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Murdered on a HoneymoonThe story of the brutal murder of newly married bride Anni Dewani while on honeymoon in Cape Town.
Mafia QueensS1, EP1 "Antonella Madonna"
Mafia QueensS1, EP2 "Cristina Pinto"
Mafia QueensS1, EP3 "Anna Carrino"
Mafia QueensS1, EP4 "Maria Duraccio"
Deadly DatesS1, EP1 "Nadine Aburas"Nadine Aburas of Cardiff is killed by a businessman she met in 2012 on a popular dating site.
Deadly DatesS1, EP8 "Sharon Siermans"Sharon Siermans, a 29-year-old Australian mother, ends a date early with a man she met online, then he takes revenge by beating her to death with a cricket bat.
Deadly DatesS1, EP7 "Ashley Pegram"A look at the case of Ashley Pegram, a South Carolina mother of three who was drugged, raped and fatally beaten by a man she met on a dating app.
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