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Floribama MurdersS1, EP6 "Gone in Gainesville"When a University of Florida student vanishes, police can't ignore the possibility that he disappeared into the alligator-infested swamps around Gainesville; but they discover he may have fallen prey to a deadly danger closer to home.
Floribama MurdersS1, EP7 "Death Comes to Davie"A son becomes the prime suspect when he reports finding his mother stabbed to death in their home in a gated community in Davie, Fla.; detectives must determine if seemingly obvious clues really point to him -- or in another direction.
Floribama MurdersS1, EP8 "Lakeland Lotto Mystery"Abraham Shakespeare goes from rags to riches when he wins a big Florida lotto jackpot; then he disappears, and police must determine if he was escaping the greed of friends and family, or if his newfound fortune made him a target for foul play.
Kill or Be KilledS1, EP1 "Grandma's Gun"A teen makes a 911 call claiming his grandmother shot him, but detectives uncover drugs and deep familial conflicts spanning a generational divide, leaving a jury questioning who to believe.
Kill or Be KilledS1, EP2 "Friends 'Til the End"After best friends spend an evening Christmas shopping, the night ends with one man fatally shooting the other; the survivor claims self-defense, but his foggy memory, forensic evidence and witness accounts suggest there could be more to the story.
Accident, Suicide, or MurderS4, EP15 "A Loaded Crime Scene"A husband shoots his wife across the kitchen table while cleaning a gun; he claims it was an accident, but when her colleague mysteriously dies a few days later, investigators take a closer look at the case.
Accident, Suicide, or MurderS4, EP16 "Secrets in the Scrapyard"When a young mother is found dead at work from an apparent suicide, her church community is shocked by the loss; however, revelations of torrid infidelity and rampant drug use lead investigators on a decade-long search for the truth behind her death.
Accident, Suicide, or MurderS4, EP17 "Death in Shallow Waters"A husband comes home to find his wife dead next to their outdoor fish pond; her cause of death appears to be from a trip and fall, but when investigators follow a twisted trail of familial deceit and greed, new truths bring her death into question.
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