Start TV is the first and only network dedicated to scripted dramas featuring strong, successful women in diverse and compelling roles, augmented with inspiring stories of real women sharing how they got their “Starts” in business, facing life challenges and through personal reinvention.
Crossing JordanS4, EP10 "A Stranger Among Us"A seemingly random mass shooting has Woody and Jordan searching for a motive until the FBI reveals the shooter's identity and his link to a drug kingpin.
Covert AffairsS1 "Pilot"A CIA trainee is taken from school and thrust into the inner sanctum of the agency.
Cold CaseS4, EP18 "A Dollar, a Dream"A homeless family living in a station wagon becomes the team's focus as it investigates the murder of a woman whose body was found at the bottom of a river.
UnforgettableS2, EP2 "Incognito"Carrie goes under cover with a team of bank robbers to pursue a lead on the gang's notorious and elusive leader.
Rizzoli & IslesS2, EP2 "Living Proof"While trying to have a relaxing day at an outdoor spa, Jane and Maura discover the murder of a pregnant woman.
The CloserS3, EP6 "Dumb Luck"A possessive husband is a suspect in the death of a fitness trainer; the team must work in hazmat suits as part of anti-terrorism training.
The CloserS3, EP7 "Four to Eight"Two Hispanic teens die in a racially motivated gang-shooting; a cousin of one of the victims plans to exact revenge on a rival black gang.
Major CrimesS2, EP9 "There's No Place Like Home"Provenza faces possible permanent desk duty; the squad investigates the death of an ICE agent which leads them to the residents of an old apartment complex.
Major CrimesS2, EP10 "Backfire"A 19-year-old prostitute is brutally murdered; the squad rushes to deal with the killer whom they believe is part of a larger criminal enterprise.
Rizzoli & IslesS4, EP10 "Built for Speed"The squad investigates when an amateur drag race turns deadly; Jane turns to Lt. Martinez for help and he seems to be thwarting her investigation.
In Plain SightS2, EP4 "Rubble With a Cause"When a building collapse traps one of Mary's witnesses in the rubble and out in the open, his injury is secondary to the threat of a professional assassin on a nearby roof.
Saving GraceS3, EP19 "I'm Gonna Need a Big Night Light"After experiencing a spiritual upheaval, Grace returns to Oklahoma City with a new sense of purpose.
Cold CaseS7, EP14 "Metamorphosis"The team looks into the death of a teenage circus aerialist; Rush faces possible charges in another case.
UnforgettableS4, EP4 "Dollars and Scents"The Major Crimes team learns that a deli employee's murder is linked to a foreign criminal organization that has the ability to cripple the world's financial markets.
The Good WifeS3, EP5 "Marthas and Caitlins"Alicia's key witness commits suicide, forcing her to turn to Colin Sweeney (Dylan Baker) for help; Eli takes action on Peter's behalf.
Ghost WhispererS5, EP11 "Dead Air"Melinda tries to help Ned stop a ghost out for revenge at the Grandview radio station.
Beauty and the BeastS2, EP11 "The Outsiders"Infiltration of the tunnels by a band of violent outsiders brings out Vincent's uncontrollable dark side.
Dr. Quinn, Medicine WomanS3, EP25 "For Better or Worse"Mike's mother and sisters arrive on the train for her wedding; tensions rise between Mike and Sully; Custer puts a bounty out for Cloud Dancing.
Touched by an AngelS9, EP3 "Two Sides to Every Angel"The angels must prevent Monica's evil twin from breaking up a marriage.
Any Day NowS3, EP3 "Three Hours a Week"Rene becomes a "Big Sister"; M.E. appears on a talk show; young M.E. wants Rene to take advantage of Theresa.
Murder, She WroteS4, EP3 "Witness for the Defense"An attorney (Patrick McGoohan) asks Jessica to testify for a colleague accused of murder on circumstantial evidence in Quebec.
Murder, She WroteS4, EP4 "Old Habits Die Hard"Jessica visits a convent to see a former sorority sister (Jane Powell) and winds up searching for a nun's killer.
Ghost WhispererS4, EP13 "Body of Water"Melinda confronts a townwide crisis when the unearthing of a grave leads to a mass haunting.
MediumS7, EP7 "Native Tongue"When she becomes unable to understand the spoken word, Allison develops an unexpected friendship with a linguist; Joe reaches the limits of his patience being married to a woman who is a slave to her visions.
