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Local KnowledgeS8, EP6 "Deep Drop Rockfish"Back in San Diego and with rockfish on the mind, the crew fish new grounds and depths to catch Southern California bottom fish; pro snowboarder and friend Dave Downing joins to round out the rock cod fishing trip.
Local KnowledgeS8, EP7 "SoCal Small Tuna"Ali and Rush take advantage of the many other opportunities this time of year has to offer and switch focus back to the basics, targeting smaller yellowfin, bluefin, and mahi on bait.
Saltwater Underground With Nick HonachefskyEP1 "Chasing the Elusive Back Bay Weakfish"Nick Joins Fisherman Magazine friends Dave DeGenarro, Austin Perilli and Nicky DeGenarro for a reuniting of the Jersey families chasing the elusive Barnegat Bay weakfish.
Saltwater Underground With Nick HonachefskyEP2 "Trophy Stripers"Nick joins Captain Chuck Tyman Manny and Bobby Bowden to catch and release trophy stripers to 45 pounds using a secret tactic.
Saltwater Underground With Nick HonachefskyEP4 "Monster Wreck Fishing Pollock and Sea Bass"Nick joins Capt. Al Crudele and Sean Reilly to tangle with knuckleheads on the Jersey shipwrecks along with some true beastly pollock and other wreck surprises.
Goin' CoastalS1, EP2 "Josh Squared"Josh and good friend and fellow guide Josh Nelson hit the beach for some stud redfish. They also meet with Alex Fogg, a coastal resource manager for a redfish release with the CCA.
Goin' CoastalS1, EP3 "Alex Fogg"Josh and Alex Fogg are the coastal resource managers of Destin-Fort Walton beach, Florida; they fish some of the artificial reefs that have been deployed over the last 20 years.
Goin' CoastalS1, EP4 "Family Time"Josh and Anna set out for a last minute fishing trip that runs a little late; they take a quick detour to the parent pick up line to get the kids from school, and head back out on the water to see what's biting.
Blair Wiggins OutdoorsS1, EP3 "Fishing with Goggles"Blair is bass fishing the Butler Chain of Lakes in Central Florida.
Blair Wiggins OutdoorsS1, EP4 "In the Valley of Fish"Blair fishes the South Texas flats using artificial lures with Capt. Luis Flandes.
We Caught ThatS1, EP1 "The American Alligator"Capt. Jason and Julie head out onto The Kissimmee chain of lakes in Central Florida to fill a Florida alligator tag; after a successful hunt, they head back to the house to clean and cook up some fresh alligator meat.
We Caught ThatS1, EP2 "Partial Victory"Capt. Jason heads out with his longtime hunting buddy to fish in Keaton Beach; afterward, they head over to try and shoot some feral hogs on private land in north Florida.
We Caught ThatS1, EP3 "Lake Atlantic"Capt. Jason Dozier and his buddy, Cody Williams head out of Key West to fish for pelagic and dive for Spiny lobster.
We Caught ThatS1, EP4 "Sportsman's Paradise"Capt. Jason heads to Louisiana to fish and duck hunt with his buddies Capt. Britt Ordes and Ryan Lambert.
We Caught ThatS1, EP5 "Home Waters"Capt. Jason and Capt. Buck fish for sea trout to cook up for lunch at the wharf; after lunch, they head to the beach for an afternoon outgoing tide in search of snook.
We Caught ThatS1, EP6 "Old Friends"Capt. Jason Dozier and Matt Miller head out of Steinhatchee, Fla., hoping to catch some redfish and trout for dinner; the next day, they drive to the center of the sunshine state to hunt waterfowl.
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