Science Channel immerses viewers in the incredible possibilities of science, from string theory and futuristic cities to accidental discoveries and outrageous inventions. We take things apart, peer inside and put things together in new and unexpected ways. We celebrate the trials, errors and brinking moments that change our lives forever.
What on Earth?S2, EP6 "Hidden Tomb of Genghis Khan"A strange structure is discoverd in Mongolia; bizarre rings in Spain could lead to the lost city of Atlantis; a large floating island is on a collision course with New Zealand.
What on Earth?S2, EP1 "Finding Vietnam's Lost POWs"Desperate signs from lost veterans in Vietnam; a fleet of large ships stranded in the middle of a vast desert; strange walls stretching vast distances across Northern California.
What on Earth?S5, EP4 "Curse of the Ice Zombies"Zombie reindeer haunting the mountains of Norway; strange circles in the sand by a secret U.S. military base; a giant streak in the Arctic pointing towards alien life; cutting-edge technology helps experts answer these sinister mysteries from space.
What on Earth?S5, EP2 "Monsters at Fort Madness"Alien monoliths haunt the coast of England; an obliterated jungle points to a brutal narco gold rush; evidence of a strange blood-red creature emerging from the deep.
MythBustersS15, EP6 "Mythssion Impossible"Herding cats; catching a greased pig; ten pounds of feces in a five-pound bag.
MythBustersS15, EP7 "Bullet Baloney"Firearm cliches; firing a bent-barreled shotgun; firing a gun in space; dropping a gun in a deep fryer; stopping a bullet with weird items; shooting a neon sign.
MythBustersS15, EP2 "Moonshine Myths"Testing an exploding still; using "hooch" to fuel an unmodified car.
How the Universe WorksS9, EP6 "War of the Galaxies"Galaxies are locked in continual combat across the universe, and the Milky Way will face its biggest opponent ever, the Andromeda Galaxy, in a titanic and deadly struggle that could create a new and unrecognizable super galaxy.
Strange EvidenceS4, EP5 "Curse of the Zombie Graveyard"Cameras capture something shocking in a cemetery: empty graves, as if the dead walked out in the middle of the night; using cutting-edge tech, experts investigate what's behind this apparent evidence of zombie activity.
Strange EvidenceS4 "Temple of Terror"A mysterious explosion rocks the streets in Cambodia, and it may be linked to a temple complex; motorcyclists encounter what may be a legendary humanoid cannibal.
Strangest Things"The Mask of Agamemnon"Investigating whether a gold death mask is the face of a king who fought in the Trojan Wars; three ancient chalk carvings could be the secret to constructing Stonehenge; how a printing plate from the UK Treasury ended up in an Austrian lake.
Strangest Things"The Psychograph"Investigating whether a machine can read personalities; an ancient golden mask painted with human blood; a cursed chicken pot.
NASA's Unexplained FilesS5, EP5 "Stonehenge on Mars"A NASA probe captures an image of a familiar structure on Mars' surface.
NASA's Unexplained FilesS3, EP4 "Ghosts on a Comet"When a Chinese moon rover breaks down, a scientist at NASA points to a mysterious material that seemed to sabotage the Apollo missions decades earlier; the Rosetta spacecraft discovers a comet that appears to be singing.
Black Files DeclassifiedS1, EP6 "Rise of the Nightstalkers"A former CIA operative investigates new evidence of a top-secret group known as the Nightstalkers, a clandestine team of the world's best aviators involved in the assassination of Osama Bin Laden and other dangerous black ops.
How the Universe WorksS11, EP2 "A Robot's Guide to Mars"Mars is infested with robots, orbiting the planet and roaming the Martian surface on a mission to uncover its secrets; now, Perseverance joins this dedicated group of machines to uncover if there is, or was ever, life on the Red Planet.
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