Crossing JordanS4, EP11 "Murder in the Rue Morgue"When a crazed gunman opens fire in the morgue, killing a seemingly innocent bystander, Jordan and Woody search for clues to the apparently random homicide, but the killing spree continues.
Covert AffairsS1, EP2 "Walter's Walk"Annie and an MI-6 agent must track down and protect a woman and her son.
Cold CaseS4, EP19 "Offender"The detectives must solve the 20-year-old case of a 6-year-old boy's rape and murder.
UnforgettableS2, EP3 "Day of the Jackie"As Carrie and Al investigate the murder of a businessman, they realize his death was collateral damage in an assassination plot.
Rizzoli & IslesS2, EP3 "Sailor Man"A girl is found dead shortly after sailors invade Boston for Fleet Week; Frost's father comes to town; Maura goes on a date with Angela's mechanic.
The CloserS3, EP8 "Manhunt"Brenda's team hunts for a serial killer suspected of murdering a deputy DA's wife.
The CloserS3, EP9 "Blindsided"The departmental psychologist takes Brenda off active duty; Fritz meets Brenda's father for the first time.
Major CrimesS2, EP11 "Poster Boy"The team works to capture a spree killer; Raydor is torn between two decisions; Rusty is given more freedom.
Major CrimesS2, EP12 "Pick Your Poison"The squad races to find the dealer of a bad batch of drugs that claimed the lives of two brothers; Rusty faces a big decision.
Rizzoli & IslesS4, EP11 "Judge, Jury and Executioner"A mock trial advisor dies during a competition; Jane is concerned that Angela may be hiding financial issues; Tommy hires a lawyer to settle his claim against the Storrow Center.
In Plain SightS2, EP5 "Aguna Matatala"An Orthodox Jewish witness is followed by a mysterious man (Richard Schiff) who answers to a higher authority.
Saving GraceS1, EP1 "Pilot"The Oklahoma City police search for a young girl who has been abducted; fast-living police detective Grace Hanadarko meets an unconventional angel named Earl.
Cold CaseS7, EP15 "Two Weddings"While at a colleague's wedding, the team tries to determine if the bride was responsible for her former fiance's death.
UnforgettableS4, EP5 "All In"Things heat up for Carrie when an old flame and a murder investigation lead the Major Crimes team to Atlantic City, N.J.
The Good WifeS3, EP6 "Affairs of State"Alicia defends a Taiwanese national; Eli's ex-wife approaches him about a potential political campaign.
Ghost WhispererS5, EP12 "Blessings in Disguise"Melinda must discover the truth hidden within a new family before it threatens to tear the family apart.
Beauty and the BeastS2, EP12 "Orphans"Vincent battles his desire for Catherine when she seeks comfort in the Tunnel World after her father's sudden death.
Dr. Quinn, Medicine WomanS3, EP25 "For Better or Worse"Sully returns; Mike realizes she wants to marry Sully; Brian has a surprise for the newlyweds.
Touched by an AngelS9, EP4 "The Word"The angels help a teenage girl overcome obsessive-compulsiveness and help her illiterate father overcome illiteracy.
Any Day NowS3, EP4 "The Dust of Life"An Asian-American man claims to be Johnny's son; Rene represents a man trying to enforce a prenatal contract; young M.E.'s brother prepares to leave for Vietnam.
Murder, She WroteS4, EP5 "The Way to Dusty Death"Murder is on the agenda when top executives and their wives meet at a powerful tycoon's country estate.
Murder, She WroteS3, EP21 "The Days Dwindle Down"Jessica looks into a 30-year-old murder in a continuation of the story from the 1949 film "Strange Bargain."
Murder, She WroteS3, EP22 "Murder, She Spoke"A murder occurs while Jessica is recording one of her novels for the Mystery Books for the Blind series.
Ghost WhispererS4, EP11 "Life on the Line"Melinda helps a family in turmoil after an accident; Delia experiences her first haunting.
MediumS7, EP4 "How to Kill a Good Guy"During a murder investigation, Allison experiences more friction with Scanlon; Ariel deals with her siblings' reactions to her leaving for college.
Crossing JordanS4, EP9 "Necessary Risks"Detective Hoyt investigates when a college fencing star is found dead in his room from an apparent suicide, but evidence suggests a possible homicide.
