The Pacific War in ColorS1, EP6 "Fire From the Sky"Allies slug it out on the island of Peleliu in a campaign to pave the way for Gen. MacArthur's return to the Philippines; footage shows troops enduring the muddy muck in the Philippines; Japan unveils a devastating new tactic, the kamikaze.
The Pacific War in ColorS1, EP7 "No Surrender"By the spring of 1945, the United States begins to take back the Philippines; on Borneo, the Australians invade Labuan; when the United States invades Okinawa, Japan makes a strong stand and launches the biggest kamikaze attacks of the war.
The Pacific War in ColorS1, EP8 "From the Ashes"President Harry Truman decides to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki; Emperor Hirohito surrenders, and Gen. Douglas MacArthur arrives to oversee the country's occupation; mortal enemies must now become partners in Japan's rebirth.
Carriers at WarS1, EP3 "Air Wing"The history of the aircraft carrier and how its air wing operates.
Carriers at WarS1, EP4 "USS Ford"A behind-the-scenes look at how the U.S. Navy's radically redesigned Ford-class aircraft carrier was built.
Carriers at WarS1, EP2 "Ready to Launch"A behind-the-scenes look at the operations of a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier and the dedicated sailors who keep it running at maximum efficiency.
Carriers at WarS1, EP1 "Strike Force Arabian Gulf"The crew of the USS George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier prepares to give air support to ground troops battling ISIS in Iraq.
WWII's Most Daring RaidsS1, EP1 "Stealing Hitler's Radar"An elite group of British paratroopers launch a midnight raid in order to capture Hitler's unusual radar equipment.
Air DisastersS3, EP6 "Break Up Over Texas"Near the end of its flight, Continental Express Flight 2574 suffers wing damage and goes into a dive falling out of the sky.
Air DisastersS12, EP1 "Nuts and Bolts"When an American cargo plane crashes moments after takeoff, investigators uncover a systemic problem with aircraft maintenance.
Air DisastersS12, EP9 "Deadly Go Round"When an A300 stalls and crashes just before landing in Japan, fears arise about the plane's complex automated systems.
Mighty Cruise ShipsS3, EP6 "Marina"Visit Stonehenge, kiss the Blarney Stone and hunt for Nessie on a magical tour of the British Isles, aboard Marina.
Mighty Cruise ShipsS4, EP3 "Norwegian Joy"Norwegian Joy sails amid icebergs in Alaska's Inside Passage, treating guests to glaciers, humpback whales, and the largest zip line in the world.
Mighty Cruise ShipsS2, EP2 "Royal Clipper"Royal Clipper is the largest sailing cruise ship in the world, celebrating tall ships of the 19th century while offering modern-day service for its guests.
Mighty Cruise ShipsS3, EP2 "Viking Long Ship Gefjon"Take a river tour through some of Europe's greatest cities--Budapest, Vienna, and Amsterdam--on Viking Longship Gefjon.
Mighty Cruise ShipsS2, EP5 "Ocean Endeavor"Cruise among the icebergs of Greenland and the Canadian High Arctic aboard the expedition cruiser Ocean Endeavour.
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