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Tastylive Options Crash CourseEP19 "Episode 15 Building Blocks of Portfolio Management _ Options Crash Course"As we round out tastytrade's Options Crash Course, today, we take a look at portfolio theta. While theta at the position level measures the decay for that one, single trade, theta at the portfolio level measures the collective decay for all positions. So today we establish some foundational targets for portfolio theta, while remembering that too much theta can be a bad thing.
Tastylive Options Crash CourseEP20 "Episode 16 Setting Up an Options Trade From Start to Finish _ Options Crash Course"With tastytrade's Options Crash Course coming to a close, it's time to put everything we've learned together to build a trade from the ground up. What we see is that by using portfolio theta, portfolio delta, and implied volatility rank (IVR), we're able to execute a trade with very little subjectivity used in the analysis.
Tastylive Options Crash CourseEP21 "Episode 17 Course Finale_ Guidelines for Trade Management _ Options Crash Course"We've reached the end of tastytrade's Options Crash Course. In this final episode, we dive straight into adjusting defined-risk strategies, Short Puts, and Short Strangles. Our objective is to offer up a simple and clear framework for how and when to adjust a position that isn't going in your direction.
Tastylive Options Crash CourseEP1 "Rolling Options Episode 1"Defining what a roll is and clarify all the terms associated with rolling.
Tastylive Options Crash CourseEP7 "Rolling Options Episode 2"While all undefined-risk positions should be rolled out at 21 DTE, with very few exceptions, there is a specific set of adjustments to make for certain strategies, such as Short Strangles and Short Straddles.
Tastylive Options Crash CourseEP11 "The Greeks Episode 1"Delta's versatility in measuring option price change, probabilities, and directional risk is unparalleled; the important aspects of Delta, along with how Delta can improve returns and reduce risks.
Tastylive Options Crash CourseEP2 "The Greeks Episode 2"Understanding the intuition behind Vega is critically important as an active trader.
Tastylive Options Crash CourseEP3 "The Greeks Episode 3"Rho, the options stepchild, is explained.
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