Covert Affairs"Covert Affairs"CIA trainee Annie Walker is suddenly plucked from the inner sanctum of the agency and promoted to field operative, and while it seems she went from obscurity to the fire because of her exceptional linguistic skills, something or someone from her past may be the reason her bosses shifted her career path. Now that Annie finds herself on assignments with no rules or training to guide her, all she can rely on is her intuition ... and the guidance of CIA military intelligence agent Auggie Anderson, a one-time special operative until he was blinded during a mission. Auggie helps Annie navigate the intricate CIA bureaucracy, and he quickly becomes the one person she can trust.
Cold CaseS4, EP17 "Shuffle, Ball Change"When a missing teenager's body turns up in a trash bin, the team discovers the secret that got him killed.
UnforgettableS2, EP1 "Bigtime"Carrie and Al's first case with the NYPD's Major Crimes Section -- a high-profile kidnapping -- hits close to home.
Rizzoli & IslesS2, EP1 "We Don't Need Another Hero"Jane is honored as a hero at a public event; a case leads Jane to be reunited with an old high-school flame.
The CloserS3, EP4 "Ruby"The squad searches for a young girl who has been abducted; Sgt. Gabriel jeopardizes the case and his career by taking matters into his own hands.
The CloserS3, EP5 "Round File"An old man confesses to murdering seven people; Fritz and Brenda find a home.
Major CrimesS2, EP7 "Rules of Engagement"A case deals with gang violence and social profiling; Sharon offers Jack the opportunity to be a court-appointed attorney in a case; Rusty is worried about meeting Kris' parents.
Major CrimesS2, EP8 "The Deep End"A media frenzy begins when the body of a Latino man is found at the home of a swimming coach; Flynn struggles with an emotional dilemma; Kris' mother visits Raydor to discuss some concerns.
Rizzoli & IslesS4, EP9 "No One Mourns the Wicked"Jane and Maura are asked to present the case of a serial killer at a symposium for law enforcement; Jane and Maura make a discovery.
In Plain SightS2, EP3 "A Stand-Up Triple"When a witness has problems with her family, Mary finds herself playing baby sitter to three difficult children.
Saving GraceS3, EP18 "I Need You to Call Earl"Grace isolates herself from family and friends; Butch's friend involves him in a potentially damaging situation; Neely struggles to stay off drugs.
Cold CaseS7, EP13 "Bombers"Newly discovered details about the mugger of Valen's mother, a joint-custody request from Miller's ex and brewing legal hurdles for Rush vex those team members as they attempt to solve the 1983 murder of a graffiti artist.
UnforgettableS4, EP3 "Behind the Beat"The killing of a young jazz prodigy leads Carrie and the team into the halls of a competitive music conservatory and the underbelly of the city's jazz club scene.
The Good WifeS3, EP4 "Feeding the Rat"Alicia takes on a pro bono case where a witness becomes the prime suspect; Diane and Will ponder the future of the firm.
Ghost WhispererS5, EP10 "Excessive Forces"When a student's ghost accuses a police officer of murdering him, Melinda believes that the death was not a mere skateboarding accident.
Beauty and the BeastS2, EP10 "A Gentle Rain"Catherine's loyalties are divided when she is assigned to prosecute a man who now lives as a respected member of the Tunnel World.
Dr. Quinn, Medicine WomanS3, EP24 "Ready or Not"Dr. Mike and Sully remember the events that have marked their love affair and have second thoughts about their impending nuptials.
Touched by an AngelS9, EP2 "The Sixteenth Minute"The angels help a man (guest star Grand Shaud) who gets an inflated ego after saving a woman in danger.
Any Day NowS3, EP2 "It's a Good Thing I Am Not Black"Police discriminate against Rene; M.E. researches a corrupt city council; young Rene and M.E. witness the changing moods of their older brothers.
Murder, She WroteS4, EP1 "A Fashionable Way to Die"At a fashion premiere in Paris, Jessica gets involved in the murder investigation of a supper-club owner.
Murder, She WroteS4, EP2 "When Thieves Fall Out"A coach's retirement, a stranger's arrival and deadly practical jokes cause Jessica to re-examine a 20-year-old murder.
Ghost WhispererS4, EP12 "This Joint's Haunted"Sam and Melinda take a road trip into his past and end up getting into all sorts of trouble; Melinda encounters the biggest threat yet to her romantic hopes.
MediumS7, EP5 "Talk to the Hand"When Allison gets a skin graft on her hand after it is burned, she wonders why the hand acts with a mind of its own; Bridgette keeps her role on the soccer team a secret from her parents.
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