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Criminal MindsS11, EP21 "Devil's Backbone"The BAU plays a dangerous cat and mouse game with a convicted serial killer who may have information on the whereabouts of two kidnapped boys.
Criminal MindsS11, EP22 "The Storm"Hotch is arrested by a SWAT team and suspected of conspiracy; when the team members scramble to prove Hotch's innocence, they discover a larger plot may be on the horizon.
Criminal MindsS12, EP1 "The Crimson King"New recruit Luke Alvez helps the team capture a killer who escaped from prison with 12 other convicts.
NCIS: New OrleansS1, EP23 "My City"Pride has suspicions about a mole; new intelligence comes to light that indicates a breach at the ports.
NCIS: New OrleansS2, EP1 "Sic Semper Tyranis"Pride and the team must go on a dangerous undercover mission to retrieve a stolen missile and prevent an attack.
NCIS: New OrleansS2, EP2 "Shadow Unit"A blogger dedicated to exposing government corruption is murdered; during the investigation, it is revealed that a war crime may have occurred during a humanitarian effort in Bolivia.
NCIS: New OrleansS2, EP3 "Touched by the Sun"When a highly regarded Navy pilot is killed after crashing a new, high-tech jet at an air show, the team must determine if it was human or mechanical error.
FBIS4, EP22 "Prodigal Son"A robbery in New York leaves a deadly trail of blood in its wake, and the killers loot an arsenal of fully automatic weapons in the process.
FBIS1, EP1 "Pilot"After a bomb explosion devastates a residential apartment building, special agents Maggie Bell and Omar Adom "OA" Zidan of the New York office of the FBI investigate a possible war between rival gangs.
FBIS1, EP2 "Green Birds"After eight people are fatally poisoned at a deli in New York City, agents Maggie Bell and OA Zidan trace the crime to an unlikely culprit and conduct a sting operation to prevent further attacks.
FBIS1, EP3 "Prey"Special agents Maggie Bell and OA Zidan join the team to investigate the murders of 18 young women, and they get help from a survivor associated with the deceased.
FBIS1, EP4 "Crossfire"As the body count continues to rise, Maggie Bell and OA Zidan rush to track down an active sniper who has an elusive motive.
FBIS1, EP5 "Doomsday"Maggie and OA investigate the death of a safety inspector and its possible connection to a leak at a nuclear power plant.
ERS15, EP12 "Dream Runner"Neela has a recurring dream; Gates tries to save a patient who jumped out of a window while sleeping; Neela is surprised to see Dr. Corday (Alex Kingston).
ERS15, EP13 "Love Is a Battlefield"Morris tries to help a girl who was hit while riding her bike; Gates can't get over his feelings for Sam; Neela is flustered when Dr. Brenner returns from Australia.
ERS15, EP14 "A Long, Strange Trip"Morris and Gates treat an older man who was assaulted on the street; Sam gets a surprise visit from her sister; Dr. Morgenstern (William H. Macy) visits County General when he discovers an old mentor is ill.
ERS15, EP15 "The Family Man"A car accident in the ambulance bay severely injures a mother; an insurance company frustrates Morris; Neela tells Brenner about her offer in North Carolina.
ERS15, EP16 "The Beginning of the End"Banfield is determined to have a baby; Neela gives a girl good news about her mother's surgery; Dr. Carter makes a surprise visit to the ER.
ERS15, EP17 "T-Minus-6"Dr. Banfield and her husband consider adopting; Dr. Carter tries to jump back into working at County but struggles with new procedures and technology; Sam's mother (Amy Madigan) comes into the ER.
Criminal MindsS12, EP2 "Sick Day"J.J. is shaken after investigating the case of two abducted children, and tells her husband about the events.
Criminal MindsS12, EP3 "Taboo"As the BAU welcomes back Emily Prentiss, they're called upon to investigate the disappearance of three women.
Criminal MindsS12, EP4 "Keeper"The team searches for a serial killer along the Appalachian Trail in rural Virginia.
Criminal MindsS12, EP5 "The Anti-Terror Squad"The BAU investigates the case of two murdered families, where two high school students are the sole survivors.
Criminal MindsS12, EP6 "Elliott's Pond"Three children vanish while riding their bikes on the same path where a similar unsolved disappearance took place 30 years earlier.
Criminal MindsS12, EP7 "Mirror Image"A man who believes himself to be the brother of Dr. Tara Lewis arrives in town, knowing everything about Tara's family; Tara is unable to make contact with her real brother.
