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World Eats BreadS1, EP1 "Sourdough in San Francisco"Exploring San Francisco's artisan baking scene, where sourdough has flour power.
World Eats BreadS1, EP2 "Ramadan Pide in Turkey"In Turkey, a national obsession for bread feeds bodies and souls alike.
World Eats BreadS1, EP3 "Tortillas in Guatemala"In Guatemala, the humble tortilla makes the world go round.
The Incredible Dr. PolS9, EP7 "Albert Ein-swine"As Thanksgiving draws near, Charles plans to cook Thanksgiving dinner for the staff at the clinic.
The Incredible Dr. PolS9, EP8 "One Great Dane"It's an emotional time for the Pols as they say farewell to their beloved Great Dane, Frija.
The Incredible Dr. PolS10, EP2 "Show Me the Bunny"Dr. Pol and Diane deal with broken toes, worm infestations and nursing puppies while being short-staffed.
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The Incredible Dr. PolS6, EP9 "Dog-a-POL-ooza"A day of all dogs at Pol Veterinary Services; from unclaimed strays to nosey farm dogs, Dr. Pol and his crew treat them all.
The Incredible Dr. PolS7, EP9 "Knights of the Round Stable"Dr. Pol helps animals at the Michigan Renaissance Festival; a limping horse's hooves and a jousting giant.
The Incredible Dr. PolS7, EP10 "Squeal of Fortune"Before celebrations can begin for Dr. Pol's birthday, there are a number of cases for the veterinary staff to tackle.
The Incredible Dr. PolS7, EP11 "One Hot Llama"Dr. Pol and the veterinary crew work hard to service the farms and small animal owners of the area as the leaves change and Michigan's first hints of winter appear.
The Incredible Dr. PolS8, EP6 "Double Trouble"Everyone gathers to welcome the newest member of the Pol Veterinary Services family.
The Incredible Dr. PolS8, EP1 "Freezin' Pol'd"It's the dead of winter but the arctic temperatures won't stop clients from going to the Pol Veterinary Clinic.
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