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Between the MilesA hapless musician overcomes her reckless tendencies to care for three homeless teens.
Love Me AnywayEddie and Esme's marriage is going through a rough patch, and Esme's extramarital affair and the arrival of Eddie's brother, Danny, doesn't help matters.
What It WasAdina Spencer, a Hollywood actress, faces her past and confronts her identity when she moves back to New York.
TriangleCharles and Kellen are a young, geeky couple in an open relationship. When Kellen gets a new boyfriend named Noah, jealousies and insecurities begin to surface.
Baby StepsDanny, a Taiwanese-American man, longs to have a baby with his American partner, Tate, but their attempts at international surrogacy are complicated by Danny's meddlesome mom, who wants to control every aspect of the process all the way from Taipei.
Absolutely FabulousS1, EP1 "Fashion"Edina wakes up with another hangover and gets no sympathy from her daughter.
Absolutely FabulousS1, EP2 "Fat"Anticipating a visit from a skinny model friend from the '60s, Edina turns to Patsy for advice on how to lose weight.
Queens of KingsS3, EP1 "Aquaria"Aquaria has gone from a New York City icon to an international drag superstar.
Along Came WandaA memory jogged by a teapot from an old lover quickly turns into an adventure of discovery for Mary Beth Higgins and her newfound friend Wanda as they hit the road in Wanda's soup truck.
A Very Sordid WeddingThe impact of the Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage equality in the conservative town of Winters, Texas.
LandlineAfter a PR executive loses a big promotion to a technology savvy college graduate, he embarks on a low-tech, old school journey to find himself. With his husband and friends in tow, he gives up his cellphone and Wi-Fi to return to a simpler time.
Absolutely FabulousS2, EP1 "Hospital"Edina needs minor surgery, so Patsy tags along for a face lift.
Absolutely FabulousS2, EP2 "Death"When Edina's father passes away, Saffy is upset that her mother is more concerned about her weight than his death.
Women & Sometimes MenEngaged for one day, Sara decides to call off her marriage. Having had a short relationship with a woman in college, she seeks that feeling again, but how can she have a woman's touch without giving up men entirely?
Gay Mean GirlsS1, EP1 "The Queer Monarchy"Lucy and her best friend, Miranda, hatch a plan to start Gay Prom Royalty to promote equality at their school; Miranda pays Lucy a visit on a day off from school.
Candis for PresidentFollowing trans actress, Candis, and her television producer sidekick, Andrea, on Candis' quest to become America's next president.
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