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Joy of PaintingS10, EP10 "Ocean Sunset"Painting the sun as it sets over a deserted beach.
Joy of PaintingS10, EP11 "Triple View"Bob creates an effect using masking tape on the canvas as he paints the sky and mountains as a backdrop for a meadow, trees and a cabin.
Joy of PaintingS10, EP12 "Winter Frost"Bob paints a warm sun high in the sky to offset the cold mountainscape below.
Joy of PaintingS10, EP13 "Lakeside Cabin"Painting a small cabin on the shore of a lake.
Joy of PaintingS11, EP1 "Mountain Stream"Bob paints a sloping stream.
Joy of PaintingS11, EP2 "Country Cabin"Bob paints a cabin deep within woods.
Joy of PaintingS11, EP3 "Daisy Delight"Bob paints evergreens overlooking flowers.
Joy of PaintingS11, EP4 "Hidden Stream"Bob paints a tree beside a stream.
Joy of PaintingS11, EP5 "Towering Glacier"Bob paints a waterfall beneath a glacier.
Joy of PaintingS19, EP2 "Quiet Mountain Lake"Bob paints a tranquil lake.
Joy of PaintingS19, EP3 "Final Embers of Sunlight"A woodland scene lit by the waning rays of the sun.
Joy of PaintingS19, EP4 "Snowy Morn"Bob paints a cabin in snowy woods.
Joy of PaintingS19, EP5 "Camper's Haven"Bob paints a pleasant valley.
Joy of PaintingS19, EP6 "Waterfall in the Woods"Bob paints a waterfall.
Joy of PaintingS19, EP7 "Covered Bridge Oval"Bob paints a covered bridge in an oval.
Joy of PaintingS19, EP8 "Scenic Seclusion"Bob paints a gentle stream.
Joy of PaintingS19, EP9 "Ebb Tide"Bob paints a seaside sunset.
Joy of PaintingS19, EP10 "After the Rain"Bob paints a rain-drenched forest.
Joy of PaintingS19, EP11 "Winter Elegance"Bob paints a chilly forest scene.
Joy of PaintingS29, EP12 "Aurora's Dance"The northern lights appear across the sky.
Joy of PaintingS3, EP1 "Mountain Retreat"Bob paints a beautiful summer getaway with rugged brown peaks, clear blue waters and a cozy little cabin.
Joy of PaintingS30, EP1 "Babbling Brook"A babbling brook breaks the morning silence.
Joy of PaintingS30, EP2 "Woodgrain View"Bob demonstrates how to create the illusion of a wooden canvas.
Joy of PaintingS30, EP3 "Winter's Peace"A landscape dusted with snow.
Joy of PaintingS30, EP4 "Wilderness Trail"A forest surrounds a beaten path.
Joy of PaintingS30, EP5 "A Copper Winter"A forest's color during winter.
Joy of PaintingS30, EP6 "Misty Foothills"A heavy mist covers foothills.
Joy of PaintingS30, EP7 "Through the Window"A window view of a snowy day.
Joy of PaintingS30, EP8 "Home in the Valley"Overlook the distant mountains from a valley home.
Joy of PaintingS4, EP10 "Quiet Woods"Bob paints a hushed woods scene.
Joy of PaintingS4, EP11 "Northwest Majesty"Bob paints nature's splendors.
Joy of PaintingS4, EP12 "Autumn Days"Bob paints a colorful fall scene.
Joy of PaintingS4, EP13 "Mountain Challenge"Bob paints an impressive mountain.
Joy of PaintingS5, EP1 "Mountain Waterfall"Bob paints a waterfall near a majestic mountain.
Joy of PaintingS5, EP2 "Twilight Meadow"Bob paints a twilight meadow scene on black canvas.
Joy of PaintingS5, EP3 "Mountain Blossoms"Dana Jester uses a new technique to paint blossoms.
Joy of PaintingS11, EP6 "Oval Barn"Bob frames a pretty barn within an oval.
Joy of PaintingS11, EP7 "Lakeside Path"Bob creates a path beside a misty lake.
Joy of PaintingS11, EP8 "Sunset Oval"Bob places an oval sunset within a square.
Joy of PaintingS11, EP9 "Winter Barn"Bob paints an isolated, snow-covered barn.
Joy of PaintingS11, EP10 "Sunset Over the Waves"Bob paints a seaside sunset.
