Explore the cutting edge of human achievement. Journey to the deepest reaches of space. Dive into the mysterious physics of quantum realms. Fly with astronauts into hostile extraterrestrial realms.
Voyage of the ContinentsS1, EP2 "Asia - The Tectonics of Life and Death"The collision of tectonic plates formed the lands of the South Pacific.
Voyage of the ContinentsS1, EP3 "Asia - Rising Mountains and Sinking Countries"The greatest destruction of life in the Earth's history; how Siberia joined other land masses.
Voyage of the ContinentsS1, EP4 "Europe - Tropical Beginnings"Europe is transformed by tectonic forces; Iceland cracks at the seams; the Alps are rising.
Earth in 1000 YearsScientists search for insights into where Earth's climate may be headed 1000 years into the future and beyond.
Planet Rethink"Planet Rethink"This film shows how our dependency on cheap energy is jeopardizing our survival.
The Next Great Extinction EventThe story of five mass extinctions that have occurred during the life of the planet; a look at whether humans are causing the next mass extinction and what evolutionary theory predicts for the world left to our descendants.
Earth's Survival: Decoding Climate ScienceScientists detail signs of the global reach and impact of rising temperatures and warming oceans.
Living with VolcanoesS1, EP1 "Sacred Volcanoes"Volcanoes have marked human imagination and beliefs since ancient times; both gateways to hell and home of gods and spirits, they act as a border between two worlds.
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