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Joy of PaintingS3, EP1 "Mountain Retreat"Bob paints a beautiful summer getaway with rugged brown peaks, clear blue waters and a cozy little cabin.
Joy of PaintingS3, EP2 "Blue Moon"Breathtaking skies, bending palms and waves that accentuate the cool night breeze.
Joy of PaintingS3, EP3 "Bubbling Stream"In the midst of the forest flows a stream that splashes and trickles endlessly along.
Joy of PaintingS3, EP4 "Winter Night"The stillness of a cold darkness is captured as a cozy little cabin rests atop a snow covered hill.
Joy of PaintingS3, EP5 "Distant Hills"Far, far away there rests a mountain nestled in misty clouds and foothills.
Joy of PaintingS3, EP6 "Covered Bridge"Bob paints a bridge in a forest.
Joy of PaintingS3, EP7 "Quiet Inlet"The sounds of quiet waters, the sight of velvety green shrubs and the hint of distance foothills in a perfect scene of relaxation.
Joy of PaintingS8, EP5 "Hunter's Haven"Bob's use of blue, yellow and orange hues brings vibrancy to a woodside setting and dream cabin beside a clear blue lake.
Joy of PaintingS5, EP6 "Ocean Sunrise"Audrey Golden uses a black medium to create mood.
Joy of PaintingS5, EP7 "Bubbling Brook"Bob paints a gurgling brook on black canvas.
Joy of PaintingS5, EP8 "Arizona Splendor"Bob paints Arizona mountains.
Joy of PaintingS5, EP9 "Anatomy of a Wave"Joyce Ortner demonstrates the anatomy of a wave.
Joy of PaintingS5, EP10 "The Windmill"Bob paints a western windmill on black canvas.
Joy of PaintingS5, EP11 "Autumn Glory"Bob paints a mountain ablaze with autumn color.
Joy of PaintingS5, EP12 "Indian Girl"Ferne Sirois paints a portrait of an Indian girl.
Joy of PaintingS15, EP2 "Colors of Nature"Bob paints a colorful autumn scene.
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