Criminal MindsS12, EP8 "Scarecrow"The BAU team investigates when the remains of a dozen people are discovered along a creek bed in Yakima, Wash.
Criminal MindsS12, EP9 "Profiling 202"While conducting a profiling course on his birthday, Rossi gets a call from serial killer Tommy Yates, who gives him the location of his latest victim.
NCIS: New OrleansS2, EP4 "I Do"The NCIS team investigates when a Navy drone pilot is murdered after using a black market drone to obtain military surveillance.
NCIS: New OrleansS2, EP5 "Foreign Affairs"When an Australian Royal Navy Lieutenant is murdered in New Orleans, Special Agent Naomi Parsons (Kate Beahan) is sent to work with Special Agent Pride.
NCIS: New OrleansS2, EP6 "Insane in the Membrane"When a petty officer is found dead, the team's participation in the annual Red Dress Run comes to a halt.
NCIS: New OrleansS2, EP7 "Broken Hearted"An extremely intelligent Navy coder -- employed by Brody's mom (Annie Potts) -- is put in danger when the heart intended for him is stolen.
FBIS1, EP6 "Family Man"After a senator's daughter is kidnapped and held for ransom, the FBI must find the little girl before their time limit expires; they must dig into the senator's past for clues to who did this to his family.
FBIS1, EP7 "Cops and Robbers"Maggie and OA hunt down a ruthless group of robbers who are posing as police officers to target armored trucks.
FBIS1, EP8 "This Land Is Your Land"Maggie and OA lead the search for an abducted former biological weapons chemist.
FBIS1, EP9 "Compromised"After a key witness and a U.S. marshal are ambushed and killed, Maggie and OA must find the man who leaked the information that led to their murders.
FBIS1, EP10 "The Armorer's Faith"When an illegal arms broker-turned-informant is assassinated, OA assumes his identity and goes under cover to stop the sale of dangerous weapons, with help from Maggie and their former FBI instructor.
FBIS1, EP11 "Identity Crisis"When a judge and her daughter are murdered after she sentences a man to life in prison, Maggie and OA search for the killer; Dana has a history with the victim and a vested interest in the case.
ERS15, EP18 "What We Do"The staff at County General is interviewed for a documentary on emergency medicine; Morris' girlfriend is rushed to the ER with gunshot wounds; Sam tries to make amends with her mother (Amy Madigan).
ERS15, EP19 "Old Times"Neela and Sam are stunned when they return to the airport with transplant organs, only to find their plane left without them; Dr. Carter (Noah Wyle) gets a surprise visit from an old friend (Eriq La Salle) while waiting for his kidney transplant.
ERS15, EP20 "Shifting Equilibrium"Neela and Dr. Dubenko argue about the treatment of two surgical cases; Brenner has an epiphany about his past.
ERS15, EP21 "I Feel Good"Several of the ER doctors and nurses help out at a camp for kids who have had open heart surgery; a woman comes back for the child she abandoned in the ER.
ERS15, EP3 "The Book of Abby"Neela learns Abby's good news secondhand and is upset; the new chief, Catherine Banfield, and Abby disagree on how to treat a gunshot victim; Abby defends Sam when she goes before a nurses disciplinary board.
ERS15, EP4 "Parental Guidance"Banfield is caught off guard when a man tries to steal her wallet; Dr. Dubenko returns to the surgery team; a family member is suspected of hurting a young gymnast; Sarah gets her tongue pierced.
ERS15, EP5 "Haunted"Morris surprises Neela with an unanticipated guest; Gates and a quiet young boy get locked in a stairwell.
Law & OrderS15, EP12 "Mammon"When a wealthy venture-capitalist is found dead in his home, Fontana and Green zero in on the victim's young wife (Andrea Roth) and her contractor boyfriend (Daniel Sunjata).
Law & OrderS15, EP13 "Ain't No Love"Evidence in the shooting death of a rap legend seems to point to his young protege (Sean Nelson), who has been cutting his own music on bootleg CDs, so Fontana and Green listen for clues in the lyrics.
Law & OrderS15, EP14 "Fluency"When nine flu victims suddenly die, Green and Fontana learn that all had been injected with a fake vaccine, which leads to the arrest and prosecution of a longtime con man.