Joy of PaintingS12, EP1 "Golden Knoll"Bob paints a monochromatic scene.
Joy of PaintingS12, EP2 "Mountain Reflection"Bob creates a mountain hideaway.
Joy of PaintingS12, EP3 "Secluded Mountain"Bob paints an East Coast mountain.
Joy of PaintingS12, EP4 "Bright Autumn Trees"Bob paints autumn colors.
Joy of PaintingS12, EP5 "Black Seascape"Waves crash against a moonlit shore.
Joy of PaintingS12, EP6 "Steep Mountains"Bob demonstrates wet-on-wet technique.
Joy of PaintingS12, EP7 "Quiet Mountain River"Bob paints a hushed valley.
Joy of PaintingS12, EP8 "Evening Waterfall"Bob paints a waterfall on black canvas.
Joy of PaintingS12, EP9 "Tropical Seascape"A gentle breeze sways palm trees.
Joy of PaintingS19, EP12 "Evening's Peace"Bob paints a wintry night scene.
Joy of PaintingS19, EP13 "Valley of Tranquility"Bob paints a valley and mountains.
Joy of PaintingS20, EP1 "Mystic Mountain"Bob paints a mountain amid foothills.
Joy of PaintingS20, EP2 "New Day's Dawn"Bob paints a quaint forest cabin.
Joy of PaintingS20, EP3 "Pastel Winter"Bob paints a warm winter scene.
Joy of PaintingS20, EP4 "Hazy Day"Bob paints a hazy forest scene.
Joy of PaintingS20, EP5 "Divine Elegance"Bob paints a mountain scene in a faux matte.
Joy of PaintingS20, EP6 "Cliffside"Sea waters thunder and mist against cliffs.
Joy of PaintingS20, EP7 "Autumn Fantasy"Bob paints a peaceful autumn scene.
Joy of PaintingS20, EP8 "Old Oak Tree"Bob paints a massive oak.
Joy of PaintingS30, EP9 "Mountains of Grace"Steve Ross paints mountain country.
Joy of PaintingS30, EP10 "Seaside Harmony"Clouds hover above a sea's horizon.
Joy of PaintingS30, EP11 "A Cold Spring Day"Winter lingers on during the beginning of spring.
Joy of PaintingS30, EP12 "Evening's Glow"The sun sets above a secluded home.
Joy of PaintingS30, EP13 "Blue Ridge Falls"Evergreens surround a secluded, mountain waterfall.
Joy of PaintingS31, EP1 "Reflections of Calm"A mountain lake.
Joy of PaintingS31, EP2 "Before the Snowfall"Early winter scene.
Joy of PaintingS31, EP3 "Winding Stream"The serenity of a little stream.
Joy of PaintingS31, EP4 "Tranquility Cove"Fall foliage.
Joy of PaintingS31, EP5 "Cabin in the Hollow"A cabin in winter.
Joy of PaintingS5, EP4 "Winter Stillness"Bob paints a silent, picturesque winter scene.
Joy of PaintingS3, EP9 "The Old Mill"Bob paints a rustic mill.
Joy of PaintingS3, EP10 "Campfire"A cowboy restin' by the vibrant golden red glow of the cracklin' flames.
Joy of PaintingS3, EP11 "Rustic Barn"An old worn-down farm building settles into soft golden grassy bushes and trees of autumn.
Joy of PaintingS3, EP12 "Hidden Lake"Beneath a soft purple mountain range, an abundance of trees and bushes envelop a secret little lake.
Joy of PaintingS3, EP13 "Peaceful Waters"Guest artist Steve Ross creates clear blue skies, an almighty mountain and lake lined generously with trees and bushes.
Joy of PaintingS4, EP1 "Purple Splendor"Bob paints a glorious purple scene.
Joy of PaintingS4, EP2 "Tranquil Valley"Bob paints a pretty, hushed valley.
Joy of PaintingS9, EP4 "Meadow Road"Snow-covered peaks loom over a lush meadow.
Joy of PaintingS9, EP5 "Winter Oval"Bob places a painting within an oval.
Joy of PaintingS9, EP6 "Secluded Beach"Bob paints waves crashing against rock.
Joy of PaintingS9, EP7 "Forest Hills"Bob shares his love of nature with viewers.
