The Strongman Champions League is the premiere and largest international Strongman competition.
Strongman Champions LeagueEP34 "SCL Log Lift World Championship, Lithuania"For the third stage of SCL world series 2016, the athletes compete in Kaunas for the SCL Log Lift World Championships.
Strongman Champions LeagueEP35 "SCL Holland"Stage four is an epic competition and a few surprises; with 14 strongmen from all over the world, one newcomer left quite an impression.
Strongman Champions LeagueEP21 "SCL Latvia"This year Lauri Nami joins the starting list, back after last year's injury in Romania.
Strongman Champions LeagueEP37 "SCL Serbia"The SCL train stopped in Zlatibor for the stage 6 of the MLO SCL; 11 compete for the title in the home country of legendary Ervin Katona.
Strongman Champions LeagueEP38 "SCL Bulgaria"Bulgaria hosts the next stage of the SCL; current leader in the World Series is Matjaz Belsak, youngest competitor and strongest man of Slovenia.
Strongman Champions LeagueEP39 "SCL England 2016"The competitors battle it out in the special event, the Atlas Steel Stone; this stone is made completely from iron and cannot be touched with any support.
Strongman Champions LeagueEP4 "SCL Finland"This stage sees the strongmen visit Vaasa, Finland; residents here are familiar with the competition because some of the SCL icons are from their country.
Strongman Champions LeagueEP19 "SCL Finland"Athletes compete in the under 90kg and under 105kg SCL World Championships; from each weight class, the top 12 qualify for the finals.
Strongman Champions LeagueEP12 "SCL Romania"The competition moves to Romania and for the first time this season the athletes compete in rainy conditions which make the events even tougher.
Strongman Champions LeagueEP13 "SCL Lithuania"The next stage of the competition takes place in Lithunia and world records are once again broken.
Strongman Champions LeagueEP14 "SCL Estonia"Episode 14 takes place in Estonia where drama and world records will be seen again.
Strongman Champions LeagueEP5 "SCL Norway"Across seven rivers, through mountains and forests, 12 strongmen go to toughest places to find out who is strongest Viking in the World and open a new season of Strongman champions league for 2015.
Strongman Champions LeagueEP11 "SCL Germany"The second stage of Strongman champions league will be hosted in Germany, by FIBO - the leading international trade show for fitness, wellness and health worldwide with 300,000 visitors in four days.
Strongman Champions LeagueEP14 "SCL Holland"Holland is hosting 12 different countries with 14 of the strongest men in the world for the third stage of the Strongman Champions League.
Strongman Champions LeagueEP43 "SCL 2022 Season 8, Episode 15, Turkey Part 1"We are in Alanya, on Turkey's south-coast for the final stop at the end of a mammoth season of Strongman Champions League. Here in the sunshine, we'll finally crown our world champion and what a place Alanya is.
Strongman Champions LeagueEP31 "SCL Finland"Zydrunas Savickas, one of strongest people on earth is in this competition which has attracted the attention of the audience in the battle for the title of strongest man in Finland.
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