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TPC TheatreS1, EP4 "Dance Like Nobody's Watching"Lady Wiggles shows Lord Covenington and Mr. Sniffles the joys of dancing.
We Heart AnimalsEP2 "Dog Days Are Over"The leaves are changing, sweater weather is approaching, and the pets couldn't be happier!
We Heart AnimalsEP5 "In Your Dreams"If we can't take a nap, watching our pets take one is the next best thing.
Animals UnscriptedEP2 "Catch of the Day"Clips that will keep viewers hooked.
Animals UnscriptedEP3 "How to Clip a Mockingbird"Clips of birds.
Animals UnscriptedEP4 "Cat Fight!"Clips of pets fighting.
Animals UnscriptedEP5 "Fruit Floofs"Clips of animals eating fruit.
Best Pets of the MonthEP14 "Best Pets of the Month ----- Ep 2.9"The winning pets of September 2019.
We Heart AnimalsEP7 "Snack Time!"The pets have taken over the kitchen... and beyond!
We Heart AnimalsEP9 "To the Living Room... And Beyond!"Sometimes pets scratch their butts, sometimes they go all the way to space, and we want to see it all!
Animals UnscriptedEP63 "Snow Problem"Animals in little sweaters.
Animals UnscriptedEP67 "Songbirds and Somersaults"Pets serenading humans.
Animals UnscriptedEP66 "Drop It Like It's Paw't"Owners coax their pets to "Droooop it. Droooooop it."
Animals UnscriptedEP1 "Cleanliness Is Next to Dogliness"Happy grins that will melt hearts with their little teeth.
Best Pets of the MonthEP10 "Best Pets of The Month ----- Ep 2.1"These pets won January 2019.
Best Pets of the MonthEP14 "Best Pets of The Month ----- Ep 2.3"These pets won March 2019.
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