SPEEDVISION is the definitive automotive entertainment brand. Featuring iconic hosts, exclusive access and premium content, SPEEDVISION will appeal to auto enthusiasts interested in How-To, Restoration, Customization, Live Events and Documentaries.
Graveyard CarzS5, EP8 "Grand Theft Hemi"Allysa is taught how to analyze and document three cars before they are disassembled; the 400 Magnum is installed in the 1972 Dodge Charger; Allysa commits a crime that Mark may never forgive.
Graveyard CarzS5, EP9 "Investigation O.E."Mark and Tony D'Agostino pick apart, analyze and argue over some of the world's rarest Mopars; a decision must be made about whether to restore a Daytona survivor or leave it in its original state.
Stomping GroundsS1, EP6 "Florida's Treasure Coast: The Sailfish Capital of the World"A day of sailfishing with Scott Fawcett; Stuart's "Dreamboat District."
Stomping GroundsS1, EP7 "Downeast Lifestyle: Cruising the Coast of Maine"From Lobster boats and windjammers to downeast style yachts and classic wooden vessels, Stomping Grounds 7 has the Boat Trader crew visiting the coast of Maine to explore the rich heritage behind one of the meccas of wooden boat building in the United States.
Rutter's Detailin' GarageS2, EP6 "Family Truckster Restoration Part 4"Nick Rutter provides valuable tips and techniques for how to polish automotive glass as well as water spot removal and selecting the right polisher for the detailing job.
Rutter's Detailin' GarageS2, EP7 "Detailing an Electric Vehicle"Nick Rutter walks through a step-by-step on how to detail the exterior as well as the interior of an electric vehicle, including vegan leather cleaning and conditioning.
Tech GarageS8, EP5 "Severe Duty Service Required"Instructor John Gardner and Bryan Gregory explain the theory and operation of vehicle systems.
Tech GarageS8, EP6 "Tough-to-Turn HHR"Instructor John Gardner and Bryan Gregory explain the theory and operation of vehicle systems.
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