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Open House"Breathtaking Homes"
Open House"Designed to Delight"
Lockup: Wabash: Extended StayS1, EP6 "Father Figure"The killer of a corrections officer fights to be freed from 16 years of solitary confinement, and boyhood friends struggle to parent their kids from behind prison walls; but one, cut-off from visits with his son, is on a razor's edge.
Lockup: Louisville: Extended StayS1, EP4 "Miss Fortune"A troubled young inmate, recently sentenced to prison, attempts to make a final impression on staff; a young woman who gave birth in the jail watches her baby grow up without her.
Dateline NBCS29, EP45 "Window of Opportunity"A bombshell more than a decade after the crime reignites the investigation into the death of Sarah Pagel's mother, who was killed when Sarah was 7.
DatelineS6, EP11 "Breakout"In Kansas, a prison volunteer helps a man escape custody; investigators scramble to track the pair down.
Dateline NBCS28, EP4 "The Pink Skirt Plot"The murder of a young businessman in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, marks the start of a 15-year-long hunt to find the killer.
Dateline NBCS25, EP35 "Secrets of the Desert"A woman comes forward with the truth about the deaths of three other women, solving a 17-year-old mystery; interviews with two people at the center of the case.
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