.
Haunted Harmony MysteriesS1, EP1 "Murder in G Major"A new teacher at an Irish prep school is shocked to find a ghost in her house. She decides to help solve his murder in the hopes that it will allow him to move on.
Curious Caterer: Dying for ChocolateGoldy Berry is a Colorado caterer who's thrust into the role of town sleuth to help solve a friend's mysterious death. With the clock ticking, she strikes up an unlikely partnership with a detective to find the killer.
Murder, She WroteS10, EP5 "A Virtual Murder"Jessica happens on a computerized clue to a murder while writing a mystery story for a friend's interactive video game company.
Murder, She WroteS10, EP6 "Bloodlines"Researching a novel, Jessica unravels the mystery of a Thoroughbred trainer's (Mickey Rooney) murder.
Murder, She WroteS10, EP7 "A Killing in Cork"In Ireland, the son of Jessica's friend (Fionnula Flanagan) is accused of killing another family member (Andrew Robinson).
Diagnosis MurderS5, EP5 "Slam-Dunk Dead"Mark (Dick Van Dyke) attempts to solve the murder of a famous basketball player. Ken Howard, Malik Sealy and Pooh Richardson guest star.
Diagnosis MurderS5, EP6 "Looks Can Kill"When a young model dies after a workout, Jesse and Mark learn she wasn't the all-natural person she appeared to be.
Diagnosis MurderS5, EP7 "Fatal Impact"Mark and Amanda learn that a plane crash is a case of murder involving a dead FBI agent, the Russian mob and a missing nuclear bomb.
Diagnosis MurderS5, EP8 "Fatal Impact"Mark and Amanda learn that a plane crash is a case of murder involving a dead FBI agent, the Russian mob and a missing nuclear bomb.
Diagnosis MurderS5, EP9 "Must Kill TV"A network president is murdered and so is her successor; Michele Greene; Erik Estrada; Doug E. Doug; Jane Seymour; Fred Willard; John Aniston; Jaleel White; Reginald VelJohnson; Stephen J. Cannell; Dr. Joyce Brothers.
Mystery 101S1, EP1 "Pilot"Amy Winslow is an English professor at a Pacific Northwest college who specializes in mystery fiction; when one of her students goes missing, Amy is convinced there's been foul play.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP8 "The Classic Murder"Jessica investigates the mysterious disappearance of her editor's millionaire father along with $150 million from his corporate account.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP9 "A Christmas Secret"The future son-in-law (Sean O'Bryan) of a prominent Cabot Cove family is suspected in the shooting of a hardware store employee.
MonkS1, EP5 "Mr. Monk Goes to the Carnival"A trip to an amusement park turns fatal as a detective and a mysterious informant get on a Ferris wheel; when the ride stops, the tipster is dead.
MonkS1, EP6 "Mr. Monk Goes to the Asylum"While temporarily institutionalized, Monk stumbles across an old unsolved murder, or his mind might be playing tricks on him. Dennis Boutsikaris and Kevin Nealon guest star.
PsychS2, EP15 "Black and Tan: A Crime of Fashion"Shawn and Gus go under cover as male models to investigate the Fashion Week murder of a prominent designer.
PsychS2, EP16 "Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead"Shawn investigates when a mummy goes missing from the National History Museum.
PsychS3, EP1 "Ghosts"Gus' boss demands that he stop moonlighting at the agency; Shawn must find a way to keep his partner, solve a haunting case, and play referee to Henry and his recently returned mother.
Fixer Upper MysteriesS1, EP1 "Framed for Murder"During the renovation of an old house, Shannon makes a shocking discovery which leads her on an investigation that changes everything.
Fixer Upper MysteriesS1, EP2 "Concrete Evidence"After she finds a human skull in the basement of her current project, Shannon sets out to discover who is behind the mysterious death by piecing together clues left behind in the victim's hidden diary.
Fixer Upper MysteriesS1, EP3 "Deadly Deed"Shannon Hughes is renovating a Victorian mansion when a banker is found murdered inside the house; she must solve the mystery before the renovation becomes a demolition.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP10 "The Sound of Murder"Jessica uses her knowledge of music to investigate the murder of the owner of the record company that is producing one of her mysteries on tape.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP11 "Final Curtain"Seth's friend (Peter Donat), an actor coming out of retirement to launch a play is implicated in the murder of his ex-manager (Bradford Dillman).
Murder, She WroteS9, EP12 "Double Jeopardy"One of Jessica's students is framed for murder when someone uses information from her creative writing class to kill a local crime boss.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP13 "Dead Eye"While attending a writers' conference in Florida, Jessica stumbles onto old photos that may be linked to the JFK assassination.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP14 "Killer Radio"The owner of a Midwest radio station (Lyman Ward) is found murdered at a new transmitter site, and Jessica must weed out the suspects to find the killer.
Diagnosis MurderS4, EP22 "Murder in the Air"Mark and Amanda race to cure a mysteriously ill pilot and his crew before the plane crashes into the Swiss Alps.
Diagnosis MurderS4, EP23 "The Merry Widow Murder"A woman frames Mark for murder so she and her lover can escape to a tropical island and live off her late husband's millions.
Diagnosis MurderS4, EP24 "Comedy Is Murder"An inept comedian (Tim Conway) targets his former partner (Harvey Korman), but his ex-wife gets killed.
Diagnosis MurderS4, EP25 "The Murder of Mark Sloan"When a convicted murderer seeking revenge suddenly has competition, Mark must figure out who is really trying to kill him.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP15 "The Petrified Florist"At a dinner party with a gossip magazine editor (Penny Fuller), Jessica imagines the plot for her next novel.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP16 "Threshold of Fear"Jessica investigates a cold case to help an agoraphobic woman (Cynthia Nixon) who is haunted by dreams of her mother's murder five years earlier.
Murder, She WroteS9, EP17 "The Big Kill"The CEO (Chad Everett) of a struggling high-tech defense firm is suspected of killing a banker and a fisherman.
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