Xploration Station is a science-based television network consisting of several educational/informational series airing throughout the United States and the world.
Life 2.0S2, EP9The impact of living in a world where one is constantly "plugged in" to electronic devices; the possible social and cognitive risks.
Life 2.0S2, EP10How drones are becoming an integral part of everyday life; exploring some of the newest and most innovative uses for drones.
Xploration Outer SpaceS2, EP9 "The Future of Space Exploration"Emily Calandrelli explores how people might travel through space in the future.
Xploration Outer SpaceS2, EP8 "Building and Testing Rockets"An Alabama facility manufactures rockets; NASA tests them before launch.
Xploration DIY Sci"Science Museum Oklahoma #2"Steve tricks volunteers into getting covered with paint in an explosive art project.
Xploration DIY Sci"Garage Geeks I"Experiments inspired by the displays at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science; an experiment with table tennis balls and explosives.
Xploration Earth 2050S3, EP2 "Teaching Goes High Tech"A 3-D topographical sandbox allowing students to test earth-science theories with their own hands in real time; 3-D printing helps students create historical artifacts; nationwide math competitions.
Xploration Earth 2050S3, EP3 "Medical Tech Transforms the 3rd World"Using technology to save lives; old car parts help Third World doctors prevent babies from getting jaundice; a wheelchair built to work like an all-terrain vehicle; growing medicines.
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