Law & OrderS15, EP15 "Obsession"When a controversial conservative talk-show host is shot to death, detectives sift through many possible suspects, eventually focusing on the man's widow and a woman who may have been stalking her.
Law & OrderS15, EP16 "The Sixth Man"A man strangled in his rent-controlled apartment leads detectives to the building's owner, who wants to convert the building to a co-op, but a basketball player's fingerprints are found at the scene.
Law & OrderS15, EP17 "License to Kill"McCoy and Borgia target the unlikely hero who pursued a mass murderer through the streets of Manhattan in a deadly car chase that left one dead and one injured.
Law & OrderS15, EP18 "Dining Out"A celebrity chef comes under suspicion in the murder of a TV network executive when Fontana and Green learn that the two were having an affair and the chef's cooking show was about to be canceled.
Law & OrderS15, EP19 "Sects"While investigating a woman's murder, Fontana and Green uncover a cult that encourages sexual relations with children, and Borgia determines to put away its mesmerizing leader (Deborah Hedwall).
The NegotiatorDanny Roman (Samuel L. Jackson) is considered the best police hostage negotiator in Chicago. After a friend warns him that someone is embezzling from a disability fund, the person is found dead. Internal affairs investigator Niebaum (J.T. Walsh) discovers the gun used had been handled by Roman. When no one believes his innocence, Roman takes Niebaum hostage. When Chris Sabian (Kevin Spacey) arrives to hear Roman's demands, the two skilled negotiators begin a tense stand-off.
The ClientFast-paced thriller, based on the John Grisham bestseller, about a boy whose life is endangered after he stumbles across vital information about a politician's murder. His lawyer is the only person offering protection from the unwanted attentions of the Mob and the FBI - but is she capable of saving his life?
The NegotiatorDanny Roman (Samuel L. Jackson) is considered the best police hostage negotiator in Chicago. After a friend warns him that someone is embezzling from a disability fund, the person is found dead. Internal affairs investigator Niebaum (J.T. Walsh) discovers the gun used had been handled by Roman. When no one believes his innocence, Roman takes Niebaum hostage. When Chris Sabian (Kevin Spacey) arrives to hear Roman's demands, the two skilled negotiators begin a tense stand-off.
FBIS4, EP21 "Kayla"When a retired Drug Enforcement Administration agent is shot outside a bakery, the team works to determine if the victim's past cases or current bouncer job are connected to the murder; Nina and Tiffany clash over the use of an informant.
ERS15, EP6 "Oh, Brother"Dr. Banfield is irritated when Morris takes Chaz under his wing and teaches him risky medical procedures; Neela is unhappy when Dr. Banfield undermines her authority with an intern.
ERS15, EP7 "Heal Thyself"Dr. Banfield tries to save a 3-year-old girl who nearly drowned in a lake; Gates tries to pull some strings to help a homeless war hero; Dr. Banfield remembers an experience at County when Dr. Greene (Anthony Edwards) was treating her son.
ERS15, EP8 "Age of Innocence"Gates becomes obsessed with finding a homeless war hero; Neela's intern drags the entire surgery department into a lawsuit; things get physical when Brenner loses his cool with a patient.
ERS15, EP9 "Let It Snow"Neela must testify in court after a patient she treated dies; Alex and Sarah have a car accident; at an ER conference, Morris and Banfield are snowed in.
ERS15, EP10 "The High Holiday"Morris receives an unwanted package from his father; Sam is anxious to get Alex (Dominic Janes) off the ventilator; a woman in the midst of a high-risk pregnancy may be deported.
ERS15, EP11 "Separation Anxiety"Gates gets upset with Sam; Neela treats a young girl with sickle cell anemia; Dr. Banfield and her husband make a decision about the future of their family.
Criminal MindsS11, EP16 "Derek"When Morgan is abducted, the members of the BAU team race against time to find him and save his life.
Criminal MindsS11, EP17 "The Sandman"The team searches for an unknown subject who takes children while their parents are asleep; Morgan tries to find out who attacked him.
Criminal MindsS11, EP18 "A Beautiful Disaster"When an unsub targets the BAU, the team pursues the person who is responsible for the actions.
Criminal MindsS11, EP19 "Tribute"Emily looks to the BAU for help when tracking an international serial killer; the BAU deals with Morgan's departure.
Criminal MindsS11, EP20 "Inner Beauty"The BAU hunts for an UnSUB who deliberately disfigures victims; Rossi and his ex-wife have an uncomfortable reunion.
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