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The Loud HouseS7, EP5 "Road Trip: Bizarritorium"Mom is assigned a travel article at work, and she takes the entire family on a cross-country road trip; the trip gets off to a bumpy start when Lincoln tries to change Mom's itinerary to go to Dr. Weirdly's Bizarritorium.
The Loud HouseS7, EP6 "Road Trip: Bringing Down the House; Road Trip: Mountain Hard Pass"During a visit of the White House, the Loud kids can't help but sneak off and explore the rooms not on the tour; intimidated by an intense day of hiking in the Rocky Mountains, the Loud kids try to find reasons to call off the hike.
The Loud HouseS7, EP7 "Road Trip: From Brad to Worse; Road Trip: Doll Day Afternoon"When the Louds run into Mom's old camp crush turned celebrity at a State Fair, Dad tries to one-up him to impress Rita; Mr. Coconuts is missing and Luan rallies the Louds to track him down along Route 66.
The Loud HouseS5, EP17 "Much Ado About Noshing; Broadcast Blues"Lynn's Table gets a bad review; the Action News Team must cater to Chandler's demands after he buys new equipment.
The Loud HouseS5, EP16 "Camped!"When Dad discovers that his childhood camp is closing, he decides to take the family for one final visit; they soon uncover a map that could lead to a treasure big enough to save the camp and prove the existence of an old camp legend.
The Loud HouseS5, EP19 "Dad Reputation; Dream a Lily Dream"While playing in her dad's new band, Luna is worried about her reputation if her friends see her perform; Lisa discovers the only way to stop Lily's nightmares is to go inside her dreams and fight them herself.
The Loud HouseS5, EP22 "How the Best Was Won; Animal House"A competition creates a rift; Lana struggles to find homes for the exotic pets at the Royal Woods Animal Shelter before they're moved out.
The Really Loud HouseS2, EP3 "The Tennessee Surprise: Love Is in the Air"Determined to surprise Charlie, Lincoln and Clyde enter a debate team competition that will take them to Tennessee.
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