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Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-neS2, EP2 "Mayhem on Kamogawa Beach"Madoka struggles to pilot Midori as she tries to stop Lan and Muginami from fighting, when the pair quickly go into hiding to avoid the Le Garite troops.
Ninja RobotsS1, EP16 "Unwelcome Return"The Radorio mother ship makes a huge mistake by flying to the Moon in expectation of help.
Ninja RobotsS1, EP17 "Never-Ending Friendship"Joe and Jenny pin their hopes on a friend who might be capable of pulling some strings.
Ninja RobotsS1, EP18 "Old Soldiers Never Die"Joe ends up getting in trouble with an elderly Lunar Defense Army veteran in the town.
Cyborg 009"Gamo's Revenge"The four psychic cyborgs are revealed to be acting under doctor Gamo's order. The scientist, who is 001's biological father and creator, wishes to prove the value of his research to Black Ghost by destroyi.
Cyborg 009"Future Fury"A mishap occurs during a fight resulting in 009 and one of the psychic cyborgs being transported to the future.
Cyborg 009"To Tomorrow"Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier - To Tomorrow - 42 - Anime - 00:30:00 - Series [DESC: S1/E42 The 00 teamwork to save 009 by teleporting themselves forward in time, where they face the final battle with the rogue psychic cyborg Cain.
07 GhostS1, EP10 "One Single Act of Redemption"A young amnesiac finds out that the army he was forced to join destroyed his father's kingdom. He finds shelter in a church and discovers that demons are trying to invade the world. He must find his past, vengeance and save the world.
Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-neS1, EP8 "A Lolita in Kamogawa"Asteria forbids Madoka to pilot Midori.
Ninja RobotsS1, EP7 "Return to the Palentoid"Joe alights the Radorio mother ship to buy enough time for it to get away from Grathan.
Ninja RobotsS1, EP8 "The Wandering Warriors"Joe expects help from the Earth Federation Forces to get himself and the others out of Phobos.
Ninja RobotsS1, EP3 "The Wounded Princess"Joe tries to save Princess Romina from Hazzard, who wants to hand her over to Zaboom.
Cyborg 009"Monster Island"An unconscious hiker leads 006 and 007 to a mysterious island where massive monsters roam the land.
Cyborg 009"Man or Machine"is sent to investigate strange activities in an abandoned castle. There he'll have to battle a replica of himself.
Cyborg 009"Frozen Time"undergoes regular maintenance when something goes haywire with his acceleration switch.
07 GhostS1, EP1 "The Future of Painful Thoughts is"While getting ready for the graduation exam, Teito has a vision pertaining to his hidden past and attempts to assassinate Ayanami.
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