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Remember Pearl HarborThe personal stories of veterans and citizens who witnessed the attack on the American Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.
Newsfront"Antisemitism in America"The normalization of antisemitism in America by politicians and public figures leads to unprecedented attacks against the Jewish community.
Rome Reports: The World Seen From the VaticanRerun Air Date: April 20, 2024All the latest news about Pope Francis, the Vatican, and other related social and political issues.
Wake Up America Weekend"Wake Up America Weekend"Start your day with real news and analysis from the Newsmax team.
America Right Now"America Right Now"Tom Basile tackles the week's biggest stories with top talkers from politics, Hollywood and across America.
Saturday ReportEP16 "Saturday Report"Rita Cosby tackles the big headlines with smart analysis from top experts.
Saturday AgendaEP16 "Saturday Agenda"Rob Astorino reveals Washington's inner workings and the fight for core values.
Wendy Bell Common Sense"Wendy Bell Common Sense"Wendy Bell takes a deep dive into tough issues with guests from across the country.
The Biden ChroniclesEP2 "Bidenomics Bummer"Prices soar for goods and services, including essential items like food, gas, housing, and healthcare. Chris Plante dives deeper into factors driving these increases.
The Biden ChroniclesEP1 "Brain Fog"Joe Biden has made gaffes and grasped at his memory.
RFK JR: UncensoredExamining the real RFK Jr. and why he is running for president; Newsmax finds out about the man and what it means for Biden and Trump in 2024.
Greg Kelly This WeekEP33 "Greg Kelly This Week"Greg Kelly provides hard-hitting reports and analysis from Los Angeles to New York and the Beltway to the Rust Belt.
Wake Up America"Wake Up America"Rob Finnerty and Sharla McBride start the day with news and analysis.
The National ReportEP78 "The National Report""National Report" with Shaun Kraisman and Emma Rechenberg. for live breaking news from NY and Washington, on politics, health, finance, and lifestyle.
NewslineEP78 "Newsline"Bianca de la Garza tackles the big news from D.C., N.Y., across America, and around the world.
American AgendaEP78 "American Agenda"Bob Brooks and Katrina Szish present news and analysis.
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