Joy of PaintingS9, EP8 "Little House by the Road"A fence guards an old house.
Joy of PaintingS9, EP9 "Mountain Pass"Bob paints a peaceful mountain scene.
Joy of PaintingS9, EP10 "Country Charm"Cottony clouds envelop green hills.
Joy of PaintingS9, EP11 "Nature's Paradise"Glowing red peaks loom over a lazy stream.
Joy of PaintingS9, EP12 "Mountain by the Sea"Bob paints a difficult seascape.
Joy of PaintingS9, EP13 "Mountain Hideaway"Bob uses black and white base coats.
Joy of PaintingS10, EP1 "Towering Peaks"Bob Ross demonstrates the painting of a mountain scene.
Joy of PaintingS10, EP2 "Cabin at Sunset"Bob paints a sunset.
Joy of PaintingS10, EP3 "Twin Falls"Bob Ross paints a forest landscape, featuring a stream, rock formations and trees.
Joy of PaintingS10, EP4 "Secluded Bridge"Bob paints a woodland scene complete with a small footbridge running across a creek.
Joy of PaintingS18, EP5 "Autumn Exhibition"Bob paints a peaceful autumn path.
Joy of PaintingS18, EP6 "Majestic Peaks"Bob paints snow-covered mountains.
Joy of PaintingS18, EP7 "Golden Morning Mist"Branches bend over a misty stream.
Joy of PaintingS18, EP8 "Winter Lace"Bob paints a soft winter scene.
Joy of PaintingS18, EP9 "Seascape Fantasy"Clouds and sea roll in toward land.
Joy of PaintingS18, EP10 "Double Oval Stream"Bob paints within a double oval.
Joy of PaintingS18, EP11 "Enchanted Forest"Bob paints a forest on partially black canvas.
Joy of PaintingS18, EP12 "Southwest Serenity"Bob paints a desert scene.
Joy of PaintingS18, EP13 "Rippling Waters"Bob paints a forest stream.
Joy of PaintingS19, EP1 "Snowfall Magic"Bob paints a silent snowy scene.
Joy of PaintingS27, EP10 "Sunlight in the Shadows"Bob paints a scene with sun and shadows.
Joy of PaintingS29, EP3 "Seasonal Progression"A mountain's landscape changes from summer to winter.
Joy of PaintingS29, EP4 "Light at the Summit"The sun above a mountain peak.
Joy of PaintingS29, EP5 "Countryside Barn"Follow a meadow trail to an old barn.
Joy of PaintingS29, EP6 "Mountain Lake Falls"Steve Ross paints a mountain's lake waterfall.
Joy of PaintingS29, EP7 "Cypress Creek"Cypress trees grow on the edge of a swamp.
Joy of PaintingS29, EP8 "Trapper's Cabin"A cabin sits in a mountain wilderness.
Joy of PaintingS29, EP9 "Storm on the Horizon"Storm clouds rest on the horizon.
Joy of PaintingS29, EP10 "Pot O' Posies"Annette Kowalski paints a hanging pot of posies.
Joy of PaintingS29, EP11 "A Perfect Winter Day"A mountain cabin sits in the snow.
Joy of PaintingS4, EP3 "Majestic Mountains"Bob paints imposing mountains.
Joy of PaintingS4, EP4 "Winter Sawscape"Bob paints imposing mountains.
Joy of PaintingS4, EP5 "Evening Seascape"Bob paints a softly lit sea.
Joy of PaintingS4, EP6 "Warm Summer Day"Bob captures summer's beauty.
Joy of PaintingS4, EP7 "Cabin in the Woods"Bob paints a lonely cabin.
Joy of PaintingS4, EP8 "Wetlands"Bob paints a swampy scene.
Joy of PaintingS4, EP9 "Cool Waters"Bob paints a refreshing water scene.
Joy of PaintingS10, EP5 "Ocean Breeze"Creating a seascape using a half black, half white canvas.
Joy of PaintingS10, EP6 "Autumn Woods"Mountains overlook a peaceful autumn scene.
Joy of PaintingS10, EP7 "Winter Solitude"Bob paints detailed trees in winter.
Joy of PaintingS10, EP8 "Golden Sunset"Painting a golden sunset on a black canvas.
Joy of PaintingS10, EP9 "Mountain Oval"Bob Ross' son Steve demonstrates painting within an oval.
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